QUALIA LXXI: Stem Cells, and the Secular Search for Consciousness: Will implanting human stem cells into mice and animals 'create' a chimera-animal with consciousness? From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA LXXI: Stem Cells, and the Secular Search for Consciousness: Will implanting human stem cells into mice and animals 'create' a chimera-animal with consciousness?

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Well, in quick answer to the afore posted question... No! And I will tell you why. Ignoring all the positive and corporeal aspects of the Science of Stem-Cell Research, I am going to discuss this situation merely from the perspective of Incorporeality! (And thusly this Essay may be relatively short!)

  2. First of all, as the Physics of QUFD and Incorporeality have shown, ALL Life, and every Life-form, has Consciousness... IN their own Dimension! As I have already noted previously and on other webpages of this 'Textbook', an electron, an ant, a rock, a pulsar, a galaxy... all are Conscious, in their own individual Dimensional Ground-State Condensate of Incorporeality and Spirit!

  3. Secular medical research may implant stem-cells in whatever Life-form, but... the fact remains, that both the stem-cells and their implanted host, as well as any new Life-form 'created' thereby... will ALL yet be corporeal... not incorporeal! Physicality, the hosts of whatever Life-form may be used in such research, and the stem-cells that might be implanted therein... are all Corporeal! Consciousness, and the Mind of each and every Life-form, is Incorporeal!

  4. Consciousness, Incorporeality, Spirit, and the Mind of any Life-form, reside within the 'other side of the fence', the Unknown 'side', and is/are not within the Known, or Corporeal, side!

  5. Stem-cells may be an admirable and miraculous means of correcting deficiencies and diseases of the human body, but this is just Corporeal Mechanics at work. True, such 'syntheses' and 'creations', may 'create' a new Life-form, but the realities of that Life-form are based within, and come from, the ground-state condensate of Incorporeality that has actually come into existence on that 'side of the fence', and the Reality of the Corporeal Life-form that has been 'created' on this side of the fence, actually is a 'result' OF that Incorporeal 'twin' condensate... which is where the Consciousness IS!

  6. And you will NEVER 'see' (or see!) the Consciousness of that Incorporeality! It is invisible and has no time and space! The best that might be achieved, are whatever results might be shown, that might somehow indicate the corporeal reality of the existence of that incorporeal 'reality'! But it, Incorporeal Consciousness, will NEVER be seen. It might be 'seen', in the Mind, by any Mature Human Mind so adept at such 'sight', but that will be it!

  7. But, if such tenuous 'results' can be claimed as success, I don't doubt that Secular Science will surely do so! Just remember! That when that Researcher is 'claiming' to have 'conversed' with that mouse, that it was merely 'results of Consciousness' that he/she was 'observing'! In order to truly 'converse' with that mouse, one has to 'go into Consciousness' within one's own 'Reality', and then actually phase-shift their own Consciousness and 'Reality', TO the Dimension/ground-state condensate of Consciousness, of that mouse itself, in order to be able to truly have a 'conversation of Consciousness' with that mouse!

  8. That's it! I don't have any more to say on the subject.

Aum, Peace, Amen

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