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QUALIA LXX: God, as a Personal Experience!

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By Father Jerome

  1. I don't think this will be either an apology or a defense of what I have written, for such is the 'bare-bones' Truth of what He/She has shown me to be the Actual Reality (and 'Reality'!) of not only the human condition but also of the entirety of 'All That Is' in the Cosmos! Therefore I duly recognize and state that what I am about to disclose here will be nothing more than my own Personal Experience of God!

  2. I have written extensively of what He/She has shown me, scientifically and personally, from both the Collective (and, More Importantly, from God DIRECTLY!) as well as from Corporeality, through whatever corporeal 'means' (books, film, music, TV, etc.) have also been 'presented', in supplementation and correlation of/to those incorporeal 'insights' that I have described.

  3. This time, however, I feel the 'need' to try to describe the Personal Experience of God without necessarily (hopefully!) 'invoking' any 'religiosity', 'Spiritualism', New Age phantasmagoria or even Metaphysics! Because, what I think I am trying to say, is that, once a person fully understands and absorbs the basics, the scientific and factual 'Realities', of God and Infinite Consciousness, the 'Personal Experience' of God can be just as inspiring, invigorating, instilling (of Hope, the Holy Spirit, and whatever else!) and 'religious', as that provided by any known 'Religion' or Spiritual 'Philosophy'!

  4. In other words, as I have written elsewhere, "Without 'invoking' Religion, 'Spirituality', New Age Psychic Phenomena, or even Metaphysics, this Book, instead, uses the accepted and respected scientific discoveries of Albert Einstein and our most reputable modern researchers, to show exactly the scientific details of God, Lucifer, Spirit, the human Mind and Consciousness, as well as All That Is in the Cosmos, in a Presentation that should be completely understandable by Readers of any age, because the Reader will certainly be able to 'see' exactly the 'Realities' being described, within the 'Mind's-eye' of each and every Reader!"

  5. With such an 'understanding' and insight, the individual no longer needs to mysteriously and 'mystically' attribute or regard anything else in the World or of their Personal Experience, as something that is completely 'divorced' from the 'Realities' of whatever their 'Beliefs and Faith' may be, as however such may have been 'instilled' (or programmed!) into the individual by and through that particular Religion or whatever! It is tragically unfortunate that, for centuries now, Man and God (actually, Religion, Science and Government! See: Symbolic Violence!) have been, in almost every way possible, separate and 'unconnected', or unwhole, to the detriment of all of us!

  6. Because, as some folks might realize, generations upon generations of humanity now, have grown up with God and their Religion 'over here', and the World and everything else about their daily Lives 'over there', with very little 'connection' (and understanding!) between the two! If anything, I would say that such a tremendous 'Disconnect of Reality' has had a most destabilizing-effect upon our World and all of Humanity, leading to much of the dissonance, divisiveness and disarray that exists today! The People of our World cannot see, much less understand, the Wholeness and 'Connectedness' of All That Is, and therefore there is extreme dissonance (rather than Love!) as competition and 'competing sides' battle, physically and ideologically (as well as politically!), for the 'scraps' of some semblance of Reality and Understanding of just What It (Life!) Is All About!

  7. Government, of course, has been the 'Mediator' here, legally and efficiently 'barring' Religion and Science from 'Knowing' each other, again to the detriment of us all! In other parts of the world where Religion and Science have 'come together', through the auspices of Government itself, Science has actually been relegated, again, to a 'secondary importance', and the 'mysterious mysticism' of Religion (as laid down by the Writers and Founders of such Religious 'Texts'!) has been the 'Guiding Light' of such Governments, again to the detriment of the People!

  8. So, in my Writings and Works, when I attempt to bring Man and God together through a factual and scientific understanding of the 'Realities' of both, I feel that I do not need to apologize for anything I have said, because most anyone, who might consequently and eventually understand exactly what is happening here, will thusly be able to 'see' the Wholeness and Holism, the Completion, the Beauty and the Love of it All, that is Man and God CONNECTED and WHOLE, with and unto each other!

  9. To get back to my own Personal Experience, let me say, as most folks will realize, that one's 'Experience' (or experience, whatever it is!), is truly a 'function' of the Mind, as to exactly what the entirety of the Human 'Life-form' does 'experience', in any way, shape or form, when that human Life-form does 'experience' WHATEVER IT IS that is 'being experienced' by that human being!

  10. And the Mind is, as I have extensively discussed upon these pages, doubly important here, because every human 'Experience' has two quite different 'Realities', in that individual human 'Entity' and Mind! First of all, again as I have discussed thoroughly, the entire 'experience' is 'recorded' within the lower mind or self of the individual Local Mind, where it is used for everyday, minute-by-minute, reaction and action, although such 'memory' of the 'experience' is eventually 'lost' with the eventual loss of the individual themselves! Secondly however, and of most importance here, every Moment-by-Moment of that particular 'Experience', is also sent immediately, via the Upper Mind or Self/Soul of that individual Local Mind, TO the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, that gigantic 'Hall of Records' (also known as the Akashic Records), where each and every 'Experience' of Humanity is permanently and forever 'Recorded', to be available to any human Soul who might knowingly 'access' such 'Experience' for whatever Positive Reason such might be!

  11. But, the point again here is, that the Mind, and the functions of the Mind, are what is important, as to the human individual 'Knowing' and being 'Connected' TO... God! So, when one understands the scientific Basics and Fundamentals of exactly Who and What God IS... one can thusly put aside all of that religious 'mysticism', dogma, 'Spirituality' and even 'Belief' (I leave Faith intact here, for such reasons as I have noted elsewhere!), that permeates modern-day 'Religion', and truly understand the extensive and far-reaching aspects of the Holism and 'Connectedness' of Spirit and of Infinite Consciousness!

  12. THEN, I can truly say, one who KNOWS GOD, cannot only Know but FEEL and LOVE, the very thoroughness and immensity of that 'Feeling of Connectedness' WITH ALL THAT IS, not only within one's Personal 'Domain', but also 'Unto the Farthest Reaches of Time and Space' (and of NO Time and Space, or Incorporeality!) Because when one can see the Spirit and 'Reality' of God within EVERYTHING that one does See and Touch and more... one can truly LOVE All That Is, "As One Does Love Me, and as I Have Loved You!" (Christ Jesus)

  13. WITH... such an understanding, that EVERY FIBER of one's Being is Cloaked and Immersed Within that Immense Condensate Ground-State of Infinite Consciousness... that One is Part and Parcel OF the Complexity and Wholeness, that is the gigantic Jig-Saw Puzzle of Humanity, AS THAT gigantic Condensate IS THUSLY contained within and a Part Of... Infinite Consciousness... HOW, by any other 'means', can an individual human Life-form... NOT 'feel' the Love of God, NOR 'Give Back', in return, that LOVE, unto One and All, throughout the entire Cosmos? Such that One DOES 'Feel', all of the Sorrows, the Tragedies, the Atrocities and the Negativities (as sponsored and influenced by Lucifer!)... IN that Love, for One and All, and All That IS!

  14. Not only that (as to the 'feltness' of the Personal Experience!), but one also does 'See' and realize, IN the MOMENT, the 'Closeness', the Positivity, and the 'Response-of-God', to ANYTHING that might be of Concern and Importance TO THAT INDIVIDUAL... IN the Moment! Because, the 'Reality' IS... God IS THERE, WITH YOU, IN THAT MOMENT, and In All Moments WHEN you have 'Chosen' to 'Be There', With God! And that 'Feeling', that KNOWING OF GOD, is immensely invigorating and important, in the Living of One's Life, as to All that One Does and Is!

  15. And further, the KNOWING of God, in my own Personal Experience, is Confirmed and So-Intimately Verified, when He/She PERSONALLY 'Invites', or otherwise 'allows', immediate, In-The-Moment, 'access', TO the Mind and Consciousness OF GOD Him/HerSelf! I have been 'Privileged' to 'Be There', in the Mind of God twice, and one time I had the immense Honor to actually 'Shake His Hand'! Actually, that time was upon my Graduation from University, when, in the Sacred Great Chamber of the Great Pyramid, He (Christ Ra-Ta, also known as Hermes Tresmegistus, in His Third Incarnation as Christ), Conferred upon me my two Degrees and Confirmed my Installation as a Cleric/Member of the OA/OWB! In that double Honor, He Honored myself and I was Honored by Him! The other two times were to merely be allowed the 'Experience' of that which was intended for me to 'see', from within the Mind of God HimSelf! The first of those two 'Experiences', I was Granted the 'Privilege' of 'looking out' upon the vastness of the Universe itself, and seeing the immensity of the galaxies, the super-galaxies and more! (In one 'direction', it seemed as though, at a great distance, there was an immense 'Wall of Galaxies'!) The second 'Experience', I was Granted the 'Privilege' of 'Being There', in the Mind of Christ (Jesus, in His Fifth and most recent Incarnation as Christ), upon the Cross, to 'Feel' and 'Experience' His Suffering For Humanity!

  16. One thing more here, in explanation of the 'Experience of God'! I have many times, in my Writings, noted the 'influences', discoveries and facts, as 'attributable' to Albert Einstein and numerous other 'Scientists of the Quantum', from whom I did receive the scientific info and details that I have passed on here! Some of those details were from Corporeality, but many of such details were, most appropriately, from the absolute Certainty and Truth of the Collective itself, wherein such data and factual info is 'Recorded' and preserved permanently, for the edification of anyone such as myself, who might so 'access' the Collective, via their Soul, in search of such Knowledge! (Which is the inherent RIGHT of ANY human being, to do so, in the Living of One's Life as it is Needed to Be Lived!) Actually, as noted elsewhere, much of this Research was done via the Facility of the OA/OWB's 'Hall of Records', wherein the actual 'Records' of the Collective are 'abstracted', in order to simplify research, but which did, eventually, require me to actually 'access' the specific Records of the Collective itself, for further and fullest detail!

  17. Such is the 'Reality' OF the Personal Experience of God! I sincerely doubt that there is any equivalent religious 'experience' that 'stacks up' to such an 'Experience', which can ONLY be had WHEN one KNOWS, not only their Mind, but also their Soul! When One KNOWS God, as Carl Jung did once acknowledge... "In closing, I am reminded of an interview with Carl Jung, that intrepid explorer of the human psyche. The interviewer asked Carl Jung, "Do you believe in God?" Carl replied, "I don't NEED to believe in God. I KNOW Him!"

Aum, Peace, Amen

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