QUALIA XCI: The Scientific Details of How Lucifer Corrupts All of Our Mental Processes! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA XCI: The Scientific Details of How Lucifer Corrupts All of Our Mental Processes!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Okay, I've put this off long enough! This is an important 'function' of our Present Reality, as to exactly how Lucifer 'works' his Negativity into the Minds of every one of us, and he has had me to put it off for too long already! (Yes, of course! I am included in his 'machinations', but I do my Best to 'Honor' the Wishes of My Good Friend Upstairs as Best that I can at all times!)

  2. I've noted that Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity' are incursioned between the condensate of the Upper Mind and that of the Lower Mind, where he is able to influence almost all output from the Upper Mind to the Lower Mind. Of course, there is no reason for him to affect any of the other 'paths' between Upper and Lower minds. The 'up-path', from Lower to Upper, containing all sensory and derived-bodily-inputs-from-the-Corporeal-Dimension, is already a direct and incorporeal 'input', as a 'function' of the quantum axion particle, and therefore it cannot be 'influenced' anyway!

  3. Additional 'up-path' parasympathetic and bodily-function 'paths' are, likewise, irrelevant as far as Lucifer's intentions, as are the 'down-paths' of these 'functions'! Thusly, the only concerns we have here, are with the 'down-paths' between the two condensates of our Local Mind and the potential incorporeal 'outputs' (Life!) from our Local Mind!

  4. Let me address 'Emergence of Life' outputs first. Negativity/corruption is possible here albeit a bit difficult, in that a Human Baby is 'created' by the 'dynamics' within the Mother's condensate as a 'result' of all the 'inputs' from the Mother, the Father and God! However, in that the 'God-input' actually comes from the Higher Dimensions, it is, just possibly, as likely to also come from the Lower Dimensions, IF such a 'Reality' (a Negative Child!) had, somehow, been 'Destined' in the first place!

  5. Also, a Negative-Child might also 'result' from either the Mother or Father, if either one were to be a Negatively-constituted Person in the first place! However, here, in this sense, corporeally-induced Negativity, as a 'result' of Lucifer's Negative influences-upon-Mankind-as-a-result-of-his 'Fingers-of-Negativity', does not usually apply, as to whether the Person is Negatively-constituted or not! In this case, what matters, to assure a 'Negative-Person', is that such a Person has consciously 'accepted' Lucifer's Negativity, in whatever form, and thusly already dedicated his/her Life to that Negativity!

  6. Getting back to our regular 'down-path' and its 'communications' between Upper and Lower Minds, as we have already noted elsewhere, such 'communications' are usually in the form of 'output-decisions', of the 'dynamics' of the decision-making-processes of the Upper Mind/Soul, that are intended to be 'routed', by the Lower Mind, to the appropriate and necessary physical function of the Corporeal Brain, where each and every such 'output' is integrated into the overall functioning-of-the-Brain, in order to enact some output or result from/by that Brain and Body of the Person!

  7. Of course, the means to accomplishing such is the direct-control-and-supervision of the Interface 'activities' between the Lower Mind and Brain, at each and every glial-cell/synaptic-junction of that Interface (Corporeal Neurophysics, here!) Such that, when the Upper Mind sends a 'communication' of Love, to be enacted by that Human Brain and Body, it is the direct responsibility of the Lower Mind and it's 'interfaces' with the Brain, to properly 'route' each and every part/component OF that Love 'communication', to the proper section/function of the Brain, whereby the Brain will thusly put all of these outputs-of-the-Mind together properly, in order to properly execute the desired action of Love!

  8. Of course, if any of these 'parts/components' of the Love 'signal/communications' might get 'mis-routed or re-routed'... Well, such is what Lucifer does, in 'corrupting' and influencing our Human Lives, by having his 'Fingers-of-Negativity', which are sandwiched in between both the Upper Mind and the Lower Mind, and thusly quite effectively can 're-route' our normal 'communications' (such as a Love signal!) elsewhere on the Landscapes-of-our-Minds, and so turn that Love 'signal' (sent by our Upper Mind), into a Hate 'signal' (received by the Lower Mind, and thusly processed onto the Brain and Body as such... a Hate signal, or Reality-Output, of that Person!

  9. Now, let's examine, in more depth, exactly how such a 'corruption' takes place! And this involves the Landscapes-of-the-Minds, in this case the lower Landscape-of-the-Upper Mind, and the corresponding upper Landscape-of-the-Lower Mind! And, in this case, our two Landscapes are instantaneously (and only momentarily!) similar, both resulting from the 'actions' and 'dynamics' of the Upper Mind, in 'creation' of each and every instantaneous Landscape-of-that-Mind, as shown upon both the Upper and Lower Minds!

  10. However, we have a 'difference' here, between these Landscapes, which necessitates our 'communications'! First of all, the Reason/Purpose of the Upper Mind versus Lower Mind is different. The Upper Mind processes the higher-level 'inputs' and 'dynamics', and then has to 'create' an 'output-communication' to the Lower Mind, because the Reason/Purpose of the Lower Mind, is to then 'route' all of the 'components' of the 'communication-signal' to the proper section/part of the Brain, which the Lower Mind already has precisely 'mapped-out', and ready-to-deliver said 'components-of-any-signal', via the various Interfaces, unto those proper sections/functions of the Brain, to be further integrated by the Brain, and then enacted into the Real World!

  11. And we also have a secondary-difference here as well! The Upper Mind's exclusive Purpose, is to Send these 'output-decisions', as Corporeal 'communications' (requiring the temporary 'creation' of Time and Space, and the release of the Corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity-of-the-Universe, BY the quantum axion particles OF the Landscape of the Upper Mind!)... in order to, but instantaneously, effect the transfer of said 'communications', unto the Landscape-of-the-Lower Mind! Likewise, the Landscape-of-the-Lower Mind's Purpose, is exclusively to RECEIVE... that Corporeal 'communications-signal', FROM the Landscape-of-the-Upper Mind! Thusly, by reason of these differences, a Corporeal 'communications-signal' is necessary, in order to transfer the Output-Decisions of the Upper Mind, TO the Lower Mind, to be properly routed and effected by the Brain!

  12. And such is the normal-functioning of the Human Mind! Because it is HERE, in these 'interstices-between-the-two-condensates-of-our-Local-Mind', where Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity' exist! And these 'interstices' are incorporeal, in that any spaces-between-incorporeal-condensates, is naturally of the Nature and Incorporeality of the Overall-Condensate-of-the-Cosmos, that of Infinite Consciousness (God)!

  13. But, here in these 'interstices' between Upper and Lower Mind, we also have Lucifer's Fingers as well! As further explained in my latest Book, the reason-for-this is that, with the collapse of our Last Civilization-on-Earth, along with all of the Natural re-alignments (and disasters!) that were occurring at that time (May 5th, 9654 B.C.), Lucifer thusly found an opportunity to surround our Earth with his Negativity, making him 'Prince-of-this-World', as he does so like to proclaim! And thusly, is our Earth fully ensconced within his 'Luciferian-Complex-of-Negativity', or Hades/Hell, the Nether World, as such has come to be known by various religions!

  14. But, the further important point here is that, at the same time, he was able to 'insert/incursion' his 'Fingers-of-Negativity' into the Minds of all remaining Human Beings, where such Negativity exists unto this day! And this 'situation' is Most Important to Lucifer, as to what he is now able to do with such Negativity-within-the-Minds of All of Us! (See the Second Part of my Book, and/or the pertinent webpages of the Website, for a philosophia perennis examination of such results of Lucifer's Negativities today!)

  15. Because, getting down to details, this is what happens within those 'interstices-between-Upper-and-Lower-Mind', when a Love 'signal', sent by the Upper Mind, is instead, received by the Lower Mind, as a Hate 'signal', to be sent on to the Human Brain and thusly enacted as such!

  16. In this case, the 'Luciferian-Complex-of-Negativity' (Hades/Hell, the Nether Regions!), is just another Incorporeal Condensate, which, by Reason/Purpose, is ready to process-all 'inputs' AS 'dynamics', just like the Upper Mind does! However, in this case, Lucifer 'picks-up' his 'inputs', as the instantaneous 'communications-outputs' OF the Upper Mind, re-processes them according to his Negative 'dynamics', and then 'outputs' them to different Point-Locations on the Landscape of the Lower Mind! (He also uses his Negative quantum axion particles, to 'pick-up' pertinent Negativities from elsewhere in the Universe as well, all of which contribute to his Negative 'dynamics' and the 'outputs' thereof!)

  17. In other words, as noted in my Qualia90 Document,

  18. "And to complete this discussion about the 'communications' between Upper and Lower Mind, see my discussion about this matter elsewhere, where I have already discussed such as the necessity for the Landscape-of-the-Upper Mind, at Point-Location #106954, to 'communicate' only and directly with the corresponding Point-Location of the Landscape of the Lower Mind! Of course, Negativity comes 'into play', when Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity', are able to effectively 're-route' this necessary 'communications' between Upper Mind and Lower Mind, at Point-Location #106954, to be 'received' by the Lower Mind, at Point-Location #106773, instead of Point-Location #106954! And thusly, Lucifer's Negativity has actually, at the quantum level of the Human Mind/Brain, changed an output-decision of Love (Point-Location #106954!), from one's Soul (Upper Mind), to be received by that person's Lower Mind, as a message of... Hate (Point-Location #106773!) Further details already elsewhere on the Website and in my Book"

  19. By the use of Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity', inserted between Upper and Lower Minds, he (Lucifer!) can inject his personal Negativities into the 'play/reality' of ANY 'communication' between Upper and Lower Mind! And the 'reality' here is, again, the 'functions' of the quantum axion particle (of Intelligence and Sentience!), which can, instantaneously, 'Know' any and everything about the 'dynamics' of those Landscapes-of-the-Mind, as well as exactly What were the 'inputs' that 'contributed' to any 'output', AND exactly What might be expected OF any 'output' IF it might be 'received' by the Lower Mind 'as is'! With all of this information, Lucifer is thusly able to, again instantaneously, 'decide' exactly What to Do To The 'Output', in order to Change It To An Instrument-of-his-Negativity! And therefore, the 'communications-signal' that is delivered to the receiving condensate, the Lower Mind, could be 'delivered' to an entirely different Point-Location on the Landscape-of-the- Lower Mind, OR it might be 'delivered' to several other receptor Point Locations... all of which, as Lucifer fully is aware of, will be combined/integrated within the Human Brain, and then enacted precisely as he intends such to be!

  20. Incidentally, although the quantum axion particles of Negativity do not 'function' within Corporeality of any type, in order to 'pick-up' info/data from the Corporeal Worlds, they don't have to do so. The reason for such, is that every Corporeal World/Condensate/Dimension, already has it's 'Twin-Duality', existing within Incorporeality, where by means of our incorporeal and non-local Point-Locations within Incorporeality anywhere-in-the-Cosmos, our Negative quantum axion particles are fully able to obtain any and all info/data from anywhere in the Universe!

  21. Now, since Lucifer's Nether Regions surround our Earth, they also partially 'surround' the gigantic Condensate of Incorporeality that is 'The Collective Consciousness of Humanity'! And why I say that they do so partially, is that such areas of the 'Collective' as belong to Humanity-Beyond-This-Earth, are thusly exempt from Lucifer's control! Only the areas of the 'Collective' having to do with Earthbound Humanity, do pertain here! And, as such, the 'Collective' COULD BE our very Savior... IF we would but let the 'Collective' do its job, as it was intended for it to be done!

  22. Because, when Lucifer inveigled his way into the Minds of All of Humanity, he could not have done so without 'compromising' the Integrity of the 'Collective'...which is exactly what he did! But, in doing so, he also made it possible for Humanity, to 'oust' him-from-our-Lives, should we but Decide-To-Do-So! And this is where it requires both the Will-Power and Determination, of ALL of Mankind, in order to Give-Lucifer-The-Boot!

  23. Because, as long as the 'Collective' knows, and records, each and every 'experience' of Humanity (permanently, as opposed to the 'Memory-Banks' of the Lower Mind of each one of us, which 'memories' are not permanent, but are lost when we demise!), as long as any one of Lucifer's Negativities-upon-this-Earth remain, the 'Collective' will know of such, and the particular Gene-of-the-Mind that exists to do so (to expel Lucifer from our Collective Minds!), will not be able to do so! ONLY when EVERY and ALL Negativities have been eliminated from Mankind's Reality-Upon-This-Earth (which is one of Mankind's Destinies!), will that Gene be 'activated' by the 'Collective', which will know and verify the complete absence of Luciferian Negativity... and then that Gene will thusly be able to install, within ALL of our Minds, an absolute BLOCK, against any possible Return-of-Lucifer and his Negativities upon our Earth! Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness, will ensue upon our World, and we can then Join With Our Brethern-Beyond-The-Stars!

  24. At the same time, Humanity will also have fulfilled its Ultimate Destiny, as has been Our Destiny, as Ordained By God! Which will be to Re-Unite Lucifer and God, into the Yin/Yang 'Reality' that they both once were in the Cosmos, and which they might again so be... IF Mankind does 'Make It So'!

  25. In which case, Earth itself, would no longer be 'impounded' within the Nether Regions, and our Planet itself, as well as Earthbound Humanity, might Join the Higher Dimensions!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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