Does Quantum Physics REALLY describe the realities of human society and individuality, in simple terms, understandable by anyone, from 5 to 99+ years of age?

A Commentary On Society by Jerome

This Commentary On Society by Jerome is based upon, as a reference and example of the point being made, the famous literary Work hereinafter described: "Prologue - Flaubert, Analyst of Flaubert: A Reading on 'Sentimental Education'", as included at the beginning of the book, "The Rules of Art - Genesis and Structure of the Literary Field", by the great French sociologist, M. Pierre Bourdieu, Professor of Sociology at the College de France, Paris.

This Prologue, on "Sentimental Education", is a sociological critique, of the great literary work by Gustave Flaubert, "Sentimental Education", which describes a slice of life in the society of Paris of 1848, examining a small group of characters with the focus on a main character named Frederic Moreau who is a young Parisian trying, or not trying, to make his way in the world (of that time). The analysis of the societal situation and of these character's interactions, their personal, life and power struggles, could just as well be readily transplanted to the U.S. and anyplace and anytime, because it is an extraordinarily accurate critique and analysis of human society and of individuals anywhere, regardless of the fact that Flaubert's characters are writers, artists, businessmen, students and aristocrats of the France at that time.

But what is of more interest to the Reader is the accuracy of the evocation of the preponderant societal negativity, as expressed in these people's lives, as immersed as they are in the constant daily negativity of their daily lives and realities, regardless of the fact that such negativities are expressed within the entire range of human emotions, endeavors and activities, from the most enjoyable and happy to the most sorrowful. For, in the context of their lives, these folks just do not realize (are not aware of the basics) that they are immersed and swimming in a gigantic sea of negativity of their own creation, as well as locked in the "cages" of their own imprisonment.

But what is yet of even more interest to the Reader, presuming the Reader, of course, has read the scientific and philosophic postulates of QUFD and, as well, understands the fundamentals and extent of nominal quantum particle interactions and dynamics, within the fields of Quantum Mechanics, Bose-Einstein Condensates and Complex Adaptive Systems. Because, as QUFD explains, all three of these fields of scientific reality define and are at the basis of society and the dynamics of human interaction within such societal milieu.

Because in reading Flaubert's "Sentimental Education" and Pierre Bourdieu's sociological analysis of it, one can readily see (IF one is well-enough versed in the aforementioned fields of science) the quantum interactions that take place extensively in that sociological context and milieu. In fact, within such evocation as one does purview, the Reader can also readily see the very negativities which are created and come into play as realities (actually pseudo-realities) in these characters lives, as created by themselves but certainly influenced by that Veil of Separation/Unknowing effecting such negativities within the very mental processes of their thinking and the results thereof. As such, this Work is a fascinating view into society, FROM the perspective of the realities and basic fundamentals of consciousness as viewed from the quantum incorporeal side of reality and existence.

This analysis, by Bourdieu, is a sociological critique that should be read by everyone because it very adroitly evokes and details the dynamics of the Luciferian influence upon all of human society, not only in relationships but also in the tugs upon the human psyche with regard to ambition, power, money, love, competition, status, animosities, adversities and all forms of divisiveness, which can be imposed upon a society of anytime and anyplace (of quantum dimensionality), today's included.

See the QUFD website, at for more details on this sociological analysis, especially Father Jerome's Research Report, "An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind".

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