QUALIA LXXXV: Quantum Mechanics vs Quantum Physics (QUFD Physics): As to Corporeal Reality vs Incorporeal 'Reality', from the Perspectives of Mathematics and Engineering. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA LXXXV: Quantum Mechanics vs Quantum Physics (QUFD Physics): As to Corporeal Reality vs Incorporeal 'Reality', from the Perspectives of Mathematics and Engineering.

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. I think I have sufficiently discussed Reality vs 'Reality', Corporeality vs Incorporeality, and Quantum Mechanics vs Quantum Physics, elsewhere in these Pages, so I will not belabor this discussion with such terms and their meanings, other than by reference.

  2. What I want to stress in this discussion, are the Realities of Mathematics and all of the Engineering Sciences, which are based upon the Reality of Mathematics!

  3. And here the Key Word, which obviates our discussion here, is Reality, which already indicates that the Science and Use of Mathematics, exists purely within a Corporeal, or Real, context! The use and relativity of Mathematics, is that such Science, as a Concept and an Application, relates purely to objects, substances and realities, which are corporeal, physical, material, and thusly can be described and explained from the perspectives of Mathematics! Because that... is what Mathematics 'deals with'... physical, material, existence!

  4. An 'existence', a 'dimension', and such, which can be described by and within the Realities of Time and Space! So Mathematics, and the Engineering Sciences, which depend upon Mathematics for their very existence... All are relative to the very existence of Time and Space!

  5. When one uses Mathematics, or practices any of the Engineering Sciences, and their various Applications, that person is dealing with the physical, material, the corporeal, whether actually seen or perceived or not!

  6. So, to get back to our point here, both Mathematics and Engineering apply to Reality, to physicality, to materiality, to corporeality, and ultimately, to anything that occupies Time and Space, and which has been created through the use of the quantum forces and gravity!

  7. And, of course, the quantum forces and gravity, however unseen and invisible, are yet Corporeal, and exist only within a Dimension of Time and Space! And as the very Pages of this 'QUFD Textbook' have detailed, Time and Space exist only within Corporeality, within a Corporeal Condensate or Dimension, which has been begotten of a Condensate of Incorporeality and the very basic 'Realities' of the quantum axion particle, which exists only within Incorporeality.

  8. As I have noted in these discussions many times (also see the Definition of a Quantum Axion Particle, at: https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/becdic/quaaxpar.html ), it is the quantum axion particle that, itself, 'creates' Time and Space, by creating a Condensate of Corporeality! But, the quantum axion particle exists only within Incorporeality, NOT Corporeality!

  9. So, the overall point here is, Mathematics and the Engineering Sciences cannot be applied, in any way, to anything that 'exists' within the Unknown, within Incorporeality, or that relates in any way, to the quantum axion particle, to Sentience, and to Spirit!

  10. Perhaps, some day in the future, Mankind may find some way of 'dealing' with the Incorporeal Unknown, and with 'Realities' which are 'Unitary' and not existent or extant, based upon Time and Space, but which somehow 'transcend' Time and Space, and are truly Holistic and One!

  11. But, until that day, Quantum Mechanics is the Reality that describes Mathematics and the Engineering Sciences, and Quantum Physics (QUFD Physics) is the 'Reality' that describes the Unknown 'Dimensions' of Incorporeality, Consciousness and Spirit... and never shall the twain meet!

  12. To summarize: Mathematics and the Engineering Sciences cannot be applied to anything that is Incorporeal and beyond that invisible Fence between The Known and The Unknown! In such 'Dimensions', Time and Space do not exist, and therefore Mathematics/Engineering are useless!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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