QUALIA XXXVII: The BASICS (continued): "Being There", in a Parallel World-Dimension of Reality, in the Mind! Further analysis of 'phase-space-shifting', whether local or non-local! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XXXVII: The BASICS (continued): "Being There", in a Parallel World-Dimension of Reality, in the Mind! Further analysis of 'phase-space-shifting', whether local or non-local!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. I've briefly 'explored' and explained what it was like to 'Be There', in another 'dimensionality' of Incorporeality and the Mind, in my earlier Monograph in this QUALIA Series, QUALIA XVII, where I gave more of a 'sense' of what it was like to 'Be There', rather than delving into any Physics of 'Being There'! Since this QUALIA Document will be more of an 'exploration' of the actual QUFD Physics of 'Being There', I will try to restrain my Corporeal explications of such 'realities' and try to stick to the 'basics', or Incorporeality!

  2. First of all, I want to explain the actual 'realities' of that most important 'dynamic' which nominally makes our discussion and 'reality' here even possible, that of 'phase-space-shifting', of consciousness and 'awareness'. I've already noted (in other QUALIA documents!) that the 'reality' of 'phase-space-shifting' is an important part of the very functioning of the 'dynamics' that actually occur WITHIN any 'condensate' of Incorporeality, as well as being the actual means whereby mental-and-human 'qualities' are 'transferred' BETWEEN incorporeal 'condensates' (i.e., OUTSIDE OF those 'coordinating-condensates'!), via the means of 'communications-signals' which are 'phase-space-shifted' within the temporary-and-instantaneous 'spacetimes' that are instantly 'created' in the 'interstices' of the larger 'condensate' of Incorporeality within which our two 'coordinating-condensates' are thusly 'communicating' with each other! Additionally as well, 'phase-space-shifting' plays a part in the actual 'Emergence-of-Life' from a parental 'condensate' of Incorporeality, when a new Life-form is Born (although I will not discuss such any further than has already been done so elsewhere on these pages!) Plus, as we will be talking about herein this Document, 'phase-space-shifting' is what enables one to 'transfer' one's Consciousness, 'awareness' and 'reality', from one 'dimension' to another, or one world to another 'world'!

  3. Okay, getting more 'basic' here, I've also already noted that the very 'attribute' of 'phase-space-shifting' is a part of the genetics of the human being, a part of that large, currently unknown (unknown to present researchers!) 'gene pool', which actually is responsible for the original 'creation' of our individual and invisible human MIND! And that unknown 'gene pool' will probably remain unknown, as to its actual genesis, (i.e., as to what those genes, which can already be seen by researchers, actually DO, within the human body!), as long as researchers are yet attempting to place those genes, as to what they DO... WITHIN the human body! In other words, as long as they are attempting to PLACE, the human Mind, WITHIN the visible human brain, rather than OUTSIDE of the human body, WITHIN the INVISIBLE human Mind, such researchers will NOT 'find out' WHAT that 'unknown gene-pool' actually does!

  4. So, the actual gene pool for the human Mind, within the human genome, has the genes that enable 'phase-space-shifting' OF that human Mind which has thusly been 'created', TO other 'dimensions' of Consciousness and 'reality', AS SO desired BY the Maturity OF that human Mind (I have thoroughly explained Maturity and Immaturity of the human Mind elsewhere on these pages, so I will not go into it here!) BUT, as I have also noted on these webpages, ALL Corporeality 'originates' FROM Incorporeality! SO, getting even MORE basic yet here, I need to inform the Reader that the ULTIMATE 'source' and 'reality' OF the 'attribute' of 'phase-space-shift' is... the quantum axion particle of Consciousness!

  5. But since quantum axion particles ONLY exist within Incorporeality and within incorporeal 'condensates', the Reader might say here, "Houston, we have a problem!" Actually, though, there is no problem at all! First of all... Remember? That even though any and everything that transpires or takes place, within a condensate of Corporeality, is physical and material and corporeal (and perhaps even visible!), that condensate of Corporeality, and EVERY condensate of Corporeality, does yet have its 'TWIN'... that 'condensate' of Incorporeality, which is INVISIBLE and of NO spacetime (OR Reality!) whatsoever, which does, however, exist within THE VERY SAME SPACETIME as its twin, and actually has a 'Reality', but an invisible 'reality', of the Mind, Spirit, Consciousness and Incorporeality, OF that very Life-form, or human being! As I have said before, ANY Life-form, human or otherwise, cannot exist WITHOUT the 'duality' of its TWINS, its corporeal condensate and its incorporeal 'condensate'!

  6. Also... Remember? ALL condensates of Corporeality, also exist within such larger 'condensates' of Incorporeality, of which they are a part thereof, which includes the incorporeal 'condensates' OF one's Parents, Family, Tribe, Group, Nation, Race, Humanity and the 'Collective'! But there is an even larger 'condensate' of Incorporeality, which includes all of these lesser incorporeal 'condensates' AND all corporeal condensates, and that is the 'condensate' of Infinite Consciousness (God), or the Cosmos!

  7. SO, the point here is, that even though our condensate of Corporeality, of our human body and brain, contains the genes and the genome OF our Corporeality, underlying all of such corporeal and visible Reality, ARE the basic INVISIBLE 'Realities' OF Incorporeality, which do actually infuse and thoroughly permeate therethrough, our visible Corporeality WITH their invisible Incorporeality!

  8. What this means, then, as to our discussion here about genetics and quantum axion particles, is that the incorporeal 'condensates' of one's 'twin', as well as one's 'parents' and so forth, up to and including the Ultimate Condensate of God, do actually penetrate most thoroughly throughout one's everyday and every-minute corporeal Reality! Thusly, when I say that the ultimate 'source' of the 'attribute' of 'phase-space-shifting' IS the quantum axion particle (which can only exist within Incorporeality!), what this means is that the actual 'actions' or 'dynamics' OF the quantum axion particle ARE ACTUALLY OCCURRING WITHIN Incorporeality, with the 'actions' of axions, BUT the 'effects', or 'execution', THEREOF those incorporeal 'dynamics', is actually occurring within the corporeal genes and the genome OF the corporeal human being! So, even though the 'phase-space-shift' gene does occur in the human genome, from whence it 'executes' its invisible 'attribute' within the invisible human Mind, the actual 'source', or 'genesis', of that gene is the incorporeal quantum axion particle (or waves!), OF your invisible and incorporeal 'twin'!

  9. Okay, so there are several ways by which a quantum axion particle can actually 'effect' or 'activate' the 'attribute' of 'phase-space-shifting', within any incorporeal 'dynamic'! And, by now the Reader understands that, in doing so, Incorporeality and the quantum axion particle, actually and instantaneously 'create' a temporary 'spacetime' of 'reality', within which the axion particle releases the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity (as contained therewithin itself!), within the boundaries of that temporary 'spacetime', sufficient enough to enable the 'transfer' of whatever incorporeal 'quality' it is that is to be 'transferred', from one 'dimension' of incorporeal 'reality' TO the other 'dimension' of incorporeal 'reality'! (Upon completion of any such instantaneous 'phase-space-shifting', all the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity, are once again instantly 'condensed' back into that unitary particle of Consciousness, the quantum axion particle or wave!) And, as noted in my previous discussions regarding locality and non-locality and 'point-locations' within Incorporeality, such a 'transfer' as I have just discussed, does occur ON THE EXACT SAME 'point-location' BETWEEN 'condensates' (whether local or non-local!), where such a 'phase-space-shift' activity might be necessary!

  10. To conclude our discussion on this one point, 'phase-space-shifting', I believe the Reader can, by now, realize that, one's genes not only have something-to-do with one's basic Reality within the everyday Corporeal world, but that, behind the scenes of that visible world, there is yet another invisible 'world' and 'Reality' OF, not only one's 'twin' of Mind, Consciousness and Spirit, BUT ALSO the 'twin' OF EVERY OTHER condensate-group-reality which one is a part thereof, and which (ALL such 'twins', of invisible Incorporeality and Spirit!) actually and invisibly overlay (or underlie!) EVERY and ALL moment-by-moment reality that occurs therein that Corporeal world, such that the very existence of one's twin 'condensates' of Incorporeality, gives a further 'reality' to all activities that one does engage in therein that Corporeal world! To put it differently, in that EVERY 'condensate' of Incorporeality, of which we are a 'part thereof', DOES EXIST AS AN INCORPOREAL 'TWIN', within our Corporeal world', THEREFORE any and all actions and experiences, that we do actually experience IN our Corporeal world, DO ALSO HAVE their instantaneous and immediate 'Reality' WITHIN OUR 'TWIN' of that, and those, condensates of Corporeal-Reality, within which our any and every experience is taking place! In other words, there is a 'twin-experience' and 'Reality', TO and OF, EVERY experience that takes place in our known world! And that 'duplicate-reality' is taking place in the Unknown and 'parallel-world' of our Incorporeal 'condensates' of Consciousness and 'reality', OF WHICH we are a 'part thereof'!

  11. SO, basically, without even trying, or 'invoking' the 'reality' of 'phase-space-shifting' within the Mind, WE ARE ALREADY 'existing' and 'participating' IN A 'parallel-world'... a 'parallel-world' OF our everyday moment-by-moment 'Reality'! And guess what? It is within every one of those 'condensates' of Incorporeality OF WHICH WE ARE A 'part thereof', that the 'dynamics' OF the quantum axion particles of Consciousness OF those other 'condensates', are also simultaneously taking place!

  12. But more than that, such means that EVERY 'point-location' of Incorporeality WITHIN those other 'condensates', those other 'parallel-world-dimensions', ALSO already EXISTS within the PRESENTLY existing 'twin-condensates' that are already ACTIVE within our present Reality and world of Corporeality! In other words, if you could actually, while you were walking down the street of your everyday Corporeal world of today, suddenly 'reach out', INTO THAT INVISIBLE 'parallel-world', that also totally envelopes and surrounds you (including your 'twin', AND the 'twins' OF every other 'condensate-group' of which you are a 'part thereof'!), you might be able to 'grab hold' of one of those 'totem-poles' of Complexity, as I have called a 'point-location' and its corresponding QUFD Scale of Complexity, and 'shake' that 'point-location', such that the quantum axion particles (and waves!) associated therewith and thereon... might actually 'dislodge' something quite unique and different, FROM an entirely different 'dimension' or 'parallel-world' of 'reality', INTO this world OF your everyday reality! IF such a thing did happen, it would mean that you, in 'shaking-the-totem-pole' over there (on that 'side of the fence', as I have called it, between the Known and the Unknown!), in that other 'dimension', actually had caused a 'phase-space-shifting' to occur, among the quantum axion particles associated with that particular 'point-location' OF Incorporeal 'reality', SUCH THAT 'something', whatever it was, actually 'appeared', IN REALITY, in this Corporeal world, FROM that other 'world'!

  13. Okay, not saying that any such thing will ever occur, which would be a 'transdimensional-teleportation' (which I am not about to discuss here!), let us go on with the subject at hand! And getting back to 'phase-space-shifting' within the human Mind (ONLY, rather than within any other 'condensates' of Incorporeality!), what I have also meant to imply, in my previous discussion of the 'totem-pole' of an Incorporeal 'point-location', is thusly THAT any and all quantum axion particles (and waves!) appearing thereon that single 'point-location', IN OUR human Mind and Consciousness, might also likewise 'appear' on ANY OTHER 'condensate' of Incorporeality OF WHICH we are a 'part thereof'!

  14. So, IF we might have an active 'dynamic' in progress within our Mind somewhere (as a consequence of ANY such 'self-ordering-dynamic' that might be in progress ANYWHERE on the 'landscapes' of our Mind and Consciousness!), THAT particular 'dynamic', although responding-to, and reacting-to, ALL of the 'inputs' thereto (which I have discussed elsewhere!), from Corporeality AND Incorporeality, as felt WITHIN that specific 'condensate' of your Mind... And what I want to point out here, is that, as I have said elsewhere, EVERY 'point-location' within that Incorporeal 'condensate', the 'condensate' of your Mind, ALSO EXISTS, and has a 'reality', IN numerous OTHER Incorporeal 'condensates' of the entire Cosmos, MOST OF WHICH are NOT even 'aware' OF their 'existence' ON THE VERY SAME 'point-location', as the one we are referring to within your Mind and on which our particular 'dynamic' is now occurring!

  15. HOWEVER, in the instantaneous 'activities' and 'decision-making' OF our specific 'dynamic', and the 'roiling-boiling' of all those 'inputs' coming together... Guess what? Somehow, the Spirit and Sentience OF our instantaneous 'dynamic' (actually, the Spirit and Sentience OF the quantum axion particles thereof our 'dynamic', which axion particle, or particles, or waves thereof, exist EVERYWHERE in the Cosmos!), 'remembered', or 'became aware of', SOME specific 'reality', or fact, or Truth, of Consciousness, that does 'exist' WITHIN another 'condensate' of Incorporeality, SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE OF all of the 'range' or 'sphere-of-influence' OF our local individual Mind and Consciousness! And since, via such a 'mechanism', involving quantum axion particles AND the 'point-locations' thereof (which exist everywhere in the Cosmos!), our local individual Mind is truly not only 'local', but also 'non-local'... what this means is that the specific 'dynamic' that we have been talking about which is instantaneously occurring within our Mind... such 'dynamic', being and existing ON the exact same 'point-location' AS that remote 'fact-Truth-reality' from elsewhere in the Cosmos, CAN NOW, instantaneously, RECEIVE that 'input-from-far-off' (NOT of spacetime, however!), HERE, on THIS PORTION OF that specific 'point-location', AND THUSLY ADD IT (that 'fact-Truth-reality'!) TO the 'activities' and 'considerations' OF that specific 'dynamic'!

  16. In other words, as a matter-of-necessity (however determined, BY Spirit and Sentience!), the quantum axion particles of Consciousness and Incorporeality, ON the non-local 'point-location' of the 'dynamic' that was occurring within our local Mind, 'phase-space-shifted' that 'information' or 'reality' FROM that other 'dimension' (wherever it was!), TO the Incorporeal 'dimension' OF our local and Incorporeal Mind! And thusly that 'reality' or 'realities' DID APPEAR within our 'dimension' of 'reality'!

  17. The further point here, to continue on here, is that such a 'phase-space-shifting', from one 'dimension' of Consciousness, somewhere in the Cosmos, TO another 'dimension' of Consciousness, somewhere else in the Cosmos, is a mostly every-second (or nano-second!) occurrence, of Consciousness and 'Reality'! In other words, it happens all the time! But the further point here is, that this is a two-way 'reality'! It can also 'go-the-other-way' TOO! (Although Consciousness and 'awareness' of Mind, from this 'dimension', or 'world', HAS TO have some kind of 'awareness', of why and where one's Consciousness is about to travel TO! Of course, such 'awareness' is via the Spirit and Sentience of Consciousness itself, the quantum axion particles of Consciousness, which already exist everywhere in the Cosmos and thusly are most intimately 'aware' of everything and anything... ANYWHERE!

  18. So, IF your Mature human Mind (of course, Immature human Minds cannot do anything that I have been talking about here!), becomes 'aware' of... Did God, or Spirit (OR Balder or Wurrunna!), give you an 'Invitation-to-Visit'? Well, then you can certainly do so, merely by 'phase-space-shifting' your Consciousness (on that non-local 'totem-pole', of an Incorporeal 'point-location'!), FROM this 'dimension' TO that other 'dimension', of Consciousness and 'Reality'! Of course, you may only 'Be There' instantaneously, but in either or both 'dimensions' (there and here!), in the 'spacetimes' of such corporeal-reality OF such incorporeal 'dimensions', you may have passed not only minutes, but years! But such 'realities' are yet 'real', in the Consciousness of the Mind and of the Cosmos and of God! Enjoy your 'Travels', my Friends, and may such Contribute TO that which You Might Do, to Change This World For The Better!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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