QUFD "sort-of" Press Release!

Scientific discoveries, scientific "revelations", and interesting news items,
culled from QUFD and the scientific works of Father Jerome, which any citizen
of today's world will surely find to be of value relative to one's Life and existence!
The following is a copy of an email sent to the media, describing this website!

Okay, (media). You want stories, you want news and CONTENT THAT IS RELEVANT TO PEOPLE'S LIVES......Well, let me tell you like it is. This website is a science education site for 5 year old "scientists" who will have their first Doctorate at age 10. Adults also welcome.
"What, is that supposed to be a joke, or sarcasm, or something?"
Okay, that's the "blurb", which implies that the content is certainly simple enough for an adult to understand ("WHAT? Boring, dull, scientific stuff? Agh-h-h!), if it can be enjoyed by a 5 year old.
"Well, that's a bit reasonable and clearer!"
Whoa! Hold it though. Here's the kicker! Once you start reading, you find that it is not only scientific, philosophical, psychological, economic, medical, psychiatric, neurophysics, astrophysics, evolutionary, and a hell of a lot more disciplines than could be mentioned (EVEN theological!), BUT, the underlying CONTEXT......is SOCIAL and SOCIETAL!!! The facts presented touch ON JUST ABOUT ANY AND EVERYTHING!
"Crystal clear, Thank You!"
Okay, so much for my "protestations". Here, read for yourselves what others have to say:
Check out the ACCOLADES page (if you haven't done so already):

And the WebSite SUMMARY for News Reporters page (again, if you haven't done so already):

Even the AWARDS page (OKAY, so you did already!):

OH! Hey, I forgot......here's the OPENING PAGE:

Even check out the Yahoo! International WebRings and other Links which this website is a part of, at the bottom half of the Opening Page.
Hey, this Website is 1500+ webpages (and the first page - of the main QUFD document - takes 37 hours to read!)

Check the following page:

One more thing. Check this for another kicker:
(Incidentally, the previous Press Release webpage contains all the personal and professional references for this individual, as you may wish to check for verification on this email.)

Okay, so now, DISREGARD ALL THE PERIPHERY, and READ THE G--DAMN thing, and then you'll have a story! Or at least you'll see the implications, that many of our email readers are telling us about! And THAT may be your story!

Aum, Peace, Amen.
Father Jerome

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