QUALIA C: About 'Zero-Point-Locations' within Incorporeality. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA C: About 'Zero-Point-Locations' within Incorporeality.

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By Father Jerome

  1. I've mentioned 'zero-point-locations' only a few times previously in my discussions, but they are relatively important, so here goes with the further details thereof.

  2. A 'zero-point-location' exists as the basic 'heart' (there's probably a better word for it!) of any Life-form within Incorporeality, existing to absolutely identify the position and 'reality', of both specific Life-forms and condensate-dimensions of all kinds, including purely incorporeal dimensions as well as the Higher dimensions, within the Oneness and Unity of the gigantic Field of Consciousness that is Incorporeality.

  3. As I have already noted elsewhere in my online Book (http://www.tinyurl.com/y8gsro/blog/) and in the QUFD Textbook, point-locations have data/info and 'reality', of the Past, the Present, and the Future, relating to whatever is the Life-form or condensate-dimension existing at such a zero-point-location within Consciousness. Thusly axions from any and all other condensate-dimensions within Incorporeality, nominally 'gather' whatever data/info/'reality', of the Past, Present or Future of such a 'zero-point-location', as might apply as 'input' to the 'processing' of the 'dynamics' of the specific Reason and Purpose of the specific Life-form or condensate-dimension, for which they (such axions) are 'gathering' said 'input' therefor.

  4. However, a 'zero-point-location' also represents something more than just information, etc. It represents the very existence and essence OF that entity, of which it is the very 'heart' thereof! It represents that entity's existence and 'reality' within the infinite field of Consciousness that is Incorporeality! As such, in 'reality', any 'zero-point-location', having been 'created' by and from another condensate-dimension of Incorporeality-and-Consciousness...

  5. In effect, what I am saying, is that when any incorporeal condensate-dimension 'creates', via 'perturbation' or 'Emergence-of-Life', a new condensate-dimension-of-Incorporeality, external to/of itself, that new condensate-dimension has thusly been given, from the 'parent-condensate-dimension', a quite tremendous power, which is both the Power-of-Life and/or the Power-to-Be-That-which-it-has-been-so-Created-to-Be! And the relative importance here, for this discussion, is that such a specific 'Power', is so tremendous, that it draws upon the very 'Power' of the Cosmos and of Infinite Consciousness itself, as the 'source' of that 'zero-point-location', thusly making the very existence of that 'zero-point-location' most powerful and important, as a coherent part of the Oneness and Unity of the Field of Consciousness! (And since we are hereby talking about aspects and 'realities' of the Infinite Field of Consciousness and the axions thereof, there is yet an undifferentiated relativity extant here, and although I use the term 'part-thereof', there is no differing or differentiated relativity, as would be the case within Corporeality! All is still Unitary and Oneness, no matter how many infinitudes of 'zero-point-locations' there might be!)

  6. Let's try to define 'zero-point-locations' further. We all know that our Planet Earth is itself a Life-form, and the corporeal heart thereof is the gigantic Earth-Crystal, of immense iron-hardness, heat and magnetism, which provides the gigantic Magnetic Field of the Earth. As explained elsewhere in my Works, the current lattistical-structuralization of the Earth Crystal is of an icosa-dodeca-hedron configuration, which nominally changes only with reversals of the Earth's magnetic poles. (Extensive discussions about such on the QUFD Textbook website and at: http://www.tinyurl.com/y8gsro/lecture3.html)

  7. But, since the corporeal Earth-Crystal, and the Earth itself, is a Life-form, as such, the corporeal-dimension of this Life-form has, of course, its 'twin-duality', a condensate-dimension of Incorporeality, existing within Consciousness, which actually 'created' the Corporeal Reality of the Earth and its Crystal-Core in the first place! And guess what? At the very 'heart' of this 'twin-duality' condensate-dimension-of-Incorporeality... is the 'zero-point-location' that actually 'created' the iron-core Earth-Crystal and the Earth itself! (Yes! The quantum forces-of-the-Universe, and Time and Space, were involved as well!) And since the 'zero-point-location' of any Life-form, can actually draw upon the infinite Power-of-the-Cosmos, therefore the 'twin-duality' of that 'zero-point-location', our corporeal Earth-Crystal itself... has the Power of the Cosmos behind it!

  8. Now, as I have already said, any Life-form has a 'zero-point-location', within the Incorporeality of its condensate-dimension of Consciousness. The Universe itself has a 'zero-point-location', somewhere within Consciousness. And our friend, Barry Bonds, has a 'zero-point-location', within his Consciousness, which could, IF he were aware of it and could 'access' it (a Mature Human Mind is required!), give him tremendous power! Likewise for any Human anywhere! Imagine having the 'Power-of-the-Cosmos', within your grasp!

  9. Well, perhaps previous human civilizations might just have had such powers! We know, from legends and human history, such as the Mahabarata, the ancient Histories of India, that Humanity made use of the Earth-Crystal's tremendous magnetic-force fields, over 63,000 years ago, to provide power for the vimana-craft of those days, which used the magnetic powers of the Earth-Crystal, to move about anywhere on Earth, in the air, on the land, and even underwater! In fact, the magnetic ley-lines of the Earth-Crystal, supposedly powered the entire Human Civilization of those days, deriving power from the almost-limitless power of the Earth-Crystal (and its 'twin-duality' incorporeal 'zero-point-location'!), such that there was almost no need whatsoever for any fossil-fuels, such as oil, gas, wind, water or bio-fuels, such as power our Human Civilization of today! I've specifically left out here, mention of nuclear power, in that ancient Histories do note that the ancient Civilization of those days, did have certain internecine warfare, using atomic-nuclear devices/bombs, which left numerous 'traces' of such nuclear warfare, throughout the pages of History! (See my webpage-Lecture, at: http://www.tinyurl.com/y8gsro/lecture1.html) As to why Humanity did use such a lower-level-power-source as nuclear, when it already had access to a source-of-power of much greater magnitude, the Earth-Crystal itself, is not clear, unless nuclear devices were used only because of the extensive devastation that they might create, which the Earth-Crystal magnetic-power did not provide! (Here, apparently, was Lucifer's Negativity in effect-and-action, to provide negative consequences, which apparently, the Positivity-of-Consciousness, inherent within the Power of the Earth-Crystal and its 'twin-duality' within Consciousness, the 'zero-point-location', did not provide!)

  10. Turning to another 'reality' of 'zero-point-locations', which has been effectively used by Lucifer in the past... is that 'zero-point-locations' can be moved, to/from anywhere in Consciousness, including Negative Consciousness, or the Luciferian-Complex of Negative Consciousness. Of course, such a 'reality' requires a Power of tremendous magnitude, such as a Higher dimension Power, although such is certainly possible with a Mature Human Mind!

  11. I've mentioned elsewhere in my discussions, that Lucifer took advantage of the 'chaos' of the last pole-reversal-episode of the Earth's-Crystal (which the U.S. Geophysical Survey, USGS, calls the 'Gothenburg Double-Event', of 9,654 B.C.), to actually move the 'zero-point-location' of the Earth's Life-form, from its previous 'zero-point-location' within the Positivity of Infinite Consciousness (which might have been called 'Heaven', by religiously-inclined people!), to Lucifer's Complex-of-Negative-Consciousness, effectively placing Earth itself within the confines of his Realm-of-Negative-Consciousness... Hell, or Hades! So, the Earth's 'zero-point-location' is now in Hell! (See my discussion about this elsewhere.)

  12. Anyway, the further point here is that, whether it is the Universe itself, or the Earth, or Barry Bonds, a Life-form of 'twin-duality', of both Corporeality and Incorporeality, cannot be moved within Consciousness OR ANYWHERE... unless the 'zero-point-location' of that Life-form can be moved. "Listen up, here, all you people out there, who are trying to invent the ultimate 'Star Trek' Transporter-device!" A corporeal-dimension cannot be 'moved', in and of itself! It can only be moved IF its accompanying incorporeal-condensate-dimension of 'twin-duality' can be moved as well! Which means that any Life-form (of any kind!), cannot be moved unless its 'zero-point-location' can be 'moved' within Consciousness! And only a Higher Power OR a Mature Human Mind, can do such a thing!

  13. Okay, I've previously talked out previous Human Civilizations that used the Power of the Earth-Crystal and the Earth's 'zero-point-location'. It has been said that some of those earlier Human Civilizations have, literally, 'Gone-to-the-Stars'! Of course, according to Human History, Geology, the fossil-record and more, many of our earlier Human Civilizations just perished, and Humanity had to 'start-over' on this world, again and again! (See again my webpage-Lecture, at: http://www.tinyurl.com/y8gsro/lecture1.html, and the closing quotation of that discussion, quoting the famous Historian and Anthropologist, Dr. Joseph Jochmans!)

  14. Also, I've quoted from Dr. Freeman J. Dyson, the eminent Researcher from the Albert Einstein Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS), at Princeton University, who has theorized that Mankind has not only 'Gone-to-the-Stars', but that Humanity survives by using the specific Power Source(s) that power any Human Civilization. In this respect, Dr. Dyson has put our current Human Civilization, using primarily fossil-fuels and such, at the ZERO-LEVEL, of Advanced Human Civilizations! Of course, Human Civilizations that can use the Power-of-the-Cosmos, i.e., the 'zero-point-location' of any condensate-dimension, have truly achieved a CLASS V (5), at the top-of-the-scale, of Human Civilization! (See my Community Sermon webpage, at: "Are You Prepared for 2010 A.D.? - The Future-Realities of famous Physicist-Futurist Freeman J. Dyson!" )

Aum, Peace, Amen

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