Love, as expressed by a true Angel!

An Ode to Love, as expressed by a Lady Friend, as her 'Search' for her true SoulMate!
"Believe me, when you look into the eyes of this Beautiful Angel, you not only 'see' her looking back, but looking into the very Heart and Soul of Yourself!"
Father Jerome

If someone were to really understand me then they would understand how very hard I try.

I might not always get it right, but I always have the best intentions of the people I love at heart.

They would understand that I will fight for the people I love, but that I won't spend my entire life fighting.

They would understand that with the act of love I'm laying my soul bare in their hands, that I am offering to them the most precious part of me.

They would understand that I am a very serious person, and that I take the people I love very seriously and want them to take me seriously as well.

They would understand that if I give myself, I give my all, I don't care to do anything halfway.

They would understand that I may sometimes seem to be stubborn, but that my capacity to love is as great as my need to love and that I would never ask for more than I can give in return.

Dedication, devotion and commitment are very important to me. Loyalty is very important to me.

I believe love is an action verb, not just a feeling or an emotion, but something that is expressed by everything that you say and everything that you do.

I believe love can last forever, I believe true love exists.

I would want someone to understand that I have lived long enough to know what is real, and if I question them, then I want to be reassured, just as I will reassure and comfort them when they need it.

Because at one time or another, we all need it.

I know that surfaces can be deceiving, I want someone to understand that I am so past surfaces at this point in my life.

My love is deep, it is the only way I know how to love and the only way I want to love, because thin love is no love at all. It's a bitter mockery of the real thing.

And the one I love I would give my life for. I don't say that lightly. Because it means you are willing to live for that person as well as die for them. And living for them is something you do day after day, hour after hour, year after year, through thick and thin, because your heart won't let you do otherwise.

They would understand that although I take love very seriously, I know that true love is not a chore, but a joy of the heart.

Love is not a part of life, it is the reason for living.

Sometimes it entails sacrifice, but that sacrifice is not begrudging and full of resentment, but for the greater good of the whole.

Love is a gift.

Love is not perfection.

Love is learning, growing, stretching, reaching, doing.

That is who I am striving to become.

It requires everything you have and everything you are.

I'm not seeking a "partner". I don't want a man who wants me to fit neatly and quietly into his life to meet his companionship and sexual needs. Been there, done that.

I want a man who wants me to be his life, and who wants to be mine.

I'm seeking the other half of my soul.

I think that when you find your soulmate, your soul knows it.

Even though you might not like every single thing about them, they call to your soul.

They pull on it, tug on it.

Your soul hears their soul's cry. And your soul can't help but answer.

To deny their soul's call would be to deny your own humanity and the best part of yourself.

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