Qualia XXVIII: The BASICS (continued): Science and Mankind: What is/are the Reality/Realities? From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

Qualia XXVIII: The BASICS (continued): Science and Mankind: What is/are the Reality/Realities?

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

    The following email communications, between Father Jerome and Theoretical Physicist Dr. Ruquist, of the Yanniru Foundation, Cambridge, Massachusetts, continues the preceding 'Conversations Between Physicists', in Exploration of the QUFD Principles. Some of the emails contain original thoughts and the replies thereto, and so such emails identify who the person is making the statements.

    This Monograph changes the discussion thread of the QUALIA XXVI Monograph.

    (An email from Father Jerome to Dr. Ruquist)
    On Mon, 15 Mar 2004 12:38:45 -0800, Father Jerome FIWD wrote:

  1. Had some thoughts cross my mind recently regarding the subject of your infamous 'dark matter'. Here they are, and I realize that you will probably say that they are heretical, from the perspective of nominal theoretical physics which is based upon Corporeality and the 'existence' of everything in the Cosmos being physical or material in some way. However, as you well know, my own perspective(s) are not from Corporeality but instead from Incorporeality, which is not physical or material at all. In fact, you yourself have expressed agreement with this non-corporeal perspective on dark matter, by 'aligning' yourself with the very concept that 'dark matter' is actually consciousness, which is, of course, incorporeal and non-physical.

  2. Okay, I will go into such thoughts a little more subsequently but first let me tell you of what it is that 'crossed my mind' and the further thoughts that arose therefrom. It occurred to me that there was a 'problem', extant in the theorization, if dark matter is supposed to exist 'equally' throughout the universe, but there is also likewise a 'problem', if dark matter is theorized to not exist equally but instead linearly, throughout the universe. So what came to me is that dark matter, from one perspective, we shall say, 'exhibits' a Bell-Curve sort-of declination, relative to the very nature of what it is...consciousness! Meaning that, since consciousness is 'attributed' to 'life-forms' ('life forms' that include galaxies and stars as well as ants and rocks), therefore 'dark matter' can be said to be 'clustered about', or near, wherever 'life-forms' exist! This is the 'protuberance-effect' of the rounded shape of the Bell Curve, indicating more 'relativity' toward constants or entities that are 'clustered' in location!

  3. But here we come into a conflict! If dark matter is consciousness, and consciousness is incorporeal, what about the issue of non-locality? Well, actually, as I have mentioned many times already, that issue is no problem, as long as the perspective is from within Incorporeality!

  4. Because, as I have said, within Incorporeality, any point-location of 'reality' can have infinite 'perspectives', or infinite possibilities/probabilities, some of which may seem 'corporeal', or local (relative to associated condensates or life-form entities), and others which may seem more 'incorporeal' or non-local (relative to groupings of condensates/life-forms). Such can be so, as long as one realizes that all is duly contained within the overall Grand Infinitude of the largest Condensate of Incorporeality, which does pervade the Cosmos and beyond, and yet renders all within Unitary, non-local and more, on the most basic level.

  5. And I will repeat here some of my previous explications regarding Consciousness/Dark Matter. Ultimate Condensate and infinitudes of 'groupings' of sub-condensates, all UNEQUALLY distributed (from one 'perspective' or 'reality'!), and yet all UNITARY in their 'distribution' (from the overall 'perspective' or 'reality'!) Because the UNITARY nature of the basic ground-state of Infinite Consciousness (God), wherein ALL fields/forces/gravities ARE UNITARY and ONE everywhere, determines the 'relative' nature of the basic Incorporeality (Undifferentiated Relativity). And yet within that overall Infinite Condensate, there are the infinitudes of sub-condensates, all existing 'relative-to' THAT 'purpose', reason or reality, for their 'ordering'and existence, at such point-location within the 'Grandness-of-it-All' (the Scale of Life), that has brought them INDIVIDUALLY into 'existence'!

  6. And thusly, the basic 'landscape' of Incorporeality, from that 'perspective', can 'show' NO 'Mass', and yet 'Mass' CAN BE extant WITHIN any of the sub-condensates, RELATIVE TO the 'existence' (self-ordering) thereof such condensate, and as viewed from WITHIN said condensate! Again, it is a matter of 'perspectives', and within Incorporeality there can be infinitudes of perspectives!

  7. So, as to Dark Matter, or Consciousness, it boils down to the fact that... Consciousness MAY or MAY NOT have 'Mass', depending on one's 'perspective'! And since Mass relates to Gravity, let's look at both of these 'artifacts'.

  8. Now, if I am correct, when we have a Bell-Curve 'grouping', of Consciousness or Dark Matter, we actually have a 'grouping' of 'Mass'. However, since, within Incorporeality (which is also Consciousness, i.e. Dark Matter), all is Unitary (basically), therefore Gravity is also Unitary and it's effects are non-local. But here again, it is 'perspective', because from one 'perspective', Gravity is 'distributed' and analogous TO (in whatever 'constitution') 'Mass'! So, even though Mass can be 'distributed', Gravity, overall, is Unitary and non-local!

  9. So, again, such 'realities' as I have hereby expressed, are relative TO 'perspective', and when discussing Consciousness and Dark Matter, as far as I am concerned, if it is truly Incorporeal and of Consciousness, it is therefore NOT of Corporeality and thusly laws and principles and theories of an corporeal-nature cannot apply! In order to explicate Dark Matter and Consciousness, one MUST take into account the differences of Incorporeality and Undifferentiated Relativity as well as BEC and Adaptive-Complexity and more, all of which I call Quantum Systemics, the very word and definition of which, according to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia, denotes a 'holism' or wholistic quality, of the 'systems' so described. And make no doubt about it, but Incorporeality, Dark Matter, Consciousness IS multitudes of 'systems', all interacting together, and thusly as long as theorizations thereof limit themselves and their 'concepts' to corporeal-nature-'realities', they will not be adequately defining Dark Matter! Physicists have just got to 'cross-over' (and I am NOT referring to some stupid New Age TV program!) from their exclusive 'perspective' within Corporeality TO a multitudinal 'perspectives' reality of Incorporeality or they will not 'see' Dark Matter at all!

  10. Such were my thoughts, Richard!


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    From: "RICHARD" yanniru@harvard.alumni.net
    To: "Father Jerome FIWD" fatherjerome@fiwd.org
    Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 6:32 PM
    Subject: Re: Dark Matter Musings

    Father Jerome,

  11. Interesting that you should write again on the Ides of March, that is on March 15th.

  12. Regarding dark matter: There is one observation that needs physical/corporeal explanation --- that THERE IS NO OBSERVATION OF DARK MATTER (oops- sorry for the caps- must be the guy upstairs) when the galaxy is spherically symmetric.

  13. Actually there is one- one that is not yet accepted by the scientific community- that dark matter does not exist. That is that it is all dark energy---massless dark energy. Which I need not remind you is exactly what you have just said. BTW dark energy can have axions as a basis, just as well as dark matter. I have one or two papers somewhere on this computer that says so.

  14. So, to my way of thinking, you are finding that the idea of dark matter should be abandoned and with dark energy to replace it. If you are reluctant to do so, think of how reluctant the scientists who have made their reputations on the existence of dark matter must feel. Such is the dogma of science as manifest.

  15. So that about sums it up for me. I expect Cahill, who can explain the non-existence of dark matter as a theoretical phopaw (sp?), will eventually be given his 'do' and theoreticians will discover that dark energy can do for them everything that dark matter used to.

  16. Wish I were younger. I'd hop on the band wagon, go to Australia and become famous along with Cahill. But as it is, I can only say, 'I told you so', and everyone that I told but you, will not even remember my telling.

    The best to you,

    On Tue, 16 Mar 2004 12:24:04 -0800, Father Jerome FIWD wrote:

  17. Okay, Richard, call it 'Dark Matter' OR 'Dark Energy', it DOES exist, because, as you have said yourself (not necessarily of my prompting), it is actually Consciousness or Incorporeality, and it does pervade the Cosmos, and it is non-observable, except in the Mind, which is WITHIN Consciousness/Incorporeality, and therefore can 'see' (NOT observe!) the condensate/dimensions of Consciousness, and, Yes, it does consist of axions, which are NOT physical/material/corporeal 'particles', and therefore cannot be observed! Yes, perhaps you are right, as to 'terminology', as the very word 'matter' implies corporeality/physicality/materiality and something that can be observed, but 'Dark ???' cannot be observed and is of Incorporeality! So what kind of 'terminology' shall we use, to define 'Dark ???', relevant to what it really is? On the one hand, 'Dark anything' is anachronistic and is actually a hold-over from Classical Newtonian Astrophysics wherein astrophysicists had to surmise that the unknown or missing mass of the universe was actually some kind of 'matter' and so it became (unknown), i.e., 'Dark' Matter! So, from such a perspective, Yes, I'd vote to drop the word 'Dark' altogether and call it what it really is... Consciousness or Incorporeality!

  18. But we cannot dismiss it entirely, because, whatever you wish to call it, it DOES EXIST! But it exists in a quantum realm that science has yet to accept and until physicists can begin to accept the realities of Incorporeality as non-observable 'realities' that, however, CAN BE 'seen', BUT ONLY in the Mind (which is non-observation!)

  19. Plus, UNTIL physicists can begin to 'see' the realms of quantum Incorporeality, they cannot begin to realize how massively Grand and Wonderful, and intricately complex and yet simple, all the dimensions and condensates of Incorporeality and their interactions can be! I like to quote Carl Jung's renown Protege and Student (my Wonderful Mentor!), Dr. June Singer, whom I have quoted several places on the QUFD website, who, although somewhat simplistically, put 'Consciousness', or the 'Unconscious', into perspective (she was actually referring only to the Collective, but she infers the many condensates of Consciousness in so doing such):
    Dr. Singer's interpretation of the Collective Consciousness is this:
    "The collective unconscious is better conceived as an extension of the personal unconscious to its wider and broader base, encompassing contents which are held in common by the family, by the social group, by tribe and nation, by race, and eventually by all of humanity. Each succeeding level of the unconscious may be thought of as going deeper and becoming more collective in its nature. The wonder of the collective unconscious is that it is all there, all the legend and history of the human race, with its unexorcised demons and its gentle saints, its mysteries and its wisdom, ALL within each one of us - a microcosm within the macrocosm. The exploration of this world is more challenging than exploration of the solar system; and the journey to inner space is NOT necessarily an easy OR a safe trip."
  20. But, to get back to 'Dark Matter' (however we define it!), the fact of the 'matter' IS... THAT IT DOES EXIST! Physicists need to understand not only their own 'stock-in-trade', Quantum Physics, to be able to understand Incorporeality, but they also need to understand a number of other disciplines as well, such as BEC (OF a NON-matter constitutionality!), Adaptive-Complexity, Quantum Systemics, and more! UNTIL such Physicists can, like you, begin to include such 'perspectives' within their 'contemplations'... they will NOT be able to 'see' the quantum 'realities' of Incorporeality! But once they gain a 'foot-hold', and get past the basics, as you have done and are doing, physicists will begin to 'see' that it is, as Dr. Singer has stated, a most magnificent 'Something-Out-There', and the 'Wonders' and 'Discoveries' that are yet awaiting us all... are just so tremendous and significant to the existence and Destiny of mankind that...

  21. I think you got the picture, Richard! I only wish more truly intelligent and scientific individuals could as well!


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    To: "Father Jerome FIWD" fatherjerome@fiwd.org
    Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 6:13 AM
    Subject: Re: Dark Matter Musings

    Father Jerome,

  22. OK. Let's distinguish dark matter from dark energy. Dark matter has mass, dark energy is massless. Most scientists think that both exist and that dark energy is twice as much as dark energy, using E=mc^2 to find the mass equivalence of energy, or vice versa.

  23. Cahill thinks that there is no dark matter because he has found non-spherically symmetric terms that Newton ignored. Recently I found on the Cornell archives a paper by Moffat, who was a consultant for my group at MIT Lincoln Labs, who thinks that the non-symmetric terms eliminate dark energy as well. Here is a link to his paper, which I do not understand as I do not know the math of General Relativity: http://arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0403266

  24. By the way, the philosophy behind my last organized religion, Siddha Yoga, claims that consciousness came first and is more fundamental than matter and even Satki. It is part of the philosophy or teaching of Kashmir Shaivism. Satki may be equivalent to dark energy, but I am not sure of that.


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    From: "Father Jerome FIWD" fatherjerome@fiwd.org
    Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 9:17 AM
    Subject: Re: Dark Matter Musings


  25. Okay, perhaps I was jokingly too quick to assume that you had all your female affairs 'down pat'! But, as with my own 'female affairs', this world is but a living experience, so you can certainly be glad of all those 'experiences' of yours that are lodged permanently there in the Collective and which are making you the person that you now are!

  26. As to whether the 'Trinity' provided your 'experiences', perhaps they all did, but certainly Spirit, the Holy Spirit, or Consciousness, is a part of your 'then-and-now', so be grateful for all of it.

  27. As to the math, I'll pass as well. I'm a philosopher, I'll admit, but not a mathematician, even though I've been there, in attempting most any advanced math, but it just befuddles me!

  28. And you are correct, as to your Sidhartha (am I correct?) 'teachings', if that is what you were taught, in that such 'teaching' correlates with the physics, in that Consciousness came first, and 'created' matter and energy from Spirit! Such is what I have forever been saying, that Incorporeality (Spirit) begets Corporeality, because Corporeality is actually a condensate (the entire Universe is but a single condensate, within which are infinitudes of lesser condensates!), that has been given 'birth' from Spirit! Incidentally, it seems to me that there are more extensive 'teachings', in the likes of the Muhabarata and the Vedic 'teachings' as well, that might 'intrigue' your interest. I remember 'tales' from the Muhabarata about the 'flying machines' and the 'atomic wars', of over 70,000 years back, that were historical 'incidents' of the sub-Asian continent in those days! If I remember correctly, the 'Vihartas' (if that is what the 'flying machines' were called), 'levitated' and moved magnetically, with the magnetic 'ley-lines' of the Earth. Of course, that also brings back 'memories' (from the Collective!), about the 'flying machines' that appeared, way back when, to the native savages of the Central Americas, causing those natives to create precious-stone jewelry items that were miniature exact-replicas of those 'flying machines', complete with spoiler-wings and other advanced aerodynamics, but also showing that those 'flying machines' could not only travel through the air but also underwater! As I understand, several of these ancient 'jewelry' items are today on display in the Ancient-Cultural 'wing' of the Central America 'collection' of the MOMA museum in New York City! (If I am 'interpreting' my 'recollections' correctly!)

  29. Anyway, human history, throughout the aeons and ages, has correctly 'known'that Spirit/Consciousness begets materiality (both matter and energy, which are both corporeal, and cannot be incorporeal, being as one 'relates' to the other, as Einstein correctly points out. So, although both are Corporeal, they are 'created' from the 'unity' of Incorporeality!). So why can't today's physicists get it right?


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    From: "RICHARD" yanniru@harvard.alumni.net
    To: "Father Jerome FIWD" fatherjerome@fiwd.org
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    Subject: Re: Fw: Dark Matter Musings

  30. In a word physicists cannot get it straight for lack of "Experiments".

  31. All experiments, to my knowledge are corporeal, even those involving photons alone. If so, then they will never know anything for sure about the incorporeal. All that has to come from revelation. However, it would be nice to have a theory revealed as to how the incorporeal condenses into the corporeal. That is akin to the wave / particle duality I presume.


    On Wed, 17 Mar 2004 14:51:11 -0800, Father Jerome FIWD wrote:

  32. Ah, Richard, let me not repeat the many words that I have already expended in explaining 'Corporeality' versus 'Incorporeality', but, I guess, I will have to repeat certain key points.

  33. Incorporeality is everything and everywhere! That INCLUDES being both WITHIN and WITHOUT of Corporeality! Corporeality, in fact the entire physical/material Universe, is a single condensate (within which are infinitudes of more condensates!) Our planet Earth, is a single condensate! You, are a single condensate! And yet ALL of these individual condensates (Universe, Earth, you, me, an ant, a rock, etc.!), ARE PART OF THE WHOLE, of Incorporeality, from which they were 'Born' (and I have previously described the 'Birth Process', of one condensate giving 'Birth' to another condensate, or Life-form, numerous times already, here in our email 'Conversations' and on my webpages!) SO, Incorporeality ALSO 'pervades' throughout any Corporeal 'Life-form' (i.e., Incorporeality 'pervades' throughout the Universe, a single condensate 'Life-form'!) And further, I have extensively already gone through the details of any and all 'transactions' and 'interactions', between condensates, and between Incorporeality and Corporeality! It is all so simple, if one could but 'see' the picture, as like perhaps, all the clothes in a washing machine! But, actually, that is not correct either, in that it is more simple and yet more complex than just clothes in a washing machine!

  34. How shall I say it??? Do you remember any of the points that I previously made about 'phase-space-shifts' and axion particles that can 'create' space-time, as part of their 'transactions' between condensates? Do you remember such details about whether a condensate is within Corporeality or without of Corporeality and whether a condensate is within or without of Incorporeality? Incorporeality and Corporeality are not just 'mediums' that 'fade-into' one another or some such thing! They are NOT! Corporeality, and condensates-of-corporeality, are everywhere and everything, but such condensates are also within and without of Incorporeality, everywhere! And it all depends on one's 'perspective', of which there may be... How many? I've talked about 'perspectives' and being able to 'differentiate' between Corporeal 'perspectives' and Incorporeal 'perspectives'! And I've talked about 'differentiated relativity' versus 'undifferentiated relativity'! And I've talked about much more!

  35. Where shall I start now, Richard?


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    From: "RICHARD" yanniru@harvard.alumni.net
    To: "Father Jerome FIWD" fatherjerome@fiwd.org
    Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2004 7:55 AM
    Subject: Re: Fw: Dark Matter Musings

  36. Allow me to compare two quotes from your email below:
    1. "Incorporeality is everything and everywhere! That INCLUDES being both WITHIN and WITHOUT of Corporeality"
    2. "Corporeality, and condensates-of-corporeality, are everywhere and everything, but such condensates are also within and without of Incorporeality, everywhere! "
  37. It seems that there is no difference between the two based on what you say.

  38. I do recall you talking of phase shift and that incorporeal condensates connect via spacetime and corporeal matter.

  39. The fact that you say phase space shift means to be that incorporeality must be wavelike. That suggests to me that incorporeality/corporeality is like unto the wave/particle duality. However, I never understood what you mean by phase-space-shift, and you never explained how it happens. Also you have not explained how axions can create spacetime. To present a convincing argument for how things happen you have to do more than just name the process. You have to explain how the process works. Please pardon the criticism but so far you have mainly named things without explaining them.

  40. However, I am curious as to what prompted you to bring all this up again. Was it my wondering how your soul got created 13,000 years ago?


    On Thu, 18 Mar 2004 15:11:59 -0800, Father Jerome FIWD wrote:


  41. Okay, I apologize. Perhaps I was feeling a bit testy, with my remarks. As to what brought them on, it was this:
    "In a word, physicists cannot get it straight for lack of "Experiments". All experiments, to my knowledge, are corporeal, even those involving photons alone. If so, then they will never know anything for sure about the incorporeal. All that has to come from revelation. However, it would be nice to have a theory revealed as to how the incorporeal condenses into the corporeal. That is akin to the wave / particle duality, I presume."
  42. I will diligently, this time, address your noted issues, but my 'testy' response, I will note, was primarily due to:
    "...how the incorporeal condenses into the corporeal..."

    and, not so incidentally, a comment from your latest posting:

    "It seems that there is no difference between the two, based on what you say"

  43. The 'problem' I was having, with your remarks, was this. I have so many times, noted or mentioned, the very 'multitudinous' or infinitudinous, nature of Incorporeality, as expressed by the very basic 'laws' of quantum physics, that there are infinite possibilities/probabilities, all dependent on (if it might be so said) one's 'perspective' (as to one's 'reality', i.e., situation, circumstance, viewpoint, resources, as well as what specific and particular 'laws' and 'principles' MIGHT apply, in any one case/perspective, that might NOT apply in/from another case/perspective). This/these are some of the most basic 'facts' or 'realities', that one needs to understand, if one is going to understand anything about Incorporeality and the infinitudes of 'realities' that take place, or CAN take place, therein!

  44. SummerNites.html)

  45. NOW, on the other hand (and Pardon me, for this multidisciplinary-approach, to the physics of Incorporeality, but REALITY IS what it IS, and it is basic to not only Physics but also All That Is!), there ARE some people in this world, who actually do forego such a 'belief' or 'religion', in there-being-but-one-Reality-for-everyone, and actually do KNOW that they themselves, IF they 'Know' themselves, as to Who/What they are and so on... CAN CREATE THEIR OWN REALITY! Their own personal, individual, 'Reality'! (We'll call these people, from the Alchemist's 'elements', the Air/Wind people, who might be said to have their 'heads-in-the-clouds', or in Spirit/Incorporeality... Oh, but Please don't call them 'air-heads', as they might not like that 'monikker'!)

  46. Such people do NOT 'believe' in 12-Step programs, nor that Christ's (Jesus) 'Word' is 'absolute', nor that President Bush's 'intentions' for invading Iraq were 'honorable' (even though it might have been right to 'oust' Saddam!), nor any number of other things, that have been 'told to us' (or 'programmed' into us!), during our Lifetimes! Such folks KNOW that they CAN 'create' their own Reality, and that, rather than Changing Themselves... "What the Heck? IF I KNOW Who and What I AM, WHY in the h--- should I change myself? INSTEAD, I, and ALL of us, should be CHANGING THE WORLD, and making it a Better Place for ALL of us, not just the Rich and Powerful!" And so on and on! In other words, depending upon HOW a person 'sees' REALITY, whether from a Single-Reality ("Prove-it-to-Me!") scientific 'perspective' (fundamentally 'Earth-based'), OR from the Alchemist's 'Air'-based 'perspective' (that there can be MANY 'Realities' and that MY Reality IS what I make it!), we have the basic differences between whether people can 'see' but one 'Reality', i.e., Corporeality, or whether people can 'see' multitudinous realities/possibilities/probabilities, i.e. the condensate of Incorporeality! (Again, another 'reference', which I think I've given you before: lecture4.html)

  47. Okay, let's concentrate on the 'ability' to 'see' multiple (and even infinite!) realities/possibilities/probabilities (perhaps this is what might be called 'The Philosophy of Physics'!)

  48. (Okay, I'm back! Took a 'break' here, to devour a couple of raw avocadoes!) Let's see, Where was I? Oh, Yes! 'Reality', and 'perspectives', and your comment that "...the incorporeal condenses into the corporeal..."! THAT STATEMENT just 'fired' me up! YES, it is true! BUT, it is also NOT TRUE! And here I am referring to that most basic 'reality', of the Incorporeal, that of 'perspective'! Because, by 'stating' it the way you have done, you have given it an 'absolute' QUALITY! You have stated it as though the 'Reality' IS as so stated, AND NOTHING MORE! So, by this statement of 'absolute Reality', I can (if I was another scientist!) infer that you, through your most diligent research and contemplation thereupon, are now presenting the world (and other researchers!) with a new 'law' or 'principle', which MAY or MAY NOT be 'evidenced' or 'proven' (by yours or someone else's 'experiments!), BUT which, IF such becomes 'acceptable', to and by, the rest of the research community (which IS the critical 'criteria', as to 'proving' the actual 'reality' of anything!), will thusly be 'accepted' as FACT and 'Truth', by other less-knowledgeable folks everywhere! But, the 'problem' here, is that basically, the statement is NOT TRUE! And thusly mankind, and other researchers, will be 'misled', into 'following' a 'single-Reality' concept (which they are probably amenable to anyway, and are just waiting for some 'authoritative' voice, to 'tell them what to do', or what 'reality' REALLY is!) And so, to be honest about it, we'd both be 'mis-leading' those who are trying to 'understand' Incorporeality!

  49. SO, to get back to all those other folks (and I might include herewith some 'New Age'-oriented folks, as much as I do really disdain that basically 'psychic-nonsense' philosophy!), who KNOW that they can 'create' their own Reality... I doubt that such folks would really be 'happy', hearing someone say, or put forth the idea, as scientific 'fact', that what someone else is 'saying', about what IS 'Reality' (a single-Reality 'perspective'!), IS actually the 'Reality' that they would accept, especially coming from someone else who does NOT 'know' such individuals at all, as to Who and What they 'are' and What their very 'Lives' have gone through, in bringing that individual to the Moment-of-Time in which that individual finds themselves today! Such individuals, most certainly would say, "Bloooey! Such might be YOUR 'Reality', but it is NOT mine!" And they would be right, because, the very 'fact' of 'condensing', or 'creating' a condensate-of-corporeality, CANNOT be related ('relativity') TO any single 'Reality' (a single set or circumstance of possibility/probability!) The very 'mechanism' of doing so, if such were to be done, would be a violation of the very laws and principles of Quantum Physics!

  50. A 'condensate', of Incorporeality, is basically (remember?) a 'ground-state', of both Order AND Chaos, which are 'related' TO, the single reason FOR the existence of that 'condensate'! Beyond such a basic 'ground-state', within and as to the further 'reasons' and 'purposes' FOR that condensate's existence (yet ALL 'relating' TO the fundamental 'reason' FOR the existence OF that 'ground-state'!), all further 'dynamics' and activities, taking place within that condensate, are thusly 'ruled' BY both the laws and principles of BEC condensates AND Adaptively-Complex Systems (and more!) So, it surely cannot be said that any single condensate 'presents' a single 'Reality'! Such cannot be so! Could you truly say, that the single Grand Condensate of the Universe, 'presents' but a single 'Reality'? Likewise, could you say that the single condensate of yourself, 'presents' but a single 'Reality'? No way! And yet each of those single condensates has been 'created', and has come into existence, FROM the Incorporeality Condensate OF Infinite Consciousness (God), or your Dark Energy/Matter! Likewise, the condensate of our Earth has come into existence FROM the larger condensate of our Solar System, which condensate itself comes from the larger condensate of our Galaxy, and so forth! (Ants come from..., Rocks come from..., Trees come from..., Humans come from..., and on and on!) And all of these condensates are created FROM Spirit, or Incorporeality! And they all have infinitudes of 'Realities', as to their 'creation' AND as to their very 'Being' and existence!

  51. SO, until scientists can begin to 'see' (basically, just be 'aware of', or realize, the multitudes of implications OF and FOR anything, BEYOND a single cut-and-dried 'reality'!), they will be 'locked' in their 'tunnel-vision' of a single-Reality, and will NOT be able to 'see' the multitudes of Realities that are contained within Incorporeality! And Yes, Incorporeality AND Corporeality CAN BE THE SAME, but not always! Again, it is 'perspective'! When you are looking at your bed, from a 'perspective' of Incorporeality (non-physical/non-material/spiritual), you think of all the dreams, and rest, and sex, and more such 'realities', that the single condensate of your bed evokes! But, then again, when you look at your bed as a piece of furniture, you are now looking at your bed from a Corporeal 'perspective', thinking ONLY of the aspects of a physical/material piece of furniture, and how it might 'fit into the room' and such! But even here, in your Corporeal 'musings' about your bed, there are numbers of 'Realities', or possibilities/probabilities! So, even though you are looking at the single condensate of your bed, it has BOTH Incorporeality AND Corporeality, and BOTH 'perspectives' have infinite 'Realities'!

  52. NOW, apply those 'realizations', that 'awareness', about MORE than what is just 'at hand', TO anything that you 'deal with', consider or investigate! Look at the 'Big Picture'! Where you not only 'see' the 'forest' and the individual 'trees', BUT ALSO the 'landscape', the sky, the entire world, the Universe, and realize, be 'aware' OF... ALL of the possible/probable 'Realities', that your single condensate-of-concern might have in the Cosmos AND for mankind!

  53. THEN, go back, and 'see', that 'Big Picture' (WITHOUT any single-reality-limitations!), in your own Mind! You will then be able to 'see' ('seeing' is but 'awareness'!), how one 'reality' enables you to 'see' something one way (one 'perspective'), while another 'reality' enables you to 'see' something another way!

  54. Let's examine this with some concrete examples, from current History (Hey! Did I not say that 'Reality', and the Quantum Physics thereof, was 'multidisciplinary'?) We have a condensate, consisting of a group of humanity, existing within Incorporeality, all of the individuals of this group 'self-organized' around a single basic 'belief', as the reason for the existence of this condensate! At the same time, the individuals within this group-condensate, also have multitudes of other 'realities' in and of their 'Lives', that they have to address each and every moment of their daily Lives!

  55. Now, over here, we have another condensate, within Incorporeality, which consists of another group of mankind, all associated (self-organized) with a very different single basic 'belief', as the reason for the existence of their condensate! (And the individuals within this group-condensate, also have multitudes of other 'realities' in and of their daily 'Lives'!)

  56. Now, however, both of these two condensates (We'll call them Condensate #1 and Condensate #2!), are ALSO part of another condensate, in which their daily Lives and 'Realities' participate! (We'll call this Condensate #3!) And, please, understand that what I am referring to here, when I speak of a 'reality', for each of these peoples, is that I am referring to EVERYTHING in their daily moment-by-moment 'existence', that impacts and determines the words, actions, and deeds (i.e., the DIRECT RESPONSIBILITY for their daily Lives!), that each and every one of these 'peoples' experience!

  57. Okay, continuing on here! We have another interesting situation! Condensate #3 is also part of another larger condensate (Condensate #4), which again consists of many other condensates! And a number of those other condensates within Condensate #4 are actively 'communicating' and interacting with the individuals of Condensates #1, #2, and #3! And because this is happening within Incorporeality, there are many, if not infinitudes, of phase-space-shift 'communications', going on between all these various condensates as well as other condensates elsewhere!

  58. Okay, perhaps I have not adequately 'defined' a phase-space-shift, as I am truly no expert thereupon, my understanding thereof coming from others who are more knowledgeable in their 'expertise' than I am (as I have so been educated!), but I do know, fundamentally, that 'space-time', as a 'dimension', or condensate-of-reality, requires a 'shifting' of the 'phase' of such 'space-time', if one is to 'communicate', or shift one's 'awareness' or consciousness, or any such similarity (including, in the instance of an astrophysical Black Hole, actually 'transporting' matter and energy, from one 'dimension' to another, via the corresponding White Hole of the other 'dimension'!), FROM an originating 'space-time'-condensate TO a receiving condensate of a different 'space-time'! (And I've already said numerous times that the 'space-time' within any condensate is unique TO that particular condensate, and thusly anything within the 'space-time' of that condensate is existing within the 'dimensionality' OF that condensate, and so we can also call a condensate a 'dimension', or a Parallel-World!)

  59. Okay, we have all these 'communications' going on between all our condensates, and since the 'areas' BETWEEN condensates are 'areas' of basic Incorporeality (of the basic 'Ultimate Condensate' of Infinite Consciousness, OR just merely the basic Incorporeality of the next larger condensate within which any condensate does so exist!), we thusly have the quantum axion particles of consciousness, existing in those interstices between condensates, duly fulfilling their additional duty of temporarily 'creating' space-time between these condensates in order to 'transport' such 'communications' (which requires the functioning of the quantum forces and fields, as they might temporaily be 'created' in those interstitial 'space-times', in order to 'communicate' that which needs to be 'communicated' between condensates! And since the 'decisions', 'perturbations' and other various 'outputs' OF any condensate, may be of a quite varied nature, the entire range of quantum forces and fields MAY BE necessitated by or in any particular 'communication' and thusly all the quantum 'resources' of the temporary 'space-times' created by the axion particles are so made available to such 'communications'. Incidentally, here our quantum axions are acting as 'particles', in relation to the 'created' space-times, but when 'acting' exclusively within Incorporeality as 'agents' of the unitary nature of Incorporeality, the functioning of the axions is primarily wave-like!)

  60. Okay, to get back to our condensates, #1, #2, #3, #4 and so on! Now, I need to make sure that you understand one basic fundamental here, that I have implied numerous times already! I have been talking about the condensates-of-reality of various groups of peoples! And I've said numerous times that we are talking about 'actions' and 'dynamics' that are occurring within Incorporeality! In other words, everything I have been talking about, has been happening in Incorporeality... or WITHIN THE MINDS of the peoples whom I am discussing! I'll repeat! I have just discussed the 'dynamics' that are occurring in these people's MINDS! But, since the 'actions' and 'dynamics' of Incorporeality begets CORPOREALITY... In other words, we have discussed the 'Realities' of each condensate-group FROM within their Minds. NOW, however, since there is ALSO a Corporeal 'Reality', to every condensate of Incorporeality (which is what I was implying when I said that both Incorporeality AND Corporeality INCLUDE EVERYTHING! It just depends on which 'side of the fence' you are looking from, or 'seeing', i.e, your 'perspective'... from Incorporeality OR from Corporeality!)

  61. So, so far, I've been 'looking at' our individual condensate-groups from the Incorporeal 'side of the fence', from within the Mind, of each group, of each individual, and from the overall 'Mind of God', the Ultimate Condensate of Infinite Consciousness, within which these group-condensates are contained. (Incidentally, these group-condensates are also part and parcel of the quite large condensate which is the Collective Consciousness of all of humanity, meaning that EVERY action, word and deed, that these peoples of these condensates produce, is being 'recorded', permanently and forever, THERE in the Collective!) NOW, let's 'cross-over-the-fence' (FROM 'Undifferentiated Relativity', TO 'Differentiated Relativity'!), from Incorporeality to Corporeality, and actually 'view' our groups from the physical/material 'world' of Corporeality! (Where ALL the 'actions' and 'dynamics', of Incorporeality and of their MINDS, now comes to 'fruition' (and tragedy!), in the Lives of these peoples!)

  62. Let's put a name, or names, or 'identifications', on these peoples, starting with the peoples of differing 'beliefs'! Condensate-Mind-Group #1 is all the Iraqi people who think that the U.S. has just 'liberated' them and that they will have a Better World ahead of themselves as a result of that war! Condensate-Mind-Group #2 is all the Iraqi peoples who think that the U.S. is a 'Conqueror', who want the U.S. out, and will continue 'fighting' for their 'nationality' in any way they can! Condensate-Mind-Group #3 is the whole of the Iraqi peoples, both #1 and #2! Condensate-Mind-Group #4 is, of course, the 'Coalition Forces', and the multinational groups represented therein! Such is the 'perspective' from the Corporeal 'side-of-the-fence', in relation to our 'Realities'! BUT, make no mistake, EVERYTHING that is happening on this 'side-of-the-fence', HAD IT'S 'Cause', or 'creation', or 'action', DETERMINED and 'communicated' FROM, the Incorporeal, or Spirit, 'side-of-the-fence'! Our Corporeal 'Realities' WERE CREATED WITHIN Incorporeality... within the MINDS, of everyone of those participants! THEY 'created' their 'Realities'!

  63. Also, in the previous discussion, I do believe that I have definitely answered your two 'questions', as to the exact processes involved in phase-space-shift and as to how and why quantum axions 'create' space-time, as necessary!

  64. Any further questions, Richard?

  65. Oh, as to 'experiments', you tell me how one is going to conduct an 'experiment' within Incorporeality? Also, as to 'theories', I've already said that maybe someday, someone might come up with a 'theory' of Incorporeality, including as to how to 'observe' a Unitary Condensate and it's 'dynamics'! Until then, however, as far as I know, it can't be done! All one can do is as I have done, 'Tell it like it Is', from that 'view' or 'perspective', that I 'see' (am 'aware' OF!), within my Mind! And until the day that scientists can directly 'question', 'observe', or video-tape, the Creator... I don't say that 'revelation' is the answer, either, because it is not! 'Seeing', perceiving, 'Reality', in one's Mind, is NOT 'revelation', but instead is the sum-total of 'awareness', of KNOWING, of ALL the factors and 'dynamics' which contribute to ANYTHING, both within the Corporeal realms (as 'outputs' or 'results' of Incorporeality!) AND WITHIN THE Incorporeal realms, INCLUDING such 'knowledge' and Wisdom as might come from one's Soul and beyond (including the Collective!), from the infinite realms of the Cosmos AND the unitary-nature OF Incorporeality, which allows 'access' TO... Past, Present and Future! OUR 'Reality', is what we 'create', In The Moment! (And thusly I have so 'created' this message!)


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    Father Jerome,

  66. Apologies unneeded. Perhaps even unacceptable. Just allow me to speak from my heart, even if it seems critical.

  67. Regarding all you say below: it reminds me of Everett's Many Worlds explanation of quantum theory. In a single reality theory of how a wave becomes a particle, a collapse is necessary. I admit to feeling kindly towards a single reality model.

  68. But Everett in his PhD thesis at Princeton proposed that rather than collapse, experiments and the like just select from many possible worlds. All the infinite worlds still exist. It's just that the experiment or a human's thinking selects one reality of an infinite number. Everything I see in the literature seems to conclude that Everett's model is more accurate than the others. Even Seth, if you are familiar with 'Seth's Material', states that reality is consistent with many worlds.

  69. So there are many realities. Each experiment or each person creates his/her own reality. That's what Everett says about quantum mechanics. You would agree I venture. And BTW, scientists accept his model if they have an open mind.

  70. So there, as I would say in the playground of my reality.


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  71. Ah, the 'playground of your reality'! And kudoes, on your comparisons with Dr. Everett and his theories, but, unfortunately, I haven't heard of him or his theories. I think I may have heard the name Seth somewhere, but I thought it was just another 'psychic' New Age phenomena, of some sort. Actually, as you can note (and remember!), I've referred you previously to a number of my other existing pages on the QUFD website, including my 'Lectures' pages and my 'Sermons' pages, as well as Monograph and Essay pages, of various discussion, wherein those pages I have mentioned or discussed the 'many realities' of Incorporeality, going back 10 years and more, to pages which were written many years ago! If, as I remember you saying one time, Science is, if anything, 'consistent'... Well, I do believe, everything that I have said and written, over the last 20 years and more of these 'Works', is 'consistent', because all I do, is 'Tell It Like It Is!' Thusly, the person who reads the 'entirety' of the QUFD 'Textbook', eventually realizes that 'It All Fits Together!'... this bit from page 3, the bit from page 27, the bit from page 344, the bit from page 1561, and so on!... which I call, the 'Big Picture!'


    (On Friday, March 19, 2004, Father Jerome sent a further message.)

  72. Okay, Richard, some further 'musings' on your comments. You say you have a preference for the single-reality theories, where wave collapses into particle or vice versa. But let me ask you this: Surely you can agree that Life, as we live it and as it surrounds us, is full of many realities of all kinds. I don't think anyone can go thru Life without understanding that one, simple 'reality'... that there are MANY 'realities', and that everyone's 'realities' are different! Now, I've quoted this to you before, I am sure:
    "The primary purpose of science is to understand what the world is like. Everything else that science does - test theories, produce new technologies - is incidental to this fundamental purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of reality."
    - David Deutsch, Theoretical Physicist, Oxford, Great Britain
    Now, of course, I realize that he did not use the plural form when he said 'reality', but I certainly do interpret that to mean that he was referring to LIFE, or the 'Big Picture', which, undisputedly, is MANY 'realities', in it's 'reality'!

  73. So, I guess what I am saying is this. It seems to me that every scientist surely does realize that the 'Big Picture', or Life, IS composed of many realities! And I think that I've seen, or heard it said, somewhere, that 'Science', is about the 'explanation' of Life AND of all that Life is 'composed' of, in order that we, the lowly public, can better understand our daily 'experiences' OF Life and thusly, with such 'understanding', do what we can to make our Lives Better, based upon those 'understandings-of-Life' that Science provides to us!

  74. However, if such is so, WHY do many 'scientists' still 'stick their heads in the ground', like an ostrich, ignoring the many 'realities' nature of the world, when that is the very same thing that they are supposed to be 'explaining', if they are properly doing their 'job', rather than spending inordinate amounts of time and money, trying to 'squeeze' all those 'daily realities' of Life INTO a single 'reality', that can be 'manipulated' as a scientist so wishes to 'manipulate' it... WHEN SUCH A MODEL has nothing whatsoever to do with actual REALITY!

  75. Science is supposed to be providing folks who do NOT UNDERSTAND Life, WITH ANSWERS that can enable the ordinary 'common man' to 'make sense' of his/her Life, AND THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

  76. Now, tell me, Richard, that most 'scientists', are 'in cahoots', with the Rich and Powerful 'power structure' of this world, and that the reason they don't want ordinary people to 'understand' the basics, the fundamentals, of our Lives... is that IF we all DID understand, what makes our Lives 'tick'... Why, just maybe, EVERYONE might do something about it, and throw the Rich and Powerful OUT, stop the wars, and stop all the other things in this world, that are the results OF THE PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTANDING REALITY... not understanding that the 'reality' OF THEIR LIVES, is that we are being 'manipulated' BY those who DON'T WANT US TO KNOW... to know the very basics of our Lives!

  77. Are scientists, as a whole, 'conforming' to an 'edict', a 'philosophy', laid down by the RICH, to keep us all IGNORANT, by telling us that there is only ONE 'Reality', which just happens to be what the 'authoritative' scientists, and their Rich 'backers' (funding, grants, etc.), TELL US is the 'Truth', or 'What Is So'! ("There is a 'Bogey-Man' in the world, and I am going to tell you what to do about it! First of all, we must always start a war, and then...") Well, I guess M. Scott Peck, M.D. ("The Road Less Traveled") seemed to think so: SymVio.html

  78. What do you think, Richard?

  79. Oh, incidentally, IF there ARE many 'realities' all about us, that must mean that there are zillions of waves collapsing into particles and vice versa EVERY SECOND! WHOA! Watch out, there! About a dozen 'waves' almost struck your head there, while you were 'dodging' those hundreds of particles coming from the other direction!

    (End of latest messages

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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