QUALIA CVIII: What Would a Utopian Human Society Look Like? From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA CVIII: What Would a Utopian Human Society Look Like?

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

The Criteria for Utopia (in no particular order)

    First of all, of course, the entire Society would be egalitarian, with equality of everything everywhere. Let's see what such an egalitarian society might look like:
  1. All resources, of all kinds, natural and man-made, would be equally available to everyone.

    But someone might say, "Yeah, but how is the gas for my car going to be 'equally available', when there is only so much gas and everyone needs it?"

    Okay, let's put forth some basic realities-of-a-Utopian-society here.

  2. There is no gas or (man-made or natural) fuel, of any kind. No solar-power, wind-power, bio-power or anything made or derived from some Earth (or Solar) resource. (Except as individually-produced-and-needed!)
  3. There are no cars, or vehicles of any kind. (A 'qualified' statement. See the following.)
  4. There are no tankers, no boats, no ships of any kind. (Another 'qualified' statement.)
  5. There are no planes, no fuel-carrying aircraft of any kind. (Another 'qualified' statement.)
  6. The worldwide distribution-and-access system is egalitarian, making anything, anywhere, equally available to everyone.
  7. However, unlike today, where billions of people worldwide need something like gas, in Utopia, only one person would need anything (including food).
  8. Such is so because every person only accesses/avails themselves, of only that (any resource) which they actually need. One person does not have the 'needs' of any other person. (Everyone is a unique individual at birth!)

    "How does a person know/determine what they need?"

  9. All needs are based upon Who/What a Person is.
  10. The Reality, in a Utopian Society, is that everyone has the equal Opportunity, to Be-What-They-Were-Born-To-Be!
  11. In other words, every human being is Born-With-A-Destiny, which means Doing-That-Which-You-Were-Born-To-Be!
  12. You have a Permanent 'Job', or Career, for which you were Born for. You are the only Person, in the entire World, who was Born, and is Qualified, to Do Your Job! There is no one else, anywhere in the entire World, who is qualified to Do-Your-Job... To Be You!
  13. Therefore, you are the ONLY person, in the entire World, who has the needs that you have, in order to Do-Your-Job!
  14. This concept thusly verifies the ancient Buddhist 'theology', of the Oneness and Unity of Mankind, that Mankind can only Be Whole-and-Complete, when Human Existence is enabled to Be As A Gigantic Jig-Saw-Puzzle, with each individual being a singularly-unique piece-of-the-puzzle.
  15. It is only when each individual is freely given access/availability, to the maximum opportunities-and-resources needed, in order to enable that individual to Be That Which One Was Born To Be...
  16. That all of the unique pieces-of-the-puzzle actually fit together. Every individual, Being The Person-They-Were-Born-To-Be, as enabled-by-the-Whole-of-Society...
  17. Thusly then enables each individual to Give-Unto-All-of-Society, to the maximum of their ability-to-do-so, in performance of That 'Job', which they were Born To Do.
  18. Everyone is Happy, because everyone is doing something different-and-unique, which only they were Born To Do.
  19. No one would ever 'dream' of doing anything else, because One's Job totally 'fulfills' the individual. (This is NOT "1984: Big Brother is watching you!")
  20. And yet, opportunities-abound within a Utopian Society, for an individual to 'Do' many things, personally and collectively, in Cooperation-With-All-of-Society, such as giving an individual the 'opportunity' to climb a mountain (a personal 'objective'), while insuring one's complete safety-in-doing-so! Or 'contributing' one's unique 'expertise' (as the only qualified 'expert' therein!), to the Cooperative Needs of Society.
  21. Accordingly, as already noted, there are no fuel-driven transport 'vehicles' of any kind.
  22. Likewise, there are no businesses, no corporations, no massively-organized 'entities', including no governments.
  23. The People-are-the-Government! "Of The People, By The People, and For The People!"
  24. Therefore, there are no politicians, no legislators, no senators, no political 'third-party-representatives'.
  25. There are no 'representatives' of any kind. No one to tell-us-what-to-do, act-on-our-behalf (usually corruptively!) and to steal all of our Country's natural-and-manmade resources.
  26. Each and every individual is Personally Responsible... for that Individual's EVERY Word, Action and Deed! No more, can it be said, "I'm not responsible!"
  27. Politicians are no longer 'Responsible'! There is no Representative-Democracy government. There is only a worldwide Participatory Democracy , where every individual Votes, 100%, and no action is taken without the Consent of The Governed... The People!
  28. Judges are no longer 'Responsible'! There are no Laws, no 'Judgements' (except by the Consent-of-the-People), no jails, no crimes of any kind (hard to do, when everyone is involved with Everything-that-Is!)
  29. Bankers and Financial-people are no longer 'Responsible'! There is no Money, or any kind of Financial-Instrument! No Ultimate 'Responsible-Party'... The Dollar Bill, which today gives politicians, bankers, lenders, businesses and governments, the 'ability' to say, "It can't be done! There are no funds!" Or else say, "It 'Can Be Done'"... by adversely 'mortgaging' the Future-of-every-Living-Being, as well as our Earth itself!
  30. Gold, silver and precious metals... are what they are, and no more! They are no longer 'valued', as a replacement for money!
  31. Mankind no longer lives-in-conflict-with-the-Earth (or the Universe!) All of Humanity is harmonious with Our Biosphere and Environment.
  32. No longer is there the 14% Economic-Efficiency of today, but instead, Mankind and Our Earth, as well as Ourselves, All Cooperating Together (with NO Competition of any kind!), we will have thusly achieved 100% Economic-Efficiency of Human Society!


  33. Mankind has once-again 'harnessed' the immense-powers of the Earth's Magnetic Field, as previous Human Civilizations had done. Mankind can go anywhere, do anything, merely by using the magnetic 'energies' of our Earth! As the ancient Vimana aircraft (of the ancient Indian "Mahabarata") used to do (over 70,000 years ago), flying anywhere, with any load, using the magnetic-fields of the Earth.
  34. Mankind has also learned to 'Go-Into-Consciousness', into-the-Mind, into Incorporeality, beyond the Local Mind, in accessing the 'zero-point-location' of anyone and anything, where the actual incorporeal 'zero-point-location' of anyone and anything can be efficiently-and-instantaneously 'moved', from-and-to anywhere within Incorporeality. "Beam me up, Scotty!" Here today, in Chicago... the next instant, on the Greek Island of Santorini!
  35. Flying vehicles (or any kind of 'vehicle') use the Earth's Magnetic-Field.
  36. If you need-to-get-there-instantaneously... just 'move' the 'zero-point-location'!
  37. As to 'businesses' and any large-scale 'enterprise', serving people worldwide... any such 'enterprise', can now be efficiently 'operated'... by one person! Such might be any individual's 'Job' and Destiny! To 'supply' each Person-of-Humanity, with the uniquely-individual 'needs' of that single individual.

    (To be continued)

    For a further perspective on Utopia, see Part Three on my free online eBook, "God, Lucifer and You! A ScienceBook of Quantum Physics and Reality, for 5 year old Kids and Adults!", at: http://www.fiwd.org/CompleteBook.htm

    You are hereby Invited to forward your realistic thoughts about a Human Utopian Society to Father Jerome, at: fatherjeromeusa@fiwd.org
    Any and all realistic possibilities will be added to the foregoing!
    Thank You!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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