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An Evening Lecture Series Delivered to various Student Groups in 1994.

The complete text of this evening's lecture follows:

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Well, according to the program for this evening, the topic of my speech is "A Comparative Introduction to Human Evolution", so, unless anyone has another subject that they'd like to hear instead, .... No? No takers, for anything else? Well, okay, here we go.

Did you know that there was an atomic war in India, 63,000 years ago? Yes, the upper Ganges River still has the ruins from that war, and they are still finding human skeletons and skulls that have over 50 times the normal radiation-levels that an ordinary skeleton would have. And the ruins have walls and stones on which the surfaces have been vitrified....in other words, the surfaces have been turned to glass....which is only possible under the tremendously high temperatures of an atomic explosion.

Anyway, I am not here this evening to talk about the particulars of that war, although I may include such in a future talk. What I will be talking about IS, the tremendous AGE of human existence, as shown by the science of Human Evolution.

So, what I intend to do, for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the concept of Human Evolution, is to introduce you to it and show you where it fits into humanity's understanding of human existence.

First of all, I need to distinguish between the terms evolution and reincarnation.

Even though both terms refer to the same concept, as far as defining humanity's origins and existence, there is a difference in the useage of those two terms.

Reincarnation is primarily an Eastern concept and term, which is used in most Eastern countries....although, I will grant you, there ARE a great many advocates here in Western societies, as well....but, the term especially has a religious and cultural significance, in relation to the various Eastern religions and cultures.

Evolution, on the other hand, is the term used primarily in the West. It refers to the scientific investigation of human existence, and it has NO religious significance whatsoever. But, both terms DO refer to the same concept, in defining human existence on this planet.

Now, one thing more I need to clarify. I am NOT talking about what is called Darwinian evolution, the old theory by Charles Darwin or his more recent followers, that humanity is descended from the Great Apes. NO, I am talking about modern, scientific HUMAN Evolution.

Meaning that humanity IS, and always HAS, existed AS HUMAN BEINGS, FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL. Once a human is originally "born" (at whatever "time" such may be), that person's Soul will essentially live forever, going through MANY lives and stages of growth and evolution, and eventually reaching a level of maturity, in which that person KNOWS Who they are, What their reason for living is, and can consequently REMEMBER their existence, throughout each and every "lifetime" that the person has ever lived. THAT is Human Evolution, and it certainly DOES include the concept of Reincarnation, as a means of identifying the immortal Soul OF such a person, whose Soul does transcend the limitations and mortal "existence" of the corporeal "body".

Note, however, that very rarely is the case, or even the possibility, that an individual Soul can, or will, achieve such a "maturity", of that Soul, which we define here as KNOWING, IN a single "lifetime". Such a process, as we have previously mentioned, does normally take MANY lives and stages of growth and HUMAN evolution (UNLESS that Soul shall have been imbued by Infinite Consciousness WITH such KNOWING, prior TO that person's original "birth"). Anyway, the point here is, that humanity, and the individual members of Mankind, DO go through the many "levels" of Human Evolution, as a "process" in the Soul's development and evolution. So, such is the definition of the term HUMAN EVOLUTION.

Now, true, the old Darwinian evolution DOES still exist, within the scientific community. BUT, it IS gradually taking a back seat, as more and more scientists continually discover the geologic and anthropological evidence of humanity's existence on this planet, going back a LONG time before the Great Apes supposedly came into existence, which was about 60 million years ago, according to Grzimek's Encyclopedia of Evolution, making the very concept, as Darwinian "evolution" does postulate, that humanity is "derived" and "fathered" from the Great Apes, a most distinct impossibility.

Now, to clarify Human Evolution even further, I have here a chart (NOTE: Until such charts and drawings, as did accompany these original lectures, can be digitized and rendered appropriately in the dimensionalities required, such charts/drawings have been omitted from the textual reprintings of these lectures. Hopefully, they can be added in the near future, and thusly improve the clarity of the content for the reader. In the meanwhile, I shall trust that these verbal "renderings" might suffice for proper understanding.), that shows what the entire population of the world thinks about human existence. It shows that, out of the total population of the world, of 5.615 Billion people (according to 1994 statistics), 3.97 Billion people, or 70.7% of humanity, accepts, and understands, the concept and principles of human evolution, including reincarnation. Over here (on the chart), we have 25.5% of the people, who still follow the concepts of Darwinian evolution. And lastly, we have the 3.8% of humanity that believes in Creationism, the literal interpretation of the Bible, that God created all life in 6 days, about 6000 years ago.

Now, notice also on the chart, the Darwinian people say that the age of humanity is about 6 Million years. The Human Evolution people, on the other hand, say that the age of humanity is 3 BILLION years PLUS. And, as I said, the Creationists say that it is only 6000 years. Well, since we are talking about the scientific concepts of human existence, I will NOT be discussing the religious concepts of Creationism.

Now, as I said earlier, modern scientists are continually finding evidence of humanity's ancient origins.

In 1968, geologists from the University of Arizona, digging in Utah, were looking for trilobite fossils, which were one of the first multicellular life forms that came into existence IN the earth's geologic evolution. They found two trilobite fossils, BUT both were crushed by, AND still attached to, a larger fossil above them. That larger fossil was the fossilized remains of a human sandal-shoe print. All three fossils were found in a geologic layer that was about 600 million years old....when that unknowing human stepped on those poor trilobites, and made geologic history.

Another example of the many recent scientific discoveries that are further validating the concept of human evolution, is a report by Glenn T. Seaborg, the former chief of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, that was reported in the New York Times and subsequently also detailed in the Smithsonian magazine, about the Oklo find, in Gabon, West Africa. The Oklo find turned out to be a large deposit of uranium. BUT, it was deposited in concentric layers, one after another, and the unusual thing about it was that it was FISSIONED uranium, or the used-up, spent residue that is removed from nuclear reactors. Humanity had just found a nuclear dump. BUT, that nuclear dump had been buried in a geologic layer that had been sitting there, undisturbed, for 1.8 BILLION years.

Now, I could go on and on here, noting and detailing the MANY findings, of scientists, geologists, archaeologists, and explorers of all kinds, who have made their discoveries and reported such, only to find, in many instances, that their entirely scientific and valid "discoveries" did NOT, in some way, AGREE with the "accepted", and "consensually-agreed-upon" "realities" of science, AS propounded and put "forth" BY the "scientific establishment" - the vested-interest organizations, of the worldwide "scientific community", whose very reason for existence IS to "tell" the rest of us what IS and what IS NOT "so", as to the "realities" of science. Well, as I discuss at some length elsewhere (and in my E-book,
"KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life and Reality!"), the fact IS that most of those organizational "scientific establishmentarians" ARE the remaining minority of classical, Newtonian scientists, that do yet exist in the world today, and which "cling" stubbornly to the outdated and outworn concepts of classical Newtonian physics, which IS still being "taught", BY such people, at many campuses, scientific institutes and other such "scientific establishments" throughout the world. In other words, such scientists/physicists as who have not yet accepted the realities OF Quantum Physics and all of its implications and realities, in the true scientific explanation, AND application, OF the very Principles of Quantum Physics TO ALL of Life and that which "exists", from the microcosm TO the macrocosm.

SO, I shall merely state here that, the "findings", discoveries, and other scientific data and facts, that are, and shall be, reported IN these lectures, ARE the REAL, ACTUAL and existing (existential) "realities", AS discovered BY the scientists/physicists/researchers, etc. noted, which MAY or may not have had their most reputable discoveries "shoved under the rug" (as it has been called), BY the "scientific establishment". BUT, the point of "realization" IS gradually coming to reality today, in the venues of worldwide science and the practice thereof, and reputable scientists everywhere ARE coming to the conclusion that the "rug is quite lumpy", with all these "unexplained" (according to the "scientific establishment") phenomena, and that something has to be done, in taking ANY and ALL reputable and scientific "discoveries" INTO ACCORD, in the attempts of science to explain the "realities" of Life and existence. And so, both in my E-book and in these lectures, I do most certainly put forth the ACTUAL realities of science and scientific discovery, AS such has been reported to us BY those who have made the discoveries. And such DOES include the realities OF the billions of years OF human existence, both on this world AND THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE (which I discuss more fully in my E-book).

Returning to our discussion of Human Evolution, and recognizing the achievements and discoveries of scientists everywhere, we can finally say that humanity has left us MANY monuments OF its ancient existence, some of which have been found in the most surprising locations.

Consider the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Modern science has proven that it could NOT have been built by manual labor, no matter how many thousands of workers there could have been. And the Japanese, back in the 80's, tried to build a duplicate of the Great Pyramid, in the Egyptian desert, using the latest in modern technology, and failed miserably in their attempt to do so.

So HOW, and WHEN, and WHO, DID build the Great Pyramid in Egypt? OR, for that matter, the Great Pyramid on MARS?
VISUAL PRESENTATION: Chart, with official NASA space photo, from the Viking Orbiter 1 mission to Mars, 1976 (VIKING FRAME NUMBER 70A13), showing the Great Pyramid of Mars (the D&M Pyramid) in very clear, stark black and white detail, as photographed from the orbiting spacecraft, as well as further details of the Cydonia Region (where the Great Pyramid is located), mentioning photographic details (from other NASA photos) of the other "anamolous" structures in that region ("anamolous", the classification used by NASA, means physical surface features that are apparently or obviously NOT natural in origin): such as the "Fortress"; the "Runway/Landing Strip"; the other smaller pyramid structures; the multiple-structure "City"; and the huge, 3 mile long by 1 1/2 mile wide, perfectly shaped human "Face", complete with an ancient Egyptian headpiece over the head. The chart also compares the Great Pyramid with the one in Egypt, noting that the height of the Egyptian pyramid is 452 feet, while the Martian pyramid is 1650 feet in height.

Perhaps someday, one of the members of this audience here this evening, will be the scientist who answers those questions.

Now, to summarize this speech on Human Evolution, I'd like to read a quotation from Dr. Joseph Jochmans, the eminent historian and anthropologist, with HIS thoughts on Human Evolution:

"Man has always remained essentially man throughout his existence. His physical appearance may have changed from age to age, but his capacity for intelligence, for the creation of advanced civilizations, and for the production of sophisticated technologies, has always remained the SAME. The history of man reads as the story of his constant struggle to understand and overcome the catastrophic forces in nature, in the cosmos and within himself, which have repeatedly destroyed man's high civilizations and technologies, reducing him to levels where he had to begin an upward development AGAIN and AGAIN. This cyclic history of continual advancements and destructions can be demonstrated through the geologic record as extending back THREE BILLION YEARS, to the very beginning of the known fossil record. Man has passed along the SAME road of civilization that we travel TODAY perhaps as many as a HUNDRED THOUSAND times before."

In closing, all I will say IS, we HAVE been here before.

Thank you, and good evening.

Aum, Peace, Amen!

Father Jerome.
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