QUALIA LXXV: The Quantum Axion Device: Can Mankind Ever Manufacture such a Final WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction)? From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA LXXV: The Quantum Axion Device: Can Mankind Ever Manufacture such a Final WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction)?

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. I've discussed the factual 'Reality' of a Quantum Axion Device previously, with the 'supposition' that Mankind, knowing of the very existence of the quantum axion particle, might, some day, be inclined to produce a WMD based upon the 'Reality' of the quantum axion particle! In this Qualia Document, I feel the need to further explore and elaborate those very possibilities, as to the 'Mechanics' and the 'Reasons' that might bring such a thing to Reality!

  2. In order to overview such a 'Reality', we need to analyze the facts of the matter first!

  3. First, IF such a WMD were to ever become Reality, it would require at least two (2) specific Realities, one coming from Mankind itself and the second coming from beyond Mankind, although Mankind itself might yet be the 'Instrument' of such a second Reality's 'execution'!

  4. What I am talking about here, as to the First Reality, is the distinct possibility that the entire 'World Situation', of Mankind's very existence upon this World as a Societal Reality, were to become so Negatively-oriented and actually and fully controlled by the Luciferian Complex, that utter Negativity would reign worldwide and Reason and Logic would be totally lost in Chaos!

  5. In such a 'World Situation', with no Rational Minds remaining in Control, Mankind might then fulfill the nexus of becoming the (secondary) 'Instrument' of the Total Annihilation of 'All That Is', via the use of a Quantum Axion Device WMD!

  6. Let us look at this possibility further. First of all, a Quantum Axion Device WMD is, purely and simply, a Negative Device, and therefore such a Device can ONLY come from a Negative Quantum Axion Particle, and the manufacture of such a Device would necessitate a tremendous 'involvement' of Negativity, or Lucifer, himself, in such a Reality!

  7. On the other hand, in Opposition to such a WMD Reality, we have the very Reality of Positive Consciousness, or God, Him/HerSelf, as He/She would surely do everything possible to Prevent such a Reality! Also, all of the Positive Quantum Axion Particles of Consciousness, would never participate in any such Project, which would be contrary to their very Existence!

  8. So, what it 'boils down to', is the fact of the possibility of Lucifer deciding to 'Risk It All', in an Ultimate Confrontation with God, Infinite Consciousness! And, of course, Mankind/Humanity would find itself right in the middle of such a 'Fray'! But here is where Mankind might yet 'Save The Day'!

  9. Because Mankind DOES HAVE CHOICE, which has been Given unto Mankind by God... the Choice to Choose, between Good and Evil, Positivity or Negativity! Humanity has the Choice TO COOPERATE, in ridding our World of ALL NEGATIVITIES, in effect, leaving Lucifer 'high and dry', without an oar to 'man his boat' with!

  10. Such an 'Action', on the Part AND WILL, of Mankind, would mean that Mankind/Humanity, was finally FULFILLING THE DESTINY of Mankind, as so Given Unto Us by God! And that Cosmic Destiny is... To Bring both God and Lucifer BACK TOGETHER AGAIN, in the Original Harmony of Yin/Yang, where Positivity and Negativity were in Peaceful Coexistence, Oneness and Wholeness, throughout the Cosmos! THEN, Lucifer would not even have the 'Inclination' to even Consider such a 'War' with God Him/HerSelf!

  11. SO, the Reality OF the 'Prevention' of such Realities, of a Quantum Axion Device WMD, as I have herein discussed, would be totally alleviated, WHEN Mankind might not only ACT, in Fulfillment of Each and Every Individual's Individual Destiny, BUT ALSO in Fulfillment OF THE ULTIMATE DESTINY of Mankind itself... TO BRING GOD and Lucifer, Together Again, in Cosmic Harmony!

  12. Such a Reality would be... Well, You can see what I am Implying here! Because anything otherwise, would just be too terrible to comprehend!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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