Father Jerome's San Mateo County (California)

Be advised that Father Jerome's Homelessness Ministry activities in San Mateo County are largely the result of Jerome's living of his Life according to Christian Spiritual Law (as an ordained Priest-Initiate and Member of the "Ancient Order" - the OA/OWB) and the cosmic principles of Quantum Physics and QUFD - Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (as a Scientific and Societal Systems Theoretician, Writer and Commentator), which is, as to both spiritual Law and scientific principle, a living-in-the-moment form of spiritual Life and existence.

Thusly, Jerome's San Mateo activities are extremely personal, spontaneous and serendipitous, in such ministrations to the homeless as may occur, in his involvements and participation with and in the homelessness situation of San Mateo County as a homeless person himself (under OA/OWB Vow of Poverty).

Also NOTE, that of the approximately 16,000 homeless persons in San Mateo County (as per a published newspaper report of 1998), Jerome primarily addresses his energies to those who can "help themselves", meaning the majority (about 15,000) who are just normal "folks", like anyone else (NO substance abuse or mental problems, OF ANY KIND - and this includes cigarettes, coffee, and even tea-drinking!). The remainder of the homeless (about a 1000 or less), with such drug, alcohol and/or mental problems, are the just candidates for the various social, health and human services agencies of the county and private charities, to whom such persons might apply, and whom Jerome surely cannot help with such "problems" in any way.

WHEREAS Jerome's San Mateo County Ministry is of a personal nature, Jerome's PROFESSIONAL MINISTRY is most open and available to all of humanity, being available worldwide ON THE INTERNET to all (homeless or not) who can benefit and improve their lives - the lives of one and all - by and through the EDUCATIONAL and INSPIRATIONAL information which Jerome does provide to one and all in his several websites.

For further details of Jerome's PROFESSIONAL offerings, the following LINKS provide access to the scientific, societal, homelessness, and other offerings of the website:

Reply to Father Jerome at: fatherjeromeusa@fiwd.org

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