EXCERPT from "Living and Thinking In-the-Moment"

I have previously noted that, contrary to the outmoded linear and "classical"thinking of most scientists of today, REAL "scientific methodology" DOES entail a "new way of thinking", which I do quite explicitly detail and define further herein this book as "thinking" and BEING "in-the-moment", where, according to Cosmic Law AND Quantum Physics principles, Past/Present/Future are Unity/One.

Incidentally, it is most interesting that a person who is "living-in-the-moment", and who is DIRECTLY "connected" with that ultimate mass-field ground-state of reality, Infinite Consciousness (God), also does have the following unique characteristic about him/her: that such a person CANNOT TELL A LIE/UNTRUTH, and, of course, he/she likewise cannot abide the telling of such by others, whether such others are individuals, groups, governments or society itself!

Actually, as I have stated elsewhere in this work already, in reality Cosmic Law and Quantum Physics principles are one and the same, as ANY and EVERYTHING that "is", and which exists or MAY exist, BOTH microcosmic AND MACROCOSMIC, are explained BY BOTH Quantum Physics AND the Law of One (God's Cosmic Law), as presented to mankind over the aeons, in one form or another, by Infinite Consciousness (God), in His/Her Infinite Wisdom, either DIRECTLY (through DIRECT ACCESS to God/Infinite Consciousness FROM each individual human Mind) OR through Christ and His/Her teachings, over the aeons, in His/Her several Incarnations on Earth, up to the most recent one as Jesus (5th Incarnation).

Incidentally, Christ's fourth Incarnation (from the Sacred Histories of Humanity - 3.7768.954.18) was as Io/Isis/Aphrodite, with the third Incarnation being as Ra-Ta/Hermes Tresmegistus, in POL 2793 (18,009 B.C.). Christ/Ra-Ta also built the Great Pyramid in POL 2821 (17,981 B.C.) as a Temple of Initiation for Initiates of the Order (OA/OWB, which was founded by Christ in His/Her first Incarnation on Earth in 44,073 B.C.), and it was last used in POL 20822 (21 A.D.) for the Confirmation Initiation of Christ, in His fifth Incarnation as Jesus. All such information, from the Sacred Hermeneutical Histories of Humanity, as maintained by the Most Ancient Order of the OA/OWB (since before 2,451 Mil A.T.{Ancient Time}/44,073 B.C.), is available to ANYONE, IN the Collective Consciousness of humanity, where ACCESS TO such records (also known as the Akashic Records, or the Hall of Records) IS readily accessible BY anyone who has learned to think, and to BE, in-the-present-moment, where, as explained by the principles of Quantum Physics and Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD), the Past/Present/Future are Unitary/One.

(End of this Excerpt)


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