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Father Jerome's Essay, 'What Is Love?'

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By Father Jerome

    What is Love?

    An Inconclusive Essay to Provoke Deep Societal Thought!
    ("Hey! If we can figure out what Love is, maybe we can Change This World For The Better!")

    1. Okay, to start here, first of all I'm going to put forth the premise that, in Reality, no one knows what Love is and very few of Humanity actually have any feeling or notion at all, as to what it is, and more yet... very few of us have actually experienced Love!

    2. Of course, everyone will say that there are all kinds of 'Love', from the most common being a 'Spiritual Love' for God or some form of the/a Deity, and on from there! Yes, I will admit that there are such and sundry kinds of 'Love Experiences', but I will also place every one of such 'experiences', within the 'framework' of our World and its Societies... all of which are sorely lacking in any context whatsoever as to the rudiments of Love! (And I'm not even going to bring up the issue of Sex!) As an example thereof, I hereby put forth one of the most popular 'Loves', which befits the very substance of the aforenoted 'Reality' of Love... that of Patriotic Love!

    3. So I say further here, that we need to put aside any current predilections and concepts as to exactly What Love Is, and instead, to truly Seek That Which Is The Purest, The Most Ideal, in order to eventually, Incorporate That Ideal into our Lives, as the actual Reality-of-Love! With such an Ideal, guiding and directing... and infusing! ... our each and every action, then... truly, we might come to Change Our World For The Better, eliminating all the strife, wars, divisiveness, animosities, dysfunctional adversarial relationships (whether personal or political!), competition (instead of Cooperation!) and all of the negativities, that currently run-rampant-across-our-lands! And Bringing Forth a New World... of Peace, Joy and Happiness... and Love, for One and All!

    4. So I am going to 're-start' this Essay, by harking back to one of our Great Writers of the Past, the Englishman H.G. Wells, who wrote the book, "Men Like Gods"! (For a much abbreviated version of the book, see: http://www.tinyurl.com/y8gsro/Qualia9.html )

    5. In this H.G. Wells book, the Author has put forth, not only a fantastic premise but also a most wonderful idea... that of a World, of a worldwide Society, in which everyone is so infused with 'Love-For-One-Another', that there are no negativities-at-all, anywhere within the whole of the Society, because everyone has... Get this! Total Admiration, Respect and Acceptance... of One Another!

    6. Yep! A Society, a World, based upon Love-For-One-And-All! But... not even bothering here, to get into much of the details, of the day-to-day 'experience' of such a Society! ... Let me jump here to the most important part, as to exactly what is the 'mechanism' that enables such a fabulous World!

    7. And here is where it gets somewhat 'radical'! Because, such a World-of-Love... is based purely upon the children! Not only the children, but also the education of the children!

    8. At this point, most of you Readers are probably saying, "Well, that makes sense! Teach the children Love, and our entire World will rebound with Love!" But you are also saying, "Which is exactly what all Parents today try to do with their children! So where is the problem?"

    9. Well, apparently, that is the problem! The Parents... and the vagaries and corruption of each and every child's 'experience', of Society, of their Parents and Family, and of Love! So, let us just see, how this 'problem' was solved, in H.G. Wells' telling-of-this-tale!

    10. In his 'Ideal Society', when a child is born... he/she is immediately turned over to the State, to the Government, where all children thusly grow-up as 'wards-of-the-State', until they are of a certain age, when they are then returned to their Parents, as almost Mature-Adults!

    11. Thusly it is the Full-and-Complete-Responsibility-of-the-State, to properly 'inculcate' the very basis and basics-of-Love, into the child, such that he/she does forever hold each and every Human Being (including themselves!), with the Utmost of Respect, Acceptance and... Love! And so, as they grow up, they can see and value, the aspects and Realities of Love and Cooperation with each other and All! And when the child is 'returned' to his/her Parents, it is a Family of Utmost Love, one-for-the-other, that results... contrary to most of the dysfunctional families that we have today!

    12. But, such was the 'Vision' of H.G. Wells, and of this Writer today as well! Why not encompass the possibilities-of-the-Ideal, and truly do something worthwhile, toward Changing This World For The Better? Your Thoughts are Welcome!


    Aum, Peace, Amen!

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