QUFD: Debunking the "Paranormal" and putting the New Age merchants out of business!

USING modern science and scientific principles, QUFD details exactly what the realities of human existence and possibility ARE and exactly HOW the human Mind WORKS, defining precisely what is NORMAL in human mental function and forever laying to rest the term "paranormal" and all of its attendant fantastic conjectures and fraudulent money-making schemes.

We've all occasionally (or more often!) run into some "quack" psychologist, psychiatrist, M.D., psychic or other type of New Age practitioner, who has found, and is promoting sales of, the newest "discovery" in Biomedicine, health, "zestful living" or whatever, that is "guaranteed" to do whatever it does toward eliminating all the heartaches and miseries of one's Life, all, of course, for a price! And such promotions are not exclusively limited to such New Age "devotees", but also showing up more often than not in the "legitimate", licensed, certified and degreed "professions" as well, where medical insurance, MediCare, MediCal, and all kinds of tax deductions and professional "accreditations", make the rewards profitable for many. Well, here's some important information for all those who have been, or may be, exposed to such "quackery". And bear in mind here, that we are using the experiences and facts of millennia of human history and scientific reality, as exemplified in QUFD, in relating what the actual problem is. (And as history informs us, IF we don't learn the lessons of history, we are inevitably condemned to repeat those follies of human existence and reality that we do, to our chagrin!)

And the actual problem is actually two-fold. FIRST, with regard to scientific reality and fact, as well as principle, we have the old, Classical Newtonian Physics "devotees", yet "hanging on" to their obsolete Newtonian "concepts" of reality as being defined by "that which can ONLY be seen, felt, or otherwise corporeally identified and proved". (And if you don't think there is yet many of these "Dodo Birds" around, just try asking an intelligent question about scientific reality and see who begins quoting Newtonian and Classical corporeality!) In other words, physical/material/corporeal "reality"! On the other hand, we have all the Quantum Physicists, since Einstein unto today, who have put forth the realities of the quantum realms, scientifically informing us that "reality" is not only macrocosmic and corporeal, but also microcosmic and incorporeal! Thusly, there exists that DUALITY of Newtonian/Classical Physics versus Quantum Physics.

And that "duality" brings us to the SECOND part of our two-fold problem - DUALITIES! Starting with the aforementioned Newtonian vs Quantum duality, we also have such dualities as: science vs religion; religion vs the State; the State vs the People; the People vs the individual; ...... Hey, just look around you! Almost anything IN LIFE has its "dualities": money, housing, property (DO YOU KNOW, what is yours and what is NOT?), relationships, health, welfare, the environment, politics, the "haves" vs the "have-nots" and on and on! Yes, we have Democrats vs Republicans (and a few other Parties), or Liberals vs Conservatives (and everything in between!), which most everybody is talking about (or FEELS "comfortable" talking about, because it is usually so-public-a-puppet-show that everyone tends to get involved!) But then we also have another duality......Good vs Evil, or God vs Satan, which nobody really wants to talk about, even though scientists have even proven, with their mathematical formulaes, the "existence" OF God AND Satan!

SO, it is these "dualities" THAT ARE MOSTLY the problem. But, it is not so much that these "dualities" are the problem and cause our problems, as is the fact of WHERE these "dualities" COME FROM! THEY CAME FROM US - humanity - BUT......and here we get to the BASIS, the BASICS, the FUNDAMENTALS, the foundation, of the problem. And to do so, we have to get back to that duality that we mentioned earlier - GOOD vs EVIL, or God vs Satan!

Because even though WE have, ourselves, "created" all our misfortunes - THEY HAVE ALL BEEN INSTIGATED BY that conflict between Good vs Evil! And if you think I'm getting into "religion" here, BE ASSURED that I am most certainly NOT! Because everything that I am talking about IS EXPLAINABLE BY the principles, laws, facts and findings OF MODERN SCIENCE!

And in particular I am talking about MODERN Quantum Physics, and even more specifically, I am talking about QUANTUM UNITARY FIELD DYNAMICS (QUFD)! Because QUFD DEBUNKS all those myths and pseudo-realities regarding all those various dualities in our lives, AND TELLS IT LIKE IT IS! QUFD explains especially the realities of God and the Devil, IN RESPECTED AND LEGITIMATE scientific PRINCIPLE AND FACT! It further explains how the quantum axion particles OF NEGATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS (the Luciferian Complex, of negative consciousness and dimensional reality!), which are quantum mechanically "Cooper-paired" between our upper and lower minds (which Carl Jung has called the Veil of Separation or the Veil of Unknowing), or between our selves and our Souls......ARE, IN REALITY, CAUSING OUR PROBLEMS! And QUFD goes on to further explain WHAT we have to DO - in BOTH scientifically corporeal AND INcorporeal REALITY - to eliminate those problems and put human society on a path to wellness and wholeness!

AND MAKE NO MISTAKE HERE! This is NOT some "psychic", paranormal, New Age "remedy", to salve or balm our troubles away! IT TAKES WORK AND HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY, and most of all, it takes KNOWING oneSelf - WHO and WHAT one IS, and was born to BE!

REALITY - is what we are talking about here! KNOWING - EXACTLY and scientifically, factually and actually - Who and What each one of us IS, as a person AND as a human being! NO "paranormal" stuff here at all! Only just you and me, finding out EXACTLY WHO and WHAT we ARE - INDIVIDUALLY - with no one else, much less any New Age guru or practitioner, telling us "what to do" and who we "are"! READ QUFD, and Be Scientifically Informed, as to what is Normal and what is REAL! Better yet, DON'T let QUFD "tell you Who and What you ARE", but instead, FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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