QUALIA LXXXII: What is the 'Experience' of a New Consciousness, both Inside and Outside of Itself? From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA LXXXII: What is the 'Experience' of a New Consciousness, both Inside and Outside of Itself?

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
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By Father Jerome

  1. I think I would like to 'clarify' this particular aspect of Consciousness a bit further here. I've already defined the specific quantum and consciousness-level aspects leading to Birth (Parturition) of a New Life (known as 'Emergence'), as to exactly what happens within Incorporeality, and then what happens within Corporeality, after the 'Emergence' of the New Life-Form! (See
    https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/becdic/quaaxpar.html and
    https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/Qualia80.html and
    https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/Qufd2.html (starting at Line Item Section 92))

  2. Actually, though, herein this discussion, I want to limit myself to 'Experiences-of-Consciousness' occurring exclusively within Incorporeality! In other words, nothing to do with 'Consciousness' AFTER Birth, or within Corporeality or the Corporeal 'Dimension' of any new Life-form!

  3. I want to discuss the 'Experience-of-Consciousness' both Inside and Outside of itself! And what do I mean by that? I'll start by addressing the 'Consciousness' as it is 'coming-to-exist' outside-of-itself!

  4. Well, first of all, when I say that I am talking about the 'Experience-of-Consciousness', I am really talking about the brand-new Condensate of Incorporeality that is being 'created' or 'coming-together', within the Condensate of Incorporeality that is the Mother of the new Life-Form to-be-Born!

  5. And since the basic 'requirement' for the 'creation' of any new Condensate of Incorporeality, within the overall and Unitary 'Oneness' of that Great Infinite Condensate of Incorporeal Consciousness which is Infinite Consciousness, or God, is that to begin the 'Journey' from Oneness-with-the-Whole, or the Undifferentiated Relativity of the Whole Cosmos (Incorporeality), toward 'Individual Differentiation', or Differentiated Relativity-of-the-new-Life-Form (Corporeality), the First Step is to 'create' a Specific Reason or Purpose, for the Existence of our New Condensate of Incorporeality. This means that 'portions' of the Unitary Quantum Axion Particles of Consciousness (which include all Sentience as shall appear and imbue said new Condensate, as the Soul thereof that Life-Form!), must 'come together', to lay down a specific 'Ground-State' of Consciousness, that shall exemplify all the attributes and 'Realities' OF that new Condensate of Reason and Purpose! This 'Ground-State' shall be the Official 'Landscape' of the new Condensate, within which the entire 'Reality' of our potentially-new Life-Form will be built!

  6. Of course, in doing this, we have already 'invoked' the specific 'Mechanics', or Physics, of the Process that is called 'Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics', wherein the overall quantum unitary field of the Condensate of Incorporeality which is the Mother (which already exists as-itself within the overall Quantum Unitary Field of the Cosmos, or God!), the 'coming-together' of all the attributes and 'Realities' that will embody the new Life-Form, will occur! These 'dynamics' will collect from everywhere necessary in-the-entire-Cosmos, anything and everything that will 'Be' the new Life-Form!

  7. "And how is such a thing to be, or to occur?" Well, first of all, we already have a good start! Each and every quantum axion particle of Consciousness (and Sentience!), exists everywhere in the Cosmos! And, Remember, there are two 'kinds', or 'flavors', of quantum axion particles... positive axions and negative axions! And, Remember, axions (of both 'flavors'!), are the ONLY quantum particle that exists in all of Incorporeality and Consciousness! All other (known) quantum particles (which are Corporeal!), as well as Time and Space itself (and the Cosmic Forces, Fields and Gravity thereof, which, again, are Corporeal!), do actually exist within one, and each and all, axion particles of Consciousness!

  8. So, as we have already stated elsewhere on these webpages, the Basic Floor, or 'Ground-State' of the entire Cosmos, everywhere, looks something like a mass, or mess, of snakes, with Positive axions intertwined with Negative axions, again everywhere, in a Unitary, Wholistic 'Oneness'! This is the 'Reality' of Infinite Consciousness, or God! Which originated as a Yin-Yang Positive-Negative 'Oneness', but is now of separated (Heaven versus Hell!) yet Unitary 'Oneness' (as to Cosmic 'functionality'!), with Positive axions calmly and unitarily entwined with Negative axions, in order to continue Cosmic 'functionality'!

  9. And since, in order to create every Condensate of Incorporeality within that gigantic Condensate of Incorporeality of the Cosmos, the entwined axions have to disengage, or separate, into Order (Positivity!) versus Chaos (Negativity!), within the 'boundaried-regions' of the specific Condensate, which is the further Basic Requirement of every Landscape-Ground-State (of specific Reason and Purpose!) of every new, or individual, Condensate of Consciousness and Incorporeality! So, although each and every axion is to be found everywhere in the Cosmos, within all lesser Condensates (the 'boundaries' of which!), they have separated into Order and Chaos, and between the both of them, are now 'drawing', from all of their 'tentacles-throughout-the-Cosmos, each and every 'Reality', from any and all Non-Local Point-Locations everywhere in the Cosmos, that which can be 'contributed' TO the 'dynamics' that are 'moment-by-moment' occurring within that Condensate of the Mother!

  10. So, in starting things off, we have: First, God, and the Sentience (and Immortal Soul!), that will derive therefrom, coming from the Basic Condensate of the Cosmos or Incorporeality, and all of the Reincarnated Soul-aspects thereof! These aspects will be part of the 'dynamics' now occurring within the Condensate of the Mother, which is the Second Part of the 'Contribution' here! The Third Part of our 'Contribution', of course, is the Father, or the Condensate of Incorporeality of the Father, which, on both the Corporeal and Incorporeal levels of Reality and 'Reality', actually 'got together' (on both the Physical and Soul-level!), with the Female that is the Mother!

  11. So, within the Mother's Condensate of Incorporeality, we have already received 'Input' from the Mother, the Father and God! But, the further 'Reality' is, that each one of these Three 'inputs', actually consists of Billions-upon-Billions of 'inputs', from everywhere in the Cosmos! And the 'dynamics', of all of these 'inputs', actually 'coming-together', moment-by-moment, and further interacting with both Order and Chaos (Positivity and Negativity!), is a fantastic process! Because, as soon as a 'batch' of 'inputs' has been 'processed' in one-moment (and has possibly reached a new and higher Level-of-Order-within-the-Landscape of the new Condensate-that-is-being-Created, which is actually beginning to resemble a hill or mountain-of-possibility-on-the-Landscape, which will eventually be Big Enough to call it a 'perturbation' or 'criticality'!)... Then, the next moment, with the arrival of more 'inputs', both Order and Chaos are again brought-into-play, to determine exactly what the Output-Level-of-that-specific-Moment will be! And finally... with the 'dynamics' of the Landscape of our new Condensate (which is not yet a True Condensate, but merely a 'Dynamic'!) beginning to 'rise up' to gigantic and monumental 'heights' (actually, upon the Landscape of the Mother!), this 'Criticality' is beginning to look like a 'Perturbation', that will be finally 'ejected' from the Mother-Condensate, as an 'Emergence-of-Life', a new Life-Form, a new Condensate of Incorporeality itself!

  12. Remember now, this is all taking place within Incorporeality, and specifically within the Condensate of Incorporeality of the Mother! When the Mother's Condensate 'gives-off', or lets loose, the 'criticality-perturbation' that has grown upon the Mother's own Landscape... it is THEN, the 'Emergence-of-a-new-Life'! However, REMEMBER again, that this has all happened exclusively WITHIN Incorporeality! The Condensate of the Mother, just like the Condensate of the Grandmother before, and the Condensate of the Great-Grandmother before (and so forth, throughout History, and the specific Condensates of Incorporeality that have led to the existence and 'development' of this specific current Condensate-of-the-Mother)...

  13. In other words, we now have many generations of Condensates of Incorporeality, all derived from each other preceding the other, and now, with the 'Emergence-of-a-new-Life', we now have again, a new Condensate of Incorporeality... which is going to be the Child, or Baby (Male or Female!), that will be Born-from-the-Corporeal-Condensate (Dimension) of the Mother!

  14. But, for now... this new Life-Form, is still within the Body of the Corporeal, Physical, Mother, but... IT IS YET Incorporeal, and therefore it is yet invisible, because it is, in 'Reality', the Incorporeal-Twin-Spirit of the Baby-to-be-Born! However now, almost immediately, the Incorporeal Condensate of the Baby (which is Incorporeal and invisible!), now 'gives Birth' TO the Corporeal Condensate of the Baby-that-is-its-Twin! And what happens here?

  15. The Incorporeal Condensate-Baby, which exists only and exclusively within Incorporeality... therefore consists only and exclusively of quantum axion particles of Consciousness (which have already been 'grouped-aligned' for/to that specific Incorporeal Baby!) NOW... those quantum axion particles (of Incorporeality!), 'Give-Birth' TO a Condensate of CORPOREALITY, of the Baby... In other words, now the Corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity, are released from/by the quantum axion particles (of Incorporeality!), to 'create' the new Time and Space Dimension, which will be the Physical, Corporeal, embodiment/dimension OF the Physical Baby! With this now visible Dimension-of-Reality, the Baby will 'grow', ostensibly from the ovum and sperm (the DNA of which has been supplied from the Incorporeal-Twin!)

  16. And, at the end of Parturition, TWO Babies will be Born, from the Physical Mother! The Physical, Corporeal Baby, consisting of all of the organs, body and Brain, that have resulted from the Time and Space thusly 'provided' for the Corporeal Condensate which that Baby now occupies as a Dimension-of-Reality, in the Real-World (of the Time and Space of the physical Universe, which is itself but another Condensate of Corporeality!) At the same time, the SECOND BABY that is 'Born', is the Incorporeal-Twin-Baby... FROM WHICH THE CORPOREAL BABY came, in the first place! INCORPOREALITY BEGETS CORPOREALITY... always! The Corporeal Baby is physical and Real, with the Body and Brain! The Incorporeal Baby is invisible, and yet is 'Real', because it possesses the MIND, and Spirit, of the Person which that Corporeal Dimension Life-Form will become! AND the Incorporeal-Twin will 'Be With' that Person FOREVER!

  17. Also, within the Mind of the Incorporeal-Twin, is the Soul of that Person! Actually, the entire Mind, both Upper and lower Minds, exist within Incorporeality, but it is only within the Upper Mind that one's Soul does exist! (See discussion of this elsewhere on these webpages!)

  18. So, SUCH has been 'The Experience-of-Consciousness' from Outside-of-Itself... i.e., 'looking-in' upon Oneself, as One is 'Being-Created-and-then-Born'!

  19. Now, as to the 'Experience-of-Consciousness' from the Inside... In other words, WHAT could it possibly be like, to 'Experience' the 'Reality', of Oneself 'coming-together', piece-by-piece?

  20. Well, I guess the closest that One can come to such a 'Realization', is from the perspective and 'awareness' (or Sentience!) of the Soul! Because the Soul itself, comes out of the Unity-of-God, or of Infinite Consciousness of the Cosmos! So, if one can follow One's own Soul-Trail, then one is halfway-there!

  21. Of course, 'following' One's own Soul-Trail, means being-aware of one's Soul, and in this current Human Civilization of Immature Mind-and-Soul... that is NOT a common possibility! Until Mankind has 'achieved' Maturity of Mind and Soul (discussed elsewhere on these webpages!), one cannot but occasionally (at best!) 'Be Aware' of one's Soul, and the Trail-into-the Past (and Future!), that one's Soul might reveal!

  22. In the meanwhile, however, I guess I have already discussed the 'Experience-of-Consciousness' from Inside... as best I can! Here is a Reprint of the pertinent Sections from the Main QUFD Formulation Document, starting at Section 92:

    1. Now, those two sources are "realized", or deposited (actually, the consciousness OF those two sources), by the means of IMPLANTATION, in the OVUM of the mother, where these two sources of consciousness (actually THREE: God's, the mother's ovary and the father's sperm), come together IN the DNA that is so "created" therein. And, of course, the DNA "codes" so produced, in turn "create" the cells and organisms of the body, including our brains and their most important affiliates, the glial cells. Incidentally, a mature human mind, being of the Soul itself, can "remember" being "born", because it is the Self/Soul that "travels" down that "tunnel" (which is not necessarily ONLY the "birth-canal", but also the entire process of "creation" of a new ground-state). I can "remember", myself, being in a "great room" with many other people (Souls, actually), that "great room" being of the Heavenly realms (that particular dimension of Souls). When my name was called, I exited that room by a certain "doorway", which opened to a great hallway which I travelled along until I came to one of the many "doorways" which were along the sides of that hallway. I then went through that new "doorway" and found myself in a "tunnel" (the "tunnel" being the combined "creation" of my parents).

    2. Actually, the "tunnel" is the fitness-peak perturbation, or transcendence, from the combined ground-states of my parents, which is rising to the peak transcendence point and creating the new ground-state of existence which I am to become. So, when I am "travelling" down (actually, UP) that "tunnel", it is my consciousness - the Spirituality, the quantum Soul, that I am - which is actually "travelling", or rising, WITHIN that perturbation of consciousness, to eventually, upon reaching its peak, spread out and become that new fitness-landscape, new ground-state, of simple-order, ready to receive "inputs" from its surroundings and environment. I "remember", as well, this part of the passage, up that "tunnel". The passageway gradually got smaller and smaller, as the peak was approached, and even got a little bit "bumpy" (imperfections of the perturbation) as I got closer to the end of the "tunnel". And what was at the end of that "tunnel"? LIGHT, a new world, of being "born", and of exiting TO corporeal AND incorporeal LIFE!

    3. Also, at times over the years, I have "remembered" that great "room" and the immediately-outside-thereof "hallway" and I have even explored the various other "doorways" leading off that hallway - to the various other "lives" which I (my Soul) has "been", before my incarnation in this dimension. This is part of that REMEMBERING which I mentioned earlier, but these are just temporary, or passing, "rememberings", as one's mature mind swiftly "passes over" such instances of one's Life AS the thought-processes are in operation, these phase-space-shifts being, as I said, just temporary. However, with more certitude, and a more concentrated ability of that mature mind, one can phase-space-shift TO another (previous OR future) "dimension" of one's Life, more permanently or, at least, for a longer period of time (which I will not discuss any further here, for, as I've said, "READ the book!") I will mention, however, that one brief instance of "seeing" an episode of one's future, was quite interesting. BUT, not here, will I discuss such.

    4. Anyway, getting back to the new Soul, now "resident" in the new DNA which has been "created". Of course, development of the DNA "strings" and the human body cannot procede and materialize until we are "born" (not neglecting pre-partum "development", of course). At BIRTH, the consciousness of our individual local mind and its ground-state has already been effected and our self (lower mind) and our Self/Soul (upper mind) do already exist. And one other important thing happens here. The (s)elf, or lower mind ground-state, IS GIVEN THE CHOICE TO "ACTIVATE" THE SOUL, or the upper mind ground-state (meaning that it is already THERE, but the self, or lower mind, is NOT "aware" of its existence). In other words, at birth, WE CAN BE BORN WITH MATURITY OF MIND already "activated" and operational, such that the self already KNOWS itSelf, or Soul! THAT maturity of mind (our Soul, and our "awareness" OF IT!), ALREADY EXISTS within us! Whether we "turn it on" OR NOT, is our "choice", as a newborn human being.

    5. Actually, it is not really "our" choice, but is entirely in the hands of our parents. Whether we "experience" those "fingers" of negativity, OF Lucifer's Veil of Separation/Unknowing, closing in upon us and between our upper and lower mind, "blocking" us, as a newborn "babe", from KNOWING our Self/Soul and Who and What we "are", as an incarnate human being, all DEPENDS ON OUR PARENTS! The "environmental situation", provided by our parents AND throughout our lives, determines whether we become an adult human being who is in "communication" with one's Soul OR NOT! For further commentary on the "programming" and "addictions", etc. that we experience throughout our lives, in addition to my Research Report, "An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind", the Reader is also directed to a pertinent Excerpt from my E-book, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!", the Excerpt being entitled, ADDICTIONS. Additionally, the Reader might find the following sections of this website interesting: Father Jerome's SERMONS and Father Jerome's SYNDICATED COMMENTARIES.

    6. This, of course, is the situation for most of humanity (of THIS civilization), with that constant "programming" and inculcation OF that Veil of Separation/Unknowing being the "reality" of our lives. And this means, of course, that the only way we can "activate" our MATURITY OF MIND is BY OUR OWN ACTIONS! Thusly, as I have said in my Works, it is UP TO US - humanity - ALL OF US, individually AND collectively, to remove those negativities OF that Veil which prevent the "activation" OF our mature minds.

Aum, Peace, Amen

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