Qualia XXI: Further Conversations between Physicists - 3: "Parallel Worlds and the Brain/Mind Interface 'Mechanism'!" From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

Qualia XXI: Further Conversations between Physicists - 3: "Parallel Worlds and the Brain/Mind Interface 'Mechanism'!"

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Richard

  2. Received your last email but before I digest it in detail I want to tell you of 3 further thoughts that I have had regarding your concerns. Actually, they are more of clarification, as I know what I have 'seen' and how I see such realities but I am not sure whether I have clearly and adequately related the 'realities' which I know to be!


  3. Concerning your most recent concerns about a 'shadow world' existing in Consciousness/Incorporeality that is a 'reflection' of the 'real' world, both 'shadow' and 'real' being of 10-d substance. First of all, I would say that your 'shadow world' is nothing more than the equivalent of a QUFD 'dimension', which also defines your 'real world' as a 'dimension' as well, wherein a 'dimension' is defined as all physical/material substance and reality that is so contained within that 'world', extending such unto and as far as the Universal/Cosmic limits of that 'world' and 'dimension'. In the same definition, 'dimension' also includes the entirety of physical/material substance and reality that is to be found within the physical 'body' of each human being. So by this definition, any 'singularity', of whatever size, whether human-size or ant-size or quark-size, or, ranging up to Cosmic-size, is a QUFD 'dimension'.

  4. Next of all, I would say that your 'shadow world', being a QUFD 'dimension', has one important difference from your 'real world'. Since your 'real world' is of Corporeality ('differentiated relativity'), there is but one 'world', or really Cosmos, of or in such a gigantic 'singularity' as is your 'real world'. However, when you cross that 'dividing line', from Corporeality ('differentiated relativity') to Incorporeality ('undifferentiated relativity'), in order to analyze your 'shadow world', you have now stepped into a world or Cosmos where all forces/fields/gravities and substance (if there might be any!), are unitary, null or void! Therefore your 'shadow world' is NOT the 'singularity' that it is in the 'real world', but is instead, spread, piece-by-piece, bit-by-bit, field/force by field/force, THROUGHOUT the entire infinity OF that unitary 'balloon' or condensate ground-state of Consciousness and reality!

  5. But, actually, I need to clarify that last statement even further. Because, let's say that what is 'enabling' your 'shadow world' is the unitary and infinite 'reality' of Incorporeality, of the gigantic condensate ground-state of Infinite Consciousness! Okay, THAT is the 'medium', that enables the creation, or rather 'reflection', of your 'shadow world'. In this case, the 'medium' may be the message, meaning that the 'medium' here, the gigantic, all-encompassing, unitary 'reality' of Incorporeality, may be your 11th dimension, which would also correspond to a QUFD 'dimension', which is what Incorporeality/Infinite Consciousness is!

  6. Okay, so Incorporeality is the 11th dimension. Your 'real world' is 10-d. Your 'shadow world' is also 10-d. Which makes sense to me, except that each and every bit and piece of your 'shadow world', existing as it does in a unitary 'medium' (Incorporeality), exists therefore at EVERY possible point of 'reality' (quantum wave-function 'reality'!) within that Incorporeal 11th dimension unitary 'medium'.

  7. So, further, what I am saying is that your 'shadow world' itself is an INFINITY! In other words, there are infinities OF your 'shadow world' existing in that Incorporeal 11th dimension, each 'world' itself also being a complete QUFD 'dimension'.

  8. Now, on a personal level, I have been there, to numerous 'shadow worlds', as you might call it! Either by 'phase-space-shifting', consciously, of one's conscious Mature Mind (which requires awareness and control of what one is doing) OR, within one's Immature Mind (where one lacks awareness and control thereof the process), which occurs when one is 'dreaming' and one's Upper Mind or Soul, randomly and arbitrarily 'accesses' such 'other worlds' as exist beyond one's personal Consciousness and Soul! However one 'accesses' such 'other worlds', they are done in Consciousness, in the Mind, of the individual human being, whose Mind is 'there' but whose physical body (and brain!) is yet 'here', in this 'real world'!

  9. BUT, such an 'access', to another 'world', is NO LESS REAL to the individual, for one's awareness, one's Consciousness, one's Mind, one's Soul, one's 'Reality'... IS THERE, in that 'other world'! And WHAT one 'perceives' IN that other 'world' is the 10-d 'reflection' of one's 'real world'!

  10. Now, this brings up an interesting question, to be resolved somehow in the future (of THIS 'real world'!) When one's Mind and Soul are there, in that 11th dimension, and are experiencing that (or those!) 10-d 'shadow worlds', of course, one's physical 'body' is resting/sleeping quietly in one's bed, in this 'real world' (which is the status of an Immature-Minded individual, which is most of us, whereas a MATURE Mind, which we all can BE, would accomplish this while yet walking around consciously and 'aware' within the 'real world'!) Actually, the 'question' pertains to the 'reality' of the physical body! So far, whether the individual is of either Immature Mind or Mature Mind, it is the Soul that has 'travelled' in Consciousness TO that 'other world' (or 'worlds'), but NOT the physical 'body'! But, let's assume that some day humanity will also be able to 'transport', not only one's Mind/Soul to that 'other world' (or 'place'!), but ALSO one's physical 'body'! (Of course, we do NOT as yet have this, at least that I know of!) BUT, if it COULD BE, that both Mind and Body could 'Be There', in that other 'world', THEN one's physical Body would ALSO, I would say, 'experience' the full and complete 'awareness' and Reality of that 10-d 'world'!


  11. Okay, on to item #2! I've said that Incorporeality, the BEC condensate ground-state of Consciousness and Reality, is infinite and unitary, of all fields/forces/gravities. What I want to point out here is the 'politics' of Incorporeality! Because, by its very nature, Incorporeality is NOT a 'Representative Democracy', where we have numerous 'representatives' to 'represent' each individual's words, actions, and deeds (i.e., money, to 'represent' the individual financially, in lieu of the individual exercising one's own 'responsibilities' as to their words, actions and deeds!) BUT, Incorporeality IS a Participatory Democracy... where, whatever the 'issue', or political 'matter', may be, such 'issue' is voted upon by EVERYONE IN THE COSMOS! In other words, whatever 'issue', decision, or self-ordering, that is required within ANY CONDENSATE, any ground-state, any 'dimension', WITHIN THE ENTIRE COSMOS, within that Infinite ground-state of Consciousness and Incorporeality... THAT single 'issue' is POLLED to and by EVERY individual quantum wave-function bit and piece of reality within that gigantic Cosmos! EVERY wave-function is 'polled'! If it has no concern or relevance to the 'issue', the 'response' is null and void! If, however, it DOES have a 'concern' regarding the 'issue', then it's 'polled' result is duly taken into effect and added TO the self-ordering and decision-making surrounding that 'issue'! Such that, at some point, within that gigantic condensate ground-state, at a point 'representing' the maximum Yes versus NO 'points' of the 'issue' (i.e., Yes versus No being Order versus Chaos!)... there, on the edge of Order versus Chaos, all the 'intracacies' and 'concerns' of the 'issue', begin to assemble and come-together, creating a 'point of criticality' regarding that 'issue'! After ALL 'inputs' have been taken (polled), then that 'point of criticality' gradually rises, assuming whatever form or shape is necessary, in becoming one of two quantum possibilities, or new wave-functions!

  12. That 'point of criticality' turns into a 'perturbation' on the 'landscape' of that ground-state that is as large and wide-spread or as narrow and precise as necessary, in order to 'execute' the final result of that 'perturbation'! And thusly we have the many hills, mountains, valleys and plateaus of any 'landscape', wherein infinite 'issues' are being 'debated' or worked upon, in the self-ordering SENTIENCE and SPIRIT OF that Consciousness which is the intelligent 'Reality' of Incorporeality. But, back to our two 'results', of ANY 'issue'! We might have Result #1, which would be a DECISION, to be passed on, by the 'perturbation' of that 'issue' (love, hate, sorrow, grief, joy, do this, do that, and on and on!), TO the next or subsequent condensate ground-state 'dimension' (maybe the lower Mind, where it would be processed further to an exact location of the brain) OR (possibly an individual synapse of the brain, representing that portion of the brain having to do with the 'issue' and it's 'execution' in the 'real world'!) However, that DECISION might just as well remain in Incorporeality, by being passed on to merely another 'dimension' or condensate ground-state of existence therein Incorporeality.

  13. The second possible result of all that self-ordering and decision-making, might be that all the quantum wave-functions have been 'created', from 'polling' the entire Cosmos, that will create that gigantic 'perturbation' (or mountain-peak on that condensate's 'landscape'!), which finally results in... BIRTH, of a new LIFE! The 'creation' of a new condensate, a new balloon, a new Life-form, which has both an Incorporeal nature AND a CORPOREAL, physical/material, 'nature'... a Life-form of whatever it may be, a new human being, or a new pulsar, or a new ant, or a new fermion!


  14. ANY possible 'output'-'decision' of the Upper Mind, for any human 'quality' or thought whatsoever, has a point-location on the underside 'landscape' of the Upper Mind that CORRELATES EXACTLY with the point-location FOR THE SAME 'QUALITY' OR THOUGHT on the upperside 'landscape' of the lower mind! Thusly, the Upper Mind 'transfers' its decision-making output to the lower mind for further execution! Incidentally, as to the specific 'nature' of such a 'transfer', it is via the 'perturbation' from the Upper Mind that 'triggers' an 'input' at that point-location on the lower mind. Further, since it is a 'transfer' from one 'dimension'-condensate to another 'dimension'-condensate of Incorporeality, it is actually a 'phase-space-shift' which occurs, between condensates of Incorporeality! And such 'quality' of both condensates of Mind, to be able to 'phase-space-shift' between each other as a means of communication, has been enabled, of course, in the genetic 'creation' OF both of those condensate ground-states of Incorporeal Consciousness, the specific genes being the 'pool' of 'unknown' (or 'junk') genes that are found in the human body, and which actually create the actuality of 'Mind' (Upper and lower) upon the birth of the human individual!

  15. Now, additionally, elsewhere on the QUFD website, I have mentioned that both Upper Mind and lower mind are nominally composed of Positive axion particles of Consciousness, WHEN the human Mind 'gene pool' creates, or enables, a Mature human Mind! In such case, all of which I have previously said applies and 'phase-space-shift' transfers, as a means of communication between both Mind condensates, occur without any problem. However, the present human-condition is hardly 'normal', within the presently existing human civilization in this 'real world'.

  16. Specifically, without going into the history as to how such 'condition' came about (which is explained elsewhere on the QUFD website!), the current situation of both Upper Mind and lower mind are that they are composed of quantum axion particles of Consciousness of a Positive half-integer-spin variety, NOT of a normal whole-integer-spin variety. (The two Mind condensates do yet function fully and effectively as they would if the axion particles WERE of the Positive whole-spin variety!)

  17. What has caused this half-spin 'polarization' is the fact that, only within the 'real world' time-period of this current human civilization, has that 'space', between the underside 'landscape' of the Upper Mind and the upperside 'landscape' of the lower mind, become 'occluded', or blocked, by... the Negative 'incursioning' OF Negative Consciousness, i.e., Lucifer's 'fingers of Negativity' (as they have so been called by various muses over the ages, with the great psychologist Carl Jung using both the terms "Veil of Separation" and "Veil of Unknowing", to decribe such a 'blockage' between Soul and self, such that the lower-mind-self is unable to access or 'know' one's Upper Mind Soul!), which are the quantum axion particles of Negative 'polarization' that now exist between the Positivity of Upper Mind and lower mind! That Negativity, has had a dual-effect on both condensates of the local Mind (which is both Minds together!) as well as the 'incursioning' Negativity itself! Both Mind condensates are yet of Positive polarity, but of a half-spin variety! At the same time, the 'incursioning' Negativity is no longer whole-spin Negativity but, due to the proximity 'sandwiching' between two Positivities, has itself been converted to half-spin Negativity! However, as noted elsewhere on the QUFD website, the entire local human Mind yet presents a Positive whole-integer-spin status to the rest of the Cosmos on the upperside of its Soul, and the half-integer-spin nature of the Negative 'incursioning' does not change the whole-integer-spin nature of Lucifer's Negativity throughout the Cosmos and Incorporeality!(Remember, Incorporeal Negativity and Positivity of quantum axion particles has NO relation whatsoever to negativity and positivity in the Corporeal world of Newtonian Physics!)

  18. So, we currently have, in this present human civilization of Immature human Minds, a Mind-condition or 'state' wherein Negativity has been allowed to 'interface' between the two halves of a normal human Mind, which allows that Negativity to interfer with and corrupt ALL nominal 'functioning' between Upper Mind and lower mind. Such are the results of the Luciferian Complex of Consciousness and 'dimensionality'!

  19. SO, what happens now, is that the Upper Mind might send Love, at point-location 'xy773yv' on its lower 'landscape', to normally be received AT THE SAME POINT-LOCATION of the upperside of the lower mind, BUT IT IS NOT! Instead, in passing through those 'fingers-of-Negativity' between both condensates, that decision-output from the Upper Mind is 'phase-space-shifted' A SECOND TIME! This time, however, instead of triggering an 'input' at 'xy773yv' point-location of the upperside 'landscape' of the lower mind (which corresponds to Love!), that message is instead received at point-location 'xy886yv', which corresponds to the point-location 'input' FOR HATE! And so on and on! Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity' are 'phase-space-shifting' any and all communications between Upper Mind and lower mind and the results in the brain and in the 'real world' are anything other than what the Upper Mind (our Soul!) would have them to be!

  20. Incidentally, the question might be raised as to how the phenomenon of 'phase-space-shifting' is occurring in the Mind and in Consciousness/Incorporeality when such is located supposedly within a gigantic condensate which is unitary, null and void of such things as 'time' and 'space'. Okay, 'time' and 'space' may not exist WITHIN a BEC condensate, but they certainly DO EXIST WITHOUT, or outside OF, that individual condensate! And even though 'time' and 'space' do not exist within the gigantic Incorporeality of Infinite Consciousness, AS TO ANY AND ALL 'dynamics' occurring or affecting that gigantic condensate, 'time' and 'space' DO EXIST between any and all sub-condensates WITHIN that overall condensate. Thusly, 'phase-space-shifting', from one condensate (or 'dimension'!) to another, is quite necessary, whether it takes place within the human Mind or whether it takes place between the black-hole of one universe-'dimension' and the white-hole of another universe-'dimension'!

  21. Okay, getting back to the human Mind. Let us, for the purpose of explanation here, disregard the 'abnormalities' of functioning and reality of the Immature human Mind, and we will say that everything is perfectly normal, in a normal Mature human Mind, and that there are NO 'incursioning' 'fingers-of-Negativity' to upset the apple-cart! SO, if such were the case, here is what would normally happen, say, with that message-decision of Love that was sent out from the Soul, our Upper Mind!

  22. Since the message-decision would now be received by the lower mind at the proper point-location of the upperside 'landscape' of the lower mind where it is supposed to be 'received', it will THEN be 'processed' normally by the lower mind! And what does that lower mind 'processing' consist of?

  23. Well, since the UNDERSIDE 'landscape' of the lower mind CORRELATES EXACTLY with EACH and EVERY neuronal synapse of the human brain (the 'interface', of EACH synapse, being the glia surrounding that individual synapse... See my discussion, in the Main QUFD document, as to the feedback 'mechanism' that exists between brain and mind, enabling each synapse to actually be the access-junction between corporeal brain and incorporeal mind that it certainly is!), therefore the point-locations on that underside 'landscape' of the lower mind are correlated (or correspond) to the specific and necessary synapses for EACH AND EVERY specific function and 'activity' OF THE BRAIN! Thusly, one of the most important 'functions', or 'dynamics', of the lower mind, is the SUPERVISION OF THE BRAIN, and it does that because the lower mind KNOWS each and every 'function' OF THE BRAIN and it also KNOWS each and every synapse that relates TO the operations of ANY specific sector of the brain! In other words, the lower mind KNOWS, and is aware OF, EVERY function of the entire human brain, AS WELL AS EVERY ONE of the trillions of synapes that correspond with those brain functions, AND IT (the lower mind!) CONTROLS and supervises EVERY ONE of those trillions of synapses!

  24. Thusly, when the Soul 'executes' a message of Love, it normally passes to the proper 'input' on the upperside of the lower mind. The lower mind determines what section(s) of the brain need to receive various portions of that message in order that the overall 'actions' of that individual human being (as determined by the brain!) do so constitute an 'action' OF LOVE, and then the lower mind sends the appropriate 'signals' to each and every specific synapse necessary for the enabling of Love within that human brain and body!

  25. Now, specifically, we do NOT have 'phase-space-shifting' occurring on the underside 'landscape' of the lower mind as the nominal means of communication between the lower mind and the brain. The reason for this is that here, on the underside of the lower mind, is where we cross-over the 'dividing line' from Incorporeality TO Corporeality! (The upperside 'landscape' of the lower mind was yet of Incorporeality and thusly 'phase-space-shifting' was yet required to receive 'inputs' from the Upper Mind!) However, here, at the 'interface' between brain and mind, Corporeality and Incorporeality, it is different! The NaH2 molecule that 'operates' the vescicle of each synapse (releasing the neurotransmitters across the synapsial junction!) is located in Corporeality and yet IT RESPONDS TO the 'perturbations' of Incorporeality, as felt and interfaced through each and every synapsial-corresponding glial cell! In other words, the specific 'output' perturbation, from the lower mind through the glia TO that specific synapse... an Incorporeal 'finger', or perturbation of Consciousness, 'reaches out', from EVERY appropriate point-location of that lower mind which corresponds WITH A NECESSARY SYNAPSE, and effectively 'nudges' that NaH2 molecule to be either on or off, in turn opening or closing that synapse's vescicle-gate! The feedback to the Incorporeality of the lower mind is completed when the receiving dendrite of that individual synapse creates a very low intensity microwave-signal in the dendrite's tubular network that is felt by the Incorporeality of the glial nucleus and thusly by the lower mind, effectively completing the feedback loop between brain and mind and telling the local Mind that the message was sent and delivered and that all is well and good!

  26. And thusly, I think I have now sufficiently and completely explained the 'mechanism', as to how the Corporeal human brain is supervised and controlled by the Incorporeal human Mind!

  27. Sincerely,
    Father Jerome, OA/OWB
    D.Th.(In Esse-the Theology of Reality), D.Sc.(Quantum Physics)
    Father Jerome USA,
    Author of the world-renown 'textbook-on-the-Web'
    (listed in the TOP 1% of worldwide websites),
    the QUFD (Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics) website, at:
    An Affiliate of the
    Freedom, Independenace & World Democracy (FIWD) Institute,
    London (OA/OWB)

  28. (End of message)

    Aum, Peace, Amen
    Father Jerome

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