And the World Can Be as ONE!"

(John Lennon, "Imagine")

JOIN Us, and countless others before John Lennon, including Plato, Socrates and many of the giants of human history before and after them - We are presently over 135 million strong worldwide! - in our efforts to make this world an equitable and joyous place for one and all!

JOIN Us, in making sure that NO ONE, ANYWHERE in this world, shall ever have to endure the ignominy of receiving a paycheck......EVER AGAIN!

JOIN Us, in eliminating the misery of war, animosity, divisiveness and all the other negative realities of human existence and reality that we now endure......ALL as a result of MONEY!

JOIN Us, in strengthening government - WORLD GOVERNMENT, a world democracy, a PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY, of one and all everywhere, who might cast their individual vote, and EXERCISE THEIR DIRECT PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, in making this world a better place to BE!

JOIN Us, in eliminating third-party-agents-of-responsibility, those which take our responsibilities away from us and, instead, vest our responsibilities in REPRESENTATIVES - whether legal, legislative, governmental, or any other form - INCLUDING that biggest third-party-agent-of-responsibility, which denies us our right TO exercise our direct, personal responsibility - MONEY!

JOIN Us, in eliminating that corruptor of anything governmental (INCLUDING politicians!), that cause of governmental inefficiency ("We can't do it - help those in need or whatever - because we don't have the funds!"), that cause of all the reasons that government has failed to be "OF the People, BY the People and FOR the People" - MONEY!

JOIN Us, in NOT eliminating government, but in eliminating MONEY!

JOIN Us, in eliminating MONEY from this world, and in eliminating that "force" behind money......EVIL, Satan, the Devil, Lucifer!

JOIN Us, and GOD, in Bringing Us Together, AS ONE, in that world of which we (this writer/author and others), and John Lennon, have written about......a world, a people, a humanity, OF ONE - Complete, and Whole, and ONE, under God's LAW OF ONE!


Aum, Peace, Amen!
Father Jerome, OA/OWB

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