QUALIA XXXVI: The BASICS (continued): The Dynamics and Morphogenetics of the Landscape of the Mind! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XXXVI: The BASICS (continued): The Dynamics and Morphogenetics of the Landscape of the Mind!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Okay, to start this Monograph document off, let me basically state exactly what I mean, as to the very basics of a 'landscape' of Consciousness and Incorporeality. I've said elsewhere that, at its most basic form, a 'landscape' consists of the entire 'ground-state' of that 'condensate' of Incorporeality, which means the entire 'ground-state-landscape' exists solely by reason and purpose for whatever it is that it was so originally created for (whether the Universe, a star, a human being, an ant, a quark, General Motors Corporation, the San Francisco Giants baseball team, your local Jewish Synagogue, the Iraqi Nation, the U.S. Congress, movie actress Elizabeth Taylor, or you!) But since I am going to be primarily talking here about 'landscapes' and 'condensates' of Consciousness of the Mind, I'm going to leave groups and other 'Life-forms-of-Consciousness-and-Mind' out of any further discussion, although some of the very basics I will be discussing might apply to a discussion of the 'Mind' and Consciousness of a pulsar or an ant, just as well!

  2. Further, each 'landscape' then also consists of both Positive and Negative quantum axion particles of Consciousness, which represent Order versus Chaos in that 'landscape', all of which are 'condensed', unitary and coherent, or of such a 'state' (which has already been thoroughly explained elsewhere on these pages!)

  3. It has also already been discussed that the function of 'dynamics' is the most important functionality of any 'landscape', which is actually the 'actions' and 'activities' OF the quantum axion particles (and waves, which are particles-in-action!) thereof that 'landscape', in their 'self-ordering' and 'complexively-adaptive' responses to 'inputs' TO that 'landscape', FROM both Corporeality and Incorporeality! And it is the 'dynamics' of that 'landscape' which then, using the innate Sentience and Spirit OF the said axion particles of that 'landscape', do 'analyze', consider, reason and logically rationalize, all of those 'inputs', and then produce (in doing so, executing those 'dynamics', that is!) the resulting 'decision' or 'output', which results from all the 'criticalities' (usually between Order and Chaos!), perturbations (usually from 'aggregations' of 'self-ordering' about a complex 'reality' or subject!) and other 'dynamics', which might take place, including 'ripples' and 'phase-space-shifts'!

  4. "Whoa! Wait a minute here! You just said 'phase-space-shifts'! But that can't be, because you are now discussing what takes place inside of a 'condensate' of Incorporeality and I thought you said elsewhere that 'phase-space-shifts' required the creation of 'spacetime' which was only possible outside of that 'condensate' of Incorporeality?"

  5. Ah-h-h, we do have problems, here, if you (the Reader!) are going to persist in that 'linear-thinking' which is the 'mark' of Classical Newtonians and Quantum 'Mechanics'! Because the solution to this 'problem' is simple! Even though we are discussing the 'dynamics' of what goes on within a 'landscape' INSIDE of a specific 'condensate' of Incorporeality, that particular 'condensate' (and the 'landscape' thereof!), is yet 'part and parcel' OF the larger 'condensate' of Incorporeality that originally created it, as well as ALL OTHER incorporeal 'condensates' of which it is also a 'part' thereof, OUTSIDE OF ITSELF! Remember our discussions about the QUFD Scale of Complexity AND 'point-locations' of non-locality within Incorporeality? 'Phase-space-shifting' is the process that enables consciousness, AND the 'signals', 'decisions' and 'outputs' thereof, AS WELL AS 'inputs' THERETO, to be 'input' or 'output', thereto or therefrom, any 'landscape' to/from any other 'landscape'! In other words, if your Mature Mind wishes to 'plant' you 'down', into the desired 'landscape' of another 'dimension-of-reality' (i.e., another 'condensate' of Consciousness and 'Reality'!), it is via the 'mechanism' of 'phase-space-shifting', that your 'awareness', Consciousness and 'reality', will suddenly 'appear' at some 'point-location' on the 'landscape' of this 'condensate-dimension' which we are now discussing! (Remember, every 'condensate' has at least one quantum axion particle 'representative' ON EVERY 'point-location' of non-locality in the Cosmos, and that particular axion particle could 'appear' at ANY point of 'complexity' on the QUFD Scale of Complexity AND on that very same 'point-location' of non-locality OF EITHER of those 'condensates' and their 'landscapes'!)

  6. So, 'phase-space-shifting', of anything, into or out of, a 'landscape', is a possibility! Now, how about the other 'quality' I mentioned, 'ripples'? Well, 'ripples' are, once again, 'inputs', from either Corporeality (via the brain-Mind 'interface'!) or from Incorporeality (via 'phase-space-shifting'!) But 'ripples' are very small and 'subtle', or even basic, 'inputs' (although they could also be larger!), that may be either instantaneous OR extended longer (and even forever!) In fact, one form of 'ripples', as an example here, might be 'phylogenetic echoes', which come from hereditary and genetic 'inputs', that 'exist' over time! And here we are referring to the spacetime of the quantum 'correlation', or correlating condensate of Corporeality, WHEREVER that 'spacetime' might be, in the Past, the Present or the Future, OF the 'correlated' spacetime! In other words, the 'correlated' spacetime, from which our 'phase-space-shifted-ripple-input' has come, is OF another time-and-place, i.e., another spacetime continuum, but it has been 'phase-space-shifted' INTO our PRESENT 'condensate-landscape', AS a 'phylogenetic echo', because it has a 'relationship' of some kind, TO the particular 'dynamic' OR 'ground-state' OF this 'condensate-landscape', that needs to be 'represented' IN all the 'considerations' OF the 'dynamics' that shall so occur herein this 'landscape'! And briefly, another 'ripple', might be the 'representation' of the entire 'genetic coding' for the basic human 'Life-form'! So, the 'reality' IS, that 'ripples', including 'phylogenetic echoes', might be inherent in ANY 'landscape', as 'influences' having 'relationships' TO those 'dynamics' that WILL take place therein that 'landscape'!

  7. Okay, moving on here, though, while we are discussing the subject, I might as well mention one other aspect about the 'nature' of the term and 'reality' which is '-genetics', as to our 'landscapes', whether 'phylogenetic' or 'morphogenetic' or whatever! And it is here that it might be said, we have a case of "Which came first? The chicken or the egg!"

  8. Because the predominant and extant 'reality', coming from Corporeal reality, is that genes and the genetic genome-of-mankind, is the 'First Cause' OF, or That-Which-Creates, a new human being, according to established Corporeal Medical Science and Physics! By this 'rationale', then, it is not only the genes which 'create' the physiological human entity, but also the 'unknown' genes (i.e., the large gene-pool of unknown-purpose-and-reality, as to each gene thereof and contained therein!) that also 'create' the 'unknown' and invisible Mind and Consciousness, of that new human being, as well as all of the 'functions' and 'dynamics' OF that Mind and Consciousness, including the 'reality' OF the Mature human Mind itself AND its innate ability to perform the 'functionality' of 'phase-space-shifting' itself and the Consciousness thereof TO an entirely different 'dimension' OF Consciousness and 'Reality'! Or such would be the case, from the outlook or perspective of Corporeal Medical Science and Physics!

  9. However, QUFD Physics notes that ALL of Corporeality, of ANY condensate of Corporeality, is actually a RESULT OF an 'output'... a 'Life-form-creating-output-perturbation-of-Consciousness', FROM another, or other, 'Parental', or larger, 'condensate' of Incorporeality, which has actually 'created', IN that newly-created 'Life-form', two or 'twin-condensates' of 'Reality', a condensate of Corporeality AND its 'twin', a 'condensate' of Incorporeality, Spirit, Mind and Consciousness!

  10. But, the point of the matter here is, that ALL of that which is corporeal, in and of that new human being, has actually COME FROM Incorporeality! So, the fact-of-the-matter IS, that as far as the 'data', or hereditary-info, that is 'coded' INTO the genes... such hereditary-info is actually 'mapped', or 'dynamically-originates-from', the incorporeal 'condensates' OF the PARENTS OF that new human 'Life-form'! In other words, the 'data' and 'hereditary-info', WERE the 'results' OF the coming-together, within the 'dynamics' OF the 'landscape' which 'produced' that new 'Life-form' AS the 'output' thereof, those 'phylogenetic echoes', 'genetic coding', 'ripples' and everything else, that did 'come-together', in 'creating', IN that incorporeal 'landscape' (OF both parents AND God!), THAT 'Life-form' which was 'executed' BY those Corporeal genes! Meaning that, the genes were the corporeal 'correlation' OF the incorporeal 'genesis', or genetics, which 'created' that human 'entity' IN THE FIRST PLACE, IN Incorporeality!

  11. So, which came first? The chicken or the egg? Or rather, the incorporeal 'landscape-dynamic' that 'created' that entire individual human genome, OR the corporeal and specific genes which 'created' the individual human Mind and Consciousness OF that new 'Life-form'? I think you, the Reader, can figure it out, so I leave that up to you!

  12. On to more discussion, about the Morphogenetics of the 'landscape' of the human Mind! Actually, by now I believe the Reader hereof can realize the 'genesis' of that very word, morphogenetics! The 'genetics' came from either the parental (and incorporeal!) 'landscape-dynamics' OR the corporeal genome so created from those parental 'dynamics'! And the prefix- 'morpho-' refers to the fact that the 'landscape' of any 'condensate' or 'ground-state' is actually and constantly in-a-state-of-flux, or change, 'roiling-and-a-boiling', with all the 'dynamics' going on therein! (Although such 'dynamics' might be 'boiling', it is NOT via any temperatural 'inputs', as any 'condensate' of Incorporeality is really atemperatural!)

  13. Actually, before I go on here, let me refer the Reader to the pertinent section of the Main QUFD document, the QUFD Formulation, where I basically discuss the 'realities' of any 'landscape'! That section is Operational Functionalities of the Ground-State of the Human Mind! Actually, I am going to copy herein this discussion, the most relevant sub-section of that section, which details most all of the various 'inputs' TO the 'landscape' of any 'condensate'. Here it is:
    1. Now, any condensate-field ground-state, being "sentient", self-ordering and such, has a number of operational "attributes", that define exactly what is "going on", in the "dynamics" OF that ground-state, WHEN it is in "operation". Hereinthefollowing I will attempt to list most of the relevant "attributes" which we will concern ourselves with (I leave it to other scientists of the Quantum to specifically "quantify" any and all other "attributes" as may pertain hereto).

    2. Generally, we have a number of "ATTRIBUTES", which we can say are "classes" of "attributes, in that they are the major "dynamics" of a ground-state's operation. In most of this listing, I will be generalizing, in that I am not an "expert" on the psychological phenomena of the human species, so I leave it to others to more adequately and specifically quantify such. The ones we shall list are:
      • ATTITUDES - such as cranky, sad, happy, mean, joyful, musical, etc. You fill in the rest! Most of these are somewhat related to the next item.
      • EMOTIONS/INSTINCTS - Emotions also relate somewhat to FEELINGS, which I will consider a sub-category thereof, along with a second sub-category, INSTINCTS.
        • INSTINCTS - we'll use the example here of "knowing" when someone is angry even though that person does not show their anger.
        • FEELINGS - and here we are NOT talking about "touch" sensations, which I list later herein. Feelings include fear, joy, anger, love, heartbreak, desire, lust and more.
      • Well, I might as well get SENSES out of the way. Sensory input includes TOUCH (pain, cold, warmth, sex and more), SMELL (flowers, sex, more), TASTE (food, sex, more), HEARING (sounds, dizziness - due to the "balance" organs being located inside the inner ear - and, of course, sex and more), and SIGHT (vision, sex again, and more).
      • Okay, the "biggie" - THOUGHTS. Thoughts range across a wide spectrum and include a portion of feelings and emotions, as well as understandings, knowing and knowledge(which are slightly different in meaning), enlightenment, self-awareness, movement, concepts, reasoning, rationalizing and so much more, including the next item.
      • PERCEPTIONS - Hey, what one "thinks" about someone or something, and more!
      • STYLE (of "being") - and I guess we could say this is related to attitudes, and is how one "presents" oneself most of the time - whether as a "cowboy", "redneck", "macho-male", "intellectual" or whatever.
      • Acquired CHARACTER - there are all kinds of character traits, which I will not even attempt to list.
      • Of course, then, we have all of the BODILY NEEDS, of the autonomic systems of the body, which are "supervised" by the brain and mind. HOW ELSE, do you think the body could "heal itself", given adequate time, if the mind didn't "know" what was "going on" in and with the corporeal body, as relayed to it (the mind) by the autonomic system, the nerves and otherwise? Of course, the body can be its own "Doctor", if we just wouldn't interfere with its natural healing functions.
      • Hey, another "biggie" - MEMORY, which entails BOTH the totality of the individual local mind AND the dimensions of consciousness BEYOND the individual local mind, INCLUDING the Collective Consciousness AND Infinite Consciousness (God). I'll have more to say about this later. 'Nuf sed, for now!
      • Then we have the GENETIC CODE, the basis for the body's corporeal existence. I'll have more to say about this later in the section entitled, "Activation of the Human Mind; The Three Stages - Implant, Birth, Maturity".
      • And lastly, PHYLOGENETIC ECHOES, which are, simply, those genetic "characteristics" which have been "passed down" from one's parents, family, tribe and race.
    3. Now, additionally, the ground-state of the human mind has a number of operational "attributes" which are specifically related to the functioning of the MATURE HUMAN MIND, which, however, I will discuss more fully in the later section, "Activation of the Human Mind: The Three Stages - Implant, Birth, Maturity".

    4. And one last listing of "attributes" of the ground-state of the human mind, which apply mostly to an IMMATURE HUMAN MIND, or one which has had its operations "distorted" BY the aforenoted "incursioning" OF that Luciferian Complex of dimensionality (which includes most of humanity at the present time, as long as Lucifer is "Prince of this world" - see the listing in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for "Prince of this world"). Under such a condition, until maturity of the human mind can be "activated" (see Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for the listing "activation"), we have such "attributes" as: INTERFERENCE (and distortion, of many of the previously listed nominal "attributes" of that ground-state), and OCCLUSIONS (or "blockages", of any of those aforenoted "attributes").

  14. Quite a listing, 'ay, of all those 'inputs', that so affect the 'dynamics' of our 'landscape'! And I hope the Reader hereof realizes that I am referring that ANY 'landscape' of ANY incorporeal 'condensate', but I am also talking specifically about the 'landscape' of the human Mind! Actually, as I have already discussed elsewhere, there are really four (4) 'landscapes' of the human Mind, two belonging to the lower mind and two belonging to the Upper Mind! And of those two of either mind's individual 'condensate', one 'landscape' is that of the top of the 'condensate' and the other is that of the underside of the 'condensate'! And to review which-is-which and what-is-what, the underside 'landscape' of the lower mind is both corporeal and incorporeal, in its interface-with-the-human-brain (actually, the 'landscape' is incorporeal and the actual 'interface' with the brain, via the glia and neuronal-synapse-junctions, is the corporeal part!) The top 'landscape' of the lower mind 'interacts' with the underside 'landscape' of the Upper Mind (or Soul!), both of which are incorporeal 'landscapes'! And the top 'landscape' of the Upper Mind/Soul, is incorporeal and 'interfaces' with the 'great-beyond' of all of Incorporeality, Spirit and Consciousness of the entire Cosmos! (And, as mentioned numerous times already on these pages, between the two 'condensates', of Upper Mind and lower mind, there currently exists another 'landscape' of consciousness which makes all of our presently-existing Minds of this current human civilization OF an Immaturity-of-Mind, that of Lucifer's 'fingers-of-negative-consciousness', which corrupt and re-route almost all 'communications-signals' between Upper and lower mind, resulting in the wars, animosities and all the other negativities OF our human Society and world!)

  15. Okay, getting back to describing the 'realities' of the morphogenetics of the 'landscape' of our human Mind (the NORMAL, or normally MATURE human Mind, WITHOUT Lucifer's 'fingers-of-negativity'!), let me give the Reader a further 'sense' of what these myriad 'dynamics' are doing, there within that 'landscape'! To do so, let me merely refer the Reader back to that section of the Main QUFD document, the QUFD Formulation, that I referred to earlier here! Click to that section again, at Operational Functionalities of the Ground-State of the Human Mind, but this time re-read the whole section, from beginning to end, and you will thusly get a 'virtual-visual-feel' for what I am talking about here, as to the 'activities' of those 'dynamics' of the 'landscape' of the Mind!

  16. And I wish I could 'show' the Reader, in 'visual-form', the extended 'activities' and 'dynamics', as such do and can occur, not only within the human Mind, but also up to and including the 'Mind of God and the Cosmos', but such a description is quite limited via mere 'visualization', although I have attempted to do so in a number of the 'visualizations' in later sections of the Main QUFD Formulation! Until such 'visualizations' can be digitally and computer-produced in digital-form, such as to be seen more comprehensively in such a 'virtual-visual' format... well, the existing 'visualizations' will have to do!

  17. Let me just cover a few more minor details here! I mentioned Interference and Occlusions, in the re-produced section hereinabove! Such 'dynamics' refer to some of the abnormalities induced into the 'landscapes' of the human Mind via Lucifer's 'fingers-of-negativity', which I will more thoroughly analyze in a further QUALIA document, QUALIA XXXVIII: Practical Medical Analysis of the 'Landscape-of-the-Mind' in the Treatment of Illness!

  18. Okay, getting to the last of this discussion, let me try to present, probably quite inadequately, a 'visualization' or 'Big Picture', of a few of the 'dynamics' that might be occurring on most any 'landscape' of the Mind! Think of anything whatsoever, that might be considered as a minute, or small, yet significant, part of your Life! Perhaps here, we might think of, say, daily or regular 'needs', such as the 'need' to clean the countertops in your kitchen daily (or whenever!), or the 'need' to go to the grocery store daily, weekly, or whenever! That single 'need' represents a 'ripple', on the 'landscape' of your Mind, which might show up as occasional (over time, as 'time' might be so 'represented' on the 'landscape'!) 'bumps' in the 'landscape'! Okay, perhaps your Mother taught (programmed!) you to, for some reason, comb your hair a certain way! That 'bump', or 'ripple', is there on your 'landscape', as a 'phylogenetic echo'! Actually, since that last one might be considered more of an 'acquired' or learned 'characteristic' or 'character trait', perhaps I should say that a true 'phylogenetic echo' could be the particular 'crook' or twist, in your nose, that is definitely an inherited trait from your Uncle Charley!

  19. Now, let's get more serious! When you were much younger, you saw a movie with a beautiful red-haired girl, which has changed your perception of women ever since, and you now absolutely adore any beautiful red-haired girls! Now, Lo and Behold, a beautiful red-haired girl has just recently moved into that old house next door to where you live! Also, you are single and available and are definitely 'interested' in the opposite sex! All these things and much more! Now, what do you think the 'landscape' of your Mind is going to look like, say, when that red-head next door comes strolling-down-the-street in front of your house! Yep! Your 'any and everything' is going to go through the roof! There will not only be instantaneous 'ripples', 'plateaus' and 'valleys' (stretched over the 'landscape', touching almost any and every other 'characteristic' and 'attribute'), but upon that 'landscape', there will also be 'hills', 'mountains' and 'peaks', of 'perturbations', 'criticalities' and so much more, as the 'dynamics' of your 'landscape' react to not only the instantaneous 'experience' of that red-haired neighbor, but also the pro-longed (over 'time'!) 'influences' and 'memories' that you will also be 'experiencing'! 'Landscapes' can truly look and be just as real-world landscapes, not only in their beauty and longevity, but also in their terror and immediacy as well, should such apply to any immediate situation! (Think of the people in the planes and the Twin Towers of New York City, on 9/11/2001!)

  20. But the last thing I want to note here is that, from the QUFD Formulation, ANY 'output' therefrom that 'landscape', whether of merely an 'output-decision' (as a 'phase-space-shifted-communications-signal'!) OR as a newly-created 'Life-form' and 'condensate' of Corporeality (with its incorporeal 'twin' of Mind and Consciousness!), DOES OCCUR FROM or at the 'peaks' OF the 'perturbation' or 'criticality' that most-exemplifies exactly WHAT THAT 'dynamic' has been about, in its 'considerations' of EVERY 'input' which has so contributed TO that 'output', FROM that specific 'dynamic', AT THAT specific and local 'point-location' of our 'landscape' of the Mind! And it is that 'output', from that 'dynamic' of your 'landscape', AT that specific local 'point-location', that 'represents' WHATEVER 'quality' it is (Love, Hate, Joy, Sadness, etc.!), that is to be conveyed ('phase-space-shifted'!) TO the 'corresponding' and correlated 'condensate' and the 'landscape' thereof!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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