Pain and Confusion, Dear Lord!

By Jerome


Daily, and minute-by-minute, I look into the ether,

Seeing that huge glowering and gloating figure of Lucifer,

Arching over the entire human landscape,

And All That Man has herein created!


And I see the results of his Negativities,

Cast asunder within the Minds of us All,

Enacted upon the streets and battlefields,

The courtrooms and the very Existence of Man!


Wars, animosities, conflicts, divisiveness, plunder,

Adversarial and dysfunctional relationships,

Competition, corruption, greed and more,

All the results of his Negativities within Us!


And I feel the Pain and Confusion of the Masses,

Of disenfranchised, disadvantaged, dispossessed Humanity,

No longer trying to make sense of it all,

But merely attempting to survive amidst cataclysmic Disaster!


We… Each and Every One of Us,

Are All Part of the Whole,

And yet the Whole also resides within Each One of Us,

The acknowledgement of which we cannot escape!


Yes, it is Wonderful and Most Desirable,

For Each of Us to feel Joy, Love and Happiness,

But the Confusion of Lucifer, presently, leaves

Us reeling and paining over those dire consequences to us All!


Such that my heart and my eyes well up,

In the tears and emotions of the Pained and Confused,

Dear Lord and Mother of us All,

We seek Thy Grace and Understanding!


Enfold Us within Thy Protective and Loving Arms,

And Minister to Our overwhelming Needs,

For Thy Love and Reassurance and Comfort,

That All Might once again Be Well and Eminently Bearable!


That Life Might Be of Positivity and Joy,

In the Light of Thee, Dear Lord,

As Thou Might Wash Clear our Minds,

And Render Lucifer forever gone therefrom!


That All of Us, Might Come Together as One,

In and Of Thee and Thy Power for Good,

And Thusly End not only our… Humanity’s,

Quest for Thee but Lucifer’s Quest As Well!


Aum, Peace, Amen!