QUALIA L: 'Being In-This-World, but Not Of-This-World': Spouses/Friends Who Can 'Be' With Each Other Completely (100%) From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA L: 'Being In-This-World, but Not Of-This-World': Spouses/Friends Who Can 'Be' With Each Other Completely (100%)

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By Father Jerome

  1. This Monograph, I think, will be mostly about 'Being In-This-World', so let me briefly cover what I have to say about Spouses/Friends here first.

  2. I saw a beautiful example of what I am talking about here on TV the other day, but it was a teenage prodigy son who was most conscientious about his studies and career-work, who was suddenly confronted with the requirements of his father, who was likewise most conscientious about his studies and career-work. The problem that presented itself was the need of both parties to use, at the same time, a large family dining room table that happened to have a broad expanse of space where their specific projects could be spread out for proper consideration during their work.

  3. The teenage son's project, as a Juilliard School of Music prodigy, was to concentrate on his immediate musical compositions and their score-sheets. The father's project, as a Physician-Specialist in Brain Surgery, was to examine the Case Records, which he had brought home to work on in privacy, of a comatose patient who required specialized treatment.

  4. The teenage son had already commandeered the family dining room table and was busy with his project when the father arrived home. The father, needing to use the table, politely inquired of his son if they could share the table. With only the briefest of dialogue between them, the son okayed his father's wishes and the father sat down at the opposite end of the table to proceed with his work. And then they both continued upon their individual projects... in Harmony and complete utter Silence!

  5. The examples demonstrated herein this particular 'examination' of a family's functioning are surely admirable! First of all, apparently there was sufficient familial 'Bonding' between the two. Next of all, as a result of the previous 'quality', there was apparently a great deal of Respect and Acceptance between both of these family members. And finally, there was the ability of both to 'Be With Each Other', 100%, IN ABSOLUTE SILENCE, without being 'bothered', in any way, by the other's presence or activities!

  6. Such are just a few of the 'Qualities of Life', that make this weekly TV-Series, "Everwood" (on WB20), a most popular and amazing 'slice of American Life'! Of course, all the 'characters' of "Everwood" have their 'problems' throughout the run of the Series, but watching the How and Why of their 'resolving' of those 'problems', is also most inspiring and admirable, in the broadest sense!

  7. Could you, your spouse, your relatives, your friends, etc., etc., do as much, in this singular instance, of two people having enough Bonding, Affection, Respect, Acceptance... and Love, to be able to do the same, in such a situation... OR in any other situation, between two people? In today's hurley-burley World, of constant and perpetual 'needs', for people to 'be together' in 'excitement, noise, fun', and so much more... can two people really 'find' their Inner Selves, much less individually as well as in Harmony, with each other?

  8. Of course, there are many other familial and relationship-related 'issues and concerns', that any and everyone might have and, not being a psychological-specialist in such, I certainly do not intend to cover such here or even to 'touch upon' such further! Suffice it for me to say that, in my estimation, the previously-described TV-Series 'situation' was most admirable!

  9. In fact, to close this part of this Qualia Document on Spouses/Friends, I'd like to 'Recognize' a brief 'Spot', that lately quite regularly appears on WB20-TV San Francisco, in between all the 'break-time' commercials, that for a few seconds features a Ms. Adele, a Member of the WB20 Student Council, who most conscientiously and admirably, in her few moments of 'Fame', advises all of WB20's Viewers to "Look Within, For That Which Is Inside of Yourself!" That a teenager, much less all the rest of us, should have such 'Awareness' in today's World, is something that we all need to 'Look Up To' and to consider, in our daily and Forever 'Quest', for Heroes-to-Emulate and more! Because, as Adele most correctly states, those 'Heroes' are not 'Out There', but are, in Reality, Within Each and Every One of Us! Only WHEN we All realize that, and 'Get In Touch' with that particular 'Hero' within each One of Us... will we then be able to Change This World For The Better!

  10. Continuing on here, with my Primary Subject, 'Being In-This-World, but Not Of-This-World'! Actually, this topic also relates exactly to what Ms. Adele has told us here previously, as well as to the Topic of the previous Qualia Document in this Series, as to those folks who can 'Be' the 'I AM THAT I AM' of ThemSelves!

  11. Of course, I AM THAT I AM definitely requires Being 'In The Moment' and, as I have, I believe, stated in that previous Qualia Document, in this World today, and having to live under the constant 'incursioning' of Lucifer into our daily Lives, Existence and Reality, it is sometimes even difficult for One who is attempting to 'Be In The Moment' as much as possible, to even find themselves 'kicked out' of that Moment occasionally! But, of course, when One is familiar with 'Being In The Moment', then, of course, that Person will also recognize when they are 'out of the Moment', and will, of necessity, duly strive to return thereto!

  12. But not all of us have that Option, not even Knowing in the first place, what it 'Is', to 'Be In The Moment' (of God's Positivity, Grace and Love!) There was a brief segment on TV the other day, showing the daily Trials and Tribulations today, of women in Iraq, who, in order to remain alive and functional (at least in some manner!), are largely confined to their homes and, even then, find themselves 'armed-to-the-gills' in order to protect themselves! The stress of such situations, in Iraq, Palestine, Darfur and elsewhere, over History, has certainly 'stressed' the ability of anyone to 'Be In The Moment'!

  13. Today, in the accumulation of Lucifer's Negativities around the world, Mankind, human Society, our World and individuals, are under even more daily stress, just trying to keep up with the daily barrage of Negativities, that are unleashed upon us every day. This individual alone, whose Heart and Tears, every minute daily, go out to the refugees, the homeless, displaced and disenfranchised, of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Darfur, Gaza and many more places... How, might one ask, can the Israeli-Palestinian 'issue', for example, be politically and peacefully resolved, when the very 'facts and statistics' of the matter, show otherwise, as long as there exist 'divisions' between Israelis and Palestinians? The 'facts', as pointed out by a most renown World Affairs Institute the other day, are something like this (numbers are arbitrary): The space available, for homes and living, in the West Bank and Gaza, the Palestinian 'lands' of today, can accommodate, at most, say 63 million Palestinians! The space available, for homes and living, in Israel of today, is approximately 75 million, of which about 74 million is already occupied by Israelis! However, those 'lands of Israel' today, were originally the homes and living, or 'lands', of the Palestinians, who duly occupied those 'lands' until they were, years back, displaced to the Refugee Camps of the Palestinian Diaspora of the surrounding Mid-East Nations where such 'camps' are located today! But the problem that presents itself today, is that should a Palestinian 'State' be 'created' just within the Gaza and West Bank (which are already almost filled to capacity!), one might ask, What is to be done about the 75 million Palestinians originally displaced from Israel? BECAUSE, those original 75 million displaced Palestinians, in all of the world's refugee camps, NOW NUMBER ALMOST 240 million people! HOW can the 'lands' of Israel and Palestine, accommodate this TOTAL of over 300 million Palestinians, IF BOTH Palestinians AND Israelis CANNOT LIVE IN PEACE AND TOGETHERNESS, on the same lands of their Fathers? The Point (and Principle!) here is, that People, Working Together in Love and Cooperation, CAN CREATE MUCH MORE than the individuality of their numbers can do, separately, much less in 'conflict' with each other! The TOTAL of Palestinians AND Israelis (in this example!) is over 375 million! BUT, 'Working Together', they might 'create' homes and Lives FOR BOTH, that might Total OVER 500 million! (Numbers used herein may not be accurate, but the Principle IS!)

  14. Okay, the displaced, disenfranchised, refugees and such, as Lucifer has 'caused' to be unleashed upon Humanity... (Not even considering the DEAD, of past History, of Mankind's wars and conflicts... such as the hundreds of thousands of Blue and Gray of the Battle of Gettysburg alone, up to the 'conflicts' of recent years, in which the tally of the dead was not in the hundreds of thousands, but instead, has been in the millions!) Such daily News, and Realities, of Mankind's daily 'situation', is itself enough to quite substantially 'disturb' the Heart and Tears of any normal individual! (Much less the continuing situation in Iraq!)

  15. Now comes the Day-After Christmas 2004 Asian Earthquake-Tsunami, with hundreds of thousands killed, across the sweep of the Asian-Underbelly, with hundreds of thousands more injured, much less hundreds of MILLIONS homeless and dispossessed! HOW does One keep their equanimity, under such overwhelming circumstances, of the 'unleashing of BOTH Lucifer AND Nature', upon the destitution of Mankind? Well, overlooking the 'unfortunateness' of today's worldwide events, as it has been said many times, not only by this individual but also many others across the aeons of human history, IF ALL OF Humanity WERE WORKING TOGETHER, in Peace, Love and Cooperation, and the EFFICIENT UTILIZATION of 100% of Human Resources and Scientific Technologies (instead of the 'waste of resources' which is 'consumed' by wars, conflicts, animosities, divisiveness and COMPETITION!), such 'examples' as the Asian Earthquake-Tsunami of the other day, WOULD HAVE BEEN PREDICTED and known about, reliably and scientifically, MONTHS and longer BEFORE IT HAPPENED, and all these millions upon millions of today's human tragedies could have been prevented!

  16. Well, as Adele might say, correctly, "Look Within!", to Find that Positivity and 'Steadiness', of Being the Who and What One 'Is'! I, perhaps, will go a bit further. In concert with the topic of this Monograph, 'Be In-This-World, but Not Of-This-World!', I would say that the 'Living In The Moment', for each and every one of Us, is even more so a Necessity today where, whether One is 'I AM THAT I AM', or just One Who Knows Who and What They 'Are' (and Are About!)... because, Being IN such a 'Place', can help immensely, With God and Positivity, in not only 'Fighting such Fight' as might necessarily be Required (the 'Battle between Good and Evil!), but also that 'Battle' that we All must Endure, merely to Survive! (And hoping that the Great California Earthquake, of 2006, does not find us 'under the Pacific Ocean', along with the millions that are 'swallowed up', on that fateful Day, as the entire City of San Francisco, sank into the Pacific!)

  17. Well, disregarding that Future 'possibility' (although, I remember standing on Green Street, at the top of Russian Hill, when that happens, and I am 'lost', along with everyone else! This 'story' has already been told, in 'Remembering', on this website!), until the Day that ANY such 'possibility' MIGHT HAPPEN, it behooves each and every One of Us, to DO THAT which We Are Here To Do, as long as We Are Yet Here, to Give our Efforts, In Cooperation and Togetherness With Everyone Else, To Make This A Better World! THAT is 'Being In-This-World, but Not Of-This-World! And in Being such, there is one simple 'quality' Required... LOVE, of One and All!

  18. What more can I say here, regarding the topic of Concern? Well, I'll leave this Monograph with two of my favorite 'Admonitions', by a Personal 'Friend' of mine! He said, "Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Them Do Unto You!" and "Love One Another, As I Have Loved You!"

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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