QUALIA LXXIX: "An Inconvenient Truth", Global Warming, the Garden of Eden and The Flood! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA LXXIX: "An Inconvenient Truth", Global Warming, the Garden of Eden and The Flood!

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By Father Jerome

  1. With the recent release and screenings of Ex-Vice President Al Gore's Movie/Documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth", there is now considerable concern and controversy, over the possibility of catastrophic consequences of Global Warming due to Mankind's contributions of CO2 to the biosphere of our planet. One of the outstanding 'predictions' of that Documentary is that the ocean levels worldwide will rise about 100 feet, due to the melting of polar and glacial ice packs, with a consequential catastrophic impact upon our current human civilization, most of whose habitat is within that 100 foot of elevation over our present ocean levels. Thusly, herein this discussion, I am going to examine the relevancies of such facts and predictions!

  2. In one of my earlier webpages on this website, I examined the evidence, from the Collective, that Mankind had previously, in the last human civilization of this planet, scientifically 'created' a Global Warming 'state', which, however, ultimately had disasterous consequences! (However, not due to Man, but instead due to the 'natural processes' of our planet itself!) Let's review the pertinent portions of that webpage:
    * Now, let's go WAY back, and see if you can remember the beginning of this civilization, and the end of the previous civilization.

    The year is 9654 B.C. The technology of humanity had melted the ice of both the Earth's poles. That, incidentally, is the reason that the ancient maps, such as the Piri Ri'is map, show the rivers, valleys and mountains, of Antarctica, BECAUSE there WAS NO ICE. In 1958, the International Geophysical Year, scientists in Antarctica, using sonar soundings down through 2 miles deep of ice, found the exact same mountains, valleys and rivers, that are shown on those ancient maps.

    But, where did the ice go, back then? The ancient technology had VAPORIZED the ice, and magnetically POLARIZED each and every water molecule. In such a state, millions of tons of water ROSE into the atmosphere, eventually settling into a steady state of equilibrium in the troposphere, at a distance of 82 miles above the Earth's surface.

    Humanity had created a water canopy, a protective shield, completely surrounding the Earth. NASA has verified, today, that there IS still remaining, traces of water vapor, at exactly 82 miles straight up.

    But, what did that water canopy accomplish? Well, you all know what a greenhouse is. The sun shines in, but the heat radiation does NOT escape out. The entire Earth was a greenhouse. There were NO deserts, NO extremes of temperature. The deserts of the world, incidentally, did NOT start to form until about 7500 B.C. It WAS, as the Bible accurately reports, the GARDEN OF EDEN.

    And what else did that water canopy do? Well, in the daytime, it was a gigantic mirror, 82 miles high, in which one could practically see almost half of the Earth's surface, within eyesight (including those ancient map-makers).

    And at nighttime, it was a gigantic magnifying glass, enabling the ancients to see the stars, the galaxies, the heavens...everything!

    That is why many scientists of today have always wondered how the ancients could ACCURATELY WRITE, and DESCRIBE EXACTLY, the heavens and their astronomical bodies, a LONG, LONG time before Galileo invented the telescope. IT WAS ALL THERE! ALL ONE HAD TO DO, WAS TO LOOK UP!

    THAT IS, until May 5th, 9654 B.C. That is the day the Earth`s gigantic iron-crystal core reversed its magnetic poles. You all know what a pure magnet will do, if its keeper bar is removed. The magnetic field will expand outward, further and further, getting weaker and weaker. Well, the Earth's magnetic core does the same thing, except that the core is a living, growing, iron-magnet crystal.

    Incidentally, there have been quite a number of scientific treatises and articles in the scientific journals and publications over recent years about the living-entity, growing-structuralization aspects of the Earth's crystal core.

    Scientists have determined at exactly what times, during the Earth's long period of existence, the crystal-core transformed itself from a lower-geometric-configuration entity into the next-higher-configuration, as a living crystal is naturally prone to do, as it grows. (A crystal grows, NOT in size, but in geometric-figure, or form, maturity.) The Earth crystal has already matured through the entire basic Platonic solids and is presently into the complex tetrahedron forms, currently being an icosadodecahedron. The form changes only with major pole reversals, with the next impending reversal to bring on an icosapentahedron maturity. [Which, incidentally, is basically a most stable form of crystalline 'Maturity', compared to the present form of our Earth-crystal-core, leading many pundits to speculate that, with the 'coming' of the next Earth-polarity reversal, we will have achieved the next 'Golden Age' of humanity on this planet!]

    Anyway, back to the magnetic-field-reversal mechanics. When the magnetic field has expanded to the limits of its range of expansion, and becomes so weak in strength, that it cannot maintain the stability of its polarity.... THEN the core will always seek to reestablish a MAXIMUM STRENGTH EQUILIBRIUM.

    And how does it do that? Well, when the magnetic field is so weak, that it cannot maintain its polarity...THEN, the core physically ROTATES, within the ultra-hot liquid magma (which, in geophysics, is called the Mohorovicic Discontinuity Layer) in which it is suspended, in the north-south axis, reversing its polarity by simple, physical rotation. And the minute the core reverses, the entire FULLY-EXPANDED magnetic field, INSTANTLY COLLAPSES, immediately restoring FULL-FIELD-STRENGTH, BUT IN THE OPPOSITE POLARITY. (This is somewhat like what happens with pulsar stars, except that pulsars do it continuously, AND in much, much shorter time periods.)

    Incidentally, scientists have estimated that the full-strength magnetic field of the Earth should be approximately 17 Gauss. The most recent measurements of the field currently show a field strength of ONLY .4 Gauss. U.S. Geophysical Survey scientists have ALSO reported that the Earth's transit through space IS beginning to wobble and become unstable, in its orbit around the sun.

    So, what happens when the poles reverse? Well, since that core has now rotated 180 degrees, the entire surface, the mantle of tektonic plates, of which every molecule of that mantle had been locked into the previously existing polarity, IS NO LONGER locked into that polarity. So, it needs to REESTABLISH a new magnetic-polarity "lock" with the core. That may only take a few minutes, BUT, during that few minutes, the entire mantle CAN MOVE. And it definitely DOES.

    So, what DID happen, on May 5th, 9654? The poles reversed, the Earth shook, with tremendous earthquakes, as the tektonic plates moved to a new polarity-lock with the core. ATLANTIS sank into the Atlantic Ocean, and many other tektonic disturbances occurred.

    BUT, remember our water canopy, 82 miles up, that was polarized in the OPPOSITE polarity. Well, it was no longer polarized correctly, and so it came down. Millions of tons of water FELL, for 40 days and 40 nights, according to the BIBLE. And the waters covered the earth, to a MINIMUM depth of 300 feet across the lands, until the waters were taken up in the poles as ice, which is where all that water is today, right back where it all started from (which, as the next chart, coming up soon, will show, took approximately 10 years, from 9654 to 9644 B.C., to convert to polar ice).

    And what happened to mankind? Noah had the Ark. Others had their own boats, canoes, rafts, and whatever. Incidentally, 114 different cultures, around the world, ALL have similar legends of how their founders survived the Flood.

    Some lucky ones were high up on tall mountains, such as the Pre-Inca peoples of Peru. But, humanity survived, and started over, as of May 5th, 9654, when the last reversal of the poles occurred.

    Incidentally, pole reversal IS a naturally-occurring "physiologic" cycle OF the Earth. Our scientists have detailed each and every pole reversal, going back 170 million years (so far!), as shown on this chart. The last pole reversal, of 9654 B.C., is officially called the Gothenburg Double Event (the poles REVERSED AGAIN, after the "anamolous" conditions that had contributed to the original pole reversal...the water canopy, had subsided, restoring Normal polarity), as shown on the Chart.

    (VISUAL PRESENTATION: Chart, derived from U.S. Geological Survey information, showing 170 million years of pole reversals, including the Gothenburg Double Event.)

    BUT, if you can REMEMBER May 5th, 9654, you will know that there is more to it, than just calling it the Gothenburg Event.

  3. The first thing to note hereintheabove, is the details of the U.S.G.S. Gothenburg Double Event. The poles reversed in 9654, and then 10 years later, in 9644, they reversed again, restoring the original polarity of pre-9654 B.C. During that 10 year period, all the water that came down in 9654, as 'The Flood', was again uptaken to the poles as ice and glaciers, which then triggered the second Reversal of the Gothenburg Double Event of 9644, restoring the original magnetic polarity!

  4. So, what other details can we derive from this hereinabove-obtained-facts-from-the-Collective? (One might ask the question, "Why not go to the Collective again, for further details?" Well, it is not that easy! Occasional access to the Collective is fortuitous, and is not a 'given', as long as all of Mankind is 'blocked' from permanent 'access' to each individual's Soul, by the Luciferian Complex and its 'Fingers-of-Negativity' that exist within the Minds of every human being! Until that 'situation' can be corrected, the occasional 'glimpse' into the Collective will have to do, along with whatever info can be derived therefrom!)

  5. And those details might be as such: The quantity of water that actually came down in The Flood, 300 feet or more, presumably was therefore the maximal amount that could be correlated to the Totality of Surface Water and Ice that had originally been 'elevated' into the atmosphere by the previous civilization. This correlates with various 'findings' over the years from around the world, such as:
    1. Underseas Explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, one time during his explorations under the Caribbean in one of his submersible submarine research vessels, was exploring a stretch of the bottom of the Caribbean at a depth of about 300 feet, when all of a sudden, he found himself cruising just above a wide and solid concrete road/highway, that was even marked with a white dividing-line down the center of the highway. He reported that he was able to follow the road for several miles, until it abruptly was lost as the bottom of the sea abruptly descended into the depths of an undersea fault-chasm and lower depths overall
    2. Other explorers reported a point where an undersea stairwell was found, of obvious and solid man-made construction, which descended about 300 feet from the surface, ending at a precipitous chasm which fell off into the depths.
    3. Other explorers reported an extensive series of obviously man-made walls, seemingly 'property-dividing' walls, that ran for many miles, across islands and underwater between the islands, down to a depth of about 300 feet!

  6. What this seems to indicate is that the previous civilization had not only 'created' a 'Garden of Eden', but that such a 'Garden of Eden', not only being unusual in several ways of its very existence, but had also required the 'technology' of our previous civilization, to 'transport' not only all of the polar ice of our Earth into space, but also had 'consumed' about 300 feet of the surface waters of the world's oceans as well! Not deigning to speculate as to how such an additional 'burden' of transporting water-in-lieu-of-ice was accomplished, I will merely assume that the technology of-the-Day presumably did so!

  7. Thusly we are left with what seems to be indicated by the evidence! A worldwide 'Garden of Eden', existing within a water-vapor canopy surrounding the Earth at an elevation of about 82 miles, in addition to a lowered elevation of the world's oceans/waters, down 300 feet from present levels, all of which enabled Mankind to exist within his 'Garden of Eden' at an elevation worldwide that would have been 300 feet lower than current ocean levels! Therefore, any and all evidences of such previous civilization are thusly to be found only under the current water levels of the world!

  8. Okay, let's see what else we might determine, about the very existence of our previous civilization. Besides the fact that they predominantly lived at an elevation about 300 feet lower than we do today, (or within said 300 feet) it is yet assumed that the spread and expanse of the world's oceans was yet significant and adequate for the existence of the biosphere! (We can also assume, therefore, that when Atlantis 'crumbled', or sank, into the waters, as per Legend, that it was waters which were 300 feet lower than the levels of today!)

  9. Okay, what further can we assume about that biosphere of the 'Garden of Eden'? We already know that the overhead water canopy acted as a mirror during the daytime, allowing people on the surface to view the surface of the planet and its features, extending more than half-way around the Earth! And at nighttimes, that water canopy acted like a gigantic magnifying glass, magnifying the heavens beyond and bringing the stars much closer and clearer, to the human viewing!

  10. But what else did that water canopy accomplish? Well, if it was a 'mirror' during the daytime, to the surface of the planet, we can likewise assume that it was also a 'mirror' as well, when 'seen' from space! Therefore the sun's rays, hitting that giant circular 'mirror', would have largely been reflected back into space, with most of the sun's heating effects being minimal upon the Earth itself! However, there was probably a certain minimal level of 'conductivity' in that water vapor shield, that a certain level of the sun's rays did certainly penetrate that shield to the underlying biosphere of the planet!

  11. Initially, we can presume, therefore, that this 'heat intake' from the Sun, although minimal, because of the water canopy, in turn, the 'heat radiation' that was produced from that 'heat intake', was, again as a result of the canopy, confined within the canopy, and distributed throughout the biosphere! In other words, in this respect, the water canopy truly was acting like a 'greenhouse', letting light in, but preventing the resulting heat from escaping!

  12. But there were also other significant 'differences', from the Realities of today! Because of the water canopy, the fact was that there was minimal 'heating' of the biosphere, because most of the Sun's rays were being reflected off the outside of the canopy, back into space! The result of this, in the biosphere, was apparently the creation of significant differences in ambient temperatures, at different elevations above sea level, because the overall 'heat intake' to the biosphere was much less, and therefore, overall, the entire biosphere was much cooler than it is today!

  13. However, it was still a 'Garden of Eden', in that the concentration of 'heat-warming-radiation' that was produced, seemingly occurred within the first 300 feet of elevation above sea levels, exactly where the majority of humanity was living!

  14. But, as I have said, there was a 'price-to-be-paid' for this, in that there was a profound 'heat-temperature stratification' within the biosphere! The first 300 feet of elevation was the 'Garden of Eden', with beautifully uniform tropical and sub-temperate climates everywhere at such elevations! But over 300 feet, across much of the plateaus and expanses of the continents (of those times, circa 20,000 to 11,000 years ago!), the temperatures were temperate, and much cooler than lower elevations! USGS and university research documents on the web, tend to confirm this:
    Sixteen thousand years ago the world's climate was quite different [across the world]. Temperatures in the summer were significantly cooler than today. Winter temperatures were colder than those experienced today but not dramatically so.
  15. Of course, such data as noted above, has been derived from recordings taken at, or derived from, those elevations over the 300 foot elevations of the ancient days, the evidence of the warmer lower elevations being buried under the current 300 foot of elevated ocean levels!

  16. So, what else can we determine about those times, 20,000 to 11,000 years ago, when our previous civilization lived predominantly in a 'Garden of Eden', or on the Atlantis 'continent' of that time, at an elevation not much above the sea levels of that time?

  17. It is interesting to speculate here about Atlantis itself, as to the continent that has been described in History and in Plato's writings! According to such, the entire northernmost ends of that Atlantean continent, were supposedly 'rimmed' by mountains of magnificent elevation, rising over 300 feet in some locations above the nominal terrain of the Atlantean continent, and effectively 'shutting off' any of the cold winds and temperatures from the North, that might have consequently blown across the expanses of the Atlantean continent (again insuring that such a sub-300 foot level elevation was truly a 'Garden of Eden'!) In that the continent of Atlantis was supposedly located West of the Pillars of Hercules (the Western entrance to the Mediterranean Sea), therefore it can be further presumed that those Northernmost mountains of Atlantis are now the islands of the Azores, and that the maximal entirety of the Atlantean continent is now submerged in the Atlantic Ocean South of the Azores!

  18. Okay, back to our 'Garden of Eden' and the Earth's biosphere! The Earth's oceans were 300 feet lower than today, and within that 300 foot elevation was the 'Garden of Eden' in which most of humanity lived! Because the biosphere was receiving less 'heat input' from the Sun, elevations higher than the first 300 feet were significantly cooler and colder in temperature! It can likewise be assumed that the predominant temperatures of the existing oceans were also significantly cooler/colder , although surface temperatures may have been quite warm, due to heat absorption from the first 300 foot 'Garden of Eden'!

  19. What about wild-life, within these times? Here is what scientists have to say about what they can determine regarding wild-life above the 300 foot elevations (remembering that any sub-300 foot elevation evidence is, or might be, under water since those times!)
    Approximately 11,000 years ago [less 2000 years A.D., leaves us talking about approximately 9654 B.C.!] a variety of animals went extinct across North America. These were mostly mammals larger than approximately 44 kg (about 100 pounds). Some of the animals that went extinct are well known (like saber-toothed cats, mammoths, and mastodons). Others were less well known animals (like the short-faced skunk and the giant beaver). Some animals went extinct in North America but survived elsewhere, for example, horses and tapirs.

    Before this extinction the diversity of large mammals in North America was similar to that of modern Africa. As a result of the extinction, relatively few large mammals are now found in North America.

    North America is not the only continent which experienced an extinction of this kind near the end of the Pleistocene. In South America most of the species of medium to large mammals also went extinct approximately 11,500 years ago.

    In Australia a major extinction also occurred and similar extinctions are reported across the world.

  20. Of course, prior to The Flood of 9654 B.C. (differing from Biblical timetables because of the inaccuracies of early time-telling in our current civilization!), the legions of humanity worldwide had already utilized the colder temperate-climate-territories, where much of the wild-animal populations of the planet lived, as the 'hunting-grounds' of Humanity, and therefore there already was some decimation of the native wildlife! However, The Flood not only accounted for the near-extinction of Mankind at less than 300 foot levels, but also, significantly, both Man and Wildlife at over 300 foot elevations as well!

  21. And this fact might be attributed to the fact that the Total Volume of the Water Canopy was actually more than the original 300 feet of ocean levels, but also included all the Total Volume of the original polar icecaps and the worldwide glaciers, which might have contributed another 200 to 400 foot of water within that canopy! Plus, there is speculation, if such might have been possible, that during the lowered-temperatures of the 'Garden of Eden' periods, the polar icecaps and worldwide glaciers, may have 're-constituted' themselves from the prevailing colder biospheric conditions, actually adding water volume to the Earth's Totality of Water. Thusly, when the water canopy eventually 'came down' (The Flood!), there were significant levels of water already in existence above the 300 foot elevation level (i.e., the re-constituted polar icecaps and glaciers!) Therefore, The Flood added perhaps as much as 500 to 700 feet to the existing Totality of extant water on the planet, certainly enough to wipe-out both Man and wild-life across the globe, until the excess waters were again 'taken up' in the polar icecaps and glaciers, where they had come from in the first place!

  22. However now, due to the excess of Water Totality in the biosphere before The Flood, there was again an excess of Total Water in The Flood, accounting for the above noted 500 to 700 foot rise in worldwide ocean levels as a result of The Flood! Therefore, after the Polar Icecaps and Glaciers were accounted for, there was still the left over 300 feet of water that had additionally and originally been removed from the oceans! That 300 feet was therefore returned to the worldwide oceans, resulting in the existing oceanic levels that we have today!

  23. So it is entirely plausible that, as the scientists of today predict, the melting of our existing polar icecaps and glaciers, could certainly raise the ocean levels 100 feet or more, again contributing to a catastrophic decline in humanity! And human technology, today, does not as yet even possess the technology of our previous civilization, that might have sent such excess rising ocean levels into the troposphere, to once again 'create' that Water Canopy that resulted in the original 'Garden of Eden'!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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