What Does Jerome Do?

Someone might ask, "Exactly what does Jerome do, when he is 'contributing his share' to others and all?" (even though such a question seems to imply a judgemental and biased attitude on the part of the questioner, we will address the question from the realities of Jerome's life and thusly, regardless of any possible bias in the asking of the question, the truth of Jerome's reality will be most obvious in the answer).

"What does Jerome do?" He "thinks" and writes Quantum Physics, for most of any day! That's what he does! Using the principles and realities of Quantum Physics, and specifically Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD), AS he has been shown such himself, he is then able to turn around and write about, and explain in detail, the "workings" - the physics - of how any and everything in life does actually "work", and exist, in reality.

And since the Quantum Physics of reality, as explained by QUFD, extends from the smallest (the microcosmic) to the largest (the macrocosmic), Jerome is quite able to fit any and everything into context - the context of the "Big Picture", the forest and the trees - in explaining just what does constitute All That Is!

And since humanity and all forms of sentient life are primarily at the center of All That Is, that is where Jerome starts! With CONSCIOUSNESS and the human mind! He explains the How, the What, the Why, the Who, the When, and the Where of consciousness, AND of the intricate details of the quantum physics of HOW consciousness, acting in and through the human mind, impels ALL that we, as sentient human beings, DO, as we live our daily lives.

In fact, that is where Jerome goes beyond anything that has ever been told before about the human mind and consciousness, in the explaining of the How, What, etc., of OUR DAILY LIVES! And most importantly, Jerome explains one of the most important principles of Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD) and Quantum Physics, that does directly impact upon our daily lives and HOW we actually live our lives. And that important principle of QUFD is SPIRIT - the quantum physics of Spirituality - as to exactly what does constitute that all important component of any and all dimensions of consciousness, AND exactly WHAT is the relationship OF the quantum forces, in creating Spirit.

And, of course, in doing so, Jerome explains the exact details of THE most important "Spirit" of all: the quantum physics of GOD, or Infinite Consciousness, as He/She is actually known. Disregarding the fact that modern physicists have their mathematical formulaes "proving" the existence of God, Jerome, instead, just "tells it like it is", in plain "classical" English, which can be understood by anyone, from 5 years of age and up. But more than that, Jerome, in "telling it like it is", goes on to further explain the dichotomy that exists in the Universe and in our lives, by explaining the details of NEGATIVE SPIRIT - the quantum physics of Satan, the Devil - and how THAT Luciferian Complex of quantum spiritual dimensionality actually affects and distorts our everyday lives! (And, yes, modern physicists do also have their mathematical formulaes "proving" the existence of the Devil.)

In all of this explication, Jerome points out where we - humanity - as individuals and as a whole, fit into this "Big Picture" of consciousness, of LIFE, and of All That Is! Because, ultimately, it is US - mankind - who is being "challenged"......not only by Jerome, but by Infinite Consciousness (God) IN THE FIRST PLACE, by and through our VERY creation......to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE SITUATION! To exert our WILL, our direct RESPONSIBILITY, and more, in making a better Life for ourselves and for All That Is in the Universe and beyond! Jerome does leave us with a most important ultimatum: to DO THAT which we were BORN TO DO!

Anyone reading further, of these writings of Jerome, will find the content VERY exhilerating, enlightening, and challenging - both to the individual Soul and to the very nexus of humanity itself. Read on and enjoy!

Aum, Peace, Amen!
Monsignor Terence Nicholplaiy,
The Freedom, Independence & World Democracy (FIWD) Institute, London


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