Qualia X: The Quantum Physics and Psychosociology of Equality - Humanity: Is Everyone Equal, or NOT? From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA X: The Quantum Physics and Psychosociology of Equality - Humanity: Is Everyone Equal, or NOT?

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
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By Father Jerome

  1. Okay, what has brought on this examination, in reality, is two 'nincompoops' who have disturbed my Life and my Reality, causing me to re-examine one of my basic Principles, that of Equality, and the Principle that "All Men Are Created Equal" ...... Hmm, where have I heard that before, I wonder?

  2. Anyway, upon reflection, the reality does seem to be other than the Principle belies. Look around, and tell me, Where is there Equality? Certainly not in society, or even in the family, with all the hierarchy and 'classes' of people (parents, children; lower, middle, upper; rich, poor; teachers, students; and on and on) and their hierarchical 'authorities' and authoritarianism. The Reality IS, that there ARE 'nincompoops' (or, to put it gently, non-endowed-persons ...... OR, as the 'Special Olympics' was 'created' for, 'Specially-Enabled-People', and so on!) and there are geniuses, and everything in between.

  3. But such a situation, and reality, bothers me, because somehow, somewhere, I seem to have a deeply-ingrained 'feeling' that, in Reality, we ARE - ALL of humanity - EQUAL! But, and I guess this is the basic question, AT WHAT POINT, is all of humanity EQUAL? Well, after some reflection, AND a 'little help' from a friend (Mucho Thanks, Jeanette, for your inspirational 'musings'!) ...... (Oh, Beautiful! I can hear it now, rising in the background - the music and lyrics from "Woodstock", and Joe Cocker's beautiful rendition of, "With a Little Help From My Friends!")

  4. Anyway, I have finally figured it out, WITH a 'little help' AND the application OF QUFD Principles. There IS a 'point' at which ALL of humanity IS EQUAL! But before I tell you the conclusion of this story, I think I better start by actually 'telling' the story, so here it is.

  5. I think I have, elsewhere on this Website, already made the statement, that all of mankind IS EQUAL at, or upon, one's BIRTH! (Okay, without giving the 'punch-line' as yet, let's go on from there.) Now, IF every infant, at birth, IS 'equal', this further 'presumes' THAT all the child needs to KNOW - IS ALREADY KNOWN, by the child! And thusly, when the parents and society start 'teaching' the child, it is DOWNHILL from there! And so we have our fully-and-totally-indoctrinated-and-programmed individuals OF human society, living in the 'cages' of their own making!

  6. But, to continue our story, let's back-up a bit. Now, HOW can we say that ALL KIDS are equal AT BIRTH, when the mother's situation and environment DOES SO 'affect' the infant, EVEN BEFORE BIRTH? I mean, like, just look at the pictures of a baby so frail, so incapacitated, that it is barely clinging-to-life-with-all-those-tubes-hanging-out-of-it-everywhere, BECAUSE THE MOTHER SMOKED, or did 'crack' cocaine, or something else!

  7. So, we can hardly say, given the 'reality' OF ANY MOTHER'S environment and situation in life, that ALL babies are 'born equal'. The 'reality' IS ...... that they (the babies) ARE CARRYING OUR BAGGAGE - our societal 'influences' - AT BIRTH ALREADY!

  8. Okay, so let's back up just a bit further, in this 'quest' of ours, to find the point at which ALL HUMANITY IS EQUAL! IS it, then, possibly, WHEN the infant, the baby, IS CONCEIVED? Is the contribution, OR THE RESULT, from each parent, OR from ALL PARENTS (worldwide), equal?

  9. Well, I guess we can rule that out as well, in that, as we all know, many children DO exhibit 'pre-dominances' FROM one of the parents, making that child certainly 'unique'. SO, is there any 'equality' to be found, among all the 'phyllogenetic echoes' AT CONCEPTION? Sadly, NO! (Although I will say, without giving away the 'punch-line', that the 'possibility' DOES exist!)

  10. So, carrying on, I guess we shall have to go-back-further, in our 'quest' for equality. "Hey, but how much further can we go?" Well, before (or at) conception, looking at the situation phantasmagorically (as a means of explaining the 'reality', which is also apparent through the application of QUFD Principle, however, here there seems to be a little more of a 'colorful' explanation required, rather than the mundane 'imagery' of a QUFD condensate-ground-state, although such an explanation can be found IN the main QUFD document, for all you 'absolute-realists' out there!), we can say that the 'soul-child' from the mother (to-be) and the 'soul-child' from the father (to-be), 'come together' IN that 'great-big-room-somewhere', where the individual 'Soul' (as an immortal 'entity', distinguished by a Capital-S) is 'united' WITH those 'soul-children-contributions' from the parents, and the merging of the 'soul-children' becomes, in reality, the 'self', or lower-mind, of the new infant-to-be, while the actual immortal-Soul becomes the Self/Soul, or Upper Mind, of the infant-to-be. OKAY, for you 'purists' out there, two condensate-ground-states, as 'critical-perturbations' FROM each of the parent's condensate-ground-states, ARE UNITED WITH the immortal condensate-ground-state OF the individual-to-be's SOUL - AS DETERMINED BY Infinite Consciousness (God)!

  11. So, to continue. The RESULT, an 'entity', an infant-to-be, however, AT THIS POINT, being nothing more than the CONJOINED MIND, or individual-Local-Mind, or condensate-ground-state(s), IS THERE, IN that 'great-big-room', BUT has, at this point, already been 'processed' through the 'formation', or con-joining, process. SO, there we have the individual-Local-Mind, of the infant-to-be. (Let's just carry through the process, and complete the 'Birth', before returning again to this 'point'.)

  12. Now, that individual-Local-Mind IS READY TO BE 'CALLED'. And so, WHEN it is 'called', that individual-Local-Mind leaves that 'room', by going through a doorway into a big hallway, and by following that hallway, on and on (for 9 months), and 'climbing-upward', as the hallway gets more 'bumpy' and smaller, narrowing into a tunnel ...... And along the way, that individual-Local-Mind 'stimulates' the genetic code that comes forth from the actual corporeal 'contributions' OF each of the parents, resulting in the actual corporeal embryo that is now traversing toward that 'pinhole-of-light' at the end of that upwardly-reaching tunnel ...... until finally the embryo (or fetus, by now) emerges to - LIFE - as a new-born corporeal infant AND incorporeal individual-Local-Mind!

  13. Okay, now however, going back to that 'point', in that 'great-big-room', CAN we even say, at that 'point', that at such a 'point' all of humanity IS EQUAL? Well, not really. Because, in today's world, even at that 'point' ...... even considering ONLY the individual-Local-Mind, we DO HAVE, inherent within the individual 'soul-child-contributions' from the individual parents (making the 'self', or lower-mind), those phyllogenetic echoes FROM the individual parents (which is actually an inherently genetic 'merging', of the incorporeality OF the lower-mind AND the corporeality OF the sperm and ovum which have contributed thereto), which are certainly 'tainted, with the Negativity and 'inequalities' OF each one of those in loco parentis.

  14. So, we CANNOT, even BEFORE BIRTH, find 'equality' of mankind! Okay, let's look elsewhere. How about AFTER BIRTH? "Yeah, sure! You are saying that we can 'create' equality, AFTER a child (and by extension, ALL CHILDREN!), has/have grown-up? IN the adult-world of today? With all the corruption, animosities, wars, competition, socio-economic classes/castes, hierarchies and other Negativities that comprise our civilization of today? You gotta be kidding!"

  15. Okay, I will admit that such is true ...... OF TODAY, and of today's civilization! And THAT is where the problem lies, as to our search for equality. Because the TRUTH, of equality, DOES UNDERLIE the 'reality' of today!

  16. So, let's just look at our 'story' again, but this time, with the application OF a few Principles of QUFD. Remember - from your study of other Webpages on this Website - WHAT is the 'reality' OF INEQUALITY? Inequality IS THE RESULT of the Negativities - the Negative 'influences' - OF LUCIFER, as enacted, and influenced, BY those 'fingers of Negativity', BETWEEN the upper and lower minds OF EVERYONE! AS LONG AS that 'Cooper-Pairing' exists, as long as Negativity exists, between the Positivities of the upper Mind (the Soul) and the lower mind (the self) - THERE CANNOT BE EQUALITY, or Peace, or Love, OR ANYTHING Positive, among Mankind. Thusly we have IMMATURITY of the human mind.

  17. HOWEVER, the POSSIBILITY, of equality among humanity, DOES EXIST, BECAUSE the POSSIBILITY OF 'Activation' OF the Mature human mind DOES EXIST! (And I am going to refer the Reader hereof to the earlier documents in this QUALIA Series in which Maturity and Immaturity of the human mind has already been discussed.)

  18. The point is, IF, in the adult-world of today's civilization, the Immaturity of the human mind CAN BE ELIMINATED - the Negativities of Lucifer, the 'Cooper-Pairing' of the human mind, those 'fingers-of-Negativity', CAN BE ELIMINATED - BY and through COOPERATION (rather than the 'evil' of competition!), LOVE (of one and ALL!), and Peace, world-wide, BRINGING ON, and genetically 'activating', BY the MIND OF ALL OF HUMANITY - the COLLECTIVE MIND (Carl Jung's Collective Consciousness) - the individual genes, within that gene pool of all of humanity, which HAS THE POWER TO 'activate' MATURITY of the human mind, IN ALL OF HUMANITY ...... THEN, with Maturity of the human mind, things would be different, because THERE WOULD BE EQUALITY OF ALL OF Mankind! WHERE? 1. AT BIRTH; 2. Before Birth; 3. After Birth; 4. ANYWHERE! Because THE NEGATIVITY of Lucifer CANNOT EXIST with Maturity of the human mind, and therefore there WOULD BE EQUALITY - of opportunity, of resources, of people, and of any and everything that is important TO a human individual!

  19. So, EQUALITY IS POSSIBLE. All it takes is MATURITY of Mind, OF ALL OF Mankind! (Then there would be none of those 'nincompoops' that I mentioned earlier, and my Life and everyone's would be most Peaceful.) Peace, Love, Cooperation and more, unto ALL! Let it BE!

Aum, Peace, Amen!

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