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Father Jerome, an ordained Christian priest of the Most Ancient Order of the OA/OWB, with degrees in Theology and Physics - D.Th.(In Esse-the Theology of Reality) and D.Sc.(Quantum Physics) - has not only experienced those realities of consciousness that he writes about, but has lived and worked in those non-secular dimensions of consciousness, having served as a Visiting Scholar/Researcher/Professor/Lecturer at the OA/OWB's premier graduate facility, the Freedom, Independence & World Democracy (FIWD) Institute, in the spiritual non-secularity of London, England. In this report, he not only discusses Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD), the Quantum Physics branch describing the realities and dimensions of consciousness, but, in exploring the evolutionary maturity of the human Mind, he relates some of his own observations and realities within and without OF that advanced state of being, which, he does contend, is ANY person's perogative to experience and to KNOW. Hopefully, this report may contribute TO such KNOWING for all of us!

Some of today's medical researchers are still inaccurately attempting to locate the source of human sentience within the human brain rather than in the consciousness of the human mind where it really is. In his seminal work, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life and Reality!", Jerome detailed for us the exact quantum realities of the interactions between brain and mind and how the mind actually controls the limbic system, cognition, memories and all other brain functions. Now, in this special report, Jerome goes on to specifically explore and detail the resultant societal and existential realities of those interactions, and why all human activities, while indisputably controlled by that consciousness beyond the human brain, are yet eminently the result of the choices (for good or bad) and wills of our own selves, made individually and collectively. This report truly shows Jerome's real forte, of explaining the quantum realities which lie beyond the mere human brain, while assuring us that that brain, and the mind that supervises it, are yet part and parcel of All That Is, in the universe and beyond.

The scientific communities have been used to examining solutions and condensates of all kinds, from the physical to the quantum. Now Jerome introduces a new condensate for today's mankind to consider - a condensate of quantum fields, of incorporeality, of spirituality, of consciousness, of sentience - and of All That Is, in the universe and beyond - beyond the cosmos and beyond time itself! The reader will most certainly enjoy and be enlightened by this report.

Today's scientists and mathematicians have already presented us with the scientific proof and the mathematical formulae of/for both God and the Devil. So why is society and the scientific community reluctant to talk about either one of those scientifically-proven realities? Jerome, with his theological and scientific background, explores the quantum realities of not only mankind and the universe, but also the actual scientific realities of those two most potent of mankind's enigmas - God and the Devil. What he reveals about both, in this report, should make everyone sit up and notice exactly what the reality is of each and everyone's lives today. This report addresses those aspects of life and existence in terms understandable by anyone, of whatever one's persuasion, from atheist and agnostic to the most fervent religionist and all fields and disciplines of scientific endeavor and accomplishment as well. This is truly a remarkable revelation for today's world and today's humanity.

Theology, as we all know, is the Knowing of God and the Cosmos. Jerome's special talent is to show us, sometimes in excruciating detail (however to our benefit), how that knowledge of God and the Cosmos, hidden as it is within the realities of existence, can be ours! In explaining those existential realities, using quantum physics as the medium, Jerome not only proves that scientific law and spiritual law are one and the same, but that by knowing God as such, one can not only know God and All That Is, but actually also come to really know oneSelf! That would truly be a remarkable achievement for any one of us.

Monsignor Terence Nicholplaiy, FIWD Institute, London

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The Star Trek mantra, "To boldly go where no one has gone before!", may enjoy credibility in those famous sci-fi screen adventures, but the reality IS that mankind HAS been "there" before, is YET "there", and can still go "there", IF he/she should so decide to do so. The "last frontier" is NOT "Space", meaning the physical Cosmos, but instead, is the "space" within AND beyond THE HUMAN MIND! It is CONSCIOUSNESS, and the spirituality OF consciousness, which does pervade the Cosmos (corporeal AND incorporeal), ranging from the consciousness of an individual mind, to that of all of humanity, to that of the celestial galaxies, to the very Mind of God Him/Herself. As Dr. June Singer, the renown and eminent protege and student of Carl Jung himself, has put it, "The wonder of the collective unconscious is that it is all there, all the legend and history of the human race, with its unexorcised demons and its gentle saints, its mysteries and its wisdom, ALL within each one of us - a microcosm within the macrocosm. The exploration of this world is more challenging than exploration of the solar system, and the journey to inner space is NOT necessarily easy or a safe trip."
Well, mankind CAN, and HAS, and WILL, go to inner space AND BEYOND. I KNOW, for I've been there myself! Read on and begin the journey yourselves.


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