Qualia XII: The Quantum Physics of Knowing: Corporeal Memory vs Incorporeal Knowing. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XII: The Quantum Physics of Knowing: Corporeal Memory vs Incorporeal Knowing.

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
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By Father Jerome

  1. As noted elsewhere on this website, most all of the content of these webpages has been derived from my E-book manuscript, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!" In this particular monograph of the QUALIA Series, I'm going to discuss in more detail the various aspects of Knowing, with reference to any and everything that one might 'Know', or be aware of (as the discipline of Epistemology so characterizes, yet 'Knowing', as used here, goes quite beyond the limitations of Epistemology.)

  2. Before I get to the actual discussion of Memory versus Knowing, I need to distinguish or differentiate between 'memory' and Mind. But, in doing so, I will have to first of all, cover certain other 'definitions', in order that we might eventually understand exactly what the difference is between 'memory' and Mind.

  3. In other sections of this website, I have used the Principles of Quantum Physics and the findings of Albert Einstein and others to detail the difference between 'differentiated relativity' and 'undifferentiated relativity'.

  4. Differentiated Relativity is anything that takes place, or exists, in Corporeality, or physical, material existence, and which can be described by Classical Newtonian Physics and any of the nominal Laws and Principles of such Physics as well as Quantum Mechanics.

  5. Undifferentiated Relativity, on the other hand, is all that which takes place in Incorporeality, or the quantum realms of Spirit, which, as I have also described elsewhere on these webpages, are the Bose-Einstein Condensate ground-states, and the dynamics thereof, that exist as a consequence of the condensate-creation, or unification, of all the quantum forces and fields, into a unitary condensate ground-state. (For more detailed discussion of the characteristics of Bose-Einstein Condensates, see either the Main QUFD Document or the term 'Bose-Einstein Condensates' in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES). The existence and dynamics thereof such condensate ground-states is the Philosophy and Science of Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD), which is primarily what this website (and 'textbook') is about. (As one might notice in the reading hereof these webpages, this Author/Researcher does NOT go into discussion concerning Corporeal 'aspects' or functioning AT ALL, EXCEPT as such Corporeality might 'interface' with Incorporeality, OR as such Corporeality might be the 'result' of those 'dynamics' and functions taking place in the quantum Incorporeal realms!)

  6. Further, as to Differentiated Relativity versus Undifferentiated Relativity, in Differentiated Relativity, following Classical Physics and Quantum Mechanics, all the quantum forces and fields are individual and interact with each other under such Classical Laws and Principles of Differentiated Relativity.

  7. Undifferentiated Relativity, on the other hand, means that all the quantum forces and fields are unitary, or Undifferentiated, in Bose-Einstein Condensate ground-states, which existence and dynamics thereof can only be described by the Laws and Principles of the Quantum Physics of Incorporeality, or Spirit. In other words, the Quantum Physics of Incorporeality pertains in such quantum unitary realms, NOT Quantum Mechanics nor the Laws and Principles of Classical Newtonian Physics. And I shall repeat that again, because it is most important. The Laws and Principles of Classical Physics and Quantum Mechanics DO NOT APPLY within a Unitary condensate ground-state in which the quantum forces and fields are unitary. What applies instead, are the Laws and Principles of such scientific phenomena as Bose-Einstein Condensates, Adaptive Complexity and other 'dynamics', all of which constitute the Quantum Physics of Incorporeality.

  8. Now, to further define what we are talking about here, there are several other terms that apply here as well. However, all of such terms do likewise apply, as to their specific actions or 'dynamics', to the established Laws and Principles of Bose-Einstein Condensates, Adaptive Complexity, or the further 'dynamics' of Spirit and Sentience, as described herein.

  9. I've used the term 'Spirit', as applied to the Quantum Physics of Incorporeality, and this relates to the further existence of, within a unified condensate ground-state, another term, Sentience.

  10. And why should 'Spirit' and 'Sentience' exist within such a ground-state? Because we are also talking here about another term, the very existence of which is the single most important factor defining Incorporeality, and that is Consciousness! PLUS, it is to be further noted here that ANY and ALL ground-states of Consciousness as may exist throughout the entire Cosmos, DO ALL DERIVE FROM that one gigantic condensate which is the 'Mother/Father' of all such condensates - Infinite Consciousness (which some people might call God!)

  11. Now, since any and all condensate ground-states within that ultimate unitary condensate, Infinite Consciousness, do likewise follow the Laws and Principles of Quantum Incorporeality, we can apply those same Laws and Principles of Bose-Einstein Condensates, Adaptive Complexity and such, to not only an individual condensate ground-state, but also larger 'groupings' of such ground-states as well, up to and including the Cosmic scale of Infinite Consciousness itself. In doing so, modern theoretical physicists have so further defined Infinite Consciousness and Incorporeality with another term - Cosmic Dark Matter! (See the webpages on this website relating to the recent Quantum Mind 2003 Scientific Conference, where a group of researchers have presented their findings, in a Paper presented to the Conference, acknowledging 'Dark Matter', in the Cosmos, to be 'Consciousness', Infinite Consciousness, or Spirit!)

  12. So, to get back to 'Spirit' and 'Sentience', why do we include such terms and functions within the term Incorporeality? Because, since the ultimate condensate, Infinite Consciousness, is not only a condensate of the quantum forces and fields, but also adheres to the principles of Bose-Einstein Condensates and Adaptive Complexity, we can apply such functions as self-ordering, coherence, adaptive 'decision-making' and more, to the 'dynamics' which we might describe as taking place within and between such condensate ground-states.

  13. And since such 'functions' (self-ordering, etc.) occur, or exist, as the very 'components' of that infinite condensate itself, Infinite Consciousness, we can safely attribute all such 'functioning' to 'Spirit', or Sentience, as the primary operational 'dynamic' of any condensate ground-state. In other words, within any and all condensate ground-states, there is Spirit/Sentience, which can only be summarized as an 'intelligence', that infuses and thoroughly 'guides', determines and 'supervises', all actions and 'dynamics' that take place within that, and all, incorporeal ground-states AND their 'interfacing' WITH corporeality! Such 'intelligence' has been known as 'God', however defined in Corporeality, and I shall leave it at that, for this discussion here.

  14. It is to be noted here also, though, that with regard to the previous statement, that the 'intelligence' of any condensate ground-state can be 'attributed' to God, that there is a 'qualification' necessary thereto such statement. Infinite Consciousness (God), or scientifically, 'Dark Matter', ALSO includes the condensates that so comprise the opposite 'polarization' to God, that of the Luciferian Complex, or 'dimensionality', of existence and reality, such that the totality of Infinite Consciousness (God) is comprised of both the Positivity of God AND the Negativity of the Luciferian Complex, both such 'polarizations' (known by theologians as 'Heaven' versus 'Hell', or the Nether Regions!) existing in 'tension' within that ultimate condensate ground-state of Infinite Consciousness!

  15. And since Infinite Consciousness (God) is a Cosmologically infinite condensate ground-state of incorporeal consciousness (undifferentiated relativity) existing everywhere simultaneously, although it is a 'coherent' and 'undifferentiated' condensate as far as the unitary nature of the quantum forces and fields are concerned (RELATIVE TO Corporeality!), we also need to realize that such a condensate (in fact ANY condensate ground-state) is actually a 'sworl' of those unified forces and fields, acting and relating in 'tension' with each other, and further defining the 'polarizations' inherent within that condensate as Order and Chaos.

  16. In this respect, from the overall viewpoint (or 'Big Picture') of both science and humanity, we can thusly 'visualize' the entire Cosmos, AND the infinite condensate that is Infinite Consciousness (God), as a gigantic and infinite 'Cosmic Ocean', in which the 'coherence', or commonality, or 'undifferentiated relativity' thereof, is the fact that All Is...... Water (Consciousness)! And yet, within that Ocean of 'water' (Consciousness), as in any ocean, there are the 'sworls' and 'currents', and 'eddys', and 'differences', that are not differences in relativity (relative to Corporeality!), but are 'differences' in the 'polarizations' of that condensate/ocean, resulting from the 'dynamics' that are occurring within that condensate/ocean, as the nominal 'activities' of (temperature, etc., in a nominal 'ocean') self-ordering, adaptivity, decision-making, Sentience, Spirit and 'intelligence', of such a condensate of both Order and Chaos (Positivity and Negativity), does so function.

  17. I have already written extensively elsewhere on this website (see the Shortcut Menu on the Opening Page) about the 'polarizations' of Infinite Consciousness (God versus Lucifer) and how such 'dynamics' of the condensate produce the Corporeal results that we experience in our everyday Lives, so I will not go into such discussion here. And as to the 'Big Picture', of Infinite Consciousness and the 'Cosmic Ocean' of the condensate of Cosmic Consciousness, see the further discussion thereupon in the second half of the Main QUFD document, in the section entitled 'The Big Picture'.

  18. However, to get back to the terms 'memory' and 'Mind'. In our discussion here, Memory is the actions and functions that take place in the corporeal Brain, which can sort-of be described by analogy to the 'memory' in a computer. Such corporeal 'memory' is the result of the neurological and physical functions that transpire within and amongst the variously coordinated sections of the Brain, based upon, and initiated by, two separate input 'dynamics' to that Brain.

  19. The first input 'dynamic' is the sum total of all the sensory and somatic 'inputs', from the physical body and organs, that arrive to the various specific sections of the Brain, but which, as to our discussion here, are the sum total of all such 'inputs', as to physical 'actions' that occur as the result thereof.

  20. The second input 'dynamic' is the 'supervision' of all these corporeal functions of the Brain, which 'supervision' is the result of both input to and 'decision-making' back, from the Mind, via the 'interfaces' between corporeal Brain and Incorporeal Mind, the each and every synaptic-junction of that Brain-Mind, and the glial cells affiliated with each junction, that enable such interface 'dynamics' to take place, between the Incorporeality of the Mind (existing in 'undifferentiated relativity') and the Corporeality of the Brain (existing in 'differentiated relativity').

  21. Thusly 'memory', as has already been noted, exists in the Brain and we can define such 'memory' with similar attributes as we might so define 'memory' in a computer. 'Memory' exists as long as the brain exists to support and retain such 'memories'. (This might be called 'pre-consciousness', but is not really true 'consciousness', as it exists in corporeality rather than incorporeality!) And since the physical and corporeal neurological 'dynamics', which bring 'memory' into existence in the first place, are subject to that old Classical Physics Law of Entropy, we have the very fact that not only can 'memories' finally cease to exist with the demise of the brain, but during that brain's lifetime, those 'memories' might gradually fade and become lost or diffused.

  22. Additionally, as in a computer's memory, the more inputs thereto, and the stresses relating thereto the sum of all such 'inputs' that the individual might be attempting to (unconsciously) retain, leads to possible detrimental 'interactions' between 'programs' in that memory, such that 'overloads' and 'glitches' (as so defined) might so occur. This, however, is the 'state' of the modern human brain, and regardless of such 'volatility', the human individual does continue to seek, and find, functioning within human society, actually, in 'essence', guided and 'supervised' by the 'Mind'!

  23. NOW, the Mind, of each and every human being, exists in Incorporeality, in the 'undifferentiated relativity' of Spirit, in that particular individual local Mind, which is the condensate ground-state 'reality' of that individual, and which provides the 'supervision' of that individual's Brain, via the synapsial-glial 'interface' (as described in the Main QUFD document).

  24. I will also note here that the individual local Mind, 'supervising' the corporeal Brain via the feedback 'interface' between Brain and Mind, is thusly effecting the 'dynamics', or decision-making, which is the result of all those self-ordering, adaptive, etc. 'dynamics' which so comprise the Sentience, or Spirit, of that condensate ground-state which is that 'Mind'. And I will note further that, within that individual local Mind, the higher 'authority', as to the 'operation' of that individual Mind, is the Upper Mind or Soul! (The operations of the Lower Mind, or self, and the Upper Mind, or Self/Soul, have been extensively already discussed elsewhere on the pages of this website. See the Shortcut Menu on the Opening Page, for the various documents and QUALIA Series monographs exploring 'Immaturity of the human Mind' and 'Maturity' thereof, as well as the definitions in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES.)

  25. And finally (as to 'memory' versus 'Mind'), since Mind exists in the Incorporeality of the condensate ground-state which is that individual Mind (and Soul!), therefore the 'memories', or 'remembrances-of-experiences', of that individual, ARE PERMANENT, and NOT susceptible to demise, loss or deterioration, as such 'memories' are in the Brain! (However, a qualification here, which will be further explained later. Such 'memories' of the Mind, are NOT 'stored' in the individual local Mind, but instead, are stored, as explained elsewhere on these webpages, in the Collective Consciousness of all of humanity - the Akashic Records, or the Hall of Records, where the 'memories' of all of humanity, each and every human being that has ever lived or will live - Past/Present/Future - are permanently recorded and stored. Access thereto and other such info has already been discussed elsewhere on this website.)

  26. And to close this section ('memory' versus 'Mind'), let me just add here that the very reason that Incorporeal 'memory' is permanent whereas Corporeal 'memory' is not, is that the actions and dynamics, of the condensed and unified quantum forces and fields, acting within a condensate ground-state, are the result of, primarily, Gravity being Zero, within such a condensate. As such, any 'event' or 'experience', transpiring or taking place anywhere in that condensate, which is part of the infinite condensate of Infinite Consciousness, is thusly 'non-local', and quantumly 'correlated' EVERYWHERE, within that infinite condensate, which does, in effect, exist forever! Thusly Past, Present and Future, in such a ground-state, do exist simultaneously and unitarily everywhere, and can be accessed (although I have discussed such topic extensively already elsewhere on this website, so I will not do so here!)

    FINALLY - the subject of 'Knowing', versus 'Memory'!

  27. Okay, I've stated already elsewhere on these pages that the only relatively sure means of Being, and remaining, in the Positivity of God, is to Live one's Life by 'Being In The Moment' at all times (no matter how long it takes)! As I've also said, when one lives 'In The Moment', the Past, the Present, the Future, and God, are right there with you, IN that Moment! (See my Lecture, 'The Quantum Physics of Time', as well as other discussion elsewhere on this website.)

  28. This fact and truth has a very important significance relative to the subject under discussion here, Knowing versus Memory! Because, as I've noted previously, 'Memory' is 'volatile' and lossy, but it, by its very nature, is also 'corruptible'.

  29. And the reason for this is that, as I've said, 'memory' exists in the human Brain, in Corporeality, in 'differentiated relativity', where it is NOT permanent, but is also susceptible to 'corruptions' and distortions, of the Past and Future, as so influenced thereupon by the Luciferian Complex via human society! In other words, especially in one of Immature mind (see such discussions elsewhere on these pages), who is not living 'In The Moment', all the stresses, strains, influences and the resulting Negativities thereof, both mental and somatic, that occur upon those 'memories', in the Corporeality of the human Brain, can be traumatic and necessarily lossful.

  30. In other words, when the human Brain attempts to retain 'remembrances' of facts, events, experiences and such, in the Corporeal neurological functions of its physical neuronal existence, it does so only on a limited and time-related basis. Plus, in doing so, as I have said, it is not living 'In The Moment', but is living/worrying/concerning oneself with, the Past and the Future, and thusly is influenced by the Negativities that are attached to and influence such thoughts and worries, etc. (Again, see my Lecture, 'The Quantum Physics of Time'!)

  31. Such is the definition and 'reality' of 'conscious' (or really, pre-conscious!) Memory! On the other hand, let's see what happens when one is 'Living In The Moment'!

  32. When one is 'Living In The Moment', in the Positivity of God, one is not 'worrying', or even thinking about, anything to do with Past or Future, because one's 'Consciousness' is 'right there', in the Present, In The Moment! And since one realizes that Past/Present/Future (AND Positivity!) are 'there', with oneSelf, IN that 'Moment' (and notice that I have used the word 'oneSelf', rather than 'oneself', indicating awareness of, and connection to, the Self/Soul, rather than just the self of the lower mind), one does act accordingly and Positively, in all the words, actions and experiences of one's Life!

  33. When one is doing so, WHAT is actually happening, as to the 'Reality', and memory-storage, of those 'events' and 'experiences'? Well, for further enlightenment on such a thing, one might turn to the great Works of such as the renown Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung and his descriptions of the 'Collective Consciousness of humanity'. But, more immediately, one can read the various pages of this website, where the 'realities' and access thereto, of the 'Collective', are already discussed. (Such as in my Lecture, 'Remembering!')

  34. So WHAT, exactly, is happening, as far as our subject of discussion here is concerned, when one is 'Living In The Moment'? (Incidentally, the very 'realities' of 'Living In The Moment', have already been discussed in the middle sections of the Main QUFD document!)

  35. First of all, as to the Corporeal 'Memory' of the physical, neurological functions of the human Brain, when one is 'Living In The Moment', that human being is NOT 'worrying', or concerning oneself with, or even thinking about, the Past or the Future! Therefore, the physical, corporeal 'memory', is NOT 'occluded' with ANY such past/future 'programs' running in its 'memory' (and the Negativities thereof!), and thusly the FULL CAPACITY of that physical 'memory' IS AVAILABLE, for INSTANTANEOUS RESPONSE, to any and every corporeal need and action that might be required IN THAT MOMENT!

  36. And next, yet speaking of the 'memory' of the Brain, not only is there full capacity available, but it is acting and functioning 100% DYNAMICALLY, instantaneously, as would the dynamic RAM (DRAM) in your computer. It is all available, for any instantaneous necessity of the Moment!

  37. But, most important of all, it is NOT 'occluded', with ANY 'storage' problems, as it would have been if it was NOT 'Living In The Moment'! Because, NOTHING - NOT ONE IOTA - of any 'event' or 'experience', is being recorded or 'stored', in that 'volatile' memory of the human Brain!

  38. Well, WHERE in the heck ARE the 'memories', of each and every 'event' and 'experience' being stored? Why, where they always are, for every human being that has ever lived or shall live - in the 'COLLECTIVE Consciousness of humanity', the 'Akashic Records', the 'Hall of Records', in the Incorporeality, and 'undifferentiated relativity', and PERMANENCE, of...... SPIRIT! Within Infinite Consciousness (God), or that 'Dark Matter' of the Cosmos, that is the condensate wherein all human 'memory' resides! It is be repeated here, that the 'events' and 'experiences' OF EVERY HUMAN BEING do normally 'pass through' one's Brain and down into Consciousness, no matter whether one is living In The Moment or NOT! It is just that, when one of Immature Mind is the one 'experiencing' that 'event' or 'experience', the human Brain also attempts to retain 'memory' thereof in it's 'conscious', or 'volatile', memory as well.

  39. But the difference here, as to one who is living 'In The Moment', is that such a person KNOWS that those 'memories' ARE AVAILABLE, in the 'Collective', via 'access' thereto through one's SOUL, which that person is surely 'in contact with' and definitely aware of!

  40. But, more so, not only does one KNOW, where one's 'memories' are, but one also TRUSTS, that one can 'access' those 'memories', whenever needed!

  41. Additionally, one does not even need to 'worry' about when or where any 'memory' might be 'needed', because in TRUSTING Infinite Consciousness (God), with one's Life, one can TRUST that God WILL PROVIDE WHATEVER 'memory', or WHATEVER (of 'substance' OR otherwise!), is needed, or might be needed, AT ANY TIME! And since all of this is taking place, or might take place, in Incorporeality, or Consciousness, it is BEYOND Corporeality, beyond the human body or Brain, and is NOT susceptible to ANYTHING, any Negativity, that Corporeality, human Society, and Lucifer, might try to impose upon that individual!

  42. Such IS, in this respect, the importance of 'undifferentiated relativity' versus 'differentiated relativity'. And such is the difference between ordinary 'memory', of the human Brain, and KNOWING, which comes from God, or Infinite Consciousness, ONLY as 'accessed' via one's SOUL! When one 'Lives In The Moment', not only can one 'access' the Past, the Present, and the Future, but one does ALSO 'access' the Positivity of Infinite Consciousness (God)!

  43. In other words, by 'Living In The Moment', one does NOT NEED TO 'know' ANYTHING... in one's 'conscious memory', of the human Brain! The human Brain can be BLANK, or empty, of ANYTHING that would have been 'stored' there! And thusly, it can be so Peaceful and Quiet, non-stressful, relaxed, completely functional, AND HEALTHY!

  44. Because, one realizes that when anything is needed to be 'known', of one's personal 'memories' of one's Lifetime of 'events' and 'experiences', that 'memory' WILL BE PROVIDED, to one's Consciousness, to one's individual local Mind! One does NOT need to have it 'available' locally in one's 'volatile' memory, where it could be 'corrupted' or otherwise, in the Negativities of Corporeality!

  45. AND NOT ONLY one's personal 'memories', but also ANYTHING ELSE, from ANYWHERE IN THE COSMOS, Past, Present or Future, IS THERE...... in the Mind, of each and every human being, that lives, has lived and shall live! BECAUSE 'Mind' is, again, of Incorporeality, of 'undifferentiated relativity', of Spirit, of God (Infinite Consciousness), and we are ALL, every human being, a 'Part thereof', the 'wholeness', the ONENESS, of that Infinite condensate of Reality!

  46. When we realize that, then we KNOW...... we have KNOWING, that whatever is needed, or needs to be 'Known' (from WHEREVER!), WILL BE PROVIDED, at the instant that it is needed! Such is the definition of one who is Living with Maturity of Mind! Such is the definition of one who is truly HUMAN! May it be so, Dear Lord, for ALL OF US!

Aum, Peace, Amen!

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