QUALIA XXXXI: The BASICS (Continued): The Reality of the Brain-Mind Partnership; How Brain-Mind Functions Work Together, in Corporeality and Incorporeality; The Landscapes of the Mind, as Executed by the Brain! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XXXXI: The BASICS (Continued): The Reality of the Brain-Mind Partnership; How Brain-Mind Functions Work Together, in Corporeality and Incorporeality; The Landscapes of the Mind, as Executed by the Brain!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. First of all, let me very briefly identify the basic 'units' of the brain-mind partnership! The human brain is the corporeal and physical entity which executes any and everything that the individual local human mind has processed and thusly is supervised by that mind. The brain also provides the mind with numerous kinds of inputs to the higher-level decision-making functions of the mind. The brain itself has many individual and coordinated functions, some of which coordinate with each other as well as coordinating with the mind. Almost all of these functions are ultimately executed further in the real time and space of the corporeal brain and body's dimensionality and condensate of Corporeality! In other words, in the real world and in the actions, words and deeds relating to that Corporeality in which that individual corporeal human entity does so exit.

  2. The individual local human Mind (which is 'local' as far as Incorporeality is concerned, rather than 'non-local'. See this defined elsewhere on these pages!), on the other hand, exists and functions within the Incorporeality of Consciousness and Spirit, and interfaces with the associated brain via the landscapes of that interface, as executed by and through each and every glial-synaptic-junction OF that corporeal-incorporeal interface between the brain and the mind of our individual human entity! (Nominally, when referring to functions of the Mind occurring within Incorporeality, I normally capitalize the term Mind, as is normally done to show respect for any part or entity thereof God, or Infinite Consciousness, which the human Mind surely is! However, in a general overall discussion of the human body, brain and mind, especially with respect to those functions and activities thereof that might be occurring within Corporeality, either the corporeality of the physical entity itself or the corporeality in which it exists, a lower case mind might be used!)

  3. I've already quite extensively discussed the basic 'units' or sections of the human Mind elsewhere on these pages of the QUFD Textbook, so I will not go into such discussion here except as necessary to the understanding of the interface functionalities! Briefly, the local individual human Mind consists of the Upper Mind or Soul or Self, which processes all 'inputs' and renders all final 'outputs'; and the lower mind or self, which maps the entire brain/body and its functions and supervises such via the interfaces between that lower mind and the brain/body! And since we (all of humanity!) currently have the abnormal situation of a third 'dimensionality' or 'condensate' of Incorporeality 'incursioning' and extant between these two basic 'units' of the human Mind, I will thusly have to include that 'dimensionality' here! That 'dimensionality' is Lucifer's 'fingers-of-negativity' or negative consciousness, which have been called (by the great Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung and others!) the 'Veil of Separation' or the 'Veil of Unknowing', and which, as I have already also quite extensively discussed elsewhere on these pages, does contribute to the corruptions and aberrations of the 'exhanges' which occur between the Upper Mind and the lower mind and which are enacted thusly by the brain and body in its Corporeality. Such 'dimensionality' is the cause of the present Immaturity of the human Mind, which is a genetic abnormality of our entire human civilization which has been instigated and instituted by Lucifer and which is the Challenge and Destiny for all of humanity to Conquer and Remove, and thereby re-install our normal human Maturity of Mind, as should nominally exist! Since such 'fingers-of-negativity' and the Immaturity of Mind resulting therefrom are an abnormal condition, I will not be discussing such with respect to the interface and Landscape 'dynamics' between brain-mind that I will note here except as such should have incidental significance to the discussion!

  4. In other words, I intend to focus here primarily on the partnership between brain and Mind, AS IT SHOULD normally exist, within a nominally Mature human Mind and brain relationship! (For details of the results of Immaturity of Mind, see both my Book of Jerome and my QUALIA III documents, as well as other QUALIA documents and webpages in this QUFD Textbook!) And in doing so, I will also be exploring those very important aspects of the 'Landscapes of the Mind', as to how such do most intimately relate to the functionality of the human brain.

  5. And I also want to note here that, myself not being any great expert on the specific and individual functionalities and sectors of the human brain (such as the amygdala!), in these upcoming discussions, when I will be referring to the brain side of the brain-mind partnership, I will be 'generalizing' to a certain extent, as to the various and possible sectors of the brain that might be interacting and coordinating with each other, as supervised sector-aspects of that overall 'Landscape of the Mind' which is actually, in effect, the more-or-less 'First Cause', of any word, deed or action performed within Corporeality BY that human brain/body! In other words, if an organ-function of the brain, such as the aforenoted amygdala, is operating, in its functionality, within and with multiple sectors of the brain, with relation to such specific 'dynamics' as sight (including the visual cortex!), emotions, reasoned response (OR the ill-reasoned response of damaged sectors of the brain!) and the somato-mechanical 'results' thereof (the neuro-musculature movements of limbs, hands, feet and body!), I will NOT be noting the specific brain and cerebral organs so involved in such a noted 'multiple-function', but I will, instead, merely generalize the multiplicity of the 'dynamic' occurring, as to its execution therein the brain. I will, however, as is my expertise, more so be inclined to note more relevance, as such might apply, to any incorporeal aspect of whatever 'dynamic' of the 'Landscape of the Mind' may be occurring and under review!

  6. Now, in order to begin with that all-important 'Landscape of the Mind' and our discussion of the 'dynamics' that occur therein, I will start by referring the Reader hereof to two important sections of the Main QUFD Formulation, for some basics of what we will be talking about here! First, as a background to the real-world 'attributes' and 'human characteristics' involved herewith, see ATTRIBUTES, which starts at Paragraph 61 of the Main QUFD document (this link has actually taken you to Paragraph 56!), and continues until about Paragraph 66. And then also, starting with Paragraph 66, the discussion in the Main QUFD document continues with reference to the incorporeal 'dynamics' that will be 'processing' such 'attributes' within our 'Landscapes of the Mind'. Read those sections and be familiar with the basic terminology therein, as I will be using such terms in our further discussion here of the 'Landscapes of the Mind' and the brain-mind partnership.

  7. In fact, in preparation for the discussion to come, I am going to herewith reprint one of the other paragraphs in that section of the Main QUFD document, Paragraph 70! Here it is:
    70. SO, perturbations, phase-space-shifts and ripples, are the major "dynamics" of a ground-state's operations of self-ordering, adaptability and more, in response TO those "attributes" so mentioned. And since this landscape which we are talking about, the ground-state, spreads across the entire brain, spinal cord and ganglionic locations of the corporeal human entity, ALL of those brain, etc., functions are thusly "covered" BY that ground-state and the glial-neuron-synaptic junctions OF those functions are thusly "supervised". And each and every function (of that brain, etc.) HAS ITS OWN AREA, or location, IN that ground-state landscape, where the "attributes" RELATING TO that brain function ARE LOCALIZED, and do "operate", IN the self-ordering "dynamics" OF that "attribute" which do occur.
  8. And I especially want to emphasize two of the statements made in that quoted paragraph! First (again!), "...each and every function of that brain has its own location in that landscape..."! In fact, not only does each and every function of the brain have its own 'point-location' on the 'Landscape of the Mind', but since any one 'function', of our brain-mind partnership, might involve not only multiple functions of the brain, but also myriads of 'dynamics' of the incorporeal Mind, we have a further complexity to describe here!

  9. With regard to merely a single function of the brain, as I have just noted herein above, let me make this all-important further statement. That one cerebral function ALONE, which may or may not encompass but a single organ-function of the brain... might possibly involve the individual operation of... TRILLIONS of glial-synaptic-neural-junctions! I'll repeat that! Trillions... of such junctions, in order for the mere functioning of that one organ-functionality of the human brain! BUT, the important point here IS... that the lower mind, of that human Mind we are discussing, HAS EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL junction, OF that individual organ-functionality, MAPPED into the consciousness and 'awareness' OF that human Mind! The Mind not only 'knows' what each and every individual glial-synaptic-junction IS DOING (if necessary, the Reader hereof may need to re-read the section of the Main QUFD document that describes the 'Feedback-Loop Mechanism' between brain and Mind, which describes this functional-awareness and the details of how it works, on the individual basis of a single glial-synaptic-junction!), it also 'knows' what that entire individual organ-function is doing, AS WELL AS 'knowing' HOW and WHY (and more!), each and every function OF that brain IS DOING WHAT IT IS DOING!

  10. It is all 'mapped', DOWN TO THE individual glial-synaptic-junction, right there in the Mind, in the lower mind 'condensate' of incorporeality, which is the interface with the corporeality OF the brain AND each and every individual glial-synaptic-junction! BUT, get this further 'reality', of this statement that I have just made! Since each and every individual neuron-of-the-brain/glial-synaptic-junction, has an individual 'point-location' of 'representation' (in representing the totality OF that single brain function!), IN the 'Landscape of the Mind', this also means that each and every such 'point-location' (glial-synaptic-junction!) HAS ACCESS, and therefore 'input', TO the higher-levels of 'decision-making' OF that brain-mind partnership! In other words, EVERY glial-synaptic-junction (of that brain!) IS REPRESENTED WITHIN one's Upper Mind, one's SOUL! ('Outputs' therefrom that Soul, or Upper Mind, ARE, however, subject to change and 'corruption', by Lucifer's 'fingers-of-negativity', by being re-routed from one 'point-location' to another 'point-location', on that 'Landscape of the Mind'! 'Inputs', to the Upper Mind/Soul, from that individual glial-synaptic-junction, as I have previously noted elsewhere in detail, are NOT generally affected by such negative incursioning and do go direct to the Upper Mind!)

  11. So, the further point here, is that each and every glial-synaptic-junction 'point-location', is to be found ON the overall 'Landscape of the Mind', which actually encompasses and is the sum-total OF the actions and 'dynamics' occurring IN BOTH the lower mind AND the Upper Mind (as well as those additional negative 'dynamics', i.e., re-routing of 'signals' ON this overall 'Landscape', that might also occur between Upper and lower Mind!)

  12. And here is the second quotation from Paragraph 70 (which I quoted above!), that I wanted to emphasize:
    "...And since this landscape which we are talking about, the ground-state, spreads across the entire brain, spinal cord and ganglionic locations of the corporeal human entity..."
  13. So, the overall 'Landscape of the Mind', not only includes, most individually, the glial-synaptic-junction 'point-locations' of the entire brain, spinal cord and ganglionic regions, but also the more complex organs and functions of the entire brain, each and every function ALSO MAPPED upon that lower mind, AND READY TO RESPOND, AT ITS SPECIFIC 'point-location' ON the 'Landscape of the Mind', where it might nominally be found! In other words, on that 'Landscape of the Mind', are the 'attributes' that I noted herein earlier, and each and every one of those 'attributes', whether as an aspect of an internal or external or permanently-existing 'input' TO that Mind, HAS A 'point-location' ON that 'Landscape'!

  14. BUT, the further 'Reality' here IS... that such as I have just described, as to the 'Landscape of the Mind', is the 'Reality' of the situation... IN THAT INSTANT/MOMENT ONLY! Because, our 'Landscape of the Mind', IS IN CONSTANT FLUX, and 'dynamic-activity'! Even though some of our 'inputs' may be time and space-related (i.e., as occurring over time, such as hereditary and phylogenetic 'inputs'!), most other 'inputs' are occurring instantaneously (in the no space-time 'reality' of Incorporeality!), and therefore the instantaneous 'mix', is the actual 'Reality', of that overall 'Landscape of the Mind'!

  15. Such that, if one were to actually 'view' that instantaneous 'Landscape of the Mind', there would be a tremendous and constant turmoil, as all the possibilities/probabilities of Incorporeality (as reflected in such appropriately non-Corporeal 'inputs'!), got 'considered', analyzed and acted (and 'decided'!) upon, by and thru the instantaneous 'dynamics', of both Incorporeality and Corporeality, as are so occurring IN this partnership of brain and Mind, as so 'played out' upon the 'Landscape of that Mind', and as so exacted and executed, as appropriately, BY that brain and body OF that human entity and 'dimensionality' and condensate of Corporeality!

  16. As far as more specific 'realities' of the instantaneous 'dynamics' of our 'Landscape of the Mind', let me refer you to my QUALIA XXXVI and QUALIA XXXVIII documents, for more specific details as to the possible morphological 'dynamics' that one might incur on a 'visit' TO the 'Landscape of the Mind'!

  17. A final point of 'reality' here, if all of this discussion might, most remotely, have not so made such a point! And that is that, as to ANY and ALL 'dynamics' that occur ON that 'Landscape of the Mind', it is to be noted that such a 'Landscape' and its 'dynamics' ARE A PARTNERSHIP WITH both brain AND mind 'doing their part', and intimately so involved therewith, whatever the possible 'outcome' thereof. Might be, IN THE MOMENT of occurrence! My last point IS, that each and every neuron, of the human brain, is 'represented' ON that dynamic 'Landscape of the Mind', and every 'point-location' OF that 'Landscape' HAS a reason and purpose FOR its 'appearance' there on that 'Landscape'! Enough!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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