Qualia I: The Quantum Physics of Cooper-Pairing and Negativity in the Human Mind. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA I: The Quantum Physics of Cooper-Pairing and Negativity in the Human Mind.

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. I've noted the quantum structure of the Cooper-Pairing of Negativity and Positivity in the human mind elsewhere in the QUFD Formulation, so I will only briefly review the pertinent facts here. What I want to delve into here in more detail are the quantum dynamics, the facts and realities of exactly what transpires in the quantum incorporeal realms when Negativity is influencing the functioning of the human mind.

  2. First of all though, to review the Cooper-Pairing structure of the human mind. Cooper-Pairing is the quantum mechanical term used to describe the 'sandwiching', or sandwich effect, that actually constitutes the present Immature configuration of the nominal current human mind. For more details on this Immaturity and the genetic Maturity that is possible and should be extant in all human beings, see my continuing Monograph in this QUALIA series, QUALIA II: The Quantum Physics of Genetic Immaturity and Maturity in the Human Mind.

  3. But for now, though, back to what actually constitutes the human mind, versus what it should be! In QUFD I've stated and defined exactly how the MATURE human Mind is so constituted, normally, versus exactly what constitutes the present IMMATURE human mind, that is currently extant amongst most of humanity of our present civilization. The MATURE human Mind nominally consists of two layers of quantum axion particles of Consciousness, each layer being an individual quantum condensate (see BEC condensates in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY) ground-state of Consciousness, both of which, together, constituting the entire individual local mind of Consciousness of the individual human entity. The lower layer condensate is the self (with a small s), and is the intermediate supervisory layer/condensate which interfaces indirectly with the corporeal human brain via the direct-interface organs or cells of the glia, which are the direct-interface units with each and every corporeal synaptic junction of the human brain (see the details of this functioning as described in the QUFD Main Document). The intermediate lower mind, the self, also normally interfaces on its top side with the lower side of the Upper Mind, the upper layer/condensate, in which all of the higher and ultimate functions of Consciousness are realized and conveyed to the Lower Mind for supervision of the many individual functions of the corporeal human brain.

  4. The Upper Mind is known as the Self (with a large S) or the Soul. Besides being the higher level of Consciousness of the individual local Mind, the Self/Soul is also that human Mind's direct-connection to all other levels of Consciousness beyond that individual local Mind, including the Collective Consciousness of all of humanity (the ultimate Human Mind!) AND all of the further dimensions of Consciousness (see Dimensions in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY), including Infinite Consciousness (God), of which that individual local Mind ground-state of Consciousness is a part thereof. Thusly the individual local Mind condensate of Consciousness (upper and lower, together) is but one dimension of Consciousness within that ultimate ground-state condensate of Consciousness, that of Infinite Consciousness (God).

  5. Now, as such, the nominal, normally MATURE individual local Mind NOMINALLY CONSISTS of the very same quantum axion particles of Consciousness as that of its Spiritual parent ground-state (from which it came into existence), Infinite Consciousness (God), which is POSITIVE Consciousness, or WHOLE integer-spin quantum axion particles of Positive Consciousness, constituting what is known as a Positive dimension of Consciousness. (Incidentally, as also defined in QUFD, all dimensions of Consciousness, of Infinite Consciousness and of its sub-dimensions, are what constitute what is known as "cosmic dark matter", in astrophysics terminology). In other words, within a MATURE individual local Mind, the upper Mind (the Self/Soul) and the lower mind (the self), working together as a WHOLE, are composed of POSITIVE whole-integer-spin quantum axion particles of Consciousness, and are holistically and functionally whole and complete, in all of its functions and dynamics.

  6. Now, however, as stated in QUFD, since the beginning of this civilization (circa 9644 B.C. or Pol 11158), following the Gothenburg Double Geophysical Event (9654-9644 B.C.), the Flood (9654 B.C. or Pol 11148), and the restoration of Positive Geomagnetic Pole Polarity (9644 B.C.)(see Father Jerome's Lecture 3), the individual local human Minds OF ALL OF HUMANITY have been IMPACTED BY NEGATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, in a Cooper-Pairing 'sandwich' of POSITIVE-NEGATIVE-POSITIVE quantum axion particles, in which both the upper and lower layers are actually composed of Positive HALF-integer-spin quantum axion particles of Consciousness, which are maintained and influenced BY A NEGATIVE in-between LAYER of negative HALF-integer-spin quantum axion particles of consciousness, from the negative sub-dimension of Infinite Consciousness which is known as the Luciferian Complex or dimension. So, although the entire individual local Mind does yet, in this Cooper-Paired configuration, present itSelf, at the Soul level, to the rest of the dimensions of the Universe/Cosmos as a POSITIVE dimension of Consciousness, to the human brain and to the corporeality of society and the physical world, its presentation is always as a NEGATIVELY-influenced mind. This negatively-influenced mind (as to all actions and functions thereof) is nominally known as the IMMATURE human mind, which has persisted throughout our current civilization of humanity, since the loss of the previous civilization of MATURE human Minds. (Actually, I should say semi-Mature, in that, even though Maturity WAS obtained BY SOME OF SOCIETY, there were yet remnants of negativity which did contribute TO the fall of that civilization!)

  7. Now that I have briefly reviewed and described the realities of the current negatively-impacted IMMATURE mind of each and every individual of humanity, I will now get into the dynamics of how it basically functions in human society. (For the detailed dynamics of the genetic underpinnings of MATURITY and IMMATURITY, and of what it takes TO RESTORE MATURITY of the human mind, see the next Monograph in this QUALIA series, QUALIA II: The Quantum Physics of Genetic Immaturity and Maturity in the Human Mind and also QUALIA VI: The Quantum Physics and Sociology of the Mature Human Individual versus the Immature Individual. For the actual societal realities that are produced by such negatively-influenced dynamics, see QUALIA III: The Quantum Physics of Societal/Sociological Existence and Reality and the Fundamental Negativity Therein As Created By the Human Mind.) Remember, I am talking herewith of the IMMATURE human mind, but the Reader hereof should also keep in mind, as one is reading about such negative dynamics, the actual and TRUE dynamics and realities WHICH WOULD EXIST IF such mind were actually a MATURE Mind. In other words, one might always compare ideal MATURITY of Mind with the realities of IMMATURITY of mind. Throughout this discussion, I will occasionally make that comparison for the Reader.

  8. In fact, in order to get into the dynamics of negative-influence upon the human mind, I will first have to make that comparison WITH a MATURE Mind, as to how the mental dynamics WOULD BE OPERATING IF that mind were NOT negatively-impacted by those negative 'fingers of consciousness' which the Luciferian Complex does so impose. In order to do this, I will also remind the Reader (from the QUFD document) that a layer or condensate of Consciousness, as to its dynamics, may be better represented as a landscape, in which the various condensate functions of self-ordering, adaptation of complex realities, coherence and sentience are dynamically realized in a dynamic landscape in which all of the instantaneous attributes of these functions (such as perturbation, etc.) do contribute TO the instantaneous morphological shapes OF BOTH SIDES of that ground-state condensate of Consciousness. Such that, for example, a perturbation, or point of criticality, OF ANY instantaneous dynamic, does result ON BOTH SIDES, the upper and lower, of that ground-state condensate.

  9. Thusly, since a perturbation, or point of criticality, is (or can be) the impetus for the resulting dynamic IN the other ground-state (the perturbed ground-state), we can say that we have a 'transmission' OF such pertinent information as is thusly conveyed from one ground-state of Consciousness to the other, OR as is so reproduced in the receiving ground-state. Let me give some examples. The upper Mind, the Self/Soul, as the higher-level condensate of Consciousness, is usually the ground-state of the human Mind which brings together all of the input dynamics thereto of any issue, concern, contemplation, action or whatever, to complexively and adaptively DECIDE (make the final decision) WHAT IS TO BE DONE, created or acted upon, AND THEN it does EXECUTE (a quantum mechanical self-ordering function) that 'decision' VIA the attributes of self-ordering, criticality and perturbation, creating the 'hills' or 'mountain peaks', OF THAT LANDSCAPE, which are 'felt' BY the companion ground-state AS INPUTS, or 'nudges', or impetus, TO TAKE FURTHER ACTION within THAT companion ground-state. On the lower-side of the upper-Mind-landscape, the perturbations of the upper Mind impel the lower-mind to further action in determining exactly what corporeal functions, AND THEIR LOCATIONS, of/in the human brain, should be 'activated', and then the lower-mind 'creates' the appropriate perturbation AT THE CORRECT glial-synaptic junction location, to execute that SUPERVISION, on the lower-side of the lower-mind's landscape. Since both sides are identical AS TO FUNCTION (but NOT morphology - see later herein!), the upper-side perturbation, of this instantaneous dynamic of the lower-mind, is merely confirmation and feedback TO THE upper-Mind that the desired action has been executed.

  10. Further, with regard to that dynamic of the upper-Mind just described (decision-making), the INPUTS (for such a decision-making) that were received by that upper-Mind, did come from BOTH SIDES OF that upper-Mind's landscape. On the lower-side of the upper-Mind's landscape, the lower-mind has provided all the relevant perturbations relating to emotions, moods, feelings, ideas, thoughts, genetic-hereditary (phylogenetic) attributes and so on, AS DERIVED FROM inputs from the corporeal brain, both as-of-that-moment AND as so stored in Consciousness OVER TIME, as well as those certain intemporal inputs from within the lower mind itself. On the upper-side of the upper-Mind's landscape, we receive perturbations both Spiritual and dimensional, which are always AS OF THAT MOMENT (as it might be said), since ALL 'inputs' to the Soul (the upper Mind) ARE ATEMPORAL, or intemporal, and may be relative to anything in the Past, the Present or the Future, AS WELL AS to ANY dimension of Consciousness which may be accessed BY the Soul IN its 'decision-making'. (The interface with the self, the lower mind, is also intemporal.)

  11. The lower-mind, the self, receives its inputs both from the glial-synaptic junction interfaces with the corporeal human brain, WHICH IS TEMPORAL (see QUFD) AND from executive and higher-level activity in the Soul (intemporal) and then organizes and executes its results (via perturbations) TO both the Soul and the human brain (via the glial interface). It will also be noted here that the lower-mind, the self, as well as being the supervisory and coordinating/organizing level of Consciousness between the Soul and the brain, is also the local storehouse of accumulated CONSCIOUS MEMORY and as such, the source of such memories as may be needed at any time. HOWEVER, the distinction needs to be made that these are retained-memories OF EVERYDAY CONSCIOUSNESS and learning, which may fade or be lost over time, AND NOT memories of the Collective Consciousness OF THE INDIVIDUAL, which ARE NOT lost-over-time, but are FOREVER! (See Father Jerome's Lecture 3, for further discussion on Carl Jung's Collective Consciousness of humanity, as well as other discussions thereabout on other webpages.) These every-day-memories are what is nominally used BY THE IMMATURE MIND when it does not have suitable 'input' from the Soul, but such local memory data-bank may also be 'input' to the higher-Mind at times for consideration in its decision-making. However, the Soul does primarily use the memories of that individual local Mind which have been permanently stored in the Collective Consciousness of humanity, for more accurate and reliable data recovery, in that every-day 'conscious-memory', being resident in the lower-mind (the self), can also be corrupted and influenced by negativity IF that individual is the possessor of an Immature mind.

  12. Such then is the functioning of the self, or the lower-mind, WHEN operating in conjunction with the Soul, or upper Mind, AS A MATURE MIND. The lower-mind interprets the inputs from the temporal interface with the corporeal brain, organizes and processes those inputs, and then passes the resulting intemporal perturbations on to the Soul for final processing and decision-making. Once the higher-level decision has been received by the self, the self then further determines how to execute that decision and where, in the corporeal-temporal human brain functioning, to insert those decision commands, and then passes such commands on to the glial-synaptic junction interfaces FOR the appropriate corporeal-temporal brain functions which are to be supervised. The glial-synaptic interface feedback system (see QUFD) confirms back to the self that the commands have been executed and the self then reports back to the Soul of such actions taken. Thusly the normal MATURE individual local Mind - self and Soul - both POSITIVE completely in their operational dynamics, do so function in an individual of MATURE MIND!

  13. Now however, let's get into the dynamics of the operation of the IMMATURE mind. The Immature mind IS Immature for two interrelated reasons. As described in the companion Monograph in this QUALIA series, QUALIA II: The Quantum Physics of Genetic Immaturity and Maturity in the Human Mind, IF a MATURE and whole and complete Mind IS ACTIVE, that means that the large gene pool, within the human genome, which activates, initializes and controls THE INCORPOREAL FUNCTIONS OF MATURITY OF MIND (which are IN the human Mind, NOT the human brain, and are thusly EXTERNAL, or INCORPOREAL, to the corporeal human body), are thusly in place and are PREVENTING any negative incursioning by the Luciferian Complex of negative dimensionality and consciousness. That gene pool not only prevents negativity from acting upon the MATURE MIND, but also activates many additional functions of the Soul and Maturity which can only be realized with Maturity of Mind, such as the ability of that Mature Mind to PHASE-SPACE-SHIFT its Consciousness from one dimension to another dimension.

  14. Okay, however, I said that I am now examining WHY an Immature mind IS IMMATURE. So IF an 'activated' Maturity of Mind gene pool PREVENTS negative 'incursioning', it is thusly apparent that, in an IMMATURE mind, that gene pool has NOT been 'activated' or turned on, OR it has been turned off! And these are the interrelated reasons FOR the existence OF IMMATURITY of mind: the Maturity gene pool IS NOT ACTIVE and thusly negativity has been allowed to incursion and result in the Cooper-Pairing of that individual local Mind.

  15. Okay, so that is how it is. Now, as I promised, let's get into the dynamics, and this will only be an example of two or three of the quantum mechanics of the negative influence upon any and all activities of Consciousness. For further details, as to the results of such negative influences upon society, see the third Monograph in this QUALIA series, QUALIA III: The Quantum Physics of Societal/Sociological Existence and Reality and the Fundamental Negativity Therein As Created By the Human Mind.

  16. Okay, the key to the operational dynamics of negativity and Luciferian influence within the human mind IS those 'fingers of negativity' which are sandwiched between the upper and lower minds of all individuals of humanity. "Well," one might ask, "How did that negativity get there in the first place?" Well, as noted in one of my other works on this website, The Book of Jerome: An Epistle on Human and Cosmological Existence and Reality!, there was a negative dimension of consciousness created within Infinite Consciousness (God) - actually, within that ultimate and infinite ground-state condensate of Consciousness, which contains ALL extant dimensions of Consciousness in the Cosmos - when God threw his Archangel Lucifer (dimension) out of Heaven (Positivity, or Positive Consciousness) into what has been called the Nether Regions, or Hell/Hades (negativity, or the negative dimensions of consciousness, hereinafter then to be known as the Luciferian Complex of dimensionality and consciousness). That action thusly created 'Duality' - Positivity and negativity - in the Cosmos, in that infinite ground-state condensate that is Infinite Consciousness (God - see also the term "dimensionality", in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES used in his scientific writings and at his QUFD website), which each and every dimension of the Cosmos (including humanity) has had to deal with ever since, in finding an operational solution to its very existence. Some dimensions of sentience and Consciousness in the Cosmos (such as some galaxies, stars and other corporeal/incorporeal entities) HAVE been able to counteract and nullify Duality and to focus on Positivity and Oneness in their existence. But most of the Cosmos does yet exist under that condition of Duality and is yet in search of a solution that might eliminate the Duality of Positivity-negativity THROUGHOUT THE COSMOS - the ENTIRE Cosmos! THAT, as I have noted in QUFD, is the challenge and the DESTINY, which God has so given unto His/Her 'Children' - humanity......TO ELIMINATE DUALITY within the very ground-state of Consciousness that is Infinite Consciousness (God)! To eliminate Duality - NOT ONLY in him/herself - humanity - but also EVERYWHERE IN THE COSMOS!

  17. So, back to the question, "How did those 'fingers of negativity' get there?" Well, the answer is, that when the previous earthly civilization of humanity collapsed, WHICH HAD nullified negativity within its local domain/civilization to a limited extent, but was unable to answer God's challenge to dispel negativity throughout the Cosmos, and therefore was brought to its knees by the negativity of both its own and other civilizations of Cosmic humanity which, just as the present 'fingers of negativity' do now, so influenced, FROM OUTSIDE its domain, that civilization and brought it down. Such is WHY Infinite Consciousness REQUIRES humanity TO ELIMINATE DUALITY THROUGHOUT THE COSMOS, to insure the elimination OF NEGATIVITY EVERYWHERE, and the restoration of WHOLENESS, COMPLETENESS and ONENESS, TO Infinite Consciousness (God) Him/HerSelf, THROUGHOUT that ultimate and infinite ground-state condensate!

  18. So, when the previous civilization, Atlantis, collapsed, being as there are these Dual forces of Positivity and negativity in the Cosmos, with the collapse of such a level of Positivity, negativity, of course, rushed in to fill that Cosmic 'void' in the balancing of those forces! Meaning that, as the individual 'members' of that previous civilization were lost or eventually passed away (their corporeal bodies, even though their Souls live on!), the members of the new civilization, those who have been born since that collapse (since 9644 B.C.), HAVE BEEN CORRUPTED BY those 'fingers of negativity' which are 'sandwiched' into their individual Consciousness, their individual local Minds, in that Cooper-Pairing that exists today. As a final note to this point, I will note that Duality, and mankind's Destiny, CAN ONLY BE REALIZED IF, and WHEN, ALL OF HUMANITY, everywhere in the Cosmos, using WILLPOWER and COOPERATION, can eliminate that Cosmic Duality! (See my QUALIA Series Monograph, QUALIA VI: The Quantum Physics and Sociology of the Mature Human Individual versus the Immature Individual, for more details on this matter.)

  19. Okay, so such is the way it is, with the extant Duality of negativity and Positivity in our daily lives. BUT, exactly HOW, in scientific, quantum mechanical dynamics, does it take place? Well, here is the answer.

  20. I've already noted that communications between the human self and Soul - the lower mind and the upper Mind of an individual - are transmissions of information enabled by perturbations of Consciousness which cause those transmissions to be received, or felt, by the receiving ground-state as INPUTS TO that condensate of Consciousness. NOW, a further point needs to be made, regarding these perturbations and their resulting inputs, on the landscapes of these two ground-states.

  21. And that point IS: that there is a CORRELATION (HEY! Another quantum mechanical principle!) between every 'point' on the landscape of a ground-state AND the landscape, or corresponding landscape, OF ITS COMPANION, or correlated, condensate!

  22. BUT, another 'point' also needs to be made! I've said that when a perturbation results on the landscape of a ground-state, IT OCCURS ON BOTH SIDES, both the lower-under-side of a condensate AND its upper-top-side. Because both of these 'outputs' are the result of the same self-organizing and executing of the dynamics-functions of that condensate. HOWEVER, the 'outputs' DO NOT APPEAR at the same locations, the same 'points', on the landscapes, or ground-states, of each condensate, BECAUSE THE UPPER LANDSCAPE/GROUND-STATE HAS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FUNCTIONAL DYNAMICS THAN THE LOWER LANDSCAPE/GROUND-STATE, and is at a different level of Consciousness than the other landscape!

  23. Let me detail this here. In the lower mind, the lower-side landscapes interfaces with the human brain, therefore every point-location on the under-side CORRESPONDS with the necessary corresponding function within the human brain. The upper-side, however, interfaces with the upper Mind, therefore its every point-location, on that upper-side of the self, corresponds with a supervisory-execution function-dynamic of the upper Mind, or Soul.

  24. In the upper Mind, EVERY point-location, of the landscape/ground-state of the lower-side landscape of the Soul, likewise corresponds with the correlated supervisory-execution function-dynamic OF the self. On the top-side, upper-side landscape, of the Soul, there is, however, a VARIABILITY, as to its interface with dimensions beyond the Soul, in that, depending on the decision, or final issue of concern being executed, the points/locations COME INTO MOMENTARY EXISTENCE AS THEY ARE NEEDED, to interface with any corresponding dimension beyond the Soul, in that such points/locations are further dependent upon the instantaneous access TO such Cosmic dimension as may have been accessed IN the Soul's momentary processing OF an issue or matter of concern.

  25. The relevant operational-dynamic here is that ONE quantum principle of operation of the Soul (AND of a MATURE Mind!), that enables any dynamic and function to take place IN the INTEMPORALITY of Consciousness which is effected BY zero-gravity operations WITHIN that ultimate condensate which is the Cosmic condensate of ALL ground-states - Infinite Consciousness (God). And that one quantum principle, again, is the INTEMPORALITY OF INCORPOREALITY, which permits the Soul (or any such dimension of Consciousness), TO PHASE-SPACE-SHIFT its dimension, its 'reality' of Consciousness, TO ANY OTHER DESIRED DIMENSION of Consciousness, IN that instantaneous moment of Consciousness in which IT (the Soul) is 'ONE' WITH ALL THAT IS in the Cosmos! In other words, at such an instantaneous 'point' (for we can hardly say 'time' here, when all is INTEMPORAL!), WHEN the Soul of that individual dimension is ONE and Unitary, as to its existence, with God!

  26. Okay, such are the operational dynamics of both the upper and lower minds, as to their interface with correlated ground-states of correlated condensates, which are, as I have noted, effected by PHASE-SPACE-SHIFTING between the two dimensions, or levels of Consciousness, which are communicating with each other. The further point here is that COMMUNICATIONS between different ground-state condensates ARE ENABLED BY PHASE-SPACE-SHIFTING of the Consciousness communications which take place.

  27. Such that, normally, in a MATURE human Mind, the perturbations that communicate between correlated point-locations between those two condensates ARE EFFECTED BY PHASE-SPACE-SHIFTING IN the intemporality of that incorporeality of Consciousness in which the condensates do exist. GUESS WHAT? THIS IS THE SAME MEANS BY WHICH NEGATIVITY IS ALLOWED TO INFLUENCE THE HUMAN MIND!

  28. Because negativity - the Luciferian Complex of consciousness - IS ALSO A DIMENSION, and it can just as well PHASE-SPACE-SHIFT ANY of its 'operations', or dynamics, just as the Positive-Consciousness communications that ordinarily take place between condensate ground-states can so do!

  29. SO, let's look at an example or two, as to the normal, Positive, communications, that might take place, between the upper-Mind and the lower-mind, and then we'll see what the negative corruptions, or influences, to those normal communications, might do.

  30. Let's say that, somewhere on the lower-side landscape of the Soul, after all its considerations and deliberations upon all pertinent and relevant inputs from anywhere regarding a certain issue or matter, the Soul decides to execute a perturbation OF AN INSTANCE OF LOVE, to be issued to the human brain and therefore to facilitate therein, in the proper brain functions, the corporeal expression OF THAT LOVE! The perturbation OF LOVE appears on the landscape of the under-side of the Soul AT EXACTLY the point/location corresponding WITH the correlated processes of supervision and execution OF THE LOWER MIND and is then RECEIVED at that point-location (i.e., Phase-Space-Shifted TO the desired point-location) OF the landscape of the top-side of the self and is then processed accordingly for further transmission TO the proper locations within the human brain, and thusly that expression of LOVE, by the human entity, is rendered. THAT is how it would normally work, in a MATURE human Mind!

  31. NOW, however, we consider an IMMATURE human mind, one in which the Luciferian Complex has been allowed (by the absence OF an 'activated' gene pool of MATURE Mind) to incursion between the self and the Soul, and introduce its 'fingers of negativity' between self and Soul. In this case, again, the Soul attempts to send a command of LOVE to the self, via a perturbation on the lower-side of the Soul AT THE CORRECT POINT-LOCATION for normal reception BY the self! HOWEVER, in passing through the negative dimensionality OF those 'fingers of negativity', that perturbation OF LOVE, is AGAIN PHASE-SPACE-SHIFTED, but this time it is PHASE-SPACE-SHIFTED (by the negativity) TO A POINT-LOCATION on the landscape of the upper-side of the self WHICH CORRESPONDS WITH the processes OF HATE! And thusly it is HATE that is delivered TO the self, for delivery and EXECUTION BY the appropriate areas of the human brain!

  32. Let's give another example. Suppose the Soul, again after careful consideration and deliberation......THIS TIME, however, say the particular Soul which we are examining, is the Soul belonging to a respected Philanthropist and member of society, who wishes to make a contribution to a charitable or humanitarian organization, or some such organization that supposedly is in existence to benefit society and humanity. Again, as I said, the Soul, after due process, decides to send out a perturbation-decision awarding the philanthropic funds in question, to a large charity that benefits orphans and refugees of wars. HOWEVER, in passing through the Luciferian 'fingers of negativity', that decision is PHASE-SPACE-SHIFTED TO A NEW DESTINATION on the landscape of the self, a destination which processes the awarding of the funds TO, instead, a FOUNDATION that supports LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL!

  33. Now, you might say, "How can this occur? It would have to be JUSTIFIED!" YEP! You're RIGHT! BUT, and here is the 'kicker', ANY NEGATIVITY IS EXCELLENTLY EQUIPPED TO......"To what?" JUSTIFY ITSELF! SO, this Philanthropist IS now well-prepared, to advise his Board of Directors, his friends and allies, the media and news reporters, OF EXACTLY WHY his Philanthropy HAS CHOSEN the Little League Foundation INSTEAD of the humanitarian Charity! And, all of his 'justifications' ARE NOW eminently based upon LEGALITIES - the Law - AND eminently 'sound and logical and economic' DECISIONS! BUT, whatever happened TO those charitable and humanitarian concerns which were the impetus of the GIVING in the FIRST PLACE?

  34. Well, in order to answer THAT question, the Reader hereof will need to become aware of a thing called POWER RELATIONSHIPS in a society, which is examined in quite extensive detail in the Third Monograph of this QUALIA Series, QUALIA III: The Quantum Physics of Societal/Sociological Existence and Reality and the Fundamental Negativity Therein As Created By the Human Mind.

  35. The point is, in this case, that the philanthropic decision, AFTER being influenced by MONEY and the POWER RELATIONSHIPS relating thereto, AS ENABLED BY...... YEP! The PHASE-SPACE-SHIFTING OF that Soul's 'decision', IN the negativity OF that interface between the self and the Soul, which caused the Soul's decision to give the funds to the humanitarian Charity, to be RE-ROUTED and received by the self AS A FULLY-CERTIFIED (by the Soul, supposedly!) decision to award the funds, instead, to the Little League Foundation. Anyway, the 'decision' WAS RECEIVED at a point-location on the landscape of the self THAT CORRELATED WITH an 'apparent' decision to award the funds to the Little League Foundation, ALONG WITH ALL NECESSARY REASONS WHY IT SHOULD BE DONE! In other words, JUSTIFICATIONS......BASED UPON the negativity of MONEY, and the money-power relationships that that philanthropist had established WITH the receiving Little League Foundation! In this case, as in many, it was a case of "You rub my back, and I'll rub your back!"

  36. Because what actually transpired here (translated from the incorporeality of the mind TO the sociological 'balances of power' within corporeal society and 'reality'), is that, by giving the funds to the Little League Foundation, the Philanthropist was able to 'write-off' A LARGER SUM OF MONEY on his/its (the Philanthropy) tax return to the I.R.S. than it would have IF it had given the funds to the humanitarian Charity, which it did NOT have a suitable 'power-relationship' with! THUSLY, by 'giving-away' funds, to the Little League Foundation, the Philanthropy/Philanthropist ACTUALLY BECAME RICHER than he was before he/it gave those funds away! (This is one of the negativity-principles of money-operations in human society, AS INFLUENCED BY the Luciferian Complex: by 'giving money away' - PROPERLY, that is, or, in other words, LEGALLY......ONE CAN BECOME RICHER THAN ONE WAS BEFORE!)

  37. Anyway, such was the case of the Philanthropist and his 'donation' to society, which was, of course, influenced by the negativity of the Luciferian Complex and money! Incidentally, the Director of the Little League Foundation, which received those funds, was later indicted for fraud and misuse of those funds, but legally 'beat the rap' and became the Director of another Foundation, ready to 'do business' again, negatively, of course!

  38. The further point here is, of course, that ANY and ALL transactions of society, of human individuals, ARE INFLUENCED, in their passing from the Soul to the self, BY those 'fingers of negativity' of Lucifer. For further information on such, read the Third Monograph in this QUALIA Series, QUALIA III: The Quantum Physics of Societal/Sociological Existence and Reality and the Fundamental Negativity Therein As Created By the Human Mind.

Aum, Peace, Amen!

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