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The Overriding Principles of Our World Need To Be Peace and Love!
Imagine the World as One!

"Life, Existence & Reality: The Quantum Physics of The Mind of God!",
a screenplay.

a non-affiliated supplement to the famous Wikipedia Encyclopedia.

The QUFD Abstract
describing the scope of Father Jerome's Works.

The New World Economy that is needed for 2009 and beyond.

What is the quantum axion particle?
A Presentation Explaining the quantum axion particle, as the Primary Basic 'Reality' of QUFD,
by Father Jerome USA (OA/OWB)

'Reality' vs Reality - Why 'Reality' is more real than Reality!
A Webpage Explaining 'Reality' vs Reality,
by Father Jerome USA (OA/OWB)

See: God | See: Lucifer

Important Announcement!
Father Jerome's Latest Book-Manuscript is now available ONLINE!
"God, Lucifer and You! A ScienceBook of Quantum Physics and Reality, for 5 year old Kids and Adults!"
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(UPDATE!) A follow-up Essay-Book, to the above-noted Book, entitled "The Scientific Reality of Heaven and Hell!", is now also available at:
Also, another recent Essay by Father Jerome, about an upcoming PBS-TV 'NOVA' Documentary, "There are New Worlds, Out There, to Explore!", is now also available at:

"There's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo (Baggins). And it's worth fightin' for!"
Samwise, the Brave (of the Hobbits)
"Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers"

This Website Exists in Testimonial To, and In Defense Of, a Government "Of The People, By The People, and For The People"!
(i.e., Participatory Democracy, Of All Humanity Everywhere... NOT Anarchy or anything else!)

"...[It is Our Duty] to Spread the Peace, that Freedom Brings!"
U.S. President George W. Bush, 2005 State of the Union Address, 2/2/2005

U.S. President George W. Bush, 2008 State of the Union Address, 1/28/2008
"GET OUT OF THE WAY, President Bush!"
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by Father Jerome (and MANY others!)

The Freedom, Independence & World Democracy (FIWD) Institute,
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Father Jerome, OA/OWB,
D.Th.(In Esse-the Theology of Reality), D.Sc.(Quantum Physics),

"Until each One can see the Unity of it All, All cannot become ONE!",

"We can all, each one of us, take a look in the mirror; and when we see Peace [and Unity! (Jerome)], it will become a Reality for all of us!"
Reverend Camden, "7th Heaven", on the WB Network

(The link just above will take you to the Home Page of this Website! This Document-Page you are on is NOT the Home Page!)
(you) to the Online Textbook of
This internationally-acclaimed-#1 Website intentionally has no index nor standard navigation.
It is presented as an academic textbook of accepted scientific Laws and Principles which have been used to detail and define the Realities and Dynamics of the Science of Quantum Incorporeality, as discovered by Albert Einstein, Satyendra Bose, Carl Jung, et al!
Welcome to Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD), where the Consciousness of humanity and the Cosmos is fully explained, as well as the Realities of individual and societal Life, and what to do about those Realities, when one's Life is negatively affected thereby such Realities!
Prepare yourself to READ... quite a bit, as this extensive Database is NOT for 'surfers', as you will still be reading new details and concepts herein these webpages six (6) months and more from today! (The first page of the Main QUFD Document takes 37 hours, just to read that one page! And if you don't understand that one page - the Basics, the Fundamentals - you won't understand any of the remaining pages!) Enjoy QUFD, and May your 'Journey' herewith Be Fruitful, not only For Yourself but For All of Us - all of Mankind everywhere, because What is hereby also Asked of You, in the Reading of QUFD, is that when you finally, and fully, understand the Realities of human Existence and Life, as revealed by QUFD... you THEN TAKE ACTION, and Do Something About the Situation, AS ONLY YOU were so Born to DO!
Through such recognition of YOUR Individual Destiny, to Change This World for the Better, I Wish you Well, on your Reading 'Journey' with QUFD!
Aum, Peace, Amen
Father Jerome, OA/OWB

(Science; Bose-Einstein Condensates; Quantum Physics; Complex Adaptive Systems; Dynamic Systems Engineering; Geophysics; Astrophysics; Magnetohydrodynamics; Theoretical Physics; Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics; Unified Field Theory; Quantum Consciousness; Quantum Dimensional Theory; Cosmology; Philosophy; Adlerian Philosophy; Philosophy of Science; Truth; Reality; Psychology; Transpersonal Psychology; Jungian Psychology; Adlerian Psychology; Psychological Analyses (various); Consciousness; Cognition; Sociology; Societal Dynamics; Societal Structures/Functions; Civilizations; Antiquities Sciences; Paleontology; Psychosociology; History; Political Science; Education; Anthropology; Anthropogenetics; Life; Sentience; Genetics; Incorporeality; Corporeality; Physiology; Medicine; Neurophysics; Evolution; Darwinian Evolution; Human Evolution; Creationism; Spirit; Theology; Theology of Reality; Christian Theology; Eastern Theology; Cosmological Theology; Customs; Traditions; Ethics; Culture; Earth Sciences; Law; Nutrition; Economics; Business; Labor; Societal Dynamics; Geomorphology; Geospherical Core Evolution; Lattistical Entities Evolution; Cosmological Physics; Embryology; Parturition; Chemistry; Electronics; Telecommunications; Brain-Mind Interface Dynamics; Ancient Civilizations; Entertainment; Music; Film; Generations; and much more!)

Well, here's a starter. For more, see the next section following here. But let's start with:

"The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!" In other words, God, Christ and Consciousness, AS EXPLAINED BY:
Albert Einstein, Satyendra Bose, Carl Jung, and many other scientists, of both modern and ancient vintage, who have all contributed to
the QUFD Website, and the Science and Philosophy of Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics!

In other words, this website is about SCIENCE, and has nothing whatsoever to do with ANY organized 'Religion', and certainly NOT the Christian Religion! It is about God, Christ, Lucifer, human Consciousness, and so much more, but especially about REALITY - yours, mine, everybody's - our EVERYDAY 'Realities' (Truths), of human Life and existence, all explained in detail by SCIENCE and the accepted and well-known scientific Laws and Principles thereof, as discovered and made known to all of humanity by the most famous and eminently renown scientists of human history!

So there is actually nothing new here... nothing that a 5 year old child may not already 'know', if he/she is, indeed, the 'Mad Scientist' that many kids of today certainly are!

And yet the 'telling', or 'speaking', OF these very Truths and Realities IS NEW, because there are many 'vested interests', in Society, in the World, in Religion and even in Science, who do NOT want these Truths and Realities to be told! Many folks, and much of humanity, has been, and yet constantly IS, 'influenced', by Negativity (i.e., the Negativities of this World!), and that story, those Truths, of Lucifer and of his influence upon us all, is also told herein this 'textbook', in order that, by understanding ALL REALITIES (the 'good' AND the 'bad' - or evil!), we - ALL of us - might then SEE some 'means of ACTION' - a way to Change The World For The Better! THIS is the 'Challenge', of this QUFD 'textbook' - to Understand, AND THEN take ACTION - to Make This World A World of Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness, as we all would have it TO BE!

And so, or thusly, does this QUFD 'textbook', have a further purpose, or raison d'etre, for its existence: to not only 'BRING US TOGETHER' - ALL of humanity, in Peace, Love and much more - but to also Bring Together those THREE 'vital entities' of Society, which have 'too long been separated', to our obvious disadvantage - the CHURCH, the STATE, and SCIENCE! Reconciliation OF Church/State/Science, in an EQUAL partnership - NOT the present unequal separation - should certainly be in the 'Best Interests' of all! To such an end, this QUFD 'textbook' is likewise DEDICATED to the use of SCIENCE to rationally, logically, and factually, explain all and every pertinent fact of human Reality and existence, as to both the CHURCH (Religion, WITHOUT being, or becoming, 'a part thereof ANY specific Religion'!) and the STATE! Such that none of which should ever again, impose upon, sanction, or constrain, the other, as to such 'venues' and 'Realities' as may be 'authorized' for disclosure and KNOWING, by the polis and all of humanity!

(For the benefit of the 'most surely unlikely soul', who might NOT be 'aware' of what I am referring to in the previous statement, let me most briefly state what is the STATUS QUO, as to the present 'reality' of Church/State/Science: "The CHURCH shall not interfere, impose or involve itself, in any way, with the legal and authorized 'activities' of either the STATE or of SCIENCE. The STATE shall not interfere, impose or involve itself, in any way, with the legal and authorized 'activities' of either the CHURCH or of SCIENCE. SCIENCE shall not interfere, impose or involve itself, in any way, with the legal and authorized 'activities' of either the STATE or of the CHURCH. 'Separation' of CHURCH and STATE shall be explicit - ""Render Unto God that which is..., Render Unto Caesar that which is... !"" 'Separation' of CHURCH and SCIENCE shall also be explicit, and shall be maintained and licensed by the STATE: ""The 'KNOWN' (physical, material, corporeal) shall be the 'venue' of SCIENCE. The 'UNKNOWN' (non-physical, incorporeal, spiritual) shall be the 'venue' of the CHURCH. Neither SCIENCE nor the CHURCH shall 'speak of' anything which is the 'venue' of the other. Anything which is 'KNOWN', shall be of SCIENCE and shall be properly 'licensed' to SCIENCE by the STATE. Anything that is 'UNKNOWN', shall be of the CHURCH and shall be properly 'licensed' to the CHURCH by the STATE."" Thusly, it is the 'obligation' of the STATE to keep SCIENCE and the CHURCH 'separate', to the disadvantage and 'unknowing' of the people, as to the 'realities' of both. QUFD, on the other hand, brings those 'realities' together, properly using SCIENCE to explain the Truths and Realities of the CHURCH (actually, NOT the, or any CHURCH, but, in reality, God and Lucifer!) and so much more, so that ANY 'knowing', understanding, human being, can take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for their Life, Actions, Deeds and Words, toward Making This A Better World for One and All!
See the further detailed explanation of this situation at: Symbolic Violence.

In the sense of this 'Declaration' (as to what this website is about), I Invite One and All to READ, and ENJOY, the QUFD 'Textbook'!

Father Jerome

PRIMARY Subject/Category CONTENTS of the QUFD Website

"HEY! In PLAIN ENGLISH, tell me what QUFD DOES, or is about!"
Okay, you want to know what QUFD is, in simple English? Well, QUFD explains:
WHY you got up and left the dog out this morning!
WHY you made pancakes for breakfast instead of your usual scrambled eggs!
WHY you picked up your child at school today at 1:30 PM instead of 3:15 PM!

A RECENT short, yet detailed, REVIEW, of what QUFD is all about:
Quantum Physics, QUFD and the Quantum Mind 2003 Scientific Conference
A quite lengthy and detailed Overview (as detailed in several professional emails), reprinted from the world famous Wikipedia Free Enclyclopedia, may be found here.

And since the QUFD website/'Textbook' is well-known on the Web and around the world ... as anyone might so determine and verify, merely by 'inputting' the term "QUFD" as the 'search term', to most any Search Engine anywhere in the world - Have you tried the Polish Search Engine recently? It's really very good! - and thusly one might find that not only is the QUFD website listed with scientific and international databases and authorities (e.g., Los Alamos National Labs, UNESCO, NASA, the European Space Agency, etc.), but, Lo and Behold, QUFD is also listed with the 'Bibliographic Repositories' of most every nation (e.g., the Library of Congress, the National Library of France-Paris, the National Library of Thailand, the National Library of Tajikistan, etc.) ... it thusly has many listings all over the Web, for each of its many different pages, sections and categories (truly multidisciplinary!) At the same time, many of those worldwide 'listings' also include reviews, commentary and further analysis of QUFD, by other organizations, reviewers and 'listors', such that one might find not only accolades, congratulations and praise for QUFD, but also criticism, 'pot-shots' and misunderstanding! In order to 'separate the chaff from the wheat', of such reviews and criticism, based upon the fact that the QUFD 'textbook' is such a gigantic database of multidisciplinary and new scientific information, we have honestly and logically herewith put forth what may be the ONLY reasonable 'criteria' for JUDGEMENT and 'criticism' of the QUFD material and content - that of the amount of time that any 'Reviewer/Critic' may have actually spent READING the QUFD 'textbook'!

Thusly we do hereby 'put forth' the following most plausible
The Reader of ANY Review or Criticism of the QUFD Website/'Textbook' merely need ask the 'Reviewer/Critic',
"How much time have you spent 'reviewing'/reading the QUFD website?"
If the answer is 6 MONTHS or MORE, THEN we could say that the Review/Criticism may be truly justified! However, on the other hand, IF THE ANSWER is ANYTHING LESS THAN 6 MONTHS, the 'validity' or justification of such Review/Criticism should surely be seen to be relative to the actual time indicated by the Reviewer's answer - i.e., a one-hour 'cursory examination' of the website can certainly NOT be considered 'valid', as an understanding of what the website is about!

This website intentionally looks 'old-fashioned', in its website design, styles and presentation! You will NOT find 'Flash', CSS, Graphics, Pop-ups, Mouse-Overs, Frames or even 'windows' (well, maybe one or two!), or anything else of 'Fancy Website Design', intended to be 'eye-catching' and visually appealing! BECAUSE the important thing here is... CONTENT! In fact, this 'website' is not even intended to be a website, but is, instead, A TEXTBOOK! A Science and Philosophy 'textbook', and much more! With each and every webpage as SIMPLE as possible, so that YOU, the Reader, can CONCENTRATE on the details! And there are lots of details... Google lists over 1610 webpages of detail, and many of them, just like in any other Educational Database, are extensive (the QUFD Main Document webpage takes 37 hours to read just that one page!) So, with no 'visual distractions' to turn your attention, BE PREPARED to 'settle in', for hours, days and even months, of most interesting and educational Reading, of this QUFD website! Enjoy!

An Acclaimed and Respected Member of the TOP 1% of Websites on the Web!
(In Multidisciplinary, Cosmological Science and Philosophy Websites for Children and Adults)
NOW......Ranked as one of the TOP 100 Websites in Europe,
by the VOTE/RANK organisation!
NOW also......Listed by MSN-InfoTrac Data Retrieval Systems
as one of the BEST WEBSITES ON THE WEB (One of only 22 Listed!),
in the following Category/SubCategory Listing:
Science:Quantum Physics:Alternative Theories:Unified Field Theories
InfoTrac Listings are found in Libraries everywhere.
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See this Website's Awards Page for this Honor and many more Awards received by this Website.
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"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious ... the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science."
- Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
Using existing and known textbook science and principles, QUFD presents a never-before-seen philosophical formulation and incorporeal (Spiritual) context for Albert Einstein's long-sought-after Unified Field Theory of the quantum forces. Bringing together science and quantum incorporeality (Einstein's "...mysterious Spirit") thusly allows the dynamics and realities of consciousness, sentience, everyday human life and all that is extant in the universe to be readily and simply explained using those known facts of human science and history.
"The primary purpose of science is to understand what the world is like. Everything else that science does - test theories, produce new technologies - is incidental to this fundamental purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of reality."
- David Deutsch, Theoretical Physicist, Oxford, Great Britain

This QUFD website is located at and is mirrored at several servers worldwide. For the URL's of those servers, contact Father Jerome at:

This website has been written FOR 5 YEAR OLD KIDS!
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This website is entirely written in, and thusly contains, a language that may be foreign as well as offensive to some Readers. That language is:
ClASSICAL American-English!
Classical American-English, predominantly used in America of the 1800's and early 1900's, has generally been superceded by the "simplified" Business-Scientific English of today. This website has been written in the "natural language" of Classical American-English, which most 5 year old kids and adults can easily understand, UNLESS (and until) they have been "taught" modern Business-English. Consequently, Business-English Readers (and some English Majors) MAY find the language structures and usage within this website to be "foreign" as well as sometimes offensive to their "simple", concise, strait-laced version of English and thusly may find such elegant American-English prose somewhat difficult to read. As a remedy, and as a practicum for the subsequent reading of this website, this Author suggests the Reader might undertake the reading of the following recommended tome of Classical American-English and erudition:
"The Closing of The American Mind",
by Professor Allan Bloom of the University of Chicago.


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The Challenge and Promise of QUFD:
"To judge without understanding, constitutes an offence against morality;
to understand while retaining the responsibility to judge teaches humility and wisdom."
Clifford Geertz, the famous anthropologist

Quoting a QUFD Reader:
"WOW! The most Christian website on the Net is totally non-religious, but is instead SCIENTIFIC!"

"An outstanding new concept and theory, in defining the human spirit, soul, consciousness and mind, by using tried and true existing scientific law, principle, and research, in a new and radical formulation that has not been seen before because the rest of the scientific community has been looking at our individual trees instead of the forest, the Big Picture. This is tremendous! Truly at the level of Einstein and beyond!
We have got to get your valuable research out of the woodpile of misunderstood and overlooked works that have been ignored by the scientific mainsteam, whom I note have yet to give your work appropriate recognition. As one of your esteemed peers, I will do everything I can to see that your work is recognized for nomination for the Nobel Prize, which it justly deserves. And Thank You, sincerely, for such an important contribution!"
An M.I.T./Cambridge scientist

"Well, I certainly do appreciate the kind words, but I am sorry to say that, as an Ordained Cleric of the Most Ancient Order, I would not be able to receive such an award as the Nobel, being, in effect, a monetary prize, even though it does recognize merit. However, I do surely Thank You for the thought and the accolades implied thereby."
And another Email comment, from St. Paul, Minnesota this time (emphasis added):
"Hooray and Congratulations! Finally a BOOK on the Web, or at least a website that can be read as a book, instead of all that helter-skelter jumping-around link-addicted foolishness, that prevents anyone from learning anything! And I love it that your pages can actually be read AS THEY ARE LOADING, no matter how large a page is.
Incidentally, you say your first page [of the Main QUFD document, a page that is almost 300 Kb in size] takes 37 hours to read. Well, you must be a bit slow because I did it in 35 hours and I've already put in almost 3000 hours on QUFD. I'm going to read every one of those 1500+ webpages!
And I tell you, never having had an interest in science, QUFD is opening my eyes. It's not dull and boring, as I imagined science to be, but I can actually relate just about everything you talk about to something in my life. And you tell it like it is, not pulling any punches or using exotic scientific terminology that only an expert can understand, in explaining exactly what makes the world, the universe and mankind tick and what reality is! I've learned more about myself, others and the world, than I ever knew before, just by taking your advice and LOOKING WITHIN! I now know WHO and WHAT I am and what I and all the rest of us have got to do to change and end this crazy rat-race we are running. Well, I'm sure gonna try! Wish me luck, Jerome.
And I hope that we can do it soon, so that all of our kids who read QUFD will grow up having the chance to be [the free and independent individuals] who they were born to be, rather than what the negativities of ourselves and our societies would make of them. Be with us, in Spirit, Jerome, and Bless us all!
Peace, Betty"

And one more, from Janet in Huntington Beach (emphasis added):
"A masterpiece, Father Jerome, and I thank you with all my heart and soul. And what amazes me the most, is that the story, the epic, the info, that you tell, is not even in your words or even in your works. Anyone who reads QUFD literally and thinks that is all there is, is missing the point! Because your words are certainly meant to evoke the answers and the truth - THE TRUTH - from WITHIN EACH ONE OF US! Therefore the truth, and the answers, ARE DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE to each reader. When you say "look within" - you have it right! KNOWING - what you call it - is that knowledge, that Being, that Essence, that Spirit, that whatever, IN US - each one of us - and that is what your words are meant to bring forth! Truly, you have written a paean to our souls, that we might FIND THEM and then BE the Who and What we were BORN TO BE!
Again, THANK YOU, oh so much!"

Finally, one last sample email, from Maureen in Boston:
"What a wonderful and priceless contribution you have made to all of us. In the context of that monetary economy of today which you have written about, this world cannot possibly find enough monetary compensation in any form to even come close to rewarding such a tremendous contribution. But the beautiful thing is, as you have said, that the same thing is possible for each and every one of us. All we have to do is find out Who and What we are, as a human being and as an individual person, and then do that singular and unique thing that we were all individually born to do. If we should all do that, this world would be so wonderful it would be indescribable!
Be with us, Jerome, that we might individually and collectively find our way and ourselves, and that we might do that which is to be done!
Peace, Maureen"

See the Accolades page for more comments, as well as the Awards and Website Summary pages. And, just to be thorough, here's a "sort of" e-mail PRESS RELEASE, describing this website for the media.

"Ho, Ho, Father Jerome, your secret is out! I've discovered the secret of your webpages. You talk about consciousness throughout your website, but I've discovered the example that you provide for us on each webpage; i.e., 'Consciousness is there, it is real, but it cannot be seen!'
I've always wondered about the quite large amount of blank space at the bottom of your webpages. So I went 'fishing' and I caught your fish! If one were to move the mouse-pointer arrow across that blank space very slowly in 1-pixel increments, one does discover that every 1-pixel blank space (mostly on the left margin) is actually a separate, individual link to one of your website's pages! The mouse's arrow automatically turns into a hand when it hits each 1-pixel blank link and the link identification bar at the bottom of the browser screen identifies the title of the webpage that the link goes to! That is quite an ingenious example of consciousness, I'd say - there, but invisible!"
Cindy, in Des Moines, Iowa

"Yep! You've found me out. Actually, only the major webpages are empty-pixel linked at the bottom of pages, but that is quite a few."

Pol Pot regime, Cambodia - Jay Ullal, for Black Star/Stern Magazin
"Give Peace a Chance!",
John Lennon
in the ONENESS of
All That Is,
instead of the present DUALITY
of Positivity vs Negativity!

in Peace and Love!"

"As man doth set apart, so doth God set asunder,
And as man doth will to bring together,
So doth God harmonize all that is!"

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An International Award-Winning Science and Philosophy Website!

Peer-Reviewed and Acclaimed by the 135 million Members of the oldest and largest purely scientific organization in the world, the international non-secular OA/OWB!
Having already received numerous awards and accolades from organizations and individuals around the world, including scientific, philosophical, psychological, sociological, religious and many more (even recently from the European Space Agency's Distant Suns website), QUFD has also been submitted for registration with UNESCO, the Los Alamos National Laboratory's online scientific document database, and the U.S. Department of Education's ERIC database of educational resources, available in schools, colleges and universities most everywhere, as well as being listed with most search engines world wide, some search engines listing over a thousand of the individual webpages of the QUFD website. See this and other QUFD pages for these details. The QUFD website also has link-exchange sponsorships and endorsements with numerous professional organizations on the Web, including that most renown Philosopher Dr. Mortimer J. Adler's Center for the Study of the Great Ideas in Chicago as well as the Holy See's website at the Vatican in Rome. See this Opening webpage following and at the bottom for such Links and Endorsements. And have an enjoyable experience, reading QUFD!

- Sorry, NO religion or religious dogma to be found here!
LOGICIANS - Sorry, NO specious reasoning to be found here!
Nothing but purely scientific FACT!
Oh, one thing more. NO New Age fantasies allowed either!

Speaking of New Age fantasies and the repudiation thereof such unrealities, the Reader of this QUFD scientific document might note the following webpage, entitled "QUFD: Debunking the 'Paranormal' and putting the New Age merchants out of business!", as well as a recent Sermon, one of Father Jerome's World Community Sermons (in that section of this website), entitled, "NOW ah'm gettin' MAD!", which may be of interest to the QUFD Reader.
is to show, through the presentation of scientific fact and principle, that "all men are created equal, free and independent", as to their potentialities, each individual being born to be a unique entity of no comparison to any other, and with the unique and singular Destiny to Give "Unto Others..." such as none other might do, as well as, in Cooperation with all of one's fellowman, to "change" What Is, as to human society, the world and the Cosmos, to that which might BE......should mankind SO WILL IT!
In such a Reality and Destiny,
is scientifically shown and detailed that "what mankind has so created", as to history and everyday Reality, which currently prevents the achievement of such an individual and common Weal, can surely be "overcome" and re-created for the betterment of all.
which is also scientifically shown and detailed, is the "activation" of mankind's innate "Maturity of Mind", which can be genetically activated only by the Will and Cooperation of all in "breaching" and removing those present barriers to such a Mature State of the human Mind, such a State as does present one and all with unlimited access to the Happiness, Joy, Wisdom and wonders of the Cosmos, which is mankind's ultimate Destiny!

This Website presents Scientific Research and factual Scientific Information which HAS NEVER BEFORE been presented ANYWHERE in secularity (in this civilization), and which is unique and new to almost any Reader thereof. Please adjust your reading/study habits accordingly (see recommendations for Reading this Website in the MAIN QUFD DOCUMENT).

(An Update, as of 10.16.00)

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The Reader is further directed to the SECOND COMMENT (see QUFD: Einstein's Legacy! hereinfollowing) by Monsignor Terence Nicholplaiy of the FIWD Institute, regarding the reading of this textbook, as well as (the Reader) highly advised to follow the "A Serious Reader's Recommended READING GUIDE to the Content of this Website", which is located near the top of the MAIN QUFD DOCUMENT.
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The content of this website has been adapted from the 8,973 page Multimedia E-book by Father Jerome, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!", which is described further in the main QUFD document.
Since this QUFD website is especially dedicated to scientifically 'enlightening' its Readers as to the Truths and Facts of the Cosmos and humanity, as well as enabling Readers to come to KNOW Who and What they are as a human being and as a part of human Society everywhere, I hereby present the following quotation for the Readers to consider. By thinking about (the quotation), and realizing/understanding the existence of BOTH 'Good' AND 'Evil' in this world and Cosmos ...... as I have said elsewhere on this website, if you do not accept the fact of BOTH God AND Lucifer - Well, then you are TOTALLY being 'controlled' BY Lucifer, and that is a Reality! ...... one can THEN, realistically, TAKE ACTION to do something about the situation, or, in other words, Change the World, AND the Cosmos, for the better! But Lucifer is always ready to 'intervene' and prevent anyone and everyone from KNOWING that which each and every one of us should KNOW about our Lives. After all, it is we (at Lucifer's 'instigation'), who have built those 'cages' around ourselves and locked ourselves into, which we call 'My Life' ("come Hell or high water!") But IS it really 'your Life', or is it a 'life' of someone else's 'doing' (AND 'instigation')? IS that really YOU, as you 'would have Yourself Doing Unto Others', in Service to others and our world, or is it really the ego 'gratification' (or otherwise) OF 'doing for the self' - 'me-ism', or worse? "Am I really on the Path of Love, of and for One and All ...... or is it all the 'self', and that Guy Downstairs, 'directing' my Life? Would you like to KNOW ...... AND 'Join the Rest of Humanity', in that 'Great Quest' for a Better Life??? Well, Dear Reader, read QUFD and think about the following quotation ...... and as you do, keep this thought in Mind, "WHAT am I, and ALL of Us, going to DO ABOUT IT?"
"Any frontal attack on ignorance is bound to fail because the masses are always ready to defend their most precious possession - their ignorance."
- Hendrik Willem van Loon, Dutch-American journalist and lecturer (1882-1944)
An open note to all the Publishers who have been sending email inquiries regarding publication of Father Jerome's Works.
Be advised that all details regarding publication of Father Jerome's Works may be found in the various sections of this website putting forth the applicable legalities and requirements therefor, including Copyright, Apologia, Knowing, Inquiry, Author, Vitae and several other pertinent webpages.
Generally, all of Father Jerome's Works are freely copiable and distributable in any form under the extant copyright, as long as the legalities of said copyright are adhered to. This includes all Works on this website as well as unpublished Works such as Father Jerome's multimedia E-book, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!" The requirements for publishing of that opus include, as well as the requirement of free distribution (at free or minimal cost), the technical and production resources necessary to produce such a multimedia publication, including the computerized systems that can create 12D (twelve-dimensional) imaging of the requisite quantum realities. Such requirements are normally available only to major scientific or media publishers/production studios, and such publishers are certainly invited to inquire.
This is a hearty Note of Thanks, for the emails that I have received from a very select few of the worldwide graduate candidates who have written to Thank Me for the QUFD website.
Apparently the QUFD website has been a primary research resource for those few graduates who have dared to use QUFD principles and facts as the basis for their Doctoral Dissertations. I wish you all well in your QUFD-related fields of endeavor, that your efforts may eminently and graciously bear fruit and good will unto one and all.


Does your website reflect any or all of the scientific and spiritual principles and concepts of QUFD - in science, philosophy, psychology, religion, society, human relations, economics or whatever? Does your LIFE reflect the principles of QUFD? IF SO, we'd love to hear from you (and even link to your website)! E-mail Father Jerome at: And enjoy reading QUFD!

See the QUFD REFLECTIONS LINKS at the bottom of this page,
and please note the special DISCLAIMER!
"This is the sum of duty:
do naught unto others
which would cause you
pain if done to you"
-Mahabharata 3:1317
"Whatsoever you wish that
others would do to you, do
so to them; for this is the
law and the prophets"
-Matthew 7:12
"What is hateful to you, do
not do to your fellow man.
That is the entire law; all
the rest is commentary"
-Talmud, Shabbot 31a
"Hurt not others in ways that you
yourself would find hurtful"
-Udanavarga 5:18
"No one of you is a believer until he desires for
his brother that which he desires for himself"


This science education website is especially concerned with fostering Peace and Brotherhood among all mankind, to the extent of the realization - the SCIENTIFIC REALITY - of the Christian Spirit, within all of us, no matter what one's religious or spiritual beliefs or non-beliefs may be!

(As an example of this website's non-religious and scientific approach to the Christian Spirit and Consciousness within all of us, a recent Sermon, one of Father Jerome's World Community Sermons, in that section of this website, entitled, "WARNING: You were THERE!", may be of interest to the QUFD Reader.)
Accordingly, without endorsing the Institute of the Holy See, nor Catholicism, nor any other institute or artifact of the Christian Religion or any religion, this science education Website does hereby ENDORSE the Principles and the Christian SPIRIT, as enunciated and put forth in the

Inter Mirifica, The Papal Decree on the Media of Social Communications

This philosophical website does also hereby ENDORSE the philosophical principles of that renown PHILOSOPHER, Mortimer J. Adler, who, together with Max Weismann, CO-FOUNDED the Center for the Study of the Great Ideas, the renown Philosophical Institute and Think Tank located in Chicago, U.S.A. with an outstanding Website here on the Web.

In COOPERATION WITH the Center for the Study of the Great Ideas and as a reflection of the QUFD principles put forth on this website, I do also herewith present 2 philosophical treatises of Mortimer J. Adler (With Many Thanks to Max Weismann for his personal emailing of such to Father Jerome!) in which Mortimer J. Adler and Max Weismann, in the context of their philosophical dialogue, do confirm the Spiritual validity of the QUFD principles as outstanding and resourceful new philosophical principle, which incidentally and quantum mechanically do correlate with their own philosophical principles:

Science, Philosophy and Religion, a personal response to Father Jerome's Philosophical Formulation of QUFD, from Max Weismann


Additionally, a CHALLENGE is herein presented unto all Readers of this QUFD Document and Website:
Within this Website, Father Jerome has, several times at various locations and in various of his Works, related the true story of the little girl who was bearing a sign that said:


The Question is then ASKED, "WHO was the little girl addressing the sign TO?" THUSLY, ANY READER, of this Website, who can correctly answer that question and provide the answer (with any further personal comments) BY E-MAIL to:
will be entitled to have a LINK to that Readers Website installed upon this Website, in Appreciation of your good (Scientific) Christian SPIRIT, no matter what your religion or non-religion may be!


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QUFD: Einstein's Legacy!

Quoting Monsignor Terence Nicholplaiy, of the Freedom, Independence & World Democracy (FIWD) Institute, London (OA/OWB), with regard to QUFD:
"It sneaks up on you! One minute you're reading these simple, basic definitions, that you might think have nothing to do with anything, and then - all of a sudden - "Eureka", you've got it! The concept - the reality - of QUFD, hits you! The complexity, the thoroughness, the all-encompassing simplicity - and the Truth - that this must be so! That these are Eternal Truths, which are not only scientific, but Universal/Cosmic as well!"

"Truly, there is not one person who would understand (page 4) unless he/she had first read (pages 1-2-3). The subject matter must be read as a book - linearily - or the reader, if he/she were to just jump from here to there, would be totally lost! Reading this work out of context can only lead to miscomprehension."

Monsignor Terence Nicholplaiy, FIWD Institute, London (OA/OWB)

Important Announcement!
Father Jerome's Latest Book-Manuscript is now available ONLINE!
"God, Lucifer and You! A ScienceBook of Quantum Physics and Reality, for 5 year old Kids and Adults!"
Before reading the Book, however, you may wish to Review the Book Info, at:
Father Jerome's Blog

(UPDATE!) A follow-up Essay-Book, to the above-noted Book, entitled "The Scientific Reality of Heaven and Hell!", is now also available at:
Also, another recent Essay by Father Jerome, about an upcoming PBS-TV 'NOVA' Documentary, "There are New Worlds, Out There, to Explore!", is now also available at:


to the Main Documents on this Website.
It is recommended that this Opening Page be reviewed in its entirety, as well as the other 1500+ webpages/documents on this website, for further understanding and clarification of the contextual perspectives presented in these main documents.

QUFD: The FORMULATION (the Main Document)
(This SHORTCUT 'skips' the Introductory Portions of the Main Document and takes you to the Main FORMULATION itself!)

QUFD: The FORMULATION (the Main Document)

Father Jerome's COMMENTS on the status of Brain/Mind research today

The Quantum Mind 2003 International Scientific Conference, Tucson, Arizona
Highlights of the Conference and a copy of the Paper which was Presented there by Dr. Yannipoulos-Ruquist, a Harvard/MIT Researcher:
"A Dark Matter Model of Consciousness"
in which Dr. Ruquist and his colleagues prominently note and attribute the existence of Consciousness to cosmic Dark Matter, as they did so interpret such from QUFD.

The RESEARCH REPORT, An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind

Does Quantum Physics REALLY describe the realities of human society and individuality, in simple terms, understandable by anyone, from 5 to 99+ years of age?

A Brief Synopsis of Incorporeality, QUFD and the human Mind.

What is QUFD?
A Presentation Explaining the Basics of QUFD, by Father Jerome

QUFD: An Introspective!
Father Jerome's Essay on the Scientific and Sociological Reality of Science, Physics, Math, Technology... as well as God and Religion, in our Current Human Society and on the Webpages of QUFD!

Father Jerome's QUFD Keywords of Bose-Einstein BEC Non-Matter Condensates!

Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES used in his scientific writings and at his QUFD website

Father Jerome's PSYCHOSOCIOLOGICAL DICTIONARY of Terms/Phrases used in Monograph III of his QUALIA Series

Father Jerome's SPECIALIZED DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES pertaining to Bose-Einstein Condensates of Non-Matter and Incorporeality, as used in his Works, in QUFD Physics and in the 'QUFD Textbook' Website

The QUALIA Series:

QUALIA I: The Quantum Physics of Cooper-Pairing and Negativity in the Human Mind.

QUALIA II: The Quantum Physics of Genetic Immaturity and Maturity in the Human Mind.

QUALIA III: The Quantum Physics of Societal/Sociological Existence and Reality and the Fundamental Negativity Therein As Created By the Human Mind.

QUALIA IV: The Quantum Physics of Truth/UN-Truth, Religion/NO-Religion, Corporeality/INCorporeality and other Realities.

QUALIA V: The Quantum Physics and Sociology of Participatory Democracy.

QUALIA VI: The Quantum Physics and Sociology of the Mature Human Individual versus the Immature Individual.

QUALIA VII: The Quantum Physics and Sociology of Christmas and Why Can't We Have Christmas All Year Long?
OR: Father Jerome's Ramblings - Christmas and a World Where People Matter.

QUALIA VIII: The Sociology of 'Living in the Moment' as the Only Real Solution to Negativity!

QUALIA IX: Utopia Revisited - Examining a Positive Mature-Mind Society from the Future-Past.

QUALIA X: The Quantum Physics and Psychosociology of Equality - Humanity: Is everyone Equal, or NOT?

QUALIA XI: CONVERSATIONS between Physicists, In Exploration and Definition of QUFD.

QUALIA XII: The Quantum Physics of KNOWING: Corporeal Memory versus Incorporeal Knowing.

QUALIA XIII: The Quantum Physics of Reality: The Matrix versus real Reality!

QUALIA XIV: Overweight in America: The Quantum Physics of The One True Cause of Being Fat in America!

QUALIA XV: The Physics of Quantum Parturition: Intent Gives Birth To Life! 'Undifferentiated Relativity' versus 'Differentiated Relativity'!

QUALIA XVI: The Quantum Physics of the Quantum Axion Particles of Consciousness and Cosmic 'Dark Matter'

QUALIA XVII: "Being There!": The Quantum Physics of Transdimensional Consciousness and Reality.

QUALIA XVIII: "Who Ya Gonna Listen To, Lucifer or God?": The Quantum Physics of Revelation & Society!

QUALIA XIX: Further Conversations between Physicists regarding QUFD and Quantum Physics - 1.

QUALIA XX: Further Conversations between Physicists - 2: "Dark Matter or Dark Energy?"

QUALIA XXI: Further Conversations between Physicists - 3: "Parallel Worlds and the Brain/Mind Interface 'Mechanism'!"

QUALIA XXII: Further Conversations between Physicists - 4: "The Quantum Physics of God!"

QUALIA XXIII: "The Quantum Physics of God!": Continuing Conversations between Physicists - 5.

QUALIA XXIV: The BASICS, of the Quantum Physics of Incorporeality!

QUALIA XXV: The BASICS (continued): 'Entanglement', of Quantum Axion Particles!

QUALIA XXVI: The BASICS (continued): Corporeal/Incorporeal 'Realities'; Mind/Brain 'Dynamics' and more!

QUALIA XXVII: The BASICS (continued): Science versus God and Lucifer (Positivity/Negativity)!

QUALIA XXVIII: The BASICS (continued): Science and Mankind: What is/are the Reality/Realities?

QUALIA XXIX: The BASICS (continued): Quantum Axion Particles, Math and more!

QUALIA XXX: The BASICS (continued): Creating the Past and the Future, in the Present!

QUALIA XXXI: The BASICS (continued): Non-Spacetime Point-Locations within the Mind and Incorporeality!

QUALIA XXXII: The BASICS (continued): How any and all Kids and Adults can Shake the Hand of God in Person! PLUS, How to Eliminate Negativity, War, Violence, etc., Worldwide!

QUALIA XXXIII: World Democracy: Eliminating Terrorism by creating Worldwide Equality Among All!

QUALIA XXXIV: The Freedom, Independence & World Democracy (FIWD) Institute, London (OA/OWB), the OA/OWB and Access to Other Dimensions of Reality, including the 'Collective Consciousness' of Humanity!

QUALIA XXXV: The BASICS (continued): Condensates of Incorporeality: From Non-Local to Local, the QUFD Scale of Complexity and Point-Locations!

QUALIA XXXVI: The BASICS (continued): The Dynamics and Morphogenetics of the Landscape of the Mind

QUALIA XXXVII: The BASICS (continued): "Being There", in a Parallel World-Dimension of Reality, in the Mind! Further analysis of 'phase-space-shifting', whether local or non-local!

QUALIA XXXVIII: Practical Medical Analysis of the 'Landscape-of-the-Mind' in the Treatment of Illness!

QUALIA XXXIX: Why God Has Created Mankind To Fulfill a Cosmic Destiny: To Restore Oneness and Wholeness to the Cosmos!

QUALIA XXXX: Sex and Culture: Reality and 'Reality', and Human Health!

QUALIA XXXXI: The BASICS (Continued): The Reality of the Brain-Mind Partnership; How Brain-Mind Functions Work Together, in Corporeality and Incorporeality; The Landscapes of the Mind, as Executed by the Brain!

QUALIA XXXXII: The Societal Consequences of the Scientific Reality of Worldwide Immaturity of the Human Mind and the resulting Negativity: Analyzing American Culture and Tradition: Stan Kenton and his Big Orchestra, playing "Ambivalence!" and Masonic History, both as Felt at the Personal Level of our Lives as Americans; i.e., How Power, Money and Competition Have Changed the Face and the Reality of America and the World!

QUALIA XXXXIII: WHY? The Why of It All... Mankind and God!

QUALIA XXXXIV: The 'Shining Example'... and Failure, of America and the World, as to Personal Freedom, Personal Independence and Personal Responsibility! Where and Why a Government, "Of the People, By the People, and For the People", Went Wrong!

QUALIA XXXXV: Finding and Creating Positivity, in the Face of Overwhelming Negativity! Examining the Incorporeal 'Side of the Fence', as to the 'Realities' and the Possibilities!

QUALIA XXXXVI: Exploring the 'Orders' of Differentiated Relativity and Undifferentiated Relativity in QUFD Physics!

QUALIA XXXXVII: In the Tradition of Einstein...

QUALIA XXXXVIII: Being Who and What You Were Born to Be/Do versus "I Am That I Am!"

QUALIA XXXXIX: Exploring the Basics of the QUFD 'Scale of Life': The Characteristics of an Individual Life-form.

QUALIA L: 'Being In-This-World, but Not Of-This-World': Spouses/Friends Who Can 'Be' With Each Other Completely (100%)

QUALIA LI: The Physics of the Capture of Time & Space Within the Quantum Axion Particle.

QUALIA LII: A Visit From My Friend Mo, Who Has Some Good Words of Advice to Us All!

QUALIA LIII: Exploring the Systemics of What 'Is' and What Might Be: Proposing the Obvious, as to the Plight of the World and It's Peoples - All of Us!

QUALIA LIV: Intent, Integrity and Inviolateness: Being 'In The Moment' or Being 'In Your Face'!

QUALIA LV: Managing World and Societal Resources: Financially or Egalitarianly. Which is Better?

QUALIA LVI: The Beauty of It All! What Happened To The Beauty Of Life?

QUALIA LVII: A Societal Reality Check: Prisons and Recidivism!

QUALIA LVIII: Personal (Jerome): Accepting Responsibility for Myself and My Works.

QUALIA LIX: The Vicissitudes of Love and Reality, when Stepping Out Upon The Moon!

QUALIA LX: Remembrance: Atrocities, Human Losses and Shames!

QUALIA LXI: Mankind's Forever and Continuing Search for the 'Ancients', and our Fascination with the 'Maturity' and Advancement of Mankind's Ancient Cultures/Peoples!

QUALIA LXII: Living a Life of Quiet Desperation: Walking a Mile in Their Shoes or in His Shoes?

QUALIA LXIII: Economics Today versus Economics Where People Count!


QUALIA LXV: QUFD and the Incorporeal Mind versus Orthodox Medical Science, Neurophysics and the Corporeal Functions and Realities of the Human Brain: A Disclaimer by the Author!

QUALIA LXVI: The Quantum Axion Particle of Consciousness: An Actual Quantum Particle, or Something Else?

QUALIA LXVII: Glial Genetics: Mind's Ability to Restructure the Human Brain!

QUALIA LXVIII: The Overwhelming Need for Fundamental Change/Reform of the 'System'!

QUALIA LXIX: Atrocities Across Humanity: What Do We Need To Do?

QUALIA LXX: God, as a Personal Experience!

QUALIA LXXI: Stem Cells, and the Secular Search for Consciousness: Will implanting human stem cells into mice and animals 'create' a chimera-animal with consciousness?

QUALIA LXXII: Examining the Negative Aspects of Incorporeal Dynamic Entropy upon Our Lives!

QUALIA LXXIII: [11/03/2005] "Is Paris Burning... Iraq/Lebanon/Palestine, Niger/Darfur/Congo/Malia/etc., Katrina/Wilma/etc., SE Asia Tsunami/Earthquake... All of these Worldwide Disasters/Tragedies, and a World that is now "Unsafe at Any Speed!"... All the Result of the Bush White House's Policies/die Weltanschauung ("Worldview")???

QUALIA LXXIV: Honoring those Who Sacrifice and Dedicate Themselves to Humanity and our World, on Veterans Day 2005!

QUALIA LXXV: The Quantum Axion Device: Can Mankind Ever Manufacture such a Final WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction)?

QUALIA LXXVI: A New Report from a Prestigious U.N. Sponsored Economic Institute: "The 'American Dream' is No Longer Attainable!"

QUALIA LXXVII: Reality: Are Americans (and others Worldwide!), really 'In Touch' with Reality???

QUALIA LXXVIII: The Unity of Unitary Condensates! A very Brief Observation/Essay.

QUALIA LXXIX: "An Inconvenient Truth", Global Warming, the Garden of Eden and The Flood!

QUALIA LXXX: Parturition in the Quantum Realms of Incorporeality!

QUALIA LXXXI: Why We Are Obese in America!

QUALIA LXXXII: What is the 'Experience' of a New Consciousness, both Inside and Outside of Itself?

QUALIA LXXXIII: "Mankind Needs To Return To God... By Eliminating All Religion, and All Other Lucifer-Inspired Negativities In This World!" FATHER JEROME'S INDICTMENT OF HUMANITY, ITS NEGATIVITIES AND ITS TRAVAILS!

QUALIA LXXXIV: That We Might All Constantly Live the Peace and Joys of the Holiday Season and FAMILY!

QUALIA LXXXV: Quantum Mechanics vs Quantum Physics (QUFD Physics): As to Corporeal Reality vs Incorporeal 'Reality', from the Perspectives of Mathematics and Engineering.

QUALIA LXXXVI: Can Students be taught a Curriculum of 'Love', sufficient to, upon Graduation, in turn Dedicate their Lives-Careers to Teaching/Inculcating the 'Totality of Love', into the following Generations-of-Humanity, again sufficient to Create a Worldwide Society/Civilization, of 'Love... Unto One and All!'?

QUALIA LXXXVII: Recent Posts to an Online Forum, in Explanation of the Basics of QUFD Physics.

QUALIA LXXXVIII: What is Reality? : The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, as the Most Respected NewsHour on TV : What Do the People of the World, NOT See, that They Should See?

QUALIA LXXXIX: Exploring Today's Worldwide Societal Realities: 'The Big Picture', with Insights from The MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour!

QUALIA LXC: Revisiting Issues of Time/Space and Dimensional 'Realities' versus Reality!

QUALIA XCI: The Scientific Details of How Lucifer Corrupts All of Our Mental Processes!

QUALIA XCII: It's Going To Take All Of Us, To Create/Assure A Survivable Future, That We Can All Live In/With!

QUALIA XCIII: Reviewing various Realities of QUFD Physics (including SpaceTime, Dimensions, etc.) with another Researcher-Correspondent who is Corporeality-oriented.

QUALIA XCIV: Correspondence in the Quantum Realms, as Detailed in the Reality of Self-Healing of the Human Body!

QUALIA VC: Reviewing the Three Levels of the Human Mind, for the Benefit of a Forum!

Qualia XCVI: Religion versus Science: A Brief Overview of the Facts and the Truth!

QualiaXCVII: Progress toward the 'Big Picture': Once Upon a Time...The QUFD Cosmology!

QualiaXCVIII: Progress toward the 'Big Picture': Notes on the 'Big Picture'.

QualiaXCIX: Finally, the 'Big Picture'!

QUALIA C: About 'Zero-Point-Locations' within Incorporeality.

QUALIA CI: Revisiting Heaven and Hell: Is there really a Corporeal Reality to the Incorporeal 'Reality' of both?

QUALIA CII: The Wonderful World of the Future for Children Everywhere!

QUALIA CIII: Ramblings... on the Human Skin/Dermatology, Infections, Self-Healing of the Body, the Brain/Mind Interface, the Human Nervous System, Upper/Lower Mind, Consciousness and more!

QUALIA CIV: The Ultimate Challenge for Humanity: To Restore the Oneness, of Humanity, of the World, of the Cosmos and of Mankind and God!

QUALIA CV: In Honor... of Soldiers, the Fallen, Heroes, Students... and Americans!

QUALIA CVI: The Ultimate Point of it All: Eliminating the Most Detrimental, Deleterious Negativity of Our World and Restoring Love to its Rightful Place... As the Most Primary Good of All!

QUALIA CVII: Awareness and Healing: Of self (brain/body), of Self (Mind/Soul), of One's Place in The Cosmos, of Mind-Healing-Body and more!

QUALIA CVIII: What Would a Utopian Human Society Look Like?

Other Documents and Commentary

The Book of Jerome: An Epistle on Human and Cosmological Existence and Reality!

Father Jerome's Epistle, The Truth & Reality About TRUTH!



Posing the Question: Can the Annihilation of Humanity Be Prevented?

Father Jerome's Essay, What Is Love?

QUFD at UNICEF and more! Father Jerome's 'Pangs of the Heart!'

Father Jerome's World Community Sermon: "The Least Among Us"

The Index to all of Father Jerome's World Community Sermons

The Index to all of Father Jerome's Lectures

Wired: A Further Analysis by Father Jerome

Father Jerome's Essay, "Burn-Out: A Personal Odyssey"

Father Jerome's Essay, "The Other (Hidden) Health Care Crisis, in America and the World!" A Societal Odyssey!

"Message From Forever", from the bestselling book of the same name by Marlo Morgan (HarperCollins), explaining the major Spiritual Principles of QUFD in a NON-SCIENTIFIC discourse, by the book's author.

"Message From Forever", from the bestselling book of the same name by Marlo Morgan (HarperCollins), explaining the major Spiritual Principles of QUFD, WITH FURTHER COMMENTARY by Jerome, referring to QUFD and detailing the SCIENTIFIC realities being referred to by the book's author (i.e. the SCIENTIFIC version of this "Message").

One of the basic Principles of QUFD is the Principle of Participatory Democracy, having nothing whatsoever to do with protests for or against war or anything else, but merely the actions of people exercising their Rights to Govern Themselves within a Government where there are NO Power Relationships WHATSOEVER! These links, as a Primer on Participatory Democracy, are a mere start to what is available online. Hopefully you, the QUFD Reader, will see, realize and activate the QUFD Principle of Peaceful, Non-Causative but Active, Realization of Participatory Democracy in the World. See my Document above, Qualia 5, and other sociological commentary here on the QUFD website.

FOR YOUR INFO: A Philosophical Account of Self-Knowledge, i.e., an academic consideration of 'Knowing' (awareness) existing IN THE MIND independent of the physical brain/body!
However, regarding Epistemology (the theory of Knowing) and Ontology (the theory of Being), see my own Philosophy of QUFD,
in the Main QUFD Document!

Father Jerome's Essay, "A Few Thoughts Regarding QUFD and Some Philosophical Arguments"

Here's another most interesting, but thoroughly academic, Essay, that actually states, just as QUFD does, that Physics needs to also look at the Sociological and Other Realities, of human Life, in order for Physics (and Physicists!) to actually be seeing the 'Whole and Implicit Order' of everything that Physics 'engages itself with'!
It is authored by Professor Alan D. Sokal, Department of Physics, NYU
"Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity"

The Worldwide Democracy Project
and The New World Constitution Project,
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Human Psychobiology Links

NOTE: Using the teachings of the following disciplines, one can then go on to QUFD and explore the corporeal/incorporeal dynamics of the psychobiological relationships between the human brain and behavior and the incorporeal "supervisor" of it all - the mind!

Human Psychobiology
To know what is aggression, sexuality or fear; to know the various neurobiological processes which are responsible for learning, reasoning and consciousness; and to determine which would be the main factors of the psychological dynamics of the human being.
Psychobiology at Binghamton University, New York
Southampton College Psychobiology, Southampton, Long Island, New York
Psychobiology Project at Australian National University

Philosophy Links

Winner of the Way Cool Site Award

Psychology Links

Science Links


Certain websites as may be listed in this following links section might be termed as "New Age" in their holistic approach to the spiritual and quantum dimensions. This science education website strongly emphasizes that it condones only those expressions of Spirit and spirituality that are firmly based on scientific fact, principle and reality, and strongly disavows any expressions of spirit and spirituality as may be conducive to such fantasies and fraudulent business activities which are collectively known as "New Age", in their operations and functioning. As such, this website neither endorses nor disapproves the content of the hereinfollowing listed sites.
The following are links to websites which reflect QUFD Principles On The Web, as notified to us by their Webmasters and checked by Father Jerome. Each site would surely appreciate your visit and further comments upon that which is offered.
The following are links to websites of people who are "on the QUFD Path", and whose very lives do REFLECT QUFD principles and realities. Check out these folks and Be with them on their Way, for, as it has been said, "As of the One, So the Many!", meaning that as One Spirit lives in Positivity, Tranquility and Happiness, so may the Rest of our Spirits, i.e., Us!

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