QUALIA LVIII: Personal (Jerome): Accepting Responsibility for Myself and My Works. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA LVIII: Personal (Jerome): Accepting Responsibility for Myself and My Works.

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from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. With the near future possibility of a multitude of humanity having a greater access to my Works than has previously been the case, I now feel impelled to more thoroughly explain myself, my words, my Works and especially the Personal Acceptance of Responsibility that all of such Realities Bear toward the human situations which have, accordingly thereby, been addressed. To wit, this Monograph.

  2. In attempting to do so, explain myself and my actions, it seems most appropriate that I do so most clearly and in a manner most understandable. For me, I realize that such an action shall entail further defining and detailing exactly what it means, to Fully Accept One's Responsibilities For Who They Are as well as the aspect of Fully Accepting One's Responsibility For All That One Might Have Done, and Has Done, For and On The Behalf Of Others.

  3. And to make the first Point hereof most clear, it should be understood that What I Do, and Have Done, Unto and For Others, is primarily limited to my words and thoughts, and the means, my Works, by which those Words and Thoughts, via my Works, are delivered unto others and mankind. What this also means is that, in Taking Full Responsibility For The Entirety of Myself and My Actions, I must differentiate between those Actions consciously taken for or toward Others, and those Actions unconsciously and perhaps inadvertently, taken for or toward Others!

  4. By so doing, in identifying the Conscious, Living-In-The-Moment Self, with the unconscious, but human, Reality-that-I-am self, I also am identifying myself as a typical Duality-of-a-humanity of the oneself that I am, which is a human person capable of Consciously Being 'I AM THAT I AM', while, at the same time, also being a poor and typical human being just like anyone else, in the Reality-that-I-am, or might be, at any moment of my Life!

  5. In other words, I am capable, as all of us are, of Being the 'I AM THAT I AM', by Living-In-The-Moment (which I have already explained extensively in my extant Works!) On the other hand, however, I am likewise just another 'piece-of-humanity', caught up in the trials and tribulations of all of us, which we daily bear in those 'Lives' that we lead and, as such, that wonderful 'I AM', in Reality, pales to the mere 'I am', of just another who is constantly susceptible to the 'winds of Fate' (i.e., Lucifer!)

  6. I especially want to, in this Qualia document, point out the differences in abilities and capabilities, in the 'Dualities' that I am/AM, as an ordinary human being like any other, and as to how those differing 'capabilities', between what might be called the 'Spiritual Self' and the non-Spiritual self, might 'relate' to the world, society, individuals and those 'Works' that I have 'offered up', in attempting to Be Of Service to One and All!

  7. In order to do so, as I have previously mentioned already, I will have to define or explain exactly what my 'Realities' are, when I am experiencing either the I AM 'Reality' or the I am Duality! And, since I am likewise, just as any other person, caught up, to whatever extent, in the Realities of our current Civilization and it's societies and such, inevitably I will probably find myself 'explaining' myself within the context of those worldly 'Realities'. (And Please Note: Some or all of this content, may have already been 'explained', to a certain extent, already in my previous documents! The difference here is that I am herein attempting to exclusively explain certain Personal aspects of my, or anyone's, Reality, even though some previous material may already have done so. So, if you might feel that it has been 'covered' before, Please Bear With Me, as what you might read here, may further enlighten your Consciousness with regards to all of us!)

  8. So, what I think I have already inferred, is that, by whatever means possible (which have already previously been discussed!), it is possible for any and all of humanity to achieve what might be called, 'Maturity of the Human Mind'! Of course, this 'condition', as the NORMAL and nominal 'condition' of the human Mind, unfortunately, in our present human Civilization, might be no more than a fleeting Reality! Because, the nominal and actual 'condition', of the human mind of ALL of us of humanity of this present Civilization, is that of an IMMATURE mind!

  9. Relating such to my own present Reality and Dualities of Mind, when I can achieve temporary (and that is all it is - temporary!) 'Maturity of Mind', is in those few precious Moments when I might find myself enfolded within His/Her Grace, in the I AM Mind, for, Gratefully, however long such a 'Moment' might last! Because, otherwise, it is my other Duality, that of the 'I am' mind, that is nominally present, and during such times, I am, like anyone else, susceptible to the 'influences' of Others and of Lucifer!

  10. And it is just such a condition, that I herewith will attempt to further explain and clarify! Because I think I have already discussed the 'Reality' of Living-In-The-Moment about as much as I can. But, the Reality of 'not-living-in-the-moment', I think, yet bears some explanation. (And Please Note again here, that this Acceptance of Responsibility, does pertain to BOTH of these 'conditions', whether one can Consciously 'Be Aware' of such 'Responsibility' within either 'condition' OR NOT!)

  11. Okay, as it has already been pointed out elsewhere on this Website, when one is 'Living-In-The-Moment', that person is actually 'Being There', In the Positivity of God's Grace and the thoughts, actions, deeds, words and so much more, that one experiences in such a 'Moment' are, in Reality, 'not-of-this-world', but are of and from 'On-High', in some form or another! What this also means, is that, at such a 'time', one's Soul and Consciousness (one's Upper Mind!), are 'Granted Access' TO those 'Regions-of-Consciousness', of the Incorporeal 'Realms' (of Spirit and the Unknown!), that nominally lie BEYOND the Local Individual Mind! Of course, it is God, Him/HerSelf, who is 'Permitting' such 'Access', as needed and as determined (and LED TO!) BY God! And that 'Access' may be (usually and most of the time!) TO the incorporeal condensate that is the Collective Consciousness of all of humanity (of which the individual is already a Part Thereof!), whose specific 'Wonders', Truths, Realities, Histories and Experiences, of Humanity and the Human 'Experience', may be exactly, and specifically (AS shown TO the individual!), what you, as an individual, may have 'need of' at this time, as ONLY and purely 'determined' BY God!

  12. Such is only possible when one is 'In The Moment' (as I, Jerome, am now, as I write these words, and as I have been, when I have written all of the words and content of all of my Works!) In other words, such 'content' as one 'receives' In-The-Moment, does not come from 'this world' of our present Reality! It comes from God, with whatever 'interpretation' there might be within that-which-is-received, but which, inevitably, is that which is 'necessary' to and of the 'Moment' in which it is 'delivered'!

  13. So, as I believe I have said previously elsewhere, I, Jerome, have no 'need' for the 'Knowing' OF ANYTHING! I have no 'need' for a conscious 'memory', of those databanks of 'learning and education' that are, in effect, the lower-mind of today's humanity but which should merely be a 'cache', for that 'KNOWING' that comes from BEYOND the Local Individual Mind, NOT that 'learned knowledge' that comes from the 'memory' of one's lower mind! (I have explained this extensively elsewhere!) I have no 'need' because I TRUST... that ANYTHING I might 'need', WILL BE PROVIDED, from somewhere in the Cosmos, IN MY MOMENT OF 'Need'! THAT... is Living In The Moment, where God supplies that which is 'needed' and where one Trusts in God fully!

  14. On the other hand, when one is NOT 'Living In The Moment', the lower mind, and all of the selfness, and learning, education and memories, OF that lower mind... ARE ALL ONE HAS, in one's 'moment-by-moment' Reality! And, of course, not Being In The Moment (in the Present 'Reality' of That Moment!), one is, instead, in the Past or the Future, where, of course, one is influenced and corrupted by Lucifer and his 'Fingers-of-Negativity', within the minds of all of us!

  15. To get back to my Personal 'explanation', I want to further describe exactly what it is like, when I am not Living In The Moment! Because, at such a 'time', it is the supposed (and possibly distorted!) Realities of the Past and Future that, in effect, take control of one's being and consciousness. To clarify here, such a Reality can be Negative, but it can also Be Positive, IF made so BY the Positivity of Human Love, as experienced in a form of Shared 'Living In The Moment' between two Lovers! Of course, as stated, if such a condition of shared-experience-with-another is NOT, in 'Reality', experienced 'In-The-Moment'... then it will probably turn out to be Negative in some way!

  16. It is just such Negative 'experiences' that I am hereby alluding to, as to my own Personal 'experiences', because of the following Dichotomy between the Dual-conditions of either 'Living-In-The-Spirit' OR of NOT Living-In-The-Spirit! Let me try to explain here.

  17. I find it quite easy, most of the time, when I am alone and without the disruptions of our modern Civilization to 'influence' me (i.e., Lucifer!), to quite easily slip into the condition of Oneness-With-God, or 'Living-In-The-Moment'! However, the more that I am 'exposed' to the Realities-of-our-World AND of Others, I do realize that I am therein and thusly susceptible to any and all adverse and Negative 'influences'! Additionally, what this means on the Personal level, is that I can most surely and most emphatically, enjoy the shared human experience of totally-giving-myself-to-and-for-another (one's Lover!) And, in all Honesty here, I must admit, that the experience of doing so... to wholly Be There, For and Of one's Love... is, to me, the most wonderous experience that I know that I have ever 'Enjoyed' as a human being!

  18. But there is a 'Problem' with such a condition! And the 'Problem' is... that I am NO LONGER Myself! I have gladly and wonderously become... whoever and whatever it is that my Lover has need thereof! And I cannot prevent myself from totally 'Giving Myself' in such a way! But, as I have just said, it is no longer ME! And, in all that I have ever written, I have always had total Respect FOR the Who and What of which an Individual might Be, as an Integral Part and Piece of the Wholeness of Humanity!

  19. So, what I am trying to say, is that I am totally aware of my capability to be 'influenced' and led-astray, WHEN I am NOT 'Living-In-The-Moment'! Of course, by the 'rationale' and Reality of the previous explanation of my 'Personal susceptibility', I suppose it might be said that I have just not, as yet, within my extant Lifetime, found that Lover, that Other, WHO would totally Let Me, 100%, 'Give Myself Unto Her', and yet, In Accepting That Which I Totally Give, would fully Respect and Accept THAT Which 'I AM', and Fully Support, and Urge, Me To Be the 'I AM THAT I AM'! WOW! Of course, the Reader hereof might realize what I am 'inferring' here! That one has found his/her SOULMATE! That each Lover, in the Giving-Of-Themselves-To-The-Other, is According-Unto-The-Other, the 'Reality-Of-That-Which-One-Is'! In other words, 'I AM THAT I AM' meets 'I AM THAT I AM', as Lovers and SoulMates!

  20. Well, if such might be, I guess, in my two marriages so far, I haven't found such a thing. This is not to say that it is yet 'out there'! But I am yet waiting to see!

  21. Getting back to my Personal Reality, let me give the Reader here, some further 'Laws and Principles' that, in consideration of the aforenoted Realities and the awareness thereof, I have thusly found it necessary to 'institute' in my Life, as 'precursors' to the avoidance-of-any-Negativities-in-my-Life, by which I might be unduly and Negatively 'influenced'! Following are the 'Limitations' that I Place Upon Myself, as to any and all 'Relations' with Others and Society. (And, as these 'Limitations' are also duly Incorporated into the legal CopyRight that does Pertain to Myself and All of My Works, such 'Limitations' shall also Apply to Any and All 'Experiences and Relations' that shall Pertain to My Works!)
    • 1st. Inasmuch as I am fully susceptible to the 'Negative-Influences' of Others, whether Personal, Professional or of the Media or otherwise, and thusly, within any such 'Relationship Experience', would find myself to be NOT Myself, but instead, 'One-Susceptible-To-The-Corruption-Of-The-Relationship', I must therefore always Decline any and all such 'Experiences'!

    • 2nd. As to 'Knowing', or 'Personal Expertise', with regard to my Works... as I have already written, that 'Knowing' which is to be found within my Works, has, accordingly, 'Come From God', or From-Beyond my Individual Local Mind! Thusly, I can truly say, that I KNOW NOTHING! All that I am, is FROM my Soul and from the 'Reaches' of Incorporeality and Infinite Consciousness! My 'memory-banks' (of the lower mind, the self!) ARE EMPTY! (As I have written elsewhere on these webpages, I have also 'burnt-out' in my Life!)

    • 3rd. I cannot, therefore, 'answer' any 'questioner's' questions, because such 'questions' would, inevitably, have some form of Negative-bias inherent therein, plus any 'answer' from me, in such a circumstance, would merely be a Negative-reflection-upon-the-Negative-question being asked!

    • 4th. Since all 'answers', with regard to my Works (and myself!), can be found within the Webpages of this Website, I therefore merely advise anyone who might seek-for-a-specific-answer-to-a-specific-question, to merely look within the Webpages of this Website, for such an 'answer'!

    • 5th. Accordingly, I wish no publicity, no photographs, no questions, no media contact, and no 'relationships', other than such as might be necessary and Requested, with regard to my Works or Myself! Somewhere, on the Website or in Print otherwise, will be found a Contact Person or Means, whereby this Individual might be contacted, for such Personal or Professional reasons.

    • 6th. All other 'Service Unto Others', shall be via my Website, and I do promise, for as long as I might so Serve, to Post appropriate 'documents' in reflection of the matters and issues-of-concern-of-the-day and of humanity.

    • 7th. I humbly Ask that One and All Might Respect My Privacy, as each individual would, no doubt, surely ask the same of others with regard to themselves! In my remaining Days of this Lifetime-upon-this-World, I would like to Enjoy both a Personal and Professional Peace and Tranquility, as much as possible, including 'Travel' to other-Worlds, other-Dimensions and mere other-Places, meeting and interacting with new and old 'Friends' and 'Intimates' OF such 'Places', as such might Be!

    • 8th. In All of the Above, I Respect, Accept and Accord, any and all Individuals, the Personal and Individual 'Right' and Destiny, to Do and to Be, the Who and What that they have been so created to Do/Be by God! If I can Be Of Assistance, in such a case, it would Be My Honor to So Assist You in such, to whatever extent I may be able to do so!

    • 9th. All Of The Above, Including My Current CopyRight, Shall Constitute The Totality of My Rights and Personal and Professional Responsibilities and Limitations thereto, subject only to such Further Definition as I might find to be necessary.

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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