QUALIA XXXIV: The Freedom, Independence & World Democracy (FIWD) Institute, London (OA/OWB), the OA/OWB and Access to Other Dimensions of Reality, including the 'Collective Consciousness' of Humanity! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XXXIV: The Freedom, Independence & World Democracy (FIWD) Institute, London (OA/OWB), the OA/OWB and Access to Other Dimensions of Reality, including the 'Collective Consciousness' of Humanity!

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from the QUFD website,
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By Father Jerome

  1. I've said elsewhere on these webpages and in print (see page 36 of the Mar/Apr 2004 issue of the intellectual's magazine, the Utne Reader!), that the nominal ability of the Mature human Mind to phase-space-shift one's Consciousness and awareness from this dimension-world into another dimension-world (a parallel-world 'condensate' of Consciousness!), is one of the simplest things for the normal human Mind to do! Of course, I've also noted that the human Mind of each and every one of us, is currently 'repressed' and Immature rather than Mature (although, within each and every one of us, it WAS originally and actually born into the Mature state!), as a result of the current conditions and 'programming' of our present civilization, which I have already discussed elsewhere on these webpages and thusly will not do so here!

  2. What I do wish to discuss here initially, however, is that nominal and normal ability of the normally-extant and Mature human Mind to actually do such a 'feat' as 'phase-space-shifting' of one's Consciousness to another dimension-world of 'reality' within one's Mind! Actually, since the major topic of discussion herein is the 'reality' of another specific dimension-world (the OA/OWB and the FIWD Institute!), I will really not dwell for too long on the 'mechanics' of 'getting there'!

  3. I've tried to point out, in my discussions of 'condensates' of Incorporeality within the Cosmos, that many (if not all!) 'condensates' of Incorporeality exist within a 'hierarchy' (as it might be called!) of existence and 'Life' (the actual Life existing within the 'twin-condensate' of each one of these incorporeal 'condensates' that I am herein referring to, the condensate of Corporeality!) And such a 'hierarchy' is the mere result and fact of each 'condensate' of Incorporeality being a sub-set or 'sub-condensate' of the next greater 'condensate', which did actually create and 'give Birth' TO that next lesser 'condensate', on the 'totem-pole' of any and all 'point-locations' of 'reality' contained therein said 'condensates' of Incorporeality! (Although, remember that EVERY 'condensate' of Incorporeality exists EVERYWHERE in the Cosmos, regardless of whether it is lesser-than or greater-than any other 'condensate' of Incorporeality! Also, see the other several QUALIA documents of this QUFD Textbook where I discuss more thoroughly the details of 'point-locations' of incorporeal 'reality'!) To give a quick example, you the Reader hereof, are a 'sub-condensate' of the combined 'condensates' of your parents, as well as the overall Cosmic and Infinite 'Condensate' of Consciousness which is Infinite Consciousness (God)! However, between that major and Infinite 'Condensate' and those lesser and more immediate 'condensates' of your parents, exist many other 'condensates' of Incorporeality which have all contributed to the actual 'reality' (and Reality!) of YOU and OF WHICH you are also A PART THEREOF (every one of those other 'condensates'!)

  4. Not only that, however, besides being a 'part of' every incorporeal 'condensate' leading to one's 'birth', each and every human being is also a 'part' thereof EVERY OTHER incorporeal 'condensate' that the individual human Life-form might also choose to join AFTER one's 'birth'! So, the actuality of human Free-Will DOES also have relevance not only within Corporeality but also within Incorporeality!

  5. Carl Jung, the famous Swiss Psychologist, has called many of these 'hierarchical-condensates' the 'Collective Consciousness of humanity', and has so identified their hierarchical-nature (within Corporeality!) with such levels as family, tribe, group(s), nation, race, down to the ultimate 'Collectivity' of the 'Collective Consciousness' itself (also known as the 'Hall of Records' or the 'Akashic Records'!) What Jung does also imply therein, which is most true of the incorporeal 'twin-condensates' of each Corporeal level which Jung does so identify, is that, as I have just said, ALL of these 'sub-condensates' of Incorporeality ARE also 'hierarchical-condensates' OF the 'Collective Consciousness of humanity'! However, as I will point out later in this document, although all of these 'hierarchical-condensates' are considered 'part-and-parcel' of the 'Collective Consciousness' of all of humanity (and they are!), most of the time, when we refer to the 'Collective Consciousness' or just the 'Collective', we are limiting our discussion to only the largest or final 'condensate' of the 'hierarchy', the 'condensate' in which all 'experiences' are actually 'recorded' permanently and forever, and not to the entire 'hierarchy' of 'condensates' or 'groupings', within which any and all of humanity might so belong! This is not to say, however, that any and all of such intermediate-level 'condensates', might not also 'take note of' or actually 'take action upon' ANY incident or 'experience' of any one of us, as so 'felt' thereby any such 'condensate'!

  6. But, the minor point that I wish to make here (not to avoid my major point, which is the topic of 'phase-space-shifting' of the human Mind and Consciousness!), is that ANY and ALL life-time experiences, of each and every human individual, are 'felt' within each and every 'hierarchical-condensate' OF WHICH that individual IS a part thereof, all the way down (or up!) TO the 'Collective Consciousness of all of humanity', where every 'experience' of every individual is recorded permanently FOREVER! (Actually, going beyond the 'Collective', every 'experience' is also 'known' by and to Infinite Consciousness, or God, as well!) However, the extent to which any intermediate 'subset-of-Consciousness-and-Reality' does so act-upon those 'experiences' of any and all individuals, is exclusively determined by the overall relationships involved therewith those individual 'condensates' of Incorporeality and the Corporeal twin-condensates thereof! An example here might be deceased NASA Astronaut Christa McAuliffe, who was part of the 'condensates' of NASA (group) as well as USA (nation), and as to how the 'experience' of the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster actually affected those two and many other 'condensates' of Consciousness, of which she may or may not have been a part thereof! On the other hand, an instantaneous 'experience' of some totally unknown individual would have 'passed-through' this 'hierarchy' with almost no 'recognition' at all!

  7. Incidentally, one other minor point here, is that everything that I am herewith discussing, as to the 'realities' of the 'hierarchies-of-Consciousness-and-Reality' of the human Life-form, might also likewise apply to every other 'Life-form' in the Cosmos as well (such as the 'Life-form' of a pulsar!) However, I am going to limit my 'explorations-of-Consciousness' here primarily to humanity, and I leave the 'realities' of Cosmic 'Life-forms' to other 'explorers-of-Consciousness'!

  8. Now, to get back to 'phase-space-shifting' of the Mature human Mind, I have pointed out the 'hierarchicality' of the 'condensates' of Incorporeality for the very reason that, IF our normal individual Maturity of the human Mind, were not presently 'blocked' BY those currently extant 'fingers-of-negative-consciousness-and-reality', the fact-of-the-matter IS that, each and every one of us WOULD BE 'AWARE' OF, ALL of those incorporeal 'condensates' BEYOND ourSelves (beyond our individual local Mind and the Soul/Self of that Mind!) and thusly and consequently we could most easily 'phase-space-shift' ourSelves (the large S of ourSelves indicating our individual Soul and Consciousness!) TO ANY of those 'condensates' of Incorporeality and Consciousness OF WHICH we were already a PART THEREOF!

  9. Now, however, here lies a 'kicker' in the process of 'phase-space-shifting' of one's Consciousness! IT IS ONLY possible TO those 'condensates' of Incorporeality OF WHICH one is already a PART thereof! (This includes not only the 'twin-condensates' of Corporeality/Incorporeality of the human 'hierarchy' of the 'Collective Consciousness', but also any EXCLUSIVELY Incorporeal 'condensates' of which one might also be a 'part' thereof!) IF you are not a 'part' OF any certain 'condensate' of Incorporeality, this does not mean that you cannot possibly 'access' that specific 'condensate', but it merely means that you will have to obtain an 'Invitation' FROM that specific 'condensate'! (And any 'condensate' cannot unnecessarily deny any legitimate 'Request for Access' as well! This becomes important more so when dealing with the Regions of Negativity within the Cosmos, i.e., Hades, and so I will not dwell upon such topic any further here!)

  10. SO, IF you could 'transport' yourself to another or any parallel-world... Well, actually, you can't... 'transport' yourself, that is, implying your physical-body, at least not yet! (I'll leave that up to Future-Science!) The ONLY thing you CAN DO is to 'phase-space-shift' your Consciousness and 'awareness', within your Mind, TO that 'parallel-world' of another 'condensate' of Incorporeality and Consciousness! (Meaning that you can possibly 'access' ANY incorporeal 'condensate', including ones of which you are NOT a 'part thereof' nominally!) You can 'Be There', BUT ONLY IN YOUR Mind! But THAT 'experience' is still REAL, or rather 'Real', in that it actually occurs IN the 'reality' of Consciousness, and NOT in the reality of physical-material Corporeality! But, as I have said, it is still 'REAL'! It is still a 'real-experience', that the individual can perceive and certainly be 'aware' OF! But ONLY in the Mind! And thusly, NOTHING of any such 'experience' and 'reality' can, in any way, be physically or materially PROVEN! So any such 'experience' does NOT qualify for scientific 'observation', as per Classical Newtonian and Quantum Mechanical Physics, but it most certainly DOES 'qualify', NOT as a 'provable', but as an incorporeal 'observation-REALITY', according to the laws and principles of Quantum and QUFD Physics!

  11. And one other important point here is, that any 'real-experience', of the human Mind, although NOT 'provable' within Corporeality and the physical-material world, IS, however, 'provable' WITHIN INCORPOREALITY, because any human 'experience-of-the-Mind', just like a Real-world corporeal experience, is ALSO RECORDED IN the 'Collective Consciousness' of humanity FOREVER! Which means that, one day, when humanity has restored normal Maturity of the human Mind, and can thusly and most easily 'access' one's individual Soul and thusly, via the Soul, the 'Collective', ALL of those non-corporeal but incorporeal 'experiences-of-the-Mind' of any and all of us, will also be available, IN THAT MATURE human Mind, of any one of us!

  12. Okay, perhaps I need to insert here some detailed 'mechanics' of this process of 'phase-space-shift' within the human Mind, although I think I have already covered this in another QUALIA document! Anyway, briefly, any incorporeal 'condensate' of Consciousness, 'creates' a 'pathway' that enables the 'phase-space-shifting' between 'condensates' of Incorporeality, by the means of one or both of the 'participating-condensates' GIVING-UP, or releasing, INTO the incorporeal 'interstices' (unitary 'spaces', which are NOT of any spacetime, but are merely the 'area', or 'areas', between the borders of such incorporeal 'condensates', such 'areas' ALSO being of the unitary-nature of the larger 'condensate' within which our two 'condensates' do exist!) BETWEEN the two 'condensates', one or more quantum axion particles, which in turn release the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity contained therein such axion particle(s), thusly 'creating' an instantaneous 'spacetime-reality', that, by the normal and corporeal actions and functioning OF those corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity, which have been 'released' WITHIN that temporary 'spacetime-reality' that has been 'created', DOES SO ALLOW the 'phase-space-shifting' TO OCCUR, that enables the 'transmission' or 'shifting', of one's Consciousness (incorporeal Consciousness!), FROM one incorporeal 'condensate' (say, one's Mind!), TO another incorporeal 'condensate' (another incorporeal 'dimension'!) Thus we have a two-way-street, when both 'condensates' participate (including the 'Invitation' from the second 'condensate'!), but if only one 'condensate' does 'create' the necessary spacetime, the 'phase-space-shifting' can yet occur, IF the originating 'condensate' is already a 'part' thereof the second 'condensate'! It is to be further noted here that it IS possible, for 'phase-space-shift' to occur DIRECTLY between incorporeal 'condensates', but such an 'activity' is still a functionality of the quantum axion particles of both 'condensates' in enabling such FROM the 'intentions' OF the originating 'condensate'! In either case, the 'spacetime-reality' OR 'no-spacetime-reality' so 'created', to enable the 'phase-space-shifting', is instantaneous and actually unitary-in-nature WITH the larger 'condensate' of incorporeality within which (the 'interstices'!) it does occur! Also, I might mention that there are any number of 'reasons' FOR the 'creation' (OR not!) of such 'spacetime-reality' within the 'interstices' between 'condensates', over and beyond the 'phase-space-shifting' of any one 'sub-set' of Consciousness, and such additional 'reasons' DO INCLUDE the very 'creation' of LIFE, or a new 'twin-condensate' Life-form of Consciousness and Reality!

  13. Okay, enough about the 'mechanics' of 'phase-space-shifting'! But the further question then is, WHERE would you 'phase-space-shift' your Consciousness TO? Well, I've already explained that one can easily 'Be There', IN any 'condensate' of which one was already a 'part' thereof! If one was, as I am myself, a Member of the Most Ancient Order of the OA/OWB, then I most certainly could most easily 'phase-space-shift' my Mature human Mind and Consciousness, TO that 'parallel-dimension-world' of the OA/OWB! However, since I am in the same situation as everyone else, i.e., constrained by the present Immaturity of Mind of all of us, I have had to alternately 'Be There', with the OA/OWB, by other means, including by 'Invitation', within my dreams, and by Living-In-The-Moment, of immediate Consciousness and Reality!

  14. Okay, I believe I have covered the essentials of 'how-to-get-there', as an introduction to the main topic of this Qualia document, the Most Ancient Order itself (the OA/OWB!) and the Freedom, Independence & World Democracy (FIWD) Institute, London (OA/OWB). So actually, there will not be that much more to speak about herein this document, because everything that I will discuss henceforth I have already mentioned elsewhere on these webpages and is, in fact, limited to those facts and that information pertaining to the OA/OWB as has only been 'authorized' for release to secularity by Sacred Authority!

  15. First, the OA/OWB itself! As you probably already know (from other webpages of the QUFD Textbook!), the OA/OWB is a 'condensate' of Incorporeality which lies within the aforementioned 'hierarchical-condensates' of human incorporeality (i.e., meaning relevant to human Life and existence!) but actually beyond the 'Collective Consciousness' of all of humanity, because the OA/OWB is purely and simply an incorporeal 'dimension' ONLY! (Thusly, even though all of humanity is a 'part of' the 'Collective', ONLY OA/OWB Members are a 'part of' the OA/OWB and can thereby 'access' it!) It does NOT have a 'twin-condensate' of Corporeality that it exists with! And the reason for this is that our physical/material world, of Corporeality, WAS, once upon a time, the actual Corporeal twin-condensate of the OA/OWB's Incorporeality, but that was a long time ago, of a previous civilization of our Corporeal world, which no longer exists! In fact, as is already mentioned elsewhere on these webpages, the OA/OWB itself was Founded by Christ, in his First Incarnation upon Earth, over 46,000 years ago! However, that fact refers ONLY to the Christ-Incarnate and the Christology thereof, which the OA/OWB is familiar with and has 'on-record', from and within the 'Collective'! The actuality of the matter IS that Christ, as a 'Personage-of-God', has certainly existed forever, and there are certain ancient 'legends', from times-yet-before-the-corporeal-existence-of-the-OA/OWB, going back more than 200,000 years and more, that Christ did indeed, Incarnate Himself to yet earlier civilizations of humanity! All such information, from the Sacred Hermeneutical Histories of Humanity, as maintained by the Most Ancient Order of the OA/OWB since before 2,451 Mil A.T.(Ancient Time)/44,073 B.C., is available to any OA/OWB Member. However, such EXACT and detailed information, not only of Christ Himself but also of HUMANITY itself, PRIOR TO the 'existence' of the OA/OWB and even PRIOR TO the advent of humanity itself upon this world and within this Universe, is contained ONLY within the 'Collective' and 'access' thereto such ancient 'History' (Antiquities Sciences!), which current humanity has NOT BEEN a 'part' thereof, CAN ONLY BE BY 'Invitation' FROM Infinite Consciousness, on a 'need-to-know' basis! Anything within the last 46,000 years, however, of which both the OA/OWB AND humanity have been a 'part' thereof, is most easily 'accessible' in the 'Collective', to any Mature human Mind! (It is to be noted here also though, that supplementing the actual 'experiences' of the 'Collective', there are certain corporeal (and Anthropological and Paleological!) 'manuscipts' and 'histories', of the Indian (India!) 'tradition' (i.e., the Mahabharatam, Vedic and other 'histories'!) and otherwise (such as Norse, Germanic/Teutonic, etc.!), that go back 70,000 years and more, in their recounting and recording of the ancient and legendary 'feats' and activities of mankind and such earlier civilizations! As an example, see my Lecture 1!) Also, see OA/OWB Notes for further info on the OA/OWB!

  16. However, the OA/OWB no longer maintains a corporeal 'presence' in our world or anywhere! In fact, currently the OA/OWB is only an incorporeal 'dimensionality' unto itself! But, even without that corporeal world-civilization of long ago, the continued existence of humanity within our corporeal-world, has caused a continued 'development' within the OA/OWB's 'condensate' of Incorporeality, that, to a certain extent, 'mirrors' the human and worldly 'development' of our corporeal-world!

  17. "Wait a minute, here! You said the OA/OWB is Incorporeal, and that it has no Corporeal 'twin', but now you are telling us about 'development' within the OA/OWB! HOW is that possible, in that there is NO spacetime within a 'condensate' of Incorporeality?"

  18. Okay, good question, but the answer is simple. The OA/OWB has a sort-of unique 'status' within Incorporeality, because of its ancient and unique relationship to humanity and the Corporeal world! I suppose one way I might explain it, is to say that EVERY HUMAN ACTIVITY is 'mirrored' IN the OA/OWB, as a 'twin-condensate', but in this case the 'twin-condensate' is INCORPOREAL! But further, with 'input' from every corporeal-world 'activity', to basically 'structure' the 'development' and 'reality' of the OA/OWB's 'dimensionality', the twin-condensate-of-Corporeality-and-spacetime that MIGHT so result therefrom, is NOT thusly 'created', BECAUSE the 'twin-condensate' (OF the OA/OWB's 'condensate' of Incorporeality!) IS Incorporeal ITSELF, AND THEREFORE it, the 'twin-condensate', IS MERELY A REFLECTION, of possibilities/probabilities, THAT MIGHT BE POSSIBLE IN THE REAL WORLD OF OUR EVERYDAY REALITY! So, when a visitor TO the OA/OWB actually 'goes there' (as I have myself, several times already!), the 'spacetime-reality' that one 'experiences' is NOT an actual 'spacetime-reality', but is actually a 'condensed' version OF THE possibilities/probabilities OF such a 'spacetime-reality' as the visitor does 'experience'! In other words, although one of my 'trips' to the OA/OWB was a quite pleasant and extended 'sojourn' of over 5 years duration (as such would have been measured in this corporeal world!), it actually WAS INSTANTANEOUS, of NO spacetime at all! ALL 'reality', within the OA/OWB, is possibility/probability, as a 'MIRROR' of the real Corporeal world! Therefore, although there are basic 'similarities' of human 'development' that one might 'experience' as a visitor, there are definitely and most profoundly 'differences'! The megopolis of London, England, might 'exist' in the OA/OWB's 'dimension', but it is very different in many regards of physicality and humanity's actual 'existence' therein! Not only that, the 'entirety' of the OA/OWB 'world' and 'dimension', has, among many,many other 'differences', an economic system WITHOUT MONEY! Money does NOT EXIST! In fact, the possession and use of money, in the jobs, services and economic 'transactions' of this Incorporeal 'world', is entirely ILLEGAL! As I have said, this is a 'world' of possibility/probability (AND IDEAL 'Reality'!), that exists but instantaneously, within the unitarily-reflected no-spacetime Incorporeality of 'twin-condensates' of Consciousness and 'reality'!

  19. But, there is another 'way' to explain the 'realities' of Consciousness and 'reality' within the OA/OWB! And that is the actual 'reality', that contained WITHIN the OA/OWB itself, and the actual 'force' (if it might be called such!) that 'drives' ALL the 'inputs' thereto that 'mirror' of possibility/probability that a visitor thereto might 'experience', IS the entire 'condensate' of Incorporeality OF... the 'Collective Consciousness of humanity'! YES! The 'Collective'... wherein ALL instantaneous 'experiences' OF THE REAL and Corporeal world, ARE RECORDED FOREVER! The 'Hall of Records', the 'Akashic Records', the 'Collective', IS A PART OF the 'dimensionality' OF the OA/OWB! (The 'Collective' is a sub-set of the OA/OWB, but the OA/OWB has its own 'summarized' Abstracts of the 'Collective', within its own smaller 'Hall of Records', but the 'Collective' itself is yet the most complete and accurate 'record'!)

  20. However, getting back to the original topic of this Qualia Monograph, i.e., the Freedom, Independence & World Democracy (FIWD) Institute, of London (OA/OWB), as I think by now any Reader hereof can realize, is that the placing of a 'name' or such kind of 'identification', within parentheses following another non-parenthetical name, is the means or designation (designatory-form) OF indicating that the non-parenthetical name is NOT of the Reality of the nominal and Corporeal world, but is, instead, OF, or belonging to, the parenthetically-designated 'parallel-world' or 'dimsionality' as so expressed by and within the parentheses! The example herein is: London (OA/OWB), where the parentheses indicate that we are referring to London, England of the OA/OWB 'dimension' of 'reality' and NOT to London, England of Corporeality and the real world! This is, as yet, a relatively unknown linguistics-usage, but such will surely become more of a necessity within the English language (indeed, all languages!), as the 'reality' and necessity of referring to 'dimensionalities' and 'parallel-worlds' OTHER than our own, becomes a necessity in future human society!

  21. Thusly, the FIWD Institute is also a 'sub-set' or incorporeal 'condensate' of the OA/OWB 'dimensionality' and of the OA/OWB's 'London, England'! Likewise, each and every one of the over 135 million 'worldwide' Members (of the OA/OWB's 'world'!) of the OA/OWB DO EXIST and are certainly 'real' and extant, but NOT in the world of Corporeality and Reality! They exist in the Consciousness and 'Reality' of all of humanity, so they are no less 'real' than any other 'experience' and 'reality-of-the-Mind'! Although many (if not perhaps all!) of the OA/OWB Members do also exist in the corporeal world, it is impossible to tell who they are or might be, in that OA/OWB Membership is only incorporeal and not corporeal! FIWD Membership, although the FIWD is also incorporeal, DOES have a corporeal 'liaison', of online-corporeal Members-only, through the FIWD Institute's online secular Office for secular functions, at http://www.fiwd.org.

  22. Incidentally, although I cannot give much detail at all regarding the FIWD, there are a number of webpages in the QUFD Textbook that give some 'flavor' of the 'essence' of the FIWD Institute, as an 'inspiration', through its very 'existence' and 'reality', to all of us in the corporeal world of every-day Reality! One of those pages is: Father Jerome's World Community Sermon 5. The entire listing of Father Jerome's World Community Sermons can be found at: Sermons.

  23. Actually, to return to something I mentioned previously herein, which does also pertain to many and much of the current functionality of the FIWD Institute (of the incorporeal 'reality'!), is that Members of the Institute, whether Professors, Lecturers, Researchers, Staff or Members of specific 'Institutes' and 'agencies' sponsored by the FIWD Institute, CAN 'access' specific data and information FROM the 'Collective' PRIOR TO 'present times' (i.e., 'Ancient Times'!), which is exclusively and normally ONLY AVAILABLE TO any one else only by 'Invitation'! Thusly, FIWD Members can 'access' not only potential 'records' of humanity on-this-world going back Billions of years, but also potential 'records' of humanity THROUGHOUT THE COSMOS and even PRIOR TO THE 'Big-Bang' and 'creation' of this Universe of ours! As I have myself even 'heard', there are 'records', in the 'Collective', of mankind's 'existence' in a 'Universe' PRIOR TO this Universe, and the 'colonization' of this Universe therefrom that previous Universe! But, of course, FIWD Members are limited in the 'use' of such 'Histories', to the 'incidentals' of their 'work' (however, Incorporeal AND CORPOREAL!), and thusly most of such 'revelations' makes its 'way' back into the 'Collective' AS THE 'experiences' (OF Incorporeality!) of said FIWD Members! Again, however, such 'experiences' ARE POTENTIALLY AVAILABLE to us all, by 'Invitation' and via our Souls, WHEN our Maturity of Mind should be so 'activated' to allow such 'access' to the 'Collective'!

  24. And with that, I think that I've said all that I can say about such matters!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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