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REGARDING: The literary Work, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!", by Jerome.

FINALLY (as NEVER yet before told!), comes THE definitive explanation, for today's children and adults, ABOUT: The Quantum Physics of the human Mind and everything else; zero-gravity Quantum Unitary Fields and the Cosmos; Life (of ALL kinds) and the Realities thereof; AND humanity's intimate connection TO ALL THAT IS, through the realities of Consciousness AND Spirituality, which CAN enable mankind to finally KNOW him/herSelf, as we have NEVER known ourselves BEFORE!

Following hereinbelow on this web page IS the QUERY LETTER/BOOK PROPOSAL text and information IN an INFORMAL and "readable" format, which should give you, the Reader/Reviewer, just about any major detail of the Book/Work that you may wish to know, consider or evaluate.
IF you would like to review a FORMAL BOOK PROPOSAL of this Book/Work, which has already been forwarded to such international scientific publishers as the Institute of Physics Publishers (for consideration as the PRIMARY publishing partner in this, by necessity, multiple-partner publishing project, WHICH position IS yet open AND could, instead, be YOUR publishing organization), then

  • 1. NEED: Humanity, today, has a most pressing need to look at itself AND the foundations of its civilization (the BASICS, as to how things ACTUALLY work, how society REALLY "is", and what are the realities of Life, WITHOUT any "psycho-babble", "new-age", metaphysical, "new physics", OR "vested interest" dramas or programming) AS NEVER BEFORE, and this book presents such FROM a perspective which has NEVER as yet been told until now. Additionally, the book especially DOES RESPECT the integrity and potential OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US, to honestly evaluate the truths, facts and concepts presented IN the book, in potentially USING such information AND the scientific realities revealed thereby, in "making a better world" AND existence, for ourselves and all of humanity.

  • 2. PURPOSE: This book is specifically intended as AN ELECTRONIC BOOK, which, in consideration OF the advanced technologies of today, should enable the quickest, most reliable and professional, distribution TO ALL in need thereof the verities contained therein. In addition to an almost instantaneous "reach" unto all educated people everywhere, the electronic format also allows adaptation to other art forms of information dissemination (TV, Videos, Film, Books, etc.), allowing further distribution into the Second and Third Worlds of today, in effect potentially reaching all of humanity.

  • 3. CONTRIBUTIONS: This book offers information, facts, truths, concepts and a look at realities NEVER BEFORE (in this CURRENT civilization) told or revealed. It goes well beyond the psychic, new age, metaphysical, religious, pseudo-scientific (AND sometimes even scientific!) and other artificialities OF "the way things are", which have been delivered unto us over the years by any number of respected (and otherwise) researchers, scientists, writers and others WITH "vested interests" in WHAT is divulged/released unto all of us, in telling the TRUTHS of what really ARE the realities of mankind and the Universe and much more. Especially important are the additional contributions made by this Work, in looking at the realities of human society and societal functions, such as human labor/work, business/government transactions, and human interpersonal relationships WITHIN those venues AND outside thereof (in the personal lives OF such employees/workers, AS those personal lives are affected and influenced BY those daily economic requirements of human Life), yet again using the principles, concepts and realities OF Quantum Physics to analyze and place such human societal realities WITHIN the Cosmic realities OF human individual, Collective and Infinite Consciousness. For further details, as to the Fields/Topics covered and Context/Contents OF the book, be sure to CLICK ON the appropriate LINKS later in this Query Letter TO the web pages which present the Fields/Topics (about 21 pages) and Excerpts from selected Chapters of the book.

  • 4. TECHNOLOGIES: Although this book does not cover technologies exclusively, it does touch upon many different technologies of telecommunications, science, psychology, biology, computers, networking, direct intelligence interface and more, and it ESPECIALLY discusses such cutting-edge technologies as BANL (Below Ambient Noise Level) communications and Holothetic communications. For further details and listings of the technological content, see both the Fields/Topics LINKS and the Excerpts LINKS already mentioned and contained/following herein this Query Letter.

  • 5. AUDIENCES: The intended audiences/Readers for this Work ARE ALL THOSE IN NEED thereof the truths and information presented therein, which MAY BE ALL of humanity, and the context/content, format of presentation, AND method of distribution (FREE!), DO make it potentially possible TO reach each and every human being, no matter where they may be and no matter what their language, literacy level OR intellect may be(AND it is ESPECIALLY addressed to children!)

  • 6. BOOK/AUTHOR BACKGROUND: Is given in the further pages of this Query Letter AND the LINKS to the Internet hypertext "pages" contained therein.

  • 7. CHAPTERS/OUTLINE: As noted further, this Work is presently in a draft form, with Chapters, Table of Contents, Index(es) and further compiling pending final editing, Representation AND SPONSORSHIP!

  • 8. MANUSCRIPT/WORK LENGTH AND CONTENT/FORMATS: As detailed hereinbelow this Query Letter.

  • 9. SAMPLE CHAPTERS: Included hereinbelow this Query Letter ARE the Internet hypertext "links" TO a series of selected Excerpts from the Work, for your consideration in evaluating the merits of this Work.

Query Letter/Book Proposal(Solicitation for Representation): 8,973 page Multimedia Electronic Book(E-book)

To: Literary Agents, Electronic Book Producers, Publishers, Sponsors

PLEASE NOTE: The reading time for this QUERY LETTER is 3-4 hours, including all Internet hypertext links and excerpts from the book. If your TIME is of essence, please note this and schedule your review of this Query Letter accordingly.

FURTHER NOTE: In consideration of the nature of the product hereindescribed (an E-book) and other particulars (as noted in this Letter), this QUERY LETTER is being forwarded to multiple agencies/parties which may have an interest in the REPRESENTATION/PRODUCTION of the hereindescribed literary publication, as well as such a work of potentially significant societal impact. Please consider carefully the import of this communication and reply, at your convenience, with an indication of the possibilities extant with your organization as to the requirements stated herein this Letter for Production of such Product.
Thank You,

Nelson Jerome Ra-U
Father Jerome, OA/OWB, D.Th.(In Esse), D.Sc.(Quantum Physics)
The Most Ancient Order of the OA/OWB


    A mainstream work of scientific non-fiction, written as a Sciencebook for "kids" (from 5 years of age to 99+), in a literary "style" that, although presented in an adult-useage-form of "classical" American English, is yet simple and thoroughly understandable by children. It is the result of over 10 years of writing and research (and MANY, MANY years of "questing" TO "know"), ranging across the entire spectrum of human knowledge, and bears the author's personal "stamp" of expertise, education, experience and "knowing".

    It is intended as a comprehensive multi-media-presentation electronic book (E-book), that could be "served" worldwide by a streaming-format Internet backbone server, but is also adaptable to any other electronic art form of presentation. It is presently about 95% complete and is in rough draft form, as further detailed later herein this Letter.


    955 pages of TEXT (presently extant);
    PLUS 300 pages (approximately) of TEXT (completion of existing chapters and sections pending project sponsorship);
    PLUS 200 pages of TEXT (yet pending) of Summarization and Closing Remarks;
    PLUS 110 pages of syndicated ARTICLE (my own) Reprints (also covering essentially the same material, but from a different viewpoint);
    PLUS 190 pages of academic LECTURES (mine), pertaining to the material covered;
    PLUS 270 pages of "inspirational" SERMONS (my own), again covering such material, but from a theological viewpoint;
    PLUS 68 pages of legal, scientific, historical, psychological, literary and personal DISCLAIMERS, regarding the work and its various forms of presentation;

    which totals 2093 pages of text OF MY OWN CREATION;

    PLUS 6750 pages of REFERENCE WORKS of other authors/sources, both public domain and proprietary;

    NOTE: The reason for this is that I prefer to provide the Reader (of this E-book-format work) with the complete work being referenced, in order that, by doing so, all Readers NOT having access TO the print-format works referenced, might thereby gain a more thorough understanding of the concepts, principles and implications OF what I have to say, BY having immediately available for their perusal (IN digital-format), the specific works referenced IN THEIR ENTIRETY,
    ESPECIALLY when such works do particularly pertain to, and substantiate, that which I do present.
    Incidentally, since the "product" is an E-book, any concerns with "legal permissions", in the reproduction of complete previously-published works of other authors as "references" to my work, is moot and can certainly be solved by having electronic "links" to independent FTP server-sites, containing the complete literary work(s) of the other author(s), with access/connection thereto AS permitted, and agreed to, by such other authors/publishers;

    which totals 8843 pages of TEXT, and 6,809,110 words;

    PLUS 75 pages of Drawings/Pictorials/Graphics;
    PLUS 55 pages of 3D (Three Dimensional) "REPRESENTATIONS", of scientific, biological, anthropological, historical and other material;

    which totals 8973 pages of non-video CONTENT;

    PLUS 3 hours of video-format CONTENT, with audio overlay.

    UPDATE!!! See my Video Documentary PROPOSAL, with COMMENTS/analysis of the latest brain/mind research!


    of this massive tome is:

    "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!"

    As previously noted, the entire work is yet mostly in draft form, handwritten in my usual very small handwriting style, on 14" yellow legal-pad sheets (both sides), which, at the rate of 5 typed/printed pages per yellow legal sheet, should yield the figures quoted hereinabove.


    Click here to go to a Listing of the Fields/Topics covered by this Work.


    Nelson Jerome Ra-U
    Father Jerome, OA/OWB, D.Th.(In Esse-The Theology of Reality), D.Sc.(Quantum Physics)
    An Ordained Member of The Most Ancient Order of the OA/OWB.

    Jerome, a Scientific and Societal Systems Theoretician, uses his professional training in Quantum Physics principles/theory and the Theology of Reality to research and explore the KNOWING (knowledge) of Humanity, ranging across the entire spectrum of human activity and inquiry AND BEYOND, exploring that Human KNOWING that exists in the Quantum realities of time, space and zero-gravity, as only the deepest recesses of Consciousness can hold and provide.

    In doing so, Jerome explains to us in detail the actual workings of those deep levels and dimensions of Consciousness; how they do exist within all of us; and, what is more, how any one of us can access that KNOWING, both directly (via the Mind) and indirectly (via modern computer technology), to improve our lives, our world, human society, and our existence.

    Then, in this seminal work, Jerome goes on to further explore and explicate the everyday realities of Life for each and every one of us, showing us not only the negatives and positives that we may already be aware of, but also those further realities that we do not yet perceive and which are the actual and true realities of our human existence.

    In all of this effort and erudition, Jerome shows us how the ultimate value of KNOWING oneself, as to Who and What one is, can really lead not only to an access to Consciousness and KNOWING beyond the self, but also to the liberation of Humanity, to be, each and every one of us, the FREE and INDEPENDENT person of INTEGRITY and LOVE that we were born to be!

    For further specific bio details on the author, see the AUTHOR'S BIO AND ADDITIONAL NOTES section following later in this Letter.


    The series of excerpts herein supplied for the Reader's review ARE yet subject TO this Author's "final edit" and appropriate revision in accordance therewith, but are provided herewith as a more detailed example of both the context and content of this work.

    Click here to go to the series of EXCERPTS from the existing Chapters of this Work.


    In publishing/distribution of this work, please note that I neither desire nor require any compensation or remuneration therefor. (See the Author's personal pages of his Website, listed later in this Letter, as to the reasons for this disclaimer.)

    The only requirement that I have, other than appropriate "attribution" in the eventual publication/distribution, is for professional "assistance" in completion of the work.

    In fact, contained within the copyright on the work, I do state that the work is intended to be freely-available and freely-copyable to/by all in need of such information, with only minimal fees/charges imposed anywhere, as necessary, for the publication/distribution thereof.
    Click here to review a detailed copy of the Notice of Copyright for this work.
    One could say that this may be similar to the current situation on the Internet, where content providers are getting rich by giving away content for free (or for pennies - and even more so, how much profit would Agents, Publishers, Distributors, etc. make on "giving-away" such a work for a mere $1 dollar bill when the readership audience could be in the 100's of millions and more?)
    Further, as the free weekly newspapers do today, in providing news content with commercial advertising, this electronic book certainly does lend itself to commercial advertising, on the pages thereof, as Sponsorship for the Production/Publication/Distribution thereof. And if, as desired, the book is to be freely available, and copyable, to/by anyone, the Sponsors thereof will surely enjoy the free distribution, of their advertising, throughout the population, at no further cost to such Sponsors. And, after all, people DO yet stand-in-line, for that which is FREE...AND IMPORTANT TO THEIR LIVES, as library patrons yet do today, waiting for the library to open (and numerous other examples!)

    SO, actually there are any number of ways/means of economically-viable Production/Publication/Distribution of this E-book, requiring only that one be able to "think-in-the-moment" (as the Excerpt herewith, from the Chapter "Thinking In The Moment", describes), accessing Past/Present/Future (using the principles of Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics), in asking the question, "What IF?"

    Additionally, what may be of prime importance to potential sponsors of this Work, is the fact that such Work DOES have the possibility of being a literary and societal memeticism - a memetic literary "event" that, like a meme (an outstanding idea), once initially placed into a populace, does rapidly spread, like a virus, throughout that population. In such a situation, any and all sponsors and persons involved therewith would surely enjoy a "quantum leap" in their rewards for participation therein such a project.

    Anyway, as I have said, I am now interested in obtaining professional "assistance", in completing the final compilations of the already extant material, appropriate formatting and final "presentation" of the book (in its electronic form), and the publication/distribution thereof.
    The draft materials are available for limited inspection, upon request. I do reserve the right to retain overall proprietary possession and confidentiality of such materials UNTIL they can be "finalized" into the desired and satisfactory (to this author) format and "presentation".

    Another reason for this new interest in obtaining professional "assistance" (I am reluctant to use the term "representation" which, in the economic and political analyses of my work, does have a certain connotation and meaning, relative to the implications of human society and consciousness discussed therein) is that my personal situation has changed over the past year and I no longer have even the minimal resources and ready access thereto that I did once have (as one of the many persons throughout the world who do NOT participate in the monetary economy NOR use money in their lives). In fact, I shall note here that I have not had one penny of income for over 14 years now, enabling me to, until this past year, live a most wonderfully productive and professional life, as well as contributing substantially to certain perspectives voiced in my work!

    In other words, to put it frankly, I am now homeless, and even though not impaired or disabled thereby in any significant way, such a situation has left me unable to give this work the attention, energy and resources necessary to finally actualize it into its desired reality. Thusly, I AM in need of professional "assistance", in order to complete this work.

    In fact, for some time now, I have been seeking "housing-in-exchange-for-professional-services", willing to devote part-time energy (in exchange for housing) "assisting" another individual or enterprise in THEIR efforts to serve humanity, as my efforts, and my work, are likewise intended to serve humanity, in the educational inspiration (and more!)that the work does provide.

    Futher, should you wish to view my personal "particulars" (resume/vitae) and the "housing-exchange" proposal details, you may do so by going to my Website on the Internet, at the URL Internet address listed shortly following herein.
    The website is NOT exclusively my personal "representation", but is, instead, a website devoted to the education and inspiration of the homeless of the world, AS WELL AS all of humanity, in the materials and content presented therein. In fact, should you wish to preview more of the context and content, as well as the writing style, that I do present in my work "KNOWING:...", I do recommend that you might peruse the pages of the website further, starting from the homepage, which may be accessed from the URL address hereinbelow listed. (In addition to the Excerpts included in this Letter, additional Lectures, Sermons and syndicated Commentary, used additionally in the Work, are also available for perusal on the website, by going to Father Jerome's Lectures, Sermons and Syndicated Commentary pages.)

    HOWEVER, I might note, that the primary intent of the website is to provide an educational service to the homeless. Therefore, the extensive coverage and detailed analysis, of my work "KNOWING:...", is NOT to be found there, except minimally in the context of the issues and concerns addressed in the website. But, a thorough perusal of the website should, at least, give a relative indication of the spiritual and theological substance of my primary work, "KNOWING:..."

    Additionally though, the personal pages of the website (at the URL address herein following) do detail where I am now and what my personal and professional needs are, with respect to completion of my work.

    I would appreciate it if you would review this Letter and the Website and then reply to my E-mail address, as to any and all possibilities that your professional services might be availed by this writer, with respect to his professional needs.

    Aum, Peace, Amen!


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