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For CERN and other Researchers: The Quantum Axion Particle and related Keywords of QUFD Physics:

The QUFD Keywords of BEC Non-Matter Condensates:

Bose-Einstein; ground-state; condensate; landscape; point-location; dynamics; criticality; perturbation; order/chaos; quantum axion particle; spacetime-creation; local point-location; non-local point-location; vortices; vortex; interstices; incorporeality; corporeality; phase-space-shift; dimensionality; spirit; sentience; self-ordering; adaptive-complexity; coherence; the QUFD Scale of Complexity; the QUFD Scale of Life; Differentiated Relativity; Undifferentiated Relativity; landscape-ripples; interference; occlusions; atemporality; aspaciality; atemperaturality; unitary; density; an incorporeal condensate; a corporeal condensate; the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity; corporeal quantum particles and entities; Quantum Mechanics versus Quantum Physics; QUFD Physics; Quantum Systemics; non-local tunneling; point-location tunneling; non-local condensates; non-local dynamics; non-local quantum axion waves; non-local quantum axion particles; attributes; qualities; communications-signal; mature human mind; immature human mind; genetic coding the landscape-ground-state of a BEC condensate of incorporeality; phylogenetic echoes on the landscape of a ground-state; hills/mountains/peaks/valleys/plateaus of an incorporeal landscape; an infinite cosmic condensate of incorporeality; infinitudes of condensates; the incorporeal condensate-dimension; familial dynamics on a landscape; aggregation of inputs; inputs as a function of dynamics; output decisions from a dynamic; perturbation-to-Life-form-creation; sworls and dynamics; formulation; principia; reality; realities; half-integer-spin particles; whole-integer-spin particles; dimensional coda; dimensional infinities; con-juncted condensates; interface between brain-mind; neurophysics of the mind; Cooper-paired condensates; sandwiched condensates; fingers-of-negativity; consciousness; a condensate of consciousness and reality; dark matter condensates; dark energy condensates; twin condensates of incorporeality-corporeality; incorporeal dimensionality-condensate complexes; condensate-fields; negativities; positivities; neuroglial interface dynamics of a condensate of the mind; vesicles; microtubules; axon; dendrite; synapsial-junctions; incorporeal condensate of the mind; the corporeal human brain; matter versus non-matter; quantum supervision of the human brain by the incorporeal condensate of the mind; dimensional links/bridges between condensates; dimensional transcendence; fitness-peak perturbation; fitness-landscape; simple-order; static-order; order versus chaos in a landscape-condensate; complex levels of order; optimality in self-ordering; fitness agents; co-evolution; human evolution; evolution of a condensate; criticality of dynamics; connections within dynamics; law of emergence; Life; point-of-criticality; decision-making-process within a ground-state; complexity, from the ground-state; non-locality of the ground-state; complex-output of a condensate as incorporeal or corporeal locality; purpose within a condensate; ordered quanta; chaotic quanta; refreshed quanta; a refreshed condensate of incorporeality/corporeality; transfer of quanta between condensates; positive quanta; re-ordered levels of order/chaos in a condensate; stretching, expansion, and condensation in quantum axion particles; quantum axion particles as a cosmically-fulfilling planar-scaled dimensionality; refresh process of the human mind; collective consciousness of humanity; holothetics; eupsychia; cosmic duality; the twin condensate of incorporeality of any human Mind existing non-locally everywhere in the Cosmos......

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