QUALIA XXXXIX: Exploring the Basics of the QUFD 'Scale of Life': The Characteristics of an Individual Life-form. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XXXXIX: Exploring the Basics of the QUFD 'Scale of Life': The Characteristics of an Individual Life-form.

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Back in the original QUFD Formulation (which is a Philosophical 'Formulation', not a Mathematical Formulation!), I put forth certain scientifically-accepted 'elements', as Basics of the Definition of an individual Life-form of Existence and Reality: (reprinted here from that original 'Formulation')
    14. Actually, our "condensate-field", confined within the limitations OF its borders, does now constitute the "ground-state" which we defined earlier. SO, within those "borders" (which actually may be either finite OR infinite, depending on the actual realities of that particular ground-state), the following characteristics pertain:
    • The condensate-field exists at whatever the AMBIENT TEMPERATURE of that ground-state may be, and such temperatures may range from the infinitely cold (from 0 K, even) to the infinitely hot. However, each particular ground-state is defined, as to its CORPOREAL "dimensionality" (previously defined), BY whatever its particular temperature may be. It is to be further noted that this temperature "element" ONLY applies to defining the functional-activity POINT OF INTERFACE (or "dimensionality") WITH the CORPOREALITY of such dimensional-entity as is being described. In other words, beyond that corporeal point of dimensional interface activity, temperature MAY BE OTHERWISE than such specified CORPOREAL ambient temperature, in defining the extended INCORPOREALITY of said condensate-field. Thusly, the temperature of a defined ground-state is ambient AT such point of corporeality (IF extant), but may be otherwise in its incorporeality, without affecting the functionality OF such incorporeal aspects of said ground-state condensate-field.

    • The condensate-field also exists at whatever the AMBIENT DENSITY of that particular ground-state may be, and such densities may range (however relationally or relativistically defined) across a wide spectrum of densities, from that of gases and quantum particulates to the densities of the most intense Cosmic scale. Each "dimension", of Cosmic existence and reality, exists as a ground-state AT whatever its particular density of the condensate-field of consciousness may be. And we are talking here of both the CORPOREAL and the INCORPOREAL - and especially of the density of an INCORPOREAL condensate-field ground-state - WITHOUT which there would be NO CORPOREALITY, NO actuality, NO reality, NO existence, OF the physical, material, macrocosmic-entity, which such ground-state of consciousness does so enable. Of course, there ARE also such NON-corporeal, non-physical, and microcosmic entities, of reality and existence, as do exist outside OF the limitations, boundaries, or definitions of CORPOREALITY, and such ground-states are certainly included herewith.

    • The condensate-field also exists by reason of that third "element" of "dimensionality" - SPIRIT, in the form of those quantum particulates previously described, QUANTUM AXION PARTICLES. Spirit, as also previously noted, provides the "Essence" AND the "Sentience" OF that ground-state of consciousness which we are considering. And Spirit comes from, or is derived from, the fact that ANY and ALL time, place, phase, space, dimension (or whatever other measure) IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF, and a component thereof, THAT UNIVERSAL/COSMIC ground-state, of such infinite magnitude, which is known as Infinite Consciousness (God), which does pervade the Cosmos and All That Is.
  2. Further on, in that Original QUFD Formulation, when examining the Interface 'processes' between the human Brain and the human Mind, we again encounter a 'relative definition' of our 'characteristics' of a human Life-form, as, in this case, relating specifically to the glial-synaptic-junction of the Brain: (again reprinted here from that Formulation):
    36. First of all, we are yet talking about the quantum "dimension", when we ask what is going on in the nucleus of that particular glial cell, AND we are talking about the CORPOREAL microcellular processes that are "going on" IN those synaptic neurons OF that individual "junction". At the quantum level - remember? - we have the three "elements" of "dimensionality" - temperature, density, and Spirit.
    • Temperature - as we all know, within the "dimension" of human-entity-existence (of the Universal/Cosmic scale/range of possibilities of existence, of all Sentience), is 310.15 K, or 98.6 F. If the temperature is anything else, from the infinitely cold to the infinitely hot, we are then talking about a completely different dimension of Sentience-consciousness - NOT of humanity! Of course, density and Spirit must also pertain, to further define such OTHER dimensionality of Sentience.

    • Density - according to those Scientists of the Quantum who have so "specified" such (in current secular research as well as non-secular research), is (-)minus 120 decimals of condensate (however referenced). Of course, such a "measure" is so infinitesimally microscopic (and quantum), that it is, as yet (with modern technology), unmeasurable (as is, likewise, the "density" of those quantum axion particles of those "dimensions" of consciousness which pervade the Cosmos - commonly called the cosmic "dark matter"). Again, if we are referring to any other "measure" of density, we are, again, talking about a completely different dimension of Sentience-consciousness - NOT of humanity. Infinitely smaller densities to infinitely larger densities pertain to other NON-human Sentience-consciousness, ranging from the quantum particles, such as leptons, to amoebas, to ants, to trees, to rocks, to the biosphere, to a planet, to a pulsar, to a galaxy, and on to Infinite Consciousness Him/HerSelf. Again, temperature and Spirit must also pertain to such other dimensions of consciousness.

    • Spirit - and the quantum axion particles thereof, which infuse and pervade the Cosmos, IS the controlling (or supervising) factor here, as to the human brain/mind INTERFACE of which we are noting herein this Formulation (and since we are NOT including nor defining Spirit, IN THIS DOCUMENT, as the "infusion", or Sentience factor for NON-human Sentience - which it certainly IS, I leave such to be defined by other Scientists of the Quantum).
    37. And Spirit IS the "Essence" OF the human mind (the individual local mind) AND its "supervisory" control OF those quantum microcellular processes of CORPOREAL functionality, which take place within the axon and dendrite OF that synaptic junction we are talking about.
  3. Actually, in retrospect, I realize that the foregoing 'definitions' of the characteristics of a Life-form were... to say the least, a bit abstruse and ambiguous! But, in looking over such 'definitions' now, I am confident in saying that... THEY WERE YET CORRECT, in those early 'attempts' to 'define' that which I had seen, within the realms of quantum Incorporeality!

  4. Apparently, such are the 'stumblings', that one 'creates' or encounters, when one is actually 'creating' something entirely new. In this case, a new Definition/Formulation, of something that certainly is extant and 'Real', but which had never before been adequately or evidently 'defined' in this Reality, although it has existed, albeit in another 'Reality'!!

  5. So now, herein this Qualia Document, it is apparently time to re-define those 'characteristics' of a Life-form, in the 'light' of all the further details of the 'Big Picture' that have come to 'light' over the years since that original 'Formulation'. In other words, in those days, the Scientists of the Quantum who were concerned with such, were yet struggling to 'see' the CONTENT of the 'Big Picture' and thusly the CONTEXT of that 'Big Picture' was not necessarily clear as yet!

  6. Incidentally, before I go on here, I will say that that Original QUFD Formulation, as far as can be discerned at present, even though quite often 'offering' definition and detail at a 'Fundamental' and Basic Level, IS YET ESSENTIALLY CORRECT! Again, it is a matter of whether one is looking at the Content or the Context, of the 'Big Picture'. In those early days, we were yet 'looking at' Content. NOW we are 'looking at' Context! Bear with us here, and perhaps your early 'understanding' of these Basics of QUFD will yet be 'clarified' further!

  7. Okay, continuing on here, let us look more thoroughly at the Context of an Individual Life-form, in our case here, specifically a human Life-form. And all of this 'definition', can certainly be found to be 'playing out' ON our QUFD 'Scale of Life'.

  8. So, first of all, let us find our Basic 'Placement' on that QUFD 'Scale of Life'. As noted in the original QUFD Formulation:
      The Cosmic Scale of Consciousness

    1. Okay, on to our next pictorial, with the philosophy of all this to follow in a bit. The title of our next "visualization" is, "The Cosmic Scale of the quantum forces and the Cosmic Condensate-Mass-Field of Consciousness". This is merely a pictorial of ALL THAT IS - from the smallest, most infinitesimal, to the largest, most infinite. The "Scale" starts from a point at the lower-left corner of the page, rising linearly to the upper-right corner of the page, the bottom point of this linearity being the smallest infinitesimality and the top right corner being infinity. The horizontal X axis is labelled DENSITY and the vertical Y axis is labelled TEMPERATURE. Therefore, on the X axis, the range of DENSITY is from the most minute (and feathery light, if we can call it such) to the most intense density (of tremendous compacture), from left to right along the bottom of the page (actually all across the page). On the Y axis, the range of TEMPERATURE is the smallest (coldest) to the largest (hottest), from the bottom to the top of the page.

    2. NOW, rising along our linear line, from the lower-left corner of our Scale to the upper-right corner, we have CONSCIOUSNESS and LIFE, expanding as it rises, to indicate the increasing temperatures and densities OF anything that lies along that linear-rise OF those quantum forces AND that Condensate-Mass-Field of Consciousness.

    3. Now, defining our Scale a bit further, outside of that centrally-rising-and-expanding expanse (or width) of Consciousness and Life, from both "sides" (or limits) of that incorporeality (we're talking about a ground-state here folks, which, after all, has "limits", or maximum "points", of its condensate-field of reality - EXCEPT, of course, for that ground-state of Infinite Consciousness), we have (on both sides) an infinite number of rising linear "lines", the "lines" below our central-expanse of LIFE rising ever-so-slightly along the bottom width of the page, from left to right. On top, or above, our central-expanse of LIFE, we have "lines" also, rising dramatically and vertically along the Y axis at the left-side of our page. SO, we have "lines" on BOTH SIDES of LIFE (which I will actually re-define shortly - LIFE, that is), these "lines" being above and below LIFE, along the Temperature Y axis and the Density X axis.

    4. And why I said I would shortly re-define LIFE, is that, in reality, the ENTIRE SCALE IS LIFE! NOT just the central-expanse! Because - Remember? - I said that the central-expanse of the Scale was actually CONSCIOUSNESS, Spirit, intemporality and incorporeality. And those "lines" OUTSIDE OF (and on both sides of our ground-state of consciousness) are actually OUR COSMIC FABRICS, which we just met in our previous "visualization" of the Cosmic "fabrics" of Time and Space. So, in reality, our Cosmic "fabrics" are our old-familiar DIMENSIONS of Cosmic reality, each "line" being a different "fabric" or "dimension". And these "dimension-fabric-lines" ACTUALLY take up the whole Scale, IF we were to look at our Scale in a third (or BETTER) dimension, just as our central-expanse of LIFE would also take up our entire Scale, IF we were to "visualize" it from more than just the two dimensions of X-axis-Density and Y-axis-Temperature. (BECAUSE - Remember? - the THIRD COMPONENT of consciousness, of "dimensionality", is SPIRIT, that incorporeal "Essence", of the quantum axion particles, which pervades All That Is!)

    5. So now, I am getting back to that one fact-of-Cosmic-Life that I mentioned earlier - DUALITY. Because, what we have here, which could only be shown in a 3-D "visualization" of our Cosmic Scale, IS THE DUALITY OF LIFE, in that all "dimensions" of Life, ARE BOTH INCORPOREAL AND CORPOREAL - or, as the two sections of our Scale indicate (the central-expanse section versus the side-sections of "fabric-lines") - DIFFERENTIATED RELATIVITY versus UNDIFFERENTIATED RELATIVITY.

    6. The "lines" of our Scale are the DIFFERENTIATED RELATIVITY, the corporeality, and the backdrop Cosmic "fabric" of Time and Space, the "warp and woof" of Cosmic relativity, which are our familiar spacio-temporal "dimensions". In other words, Time and Space are dimensional continuums that are shown here as a single aggregate - in the third-dimensional "in-and-out-of-the-page" perspective. Time and Space (differentiated relativity) are actually more so like intertwined Cosmic "blankets" of infinitesimal to infinite construction.

    7. The "central-expanse" of our Scale is UNDIFFERENTIATED RELATIVITY, or the Cosmic condensate-mass-field of Cosmic consciousness (the Cosmic, or Universal Mind). The Cosmic-condensate-mass-field permeates throughout ALL those dimensions of Time and Space, adapting to and penetrating ALL energy-mass-gravity force-fields of temperature and density (AND of the QUANTUM!), from the infinitesimal to the infinite.

    8. Okay, one last addition to our "visualization" of the Cosmic Scale of LIFE and Consciousness. Let's put our individual-entities OF LIFE on that Scale, and show where they are located on that Scale, relative to Temperature and Density (the "Essence", or SPIRIT, as the third "element" of "dimensionality", has already been thoroughly discussed, although there IS more to come about such!) First, being as we are talking about temperature and density, somewhere toward the bottom end of our rising central-expanse of Life and Consciousness, near the left-bottom corner of the Scale, at low Temperature (relatively) and minute Density (relatively), we have the microscopic "speck" of the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, humanity and the human "dimension" of Life. Further up the scale, of increasing Temperature and Density, we have the consciousness and the reality of our planet, EARTH. A bit further up the Scale, with higher Temperature and Density, we have the consciousness of our SUN. Rising up the Scale further, we come to the consciousness of our GALAXY. And then, not to leave out everything else of importance in the Universe/Cosmos, but merely to limit the number of Life-entities that are so-labelled and shown here, we now come to a Life-entity of EXTREME Temperature and Density - the BLACK HOLE, which I will return to shortly.
      "HEY! WAIT A MINUTE! What about the rest of US? Don't we 'count' TOO, in this 'census' of intelligent LIFE in the Universe? After all, I myself, I do quite important things, here in this world called Earth. I and my siblings, we work hard, all day long, to 'feed' and care for our 'Mother', back in our hive. And the things we do......WHY, if it wasn't for us, this world just wouldn't be the same! After all, I AM ANT!!!"
  9. So, again, unfortunately, in those early days of our 'considerations' of Cosmic Incorporeality and Life, we have another Section of the Original QUFD Formulation which is, certainly and specifically TRUE, in everything that it discusses here, but yet is again abstruse and ambiguous, in the effort, then, to 'find' true and relativistic explanations and terminology, for that which had been 'seen' and yet, as such, was also 'unseeable', and thusly extremely hard to define from the perspective of Corporeality. Actually, I might say that it was not until myself and a number of the other Scientists of the Quantum had actually 'stepped over that fence', into the Unknown, enough times to realize that the Unknown, Incorporeality, actually required its own specific as well as all-inclusive terminology, in order to adequately 'visualize' and 'see' that 'side of the fence' more clearly!

  10. In the 'light' of such further research and discovery, this very Document is herewith now attempting to further 'clarify' THAT WHICH IS, although, as I have said, that First, admirable 'effort', WAS and yet IS, CORRECT! But, we now need to look at the 'Big Picture' of Incorporeality/Corporeality, the QUFD 'Scale of Life', and Life/Consciousness itself, from the perspective of CONTEXT, more so than Content!

  11. Getting back to those earlier 'definitions', the first thing we need to emphasize, in more clearly defining the Context of ALL Life-forms, is... Differentiated Relativity and Undifferentiated Relativity!

  12. WHICH IS, of course, Corporeality and Incorporeality! Which does, of course, bring us back to the fact that ANY Life-form is composed of BOTH Corporeality and Incorporeality, in the twin-condensates that do comprise that Life-form.

  13. Which leads us here, however, to a more detailed 'definition' of that Life-form, as to the characteristics of the 'elements' that comprise that Life-form... Temperature, Density and Spirit!

  14. Because the Reality IS, as to Temperature and Density, is that such 'elements' might define that Life-form most specifically relative to other Life-forms on the QUFD 'Scale of Life', BUT these two 'elements' ONLY define the CORPOREAL characteristics of the Life-form - NOT the Incorporeal characteristics! In this respect, therefore, humanity is defined by these two elements CORPOREALLY as being of 310.15K (98.6F) in Temperature and of an Interface Density of (-)minus 120 decimals. (The Interface Density is the density occurring at the Point of Interface between Corporeality and Incorporeality, which is located in the human Brain within the nucleus of each and every glial cell that surrounds a single synaptic-junction!)

  15. Okay, if Temperature and Density (in defining ANY 'dimensionality' as a Life-form!) are on the Corporeal side of the fence, then the remaining 'element' of a 'dimensionality' and Life-form... that of SPIRIT, must be the 'element' that 'defines' the Incorporeal 'side' of our Life-form/'dimensionality'!

  16. And such is certainly true, as Spirit IS Consciousness (and much more!), all of which relate to the innate and inherent 'characteristics' OF that single quantum particle of Consciousness, the quantum axion particle, which is the ONLY quantum particle existing IN the Unitary quantum realms of Incorporeality!

  17. And though, as I have said, the words of the Original QUFD Formulation are correct, what was therein overlooked (at that point of our Knowing!) was the Context, of those statements. So, when that Formulation talks about Time and Space, for example, one needs to additionally consider that Time and Space ONLY EXIST within Corporeality! The same might be said about any statements referring to Past, Present and Future, as well as related statements concerning the quantum forces, fields and gravity, which are again, exclusively Corporeal! BUT, with RESPECT TO those last two types of statements, one does need to be careful in the understanding, as the (relative) 'effects', or RESULTS, of Time/Space and the quantum forces, fields and gravity, MIGHT OCCUR within INCORPOREALITY! (As when the 'release' of the quantum forces, fields and gravity, 'create' SpaceTime ONLY TEMPORARILY, as a function of any Incorporeal 'dynamic' that is processing its contents!)

  18. SO, the Context, or the 'Big Picture', requires that we always look further when dealing with any of these characteristics of a dimensionality/Life-form, in order to determine which 'side of the fence', as to THAT Life-form, the Corporeal side OR the Incorporeal 'side', we might be talking about!

  19. I've covered these characteristics with respect primarily to the human Life-form here. As I have also said, I'll let other Scientists of the Quantum 'work out' the specific details of other Life-forms!

  20. I will note here, one other type of Life-form/dimensionality, which I have already noted elsewhere on these pages, and that is 'dimensionalities' that have 'relationships' with actual Life-forms, but are NOT, themselves, Corporeal, in any way! These Incorporeal-only 'condensates', human and otherwise, are yet 'part and parcel' of the Spirit-world of Consciousness, but we only encounter such 'Dimensionalities'/Spirits but under certain or specific circumstances.

  21. The one other 'condensate' of Incorporeality that is exclusively Incorporeal in the human realm (OTHER THAN Lucifer and ANY 'component' or minion of his Luciferian Complex of Negative Consciousness!), is the 'Collective Consciousness of all of humanity', which is an Incorporeal-only 'condensate' of which, however, EVERY human Life-form IS A PART THEREOF! Meaning that, on the Incorporeal 'side of the fence', the Incorporeal 'twin-condensate' OF EVERY ONE OF US, does have the Incorporeal 'condensate' OF the 'Collective' AS one of the many incorporeal 'condensates' of which it is a member thereof. I've discussed the 'Collective' extensively already elsewhere in these webpages, so I will not do so again here!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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