An Excerpt from the DISCLAIMERS pages of the Book -

This Disclaimer is addressed directly to the Reader of this Book, in that it does directly pertain to the Reader's "perception" OF what he/she shall be reading herein this Book.

This Disclaimer is put forth herewith in the form of a

The Reader hereof is particularly enjoined to approach this Work and the context/content therein WITH AN OPEN MIND, considering ANY and ALL possibilities, as to the verities and truths herein put forth. In other words, just possibly, such as is reported and stated herein MAY ACTUALLY BE SO, in all actuality, IF one's Mind (and consciousness) IS open and receptive thereto, BUT ONLY AS the Reader themselves does so SEE and REALIZE the TRUTH, of whatever is being presented, as ONLY the Reader can so judge for themselves.

As noted, such a "frame of Mind" does require a WILLINGNESS to explore ALL possibilities, in order to arrive at SOMETHING (whatever it might be!) that is relevant, and pertinent, TO one's Life, existence AND REALITY! Because, after all, the Quantum Physics of Consciousness IS about seeing possibilities AND the realities thereof, AS ONLY the Reader/Observer can so "see", judge AND CREATE!

In other words, should the Reader approach this Work WITH an opinionated, narrow, pre-ordained and pre-conceived, pre-programmed and biased perspective, then, but of course, one will see ONLY that which one wishes to see and thusly the "apples" WILL BE "oranges", instead of apples.

So, I say to the Reader, LOOK at each PAGE, as something NEW, and be open to whatever springs forth therefrom and I do guarantee that, in the overall context of what is presented herein, each and every page CAN BE a pleasant and welcome SURPRISE. And I say surprise because, in the context of the Reader's LIFE, there MAY be found TRUTH and ENLIGHTENMENT, which ONLY the Reader can judge the merits and actualities OF and thusly thereby use to one's benefit and fulfillment.

(End of this Excerpt)