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Also, the pages in this section of the website are over 10 years old and some content therefore is 'old'. However, such pages and content have been retained as a matter of 'interest' to those who may find them of interest!
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If you are arriving at this Website in search of fancy pictures, graphics and such, BE ADVISED that you will NOT find such here! This Website is for and about WORDS, and it is for the thinking person who does appreciate WORDS - AND the nuances, inflections and such, that give various and sundry MEANING and UNDERSTANDING to, and with, the useage OF those words. Thusly, herein this Website, one will find WORDS used in such a way as to give information, knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, and KNOWING, to any individual so inclined as to be searching for such, in order to find MEANING and UNDERSTANDING, in one's OWN LIFE...AS that individual DOES CREATE, and/or need, such KNOWING. In other words, WORDS that can assist one in finding MEANING in, and to, THEIR OWN LIFE! THAT is what this Website is about!
In such a context, does this Website provide an appropriately suitable content for those in search of the Meaning of Life, Existence, Reality and much more, AND their own individual part, and participation, IN All That Is! SO, read on, and ENJOY, folks!

AN ADDITIONAL NOTE: Be further forewarned, that one will NOT find, herein this Website, what is, in the business world of today, known as "business English" - a supposedly concise, expedient, efficient and practical English-language-useage-form of "every-day" necessity and transaction.
INSTEAD, what the Reader WILL FIND is what may be more precisely and succinctly known as "classical English", an English-language-useage-form of more "import", depth, and richness of "flavor" and understanding, than any other comparable "brand". (Okay, we're not talking coffee here, but the simile DOES apply!)
By and through the use of such a language-form, the Reader might come to "feel", understand, and to KNOW, a more thorough and complete "richness" OF what is being "communicated" herein, and thusly to more fully come to KNOW, not only what is being stated, described, conceptualized and communicated, but also to KNOW oneself, as to how each and every individual does, or might, relate, connect, or pertain thereto, what has been presented here.
IN SUCH A WAY, does this Website portray the MEANING, and understanding, of Life, Reality and Consciousness, that might be used BY the Reader hereof TO improve one's own life, society and our world.
Again I say, ENJOY, folks!

Website Change Notification

This Website's Name has changed! We are no longer The San Mateo Issues website. Our new name is

OR, in other words, the
in that any and all issues relating to the homeless shall be examined from the perspective and scientific principles of Quantum Physics!

That is what we are now about - THE HOMELESS AND SOCIETY, in all ways, shapes and forms, as to any and everything pertaining to the FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE and INTEGRITY of homeless persons AND the realities of their existence AND their relationships to and with society.

The content is mostly the same, only the specifically regional content has been removed (unless it relates to the homeless and/or society). And that is what we are now about - THE HOMELESS AND SOCIETY, in all ways, shapes and forms, as to any and everything pertaining to the FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE and INTEGRITY of homeless persons AND the realities of their existence AND their relationships to and with society.

PLEASE NOTE: The previous statement identified the "target population" of this website as being the FREE and INDEPENDENT homeless person of INTEGRITY - NOT the minimal numbers of "homeless" persons of various and sundry afflictions, unhealthy habits (anti-social, drug, alcohol or otherwise), or abnormal mental functioning, that certainly do exist in our societies today. Of those persons, this website is neither qualified to provide information and services thereto/therefor, NOR to analyze or comment thereupon. We leave such minimal societal population to the nominal governmental, charitable, or other humanitarian and social service agencies that do exist already to serve the needs of such population.
This website DOES specifically address the target population hereinabove noted and identified, which, in the estimation and personal "judgement" of the management of this website, are just as "normal" human beings as anyone else. Therefore, as noted in the following note of content (as to the material to be found herein), it should be evident that any and all content that shall be placed upon these pages shall refer and pertain to the WHOLE of human society and existence, NOT necessarily the homeless target population herein being addressed, NOR the other minimal "homeless" population, both populations together being but only a part of the whole of such society, and therefore any and all commentary does surely pertain to ALL OF HUMANITY and society. In such a CONTEXT, is the content of this website presented.

Note of Content
The following website may be of interest as a resource in a number of fields of inquiry: including homeless issues & society; the free & independent homeless person of integrity; homeless professionals; professional/hi-tech jobs for the homeless; online jobs that can be performed from anywhere in the world (that a homeless professional may be); access to the internet by homeless professionals via free-access resources; use of free-access resources on the internet; syndicated commentary on societal issues, from a scientific quantum physics perspective; humanity, human evolution, history, philosophy, theology, the human mind, geophysics, paleolinguistics, cosmology and much more, all from the perspective of quantum physics (i.e., such as the quantum physics of consciousness, etc.).
All such reference information may be found, primarily in commentary format, at the following website, which is relatively new as of this time, but is constantly being updated with new material, as well as referring to extensive private collections and literary works that reference such topics as those listed hereinabove:
PLEASE NOTE, that material specifically relating to topics dealing with Quantum Physics and its relationships to humanity, society, existence and reality is to be found at this website ONLY WITHIN THE CONTEXT of any specific topic that shall have been addressed currently within this website. For a more detailed purview of such material on Quantum Physics and its application to society, humanity, reality and existence, one is referred to Father Jerome's massive tome, his E-book (mentioned in several of the written pieces on this website) entitled,
"KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life and Reality!"

PLEASE NOTE: Although this Website does concern itself with the homeless person, almost all commentary and opinion voiced herein which originates from this Website operator shall present such commentary and/or opinion IN THE CONTEXT OF THE WHOLE OF HUMAN SOCIETY and from a perspective that is both humanitarian and spiritual, in its scientific analysis (using the principles of Quantum Physics) of such Issues and Concerns that do affect not only this "microcosm" of human society - the homeless person, but the whole "macrocosm" of human activity, endeavor, concern, existence and reality!

In other words, an extraordinarily erudite literary site for recondite (and opinionated!) homeless (and the non-homeless) disaffected intellectual scientists of a spiritual and humanitarian nature...... YEAH MAN, that, AND ordinary on-the-street common sense, as well as most anything else that might touch one's humanity!!! You DIG? After all, is not the "smallest" (a homeless person) but a microcosm of the "largest", the macrocosm? Therefore, what concerns us, as homeless persons in today's society and world, is surely of some concern, and issue, to everyone everywhere, as well. In the sense of that cosmic principle of Quantum Physics, this Website is devoted to expressing, exploring and explaining those concerns, issues, and even trivia, that are surely of interest to thinking people everywhere! And if you don't READ (as thinking people surely DO!)......Well, this Website IS for thinking people who do YET read! (See Disclaimer below.) ENJOY, Folks!

PLEASE NOTE: This Website does NOT, and will not, have any more than a minimum of GRAPHICS and pictures. Sorry about that! This Website is for thinking people who have something to say, and for those people who DO READ! (Your Website guru and operator is, naturally, a writer, who really deplores the fact that very few people have the time, energy or inclination to READ anymore! If the comments, concerns and items of interest, that shall hopefully be expressed in these pages, does incline the viewer to pursue the written word more fully and thoughtfully, then I shall consider this Website to be a success, regardless of the extent and content of the materials placed here.)

Also, since there is just too much negativity in the world already, this Website shall be dedicated to expressing and finding a more positive outlook on life, for all concerned. Now, that means, of course, that, Yes, we shall be looking at the negative aspects of life, in order to, hopefully, find a more balanced and more positive meaning TO life, for those who do wish to have such. If the content of this Website can thusly improve one's outlook and render a more positive reality to one's life, then we shall also consider this Website to be a success.

At this time, the content and commentary at this Website is a bit sparse due to the newness of the site, but we're sure you'll find quite a bit here already to "spark" your interest and your concern, AS a "thinking person". So be sure to read everything AND THEN give us your responses. See below for further info on submitting your concerns and comments.

BUT DON'T LEAVE US YET! THERE IS LOTS MORE TO SEE AND READ! Just start your mouse a-clickin' on the Links below, to travel ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE in the World and Universe OF the homeless person!!!
HEY, check it out!!! Be sure to visit our homelessness "links", for thousands (literally and actually) of "stories", comments, services, agencies, opinions, news - OF, BY, FOR and ABOUT - the homeless ALL OVER THE WORLD, not only here in California (for example, go to our YAHOO link to "Homeless in Paradise", about homelessness in Hawaii; or another YAHOO link to homelessness on the streets of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; or another YAHOO link to "54 Ways to Help the Homeless"; or another YAHOO link to "Homeless Newspapers Across America").

And check out our HOMELESS RESUME pages, of homeless persons seeking whatever it is that they need, professional or otherwise. H-LL YES!!! Homeless persons can surely be "professionals", in whatever their field of endeavor may have been - or yet is, and are surely NOT degenerate "bums", of some sort, IF they are listed here! In fact, rather than what many folks in society might "think" about the homeless, they are usually, and mostly, just another "wonderful" human being, attempting to make their "way" in the world, and are presently in need of more resources of the whole of society than they can obtain by themselves at the present time. ALSO included are those "advanced" homeless who, having "lost" their "self" (with a small s, NOT the Self, with a large S, also known as the Soul!), now find themselves not only selfless (rather than selfish), but also in the unique situation of being able to comply with the Golden Rule whether they want to OR NOT! In other words, they can "Do Unto Others..." (in fact, that is what their lives are mostly about - GIVING), but when it comes to helping themselves, it is almost impossible to do so (requires the self), and thus they cannot do anything for themselves and are helpless without the RECEIVING from "others", that the Golden Rule requires.

ALSO, look for the discussion and commentary on these pages dealing with Issues and Concerns that range across THE ENTIRE SPECTRUM of human activity and knowledge, INCLUDING Quantum Physics, Advanced Technology, Human History, ALL the sciences, the humanities, and anything else that does relate to human existence AND reality, PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE!!! (And if it is not already to be found on these pages, you can be sure that it soon will be!)

SO, if you need help, want to post your Resume (for the entire WORLD TO SEE), or anything else relating to homelessness, check out our pages on this WebSite - RIGHT HERE - at

(NOTE: This website will be UPDATED, with your remarks, opinions, commentary and anything else which we might feel to be of interest to people everywhere,
ON A WEEKLY, if not DAILY, basis.)
So be sure to check back regularly. Thanks again for stopping by!

(One further NOTE: It is anticipated that this Website will soon be INTERACTIVE - meaning that you will be able to POST your comments, opinions, resumes or whatever, INSTANTLY, with your posting taking effect immediately, similar to what many of you are already used to with what is called "chat rooms" on the InterNet. LOOK FOR IT!)


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