QualiaXCVIII: Progress toward the 'Big Picture': Notes on the 'Big Picture'. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QualiaXCVIII: Progress toward the 'Big Picture': Notes on the 'Big Picture'.

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from the QUFD website,
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By Father Jerome


  1. I'm going to relate something here that pertains to myself alone, but it just might also, perhaps, pertain to many other people in this world, IF they would but choose to 'Let it Be', as the famous Beatles song does so advise... and IF such were to be so, this world would be a heck-of-a-lot better off!

  2. What I am talking about here, in relation to myself now, is that, as a Member-Initiate of The Most Ancient Order, not only have I taken a Vow of Poverty, but I have also taken a Vow to "Do Unto Others...", which means Doing Unto Others... NOT myself! What this further means, is something that has come quite hard to me, and even yet still does, at times, when I am quite often attempting to do things to either improve my situation or to benefit myself in some way! And, incidentally, this also pertains to myself as a 'drug-addict', who is 'addicted' to food... just like many other drug-addicted 'foodaholics' in this Society of ours!

  3. And why I say that it 'comes hard to me', is that I was, once upon a time, just like much of humanity, 'addicted' to money! And possessions, antiques, cars, homes, things... any thing to 'show off', to embellish-my-personal-status and which, of course had, and related thereto, money and monetary value!

  4. Well, as I have honestly written and admitted thereto, I went bankrupt, both personally and professionally, and lost everything! But, there I yet was, trying to 'hold on to things', to the very last moment! "And WHAT, exactly, was the 'very last moment'?"

  5. Well, that was when, I finally realized that 'Someone Upstairs', was trying to tell me something! Which was... "Let Go, and Let It Be!" (Just like the Beatles song!) And not only that, but to absolutely make sure that I definitely 'got the message', He, the Guy Upstairs, did something that was to the ultimate benefit for this guy, myself, who was yet just 'trying to hold on', to any and everything that I could! "And WHAT did He do?" He took it all away from me! Everything! I lost it all, down to the very clothes on my back!

  6. So now, today, my actual Reality is, that I cannot do anything whatsoever, intentionally, that might benefit myself in any way! I cannot "Do Unto Myself". I can ONLY Do Unto Others! And what this further means, is that I can have nothing-in-my-Life, unless it 'comes-to-me' (serendipity), is given-to-me, or is somehow a reality-in-my-Life, as the consequence of the actions and Doing of Others! I cannot DO unto myself... in any way!

    Intentionality versus Serendipity

  7. Okay, these comments relate to Intentionality versus Serendipity, on the Cosmic scale, rather than myself. Lets try to define Intentionality and Serendipity, by looking at several aspects of Corporeality, Incorporeality and the Cosmos!

  8. First, as to Corporeality, lets look at Barry Bonds.
    When Barry Bonds is concentrating on trying to hit-the-ball, he is being Intentional.
    When the Center-Outfielder drops-the-ball, he is being Serendipitous on Barry's behalf.

  9. Next, as to Incorporeality, lets refer to our quantum axion particles.
    When the axions of any incorporeal condensate are externally searching-the-Cosmos for 'input', to 'take back' to their specific condensate, that somehow relates to the Reason and Purpose for the existence of that incorporeal condensate, those axions are being Intentional!
    When the axions of the 'dynamics' and the 'Ground-State-Landscape' of a specific incorporeal condensate (which are really one-and-the-same with the previously-noted external axions), might 'receive' specific 'input' unexpectedly, to add thereto the 'processing' of any instantaneous-moment, such 'input' is Serendipitous! (However, since all axions everywhere in the Cosmos are one-and-the-same, this is but a minor 'distinction' that refers only to a specific condensate-of-incorporeality, because the fact-of-the-matter is that all axions everywhere are intimately Sentient, and therefore 'know', are aware of, exactly the same info as any other axion! However, see my discussion on non-local point-locations in my Book, as to the ability of any individual axion possessing specific info, to defer providing such 'input' when said 'input' has already been 'gathered' by another or other axions, whereby all such axions with the exact same info thereby collectively agree as to the single one axion that shall finally provide said 'info' to the processing of a specific condensate-of-incorporeality.)

  10. Next, referring to a Cosmic scale of both Corporeality and Incorporeality, lets examine some possibilities-of-consciousness that might be 'beheld', or made 'Real', unto the typically precocious 5-year-old child-of-today, who absolutely wants to 'know' everything there is to 'know' and to understand, about Life, Existence and Reality, including the myriads of possibilities and 'reality' of Incorporeality!
    That child's consciousness might 'access' the 'Collective Consciousness of Humanity' (a Mature Human Mind is required here, of course, unless the 'access' is but temporary!), wherein that child might then 'access' (in the Past), the Mind-and-Consciousness of the Astronaut Christa McAuliffe, and thereby 'experience', in that child's Mind-and-Consciousness, the last-moments-of-her-terror, in the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster!
    That child's consciousness might 'access' the 'Dimensionality' of Christ Him/Herself, at any point of Time (Past/Present/Future, within that specific 'Dimension'), such that:
    1. The child might 'experience', in the child's Mind-and-Consciousness, the actual 'Rapture' of Being-On-the-Cross, by 'being-there', in the Mind-and-Consciousness of Christ Jesus, as He did so 'experience' such 'Rapture'!
    2. The child might 'experience', in the child's Mind-and-Consciousness, actually 'being-there', in the Corporeality-of-Christ's-Dimension, and of actually, physically, Shaking-the-Hand-of-Christ, or of 'relating' to Him somehow otherwise!
    3. That child's consciousness might 'access' the Dimensionality of Infinite Consciousness (God) Him/Herself, at the 'Invitation' of God (a Serendipitous 'access'), whereby God might 'show' that child, all the 'Wonders-of-the-Universe' and of 'Creation', by allowing that child to 'gaze-out', from the Eyes-and-Mind-of-God, upon All That Is!

    Now, let me finally hereby present an overall View of the Big Picture!

  11. I've previously talked about and presented, a picture/view of Incorporeality, where there are lots of things taking place and a lot of different 'actions', 'dynamics', condensates and more, 'going on', existent/extant! So, you might say, "Whoa! Wait a minute! That sounds just like Corporeality/Differentiated Relativity, with many different things and realities!" Well, such is true, especially with all of the various 'Realities' that do certainly exist within the realms of Incorporeality!

  12. But, if you will remember, I've also said that All is Unity and One, compliments of the quantum axion particle! Remember... the quantum axion particle exists everywhere and is One-and-the-Same everywhere! So, even though we do have such things as the axion 'running-about-everywhere' and searching-out for info and 'realities' pertaining to the specific condensates-of-incorporeality and such...

  13. Okay, the absolute 'Reality' IS... as I have said, all axions everywhere, exist AS a big, gigantic, MESH, that actually exists everywhere in the Cosmos! And, Remember... the axion IS the very Unit-of-Consciousness!

  14. So, what we actually do have... is THOUGHTS, 'running-about-everywhere'! Infinitudes of 'Thought', or Consciousness! Consciousness... both Local and Non-Local, whether within a specific Local Mind, or within a Non-Local Condensate-of-Incorporeality anywhere, as well as Infinite Consciousness... all of such does CREATE All That Is! One BIG, gigantic MESH, of Unitary Oneness, 'flashing' throughout that Mesh, with the Thoughts-of-every-Condensate-of-Incorporeality that might exist anywhere, as well as Infinite Consciousness!

  15. Incorporeality IS Consciousness! Everything... ALL THAT IS, whether within Corporeality or within Incorporeality... COMES FROM CONSCIOUSNESS!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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