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Father Jerome's research over the past 10 years has shown that there exists an entire gene pool of human DNA genes which are associated EXCLUSIVELY WITH MATURITY of the HUMAN MIND! Human Genome researchers have classified this unique gene pool as INACTIVE in most of humanity at the present time, but Jerome shows us how ACTIVATION OF THAT GENE POOL, and thusly ACTIVATION of a new MATURITY of the HUMAN MIND, will give EACH and EVERY INDIVIDUAL of humanity that wonderful ACCESS TO CONSCIOUSNESS BEYOND the individual human being, and ACCESS TO THE WONDERS of the Universe!

Carl Jung, the famous Swiss Psychologist, called it the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, and it is certainly that AND MUCH MORE! All humanity has to do is to REMOVE that VEIL OF SEPARATION/UNKNOWING, as Carl Jung has called it, which IS the INDIVIDUAL and SOCIETAL NEGATIVITIES that BLOCK activation OF our maturity of mind! Jerome explains HOW ONENESS, of humanity, and the BRINGING of ALL OF US Together, in Peace, Love and Harmony, as a World, a People, a Humanity, OF ONENESS - Complete and Whole, Individually and Collectively - IN MATURITY OF our human MINDS, and the elimination of ALL negativities of human life, IS POSSIBLE - WITH the WILL and COOPERATION of ALL of humanity!

HOWEVER, before ONENESS can BE, and before that MATURITY of the human mind can be activated, mankind (individually and collectively) MUST UNDERSTAND What "IS"! What ARE the REALITIES - of Life, of Individual and Societal Existence, and of what constitutes ALL THAT IS! PLEASE READ, and understand, Jerome's SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION of the REALITIES of Consciousness, Life & REALITY, at:
an internationally recognized online SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH DOCUMENT.

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You may E-mail Father Jerome at: fatherjeromeusa@fiwd.org

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