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QUFD: An Introspective!

Father Jerome's Essay on the Scientific and Sociological Reality of Science, Physics, Math, Technology... as well as God and Religion, in our Current Human Society and on the Webpages of QUFD!

By Father Jerome, OA/OWB,
D.Th. (In Esse-the Theology of Reality), D.Sc. (Quantum Physics)
An Affiliate of the
Freedom, Independence & World Democracy (FIWD) Institute,
London (OA/OWB)

As Scientist-Researcher-Founder, Author, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, and Ultimate Consultant, of the relatively world famous QUFD Textbook, QUFD and the Science of Quantum Systemics (presently in the Top 1% of worldwide websites!), I daily get emails, questions and other correspondence relating to the Website, the Textbook and QUFD itself. Many of those emails and much of the correspondence is simply folks worldwide who are trying to figure out exactly what QUFD means to their lives and what QUFD can do to not only improve their lives but also what they can do, by and through the understanding of QUFD, to Change The World For The Better and maybe help bring about worldwide Peace, Happiness and Love for One and All! And I will also mention one other category, of emails that I receive, from a small number of scientists, researchers and theoretical physicists worldwide, who are involved with research on the cutting-edge of Physics, and who would like to know more details about the Physics of QUFD and of how the scientific laws and principles of QUFD Physics, do actually explain in detail, scientifically, almost everything that any person needs to know about the basic fundamentals of Life, Consciousness, the human Mind, human Society, humanity itself, as well as all other Life in the Cosmos, and much more... including those Most Important Realities of: God, Christ, Spirit and Lucifer, and exactly what mankind's relationships with those Realities are! In other words, QUFD explains Reality, both human and Cosmic!

So here today, I am going to try to answer some of those questions, queries and concerns, by pointing out exactly what QUFD is and is not, and what the person who comes to understand QUFD is actually doing with their Life. But, not only that, in doing so, I will have to address the basic realities of QUFD, as to how it relates to existing science, physics, mathematics and technology, and why an understanding of QUFD is so vital to understanding not only one's personal relationship with God, Christ and Spirit (or Jahweh, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, Zoroaster, Tao, Jaina, Animistics, Deva, Balder, Wurrunna, Aphrodite or any other Diety!), but also to the very aspect and enigma of Religion in human Society! In other words, for those folks who are trying to understand the Unknown, in themselves, in society, in the world and in the Cosmos... let me tell you why QUFD does just that, explain the Unknown!

But first, as a means of beginning to explain what QUFD is, I will have to also relate some aspects of what it is not! QUFD is a philosophical derivation from Albert Einstein and many of our most respected past and present scientists and physicists, in a quite extensive multidisciplinary formulation that comes from not only physics and philosophy but also psychology, sociology, biology, anthropology and much more!

And it is, if it might be called such, a Philosophy of Physics (more exactly, Quantum Physics!), because of a simple scientific fact! And that fact, is the reality that, neither Albert Einstein nor anyone else since, has yet discovered the Math, or Mathematics... of the Unknown!

And in order to explain that fact more fully, I will have to herewith give the Reader an adequate and detailed description of exactly what is the 'Unknown', versus the Known! Actually, here is an example of one of my favorite ways of explaining such opposites, which is necessary quite often in explaining QUFD: the use of what might be called 'double apostrophe quotes', or simply 'quotes' (rather than "quotes"). 'Quoting' a word or phrase generally means some form of opposition, or opposite nature or state, than the word or phrase would normally imply! (But it also could mean an un-truth, or something less than the word implies, while at the same time, it could instead imply a truth and something greater than the ordinary word might imply! Exactly which case applies, in such a use, is up to the Reader to determine from the context of the text!) And in this case, 'unknown' certainly (and perhaps doubly, considering the prefix un-) implies the opposite of known! (A more accurate example is 'reality' versus reality, where one might think that 'reality' means not real or unreal, when it does actually mean something that is 'real', but of a 'state' or 'nature' that might normally be considered as the opposite of physical and material reality!) And such distinctions become most important here, when one is trying to explain the Unknown! (Capitalizing something also precludes 'quotes', when the opposition is apparent!) Accordingly, besides the use of 'quotes', we also have several established scientific terms to distinguish which 'side of the fence' (between the Known and Unknown) we are talking about, and those terms are Corporeality (the physical/material world) and Incorporeality (the non-physical/non-material 'world'), as well as Differentiated Relativity (i.e., Corporeality) versus Undifferentiated Relativity (i.e., Incorporeality)!

So, to get back to Mathematics, the reality is that all of the extant and established mathematics, that exist in the world today, very fully and adequately describe, in mathematical terms and equations, the realities of Corporeality, or of a physical/material world (and Universe!) and all the likewise corporeal inhabitants thereof, ranging from galaxies, pulsars, stars, planets, and humans, down to trees, rocks, ants, molecules, atoms, electrons, bosons, quarks and such quantum particles, and also including all of the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity! All of these just described Life-forms or entities are Corporeal, or known (in one way or another!) and can nominally be described by Mathematics! Such is the Known world, or Universe, or Dimension, of Corporeality! And since everything in this Dimension-Universe can not only be described by Mathematics, but is also unique, individual and separated from anything else, it is therefore scientifically Differentiated, or of the (Physics) state or nature of Differentiated Relativity!

On the other hand, to distinguish between the inhabitants and terminology relative to (Relativity again!) one side of our proverbial 'fence' (which you cannot see but is, nonetheless, very 'real'!), let us take a look 'over that fence' and 'see' exactly what is there! And since the Unknown is not physically or materially real, the only way we are going to be able to 'see' it - the Unknown - is within our Minds and Consciousness, where it is just as 'real' as anything else that is real, or can be perceived by any of the human senses! Except here, in Incorporeality or the Unknown, the only means of 'seeing' anything is in the Mind, or in Consciousness, because Consciousness is part and parcel of Incorporeality!

In fact, to put it bluntly and realistically, the very reason that our Corporeal Mathematics cannot apply (as I have already stated!) to the 'other side of the fence', is that very distinction between Corporeality and Incorporeality, or Differentiated Relativity versus Undifferentiated Relativity! What is real can be described by our existing Science and Mathematics! What is 'real', or unknown, cannot be described by our currently extant Science and Mathematics! And without Math to describe anything, unfortunately our scientists and mathematicians of today are lost!

And thusly we come to QUFD! Because, if you will remember, a number of years back, a book became famous which was entitled, "How Things Work!" It explained how an auto, or your refrigerator and such, worked! It explained the technologies and sciences of Corporeality, the physical, known world! Well, QUFD and the QUFD Textbook, are the equivalent of that other famous book, except that QUFD explains "How Things Work"... within Incorporeality, or the Unknown! It explains the new Science and technologies of QUFD, and that non-physical, unknown 'world' over there, on the 'other side of the fence'! But since we as yet do not have a Mathematics for that 'side of the fence', QUFD has to accordingly 'leave the mathematics out' (there isn't any!), and using exclusively Philosophy (and such laws and principles of certain corporeal sciences such as Quantum Physics, BEC condensates and more, as such may apply to our philosophical examinations of the Unknown!), with the applicability of logic, reason and such, to the actual 'realities', as both seen and 'seen' in this world or 'world', in order to exactly describe the actual 'realities' of Incorporeality and the Unknown! Actually, though, I have hereby imputed, perhaps, too much 'credit', to the Physics and 'realities' thereof, which have 'crossed-over' from the Corporeal 'side of the fence'! Because, the greatest Source of 'knowing' about the Unknown, is itself! And since Incorporeality is Consciousness, the very fact of 'being there', in the Mind, within the actual 'reality' of Consciousness, enables one to most efficiently 'see' the 'realities' that do exist there, on that 'side of the fence'! So the very 'perspective' or viewpoint of Incorporeality, is actually from that 'side of the fence' and thusly it is relatively simple to actually 'see' the complexities of Consciousness and the infinite 'dimensions' of that unknown 'world', as opposed to those scientists and researchers who are trying to explore Incorporeality from the Corporeal 'side of the fence', and who are thusly finding it most difficult to understand the 'realities' of Consciousness when trying to apply Corporeal Science and Mathematics to such an 'exploration'!

Oh, one other point, albeit it minor, that I might as well insert here, just as well as anywhere else in this Essay! There are yet some scientists and researchers, within a number of research facilities in this world, who are of a Corporeal 'persuasion', having a solid 'background' in such corporeal sciences as Quantum Mechanics and the Biological Sciences as well as Classical Newtonian Physics (rather than Quantum Physics and QUFD Physics!), who are yet trying to 'stuff' the human Mind and Consciousness... into the corporeal human brain! I am not even going to address such an 'obsolete' venture any further here, because there is such an immense 'reality' to those 'realities' on the 'other side of the fence', that I will not even bother to examine such corporeal 'shenanigans' and their limited corporeal realities! (Interestingly though, that very word 'shenanigans' defines a 'deception with the intent to extract money'! Is that what such research 'grants' and 'funding' are all about?)

Okay, on to the 'exploration' of that Incorporeal 'side of the fence' and its many 'realities'! First of all, before I get too far into this, perhaps I need to define exactly what I am going to be talking about here, because Incorporeality certainly has many names and terms that all describe the very same thing! I've already called it Incorporeality, the Unknown, Undifferentiated Relativity (which will become a very important term a bit later here when I try to explain why everything within Incorporeality is Undifferentiated or not-different, or Unitary, as opposed to being individual and Differentiated!) as well as the terms Mind and Consciousness!

Okay, let's use a few more terms, to describe Incorporeality, such as: Condensate, coming from the Science of BEC condensates, or Bose-Einstein Condensates, referring to the famous Indian Theoretical Physicist Satyendra Bose, who, in contribution to the work of Albert Einstein, thusly contributed to the original Science of Condensates of Matter, from which a number of the subsequent laws and principles of QUFD Physics derive therefrom, although applying here to non-matter or Consciousness! Also, it is to be noted here that a condensate can be a condensate of Incorporeality or Corporeality, but that whichever it might be, it always originates from another condensate of Incorporeality! Also, let me basically (and briefly!), define what a condensate is. Suppose that we could take, say, the entire Universe, and 'condense' it down (like Campbell's Soups!), to the very essential basic 'realities' from which it and everything in it comes from! Those 'realities' would be, at the very least, the basic corporeal quantum forces and fields, as well as gravity, which, however, in a 'condensed-state-of-existence', would no longer be separate and unique (or differentiated!), but instead would now be unitary and of a 'oneness' throughout the entire 'condensate' (they would be undifferentiated!) Such is the unitary nature of a condensate of incorporeality! A condensate of corporeality is quite different though, because even though we call it a condensate (a condensate is also called a condensate because everything within a condensate is extant, or exists, within the borders of that condensate, for a specific reason or purpose, therefore it is a 'condensate' of that reason or purpose for its very existence!), everything within its borders, although yet being of one reason or purpose-for-its-existence, is really the opposite of the condensed version of a condensate of incorporeality, and is actually the expansion, of all those corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity (that had been condensed to a unitary 'state'!), right back up to their fully-expanded-and-implemented 'actualization', in the form of that very purpose-for-existence which is the hallmark of that particular condensate of corporeality! In other words, a condensate of incorporeality is a condensed or unitary 'state', from which, by the release of all the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity, into a 'bounded-area' of existence, a new condensate, of corporeality, comes into existence, having its own reason or purpose for existence! (See the next definition herein following for further examples of condensates!) We could get 'hung-up' here talking about 'condensates', which are most important, but I will go on here defining terms!

More terms: Dimension, or dimensionality, which in QUFD Physics, apparently has a slightly different definition than in Classical Newtonian Physics. Any condensate of Incorporeality or Corporeality, in its entirety and wholeness, is a 'dimension'. There can also be infinitudes of 'dimensions' (or condensates!) within Incorporeality, as well as Incorporeality itself being a 'dimension'! Pending further discussion of the term, before I continue here with terms, let me just give you two examples here of two very different 'dimensions', both of which, incidentally, are condensates of Corporeality: the Universe, and you, the Reader, an individual human being!

Terminology: Dark Matter, or Dark Energy! Referring to all that 'space' in the Universe which scientists say is unaccounted for! I have said that Consciousness exists throughout the Cosmos and therefore might actually be that missing something, either Dark Matter or Dark Energy, which Science is seeking! However, since matter and energy can be transformed into each other (involving mass, as well!), as constituents of the quantum forces, fields and gravity of Corporeality, whereas Incorporeality has no mass, is not matter, and has no differentiated 'energy', there is a relative doubt here, as to these two terms, with respect to Incorporeality and Consciousness! In other words, the 'jury' is still out!

Terminology: Spirit! Yes, the same thing as Consciousness, also called the "Holy Spirit"! (But not spirit, or spirituality, referring to spiritualism, such as Madame Blavatskaya séance-style 'psychic' spirituality, nor what is known as New-Age spirituality, nor any other 'fantasy' or metaphysical spiritualism!) Spirit here is a very important part and definition for Incorporeality and Consciousness, because it implies that here, within a 'condensate' of incorporeality, which is unitary and exists for a certain reason and purpose, that there is a Sentience, coming from that Spirit, which does enable the further 'actions' and 'dynamics' that subsequently do take place within that 'condensate' of Incorporeality (not Corporeality, however!), and which then further contribute to and determine, what the exact output result, or results, of that 'condensate' of Incorporeality, will be!

Terminology: Infinite Consciousness, or God! The largest, most Infinite, Condensate of Incorporeality and Consciousness, is God, or the Cosmos! Within that Ultimate Condensate, there are infinitudes of lesser condensates, of both incorporeality and corporeality! The discussion of such, and the details of the 'realities' of such, is much of what the Science and Physics of QUFD is about, as well as how that Ultimate Reality, God, and His/Her scientifically-described existence and 'realities', relate to mankind, human society, our world and the individual!

Terminology: Positivity, versus Negativity, within Incorporeality! Actually, all of Incorporeality, or God, is generally known as Positivity, or Positive Consciousness, and is comprised of Positive quantum axion particles and waves of Consciousness, which are described in detail in the QUFD Textbook, as to the 'actions' and 'dynamics' that such quantum axion particles and waves perform within Incorporeality! Quantum axion particles and waves can only exist within Incorporeality, not within Corporeality! One more important concern here: Within the Incorporeality of God, we also find an opposing 'force', to the Positivity of God, and it is the Negativity of Lucifer (known as the 'Luciferian Complex' of consciousness and reality!), and his Nether Regions, Hell or Hades, is the home of negative consciousness and the negative quantum axion particles and waves of such negative consciousness!

Terminology: And the almost final term I am going to lay out here, all of which such terms as do refer to Incorporeality or the Unknown, is: the quantum axion particle. I've already noted that axions exist only within Incorporeality, where there are two basic 'flavors', Positive and Negative! Also, since axions are most important to the operations of condensates, let me also note that it is axions that actually 'create' condensates of corporeality (and Life!) from within a condensate of incorporeality, by expanding the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity, back to their fully-corporeal existence, from the unitary 'state' or nature in which they exist as 'condensed', within a condensate of incorporeality! In this condensed and unitary 'state', all the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity, exist within one axion particle, as well as, simultaneously, within every other axion particle, and each and every axion particle also exists everywhere in the Cosmos, simultaneously! Such is the unitary and non-local nature of a condensate of incorporeality! Also, since all the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity are 'condensed' into a single (and all!) axion particle(s), which exists simultaneously everywhere in the Cosmos, the unitary 'state' is also atemporal and aspacial, meaning that time and space do not exist within a condensate of incorporeality! Therefore, one of the primary characteristics of Incorporeality is that Past, Present and Future are also unitary and one, there being no spacetime! When a single axion particle (which exists everywhere in the Cosmos!) 'expands' into a condensate of Corporeality, it does so by 'creating', from the released corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity, the corporeal spacetime that comes into existence within the boundaries of that individual, unique, condensate of Corporeality which has been created!

Terminology: Another almost final definition of a term here, of all those terms and phrases which I have used to describe Incorporeality and the Unknown, will merely be Duality! There are many 'dualities' in the Cosmos, including the previously mentioned 'duality' of Positive and Negative axion particles (which contributes to the existence of Heaven-Hell, Good-Evil and Order-Chaos!), but the single most important 'duality' that I am going to address here next, is the very fact that every Life-form that exists in the Cosmos, on the QUFD 'Scale of Life' (which ranges from the infinities of the macromolecular, including such as astrophysical Black Holes, to the infinitesimally micromolecular, including the smallest corporeal quantum particles!), has two distinct 'condensates' which comprise the actual existence of that individual Life-form, those condensates being a condensate of Corporeality and a condensate of Incorporeality! The condensate of Corporeality is the condensate which comprises the actual physical existence of the Life-form and is our Known reality! Its 'twin', or opposite condensate, is that 'condensate' which comprises the Consciousness of that Life-form and is our Unknown 'reality'! (Unknown from the perspective of Corporeality but not from the 'perspective' of Incorporeality!) And the most important thing I need to note here, in respect to what I have just said, is that both of these two condensates always exist together! Without either one, there would be no Life-form, no living-entity-of-Consciousness!

Disregarding here all of the extant Life-forms beyond humanity (pulsars, stars, planets, ants, rocks, electrons, etc., which I have extensively discussed in the QUFD Textbook!), let me, as briefly as I can, detail the most major aspects of our human 'duality'! And the reality of that 'duality' is the existence of the individual corporeal brain and body existing simultaneously (within the exact same time and space!) with the 'reality' of the Incorporeal Mind and Consciousness (which has, as you remember, no time and space!) And the further thing to note here is the fact, as I have already previously mentioned, that these two 'realities' are actually 'condensates', one of Corporeality, comprising the entirety of that individual human brain and body, and the other 'condensate' being of Incorporeality, or Spirit, or Consciousness, which is a unitary 'condensate' of quantum axion particles of Consciousness, each one of which exists everywhere in the Cosmos! And thusly our 'twin' condensate of Consciousness, our Mind, can also thusly further 'access' anything within the Past, the Present or the Future (because Consciousness is atemporal and aspacial, due to the unitary nature of the quantum forces, fields and gravity contained therein!) The great Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung, even described the Collective Consciousness of humanity as the 'repository' of all the experiences and memories of humanity, past, present and future (as compared to the individual lower mind or self, where only day-to-day conscious memories, learning and data exist, which are slowly lost or fade over time!), and it is, because it is a 'condensate' of Incorporeality where the instantaneous 'experiences' of all of mankind, past, present and future, are instantly and permanently 'recorded' forever, in that unitary 'condensate', which includes the Spirit or Soul of every human individual who has ever, or will ever, exist!

And that brings me to my last term, which also describes Incorporeality or Consciousness, and that is the human Soul! The Soul is actually the Upper Mind of the individual local human Mind, which also includes the previously mentioned lower mind! The pages of the QUFD Textbook detail explicitly and extensively the scientific 'realities' of the incorporeal human Mind, and the 'actions' and 'dynamics' (Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics!) of Consciousness which occur in that unitary 'condensate' of Consciousness! QUFD also explains in scientific detail the relationships and interface 'transactions' that occur between the lower mind and the human brain (neurophysics), which is exclusively 'supervised' by that lower mind! Also detailed are the incorporeal 'transactions' which occur between the condensate of the lower mind and the condensate of the Upper Mind (or Soul!), as well as all the possible infinitudes of 'access' that the individual human Soul has, within the overall 'condensate' of Incorporeality that is Infinite Consciousness (God), to all the wonders and magnificence of the Cosmos! I will note here that one of my Mentors, the famous student-protégé of Carl Jung, Dr. June Singer, has voiced the following quotation regarding Consciousness (or the 'unconscious') and the Collective:

(Quoting from the QUFD website):
Dr. Singer's interpretation of the Collective Consciousness is this:
"The collective unconscious is better conceived as an extension of the personal unconscious to its wider and broader base, encompassing contents which are held in common by the family, by the social group, by tribe and nation, by race, and eventually by all of humanity. Each succeeding level of the unconscious may be thought of as going deeper and becoming more collective in its nature. The wonder of the collective unconscious is that it is all there, all the legend and history of the human race, with its unexorcised demons and its gentle saints, its mysteries and its wisdom, ALL within each one of us - a microcosm within the macrocosm. The exploration of this world is more challenging than exploration of the solar system; and the journey to inner space is NOT necessarily an easy OR a safe trip."
Dr. Singer's comments above, of course, refer to the myriads of 'condensates' which comprise the human existence, including everything and every 'group' of humanity, such as the 'condensates' of the San Francisco Giants Baseball Team and the Iraqi Nation (each 'condensate' existing for that singular reason or purpose for its existence!)

Additionally, I need to mention here, one more aspect of the human Mind, which is also detailed scientifically in the pages of QUFD! And this 'aspect' or 'reality' of the human Mind is one of the most important scientific realities which I discuss in the pages of QUFD... that of Lucifer and his 'Fingers-of-Negativity', as such do 'influence' each and every human Mind that exists, and consequently result in the wars, conflicts, divisiveness, animosities, adversarial and dysfunctional relationships, power structures and other individual and societal realities, as do exist today! And the 'knowing', or Knowing, of such 'realities', of the human Mind and of how they influence and contribute to the 'problems' of humanity, is the reason that QUFD, scientifically, is important to the understanding of the actual Reality and Truths of human existence, as well as the understanding of the Who and What an individual 'is', What one was 'Born to Be and Do', and of What is the Destiny of any individual and of humanity itself!

I explained earlier that both Positive Consciousness and Negative Consciousness exist in the Cosmos, in opposition to each other! Each individual local human Mind is composed of two 'condensates', like pancakes on top of each other, the Upper Mind (Soul) and the lower mind (self), which are basically 'condensates' of Positive quantum axion particles of Consciousness! (And I am going to try to explain this as briefly here as I can, because normally this very subject takes up 'mucho' pages of the QUFD Textbook!) However, since the beginning of our current human civilization (circa 9,644 B.C.), the genetics of the human Mind have created an 'anomaly' that each and every one of us has to contend with moment-by-moment every day of our lives!

First, let me explain how a normal, Mature human Mind, works! The lower mind 'supervises' the brain and thusly has an intricate and detailed map of each and every neural synapse junction in the human brain, in order to open or close that individual synapse and thusly control the associated brain function thereof! The 'interface' between brain and Mind is thusly both corporeal and incorporeal at this point! (Details in QUFD!)

The Upper Mind is the 'final arbiter' of the individual Consciousness, gathering input data, analyzing and finally 'deciding' the 'actions' to take, and then passing those 'decisions' on to the lower mind, to be implemented via its knowledge of and 'supervision' of, the exact nodes of functionality of the human brain! The 'decisions' that are 'handed down', from Upper Mind to lower mind, cross between these two incorporeal condensates via the ability of the quantum axion particles, existing within the incorporeal 'interstices' (which are incorporeal because the human Mind exists within the overall Incorporeal Condensate of the Cosmos, or God!) between the two condensates (each of which has its own separate purpose for existence!) to 'create' a temporary spacetime to enable 'communications' (using the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity within such a corporeal spacetime!) between the two 'condensates' of the Mind, and then to 'phase-space-shift' those 'communications' across that 'interstice', from one to the other!

Now here is where the problem comes in! In a normal human Mind, of Positive quantum axion particles, both within each 'condensate' as well as between the 'condensates', a typical 'exchange' between Upper and lower Mind, at such a specific point-location between the two as is specifically allocated for such, might so 'communicate' the 'quality' of Love (Details in QUFD, as to how such is 'created' within the Upper Mind!), from Upper Mind to lower mind, to be passed on and executed within the brain! That 'quality' of Love is thusly 'phase-space-shifted' across the 'interstices' between the two 'condensates'!

However, humanity, and the genetics of the human Mind, are not of a normal Mature Mind 'state' at the present time! Since 9,644 B.C. (when this civilization began, following the destruction and demise of the former civilization, as explained in the pages of QUFD!), our normal human Maturity of Mind (which everyone of us is actually born with at birth!), has been 'suppressed', by the 'turning-off' of the genetics which create the human Mind (actually, only the gene pool for the Incorporeality of the invisible Mind, which surrounds every glial-synapsial-junction that exists within the visible human brain!) Such 'suppression', and thusly 'creation' of our current Immaturity of Mind (of every human that exists!), was the result of the 'incursioning' of Lucifer's 'fingers-of-negativity' (or Negative Consciousness!) in the 'interstices' between Upper and lower Mind! (A result of the 'fall' of our former civilization, which had almost achieved full Maturity of Mind!) The most immediate effect of Negative Consciousness now 'sandwiched' between the two 'halves' of the human Mind, is that each 'condensate' of the Mind is no longer of whole quantum-axion-particle Consciousness, but is, instead, now of a half-integer-spin quantum-axion-particle Consciousness, albeit yet Positive! (The 'incursioning' Negativity has likewise been so affected by such 'sandwiching', resulting in half-integer-spin 'fingers-of-negative-consciousness'!) Also, incidentally here, physicists might think that what I am talking about here - whole and half-integer-spin particles - refers to 'charge', or electrical charge, but it does not, in that such a quality, i.e., electrical charge, is a quality of Corporeal quantum forces, fields, and gravity, which, as I have stated, do not exist within the unitary 'state' of Incorporeality!

But such a 'reality' doesn't really matter to Lucifer, or Negative Consciousness, in that he is now in a position to exert his 'corruptions' upon each and every 'communication' that is being 'phase-space-shifted' between the Upper Mind and lower mind! Because, what happens, is that Lucifer's 'fingers-of-negativity' now control every 'communication' between Upper and lower Mind! So, what happens when our Upper Mind 'decides' to send a 'quality' or 'attribute' of Love to the lower mind and the brain/body of the human individual, is that the Love 'signal' is 'phase-space-shifted' out of the Upper Mind (Soul!), but has to pass through Lucifer's 'fingers-of-negativity'! Within that 'condensate' of Negative Consciousness, the Love 'signal' is again 'phase-space-shifted' by Lucifer's Negativity, which now 'routes' the 'signal' to a new and different point-location of reception by the 'condensate' of the lower mind, such new reception point being the point-of-location on the 'landscape' of the lower mind which constitutes Hate! Thusly Lucifer and his 'fingers-of-negativity' have converted Love, from one's Soul or Upper Mind, into a 'signal' of Hate, received by the lower mind and brain and implemented by the human body! (Many more details about such 'realities' in QUFD, especially at: https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/BookofJerome.html and at: https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/Qualia3.html )
(NOTE: To Readers of the Book, wherein this Document is the 'Introduction' to the Book - "God, Lucifer and You!", by Jerome: The two URL-link Documents listed hereinabove are both included in print later herein this Book!)

The point is that humanity, all of us, are the only ones who can correct this situation, and remove those 'fingers-of-negativity' that do exist within the Minds of every one of us! Such can be done only through coming to know and understand exactly Who and What we 'are' as human beings and as individuals, and as to What our 'role' is in human Society and the World, and then 'doing something about it' (the world situation!), by removing such Negativities as divisiveness, animosities, competition and such, and creating a worldwide community of cooperation, where Peace, Happiness, Personal Fulfillment and Love, of One and All, are utmost priorities! QUFD also supports and recognizes, on its pages, the principles of worldwide Participatory Democracy for all nations and all peoples everywhere!

Without 'rattling-on' here any further (any and all further details can be found in the pages of QUFD!), let me conclude this Essay with some other very pertinent quotations from the pages of QUFD:

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious ... the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science."
- Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

"The primary purpose of science is to understand what the world is like. Everything else that science does - test theories, produce new technologies - is incidental to this fundamental purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of reality."
- David Deutsch, Theoretical Physicist, Oxford, Great Britain

In closing, I am reminded of an interview with Carl Jung, that intrepid explorer of the human psyche. The interviewer asked Carl Jung, "Do you believe in God?" Carl replied, "I don't NEED to believe in God. I KNOW Him!"

Aum, Peace, Amen

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Father Jerome's PSYCHOSOCIOLOGICAL DICTIONARY of Terms/Phrases used in Monograph III of his QUALIA Series

Father Jerome's SPECIALIZED DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES pertaining to Bose-Einstein Condensates of Non-Matter and Incorporeality, as used in his Works, in QUFD Physics and in the 'QUFD Textbook' Website

Also see Father Jerome's BLOG, for info about his latest Book,
"God, Lucifer and You! A ScienceBook of Quantum Physics and Reality, for 5 year old Kids and Adults!"

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