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An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind.

COPYRIGHT 1998, by Jerome.

This research report was prepared for contribution to the interdisciplinary scholarly journal, INTERNATIONAL STUDIES IN THE PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE , which publishes articles in the philosophy, history and sociology of science, as well as theoretical articles from a variety of the scientific disciplines, including physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, neuroscience and mathematics. ISPS is peer-reviewed and is published three times a year. It is abstracted in Current Mathematical Publications, Mathematical Reviews and MathSci.
(This Report has not yet been submitted for ISPS publication.)

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It is the premise of this research report that the human species has an evolutionarily mature state of Mind which is extant in every individual but which is presently benign and inoperable in most of us. Such inoperability and disuse is further attributed to such extant societal conditions that preclude the use of this advanced state of mental functioning. It is further reported that such mature mental functioning can access knowledge and consciousness beyond that presently available to most of us, potentially leading to immensely significant improvements in both individual and societal existence and well-being.

A Note to Reviewers: Due to the briefness of this Report, the average READING TIME will be only 3-4 hours.

About the Author

This Report has been written in the style of "Classical" American-English, NOT the "standard" commercial-scientific English nominally used for such discourse, in order that ALL readers hereof, with minimal possession of an enquiring, scientific Mind, from children of 5 years of age to seniors of 99+, might most thoroughly and completely (example of repetition used to enable clarity) comprehend that which has been reported herein.

A Preliminary NOTE
regarding the SOCIETAL CONTENT herein this Report:
In the interest of fairness to one and all, the Author has especially endeavored to voice the perspectives and realities expressed in this Report, with regard to such SOCIETAL CONTENT (Culture, Politics, Religion, etc.) as is herein discussed, in such MAINSTREAM, TRADITIONAL, All-Inclusive, Holistic and Egalitarian discourse, as is necessary to comprehensively reach ALL such Readers hereof as may attempt to place these perspectives and realities (as expressed herein) within the context of such understanding as may currently be extant with such Readers, from whatever their status, viewpoint, position, or understanding, within our present society, may be. In doing so, and in creating such a MAINSTREAM Report as such, the Author does sincerely trust that, in no way, has he offended any Reader's sensibilities, in what has been reported herein. It is the Author's sincere desire that the perspectives, concepts and realities expressed in this discourse can be honestly judged, by the Reader, as to their actual merits, in promoting a true and comprehensive reassessment of mankind's understanding of the basic and fundamental realities of human society and individual and Universal existence, which should be, hopefully, beneficial to all.
Thank you.

IMPORTANT DEFINITIONS used in this Report:

AC.TIV.ISM, n. 1.(first definition, pertaining to political activism, deleted, as not pertaining to this Report). 2. Philosophy. a. a theory that the essence of reality is pure activity, esp. spiritual activity, or process. b. a theory that the relationship between the mind and the objects of perception depends upon the action, processes, and functions of the mind.

SPIR.IT, n. 1. the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul. 2. the incorporeal part of humans; SYN: life, mind, consciousness, essence. 3. the soul regarded as separate from the body, whether in life or death. 4. conscious, incorporeal being, as opposed to matter or physical entity. 5. a supernatural, incorporeal being, esp. one inhabiting a place, object, dimension(Physics), etc., or having a particular character. 6. (not pertaining hereto). 7. an angel or demon. 8. an attitude or principle that inspires, animates, or pervades thought, feeling or action. 9. a. (cap.) the divine influence as an agency working in the human entity and society for positive good and well-being. b. (not cap.) a negative influence as an agency working in the human entity and society for negative and selfish purposes. 10. a divine, inspiring (or negative), or animating (positive or negative) being or influence. 11. the third person of the Trinity; Holy Spirit. 12. the soul or heart as the seat of feelings or sentiments, or as prompting to action. 13. the Spirit: God. 14. Physics. a. consciousness. b. that which enables any and all dimensions of consciousness. c. that which pervades and infuses the cosmos, in both corporeality and incorporeality, from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic. d. a component of dimensionality, as a principle of Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD). e. in Physics theory, the constituent of the cosmic "dark matter", composing a large percentage of the universe(see QUFD axion particles). 15. Theology. a. consciousness. b. that which composes the dimensions of consciousness; such dimensions and manifestations thereof may be positive or negative in form, content or context.

Before embarking further on this report, I do need to offer an apology to the reviewers hereof. As a scientific and societal theoretician and the author of an extensively multidisciplinary tome on subjects ranging across the entire spectrum of human knowledge and inquiry ("KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!", an 8,973 page multimedia E-book, currently pending publication and sponsorship, hereinafter referred to as the "Work"), I do not normally confine my explications and analysis to singularly addressable subjects. But in this case, with the topic of Human Evolution, I am making a necessary exception, in that the evolution of the human Mind is certainly germane to much of what I have already written about in my Work. And my apology is such that, in writing about the evolution of the human Mind here, and in attempting to place the very concepts of what I shall relate herein in perspective to numerous other concepts already put forth in my Work, inevitably I may find myself explaining one concept in relation to, and integral with, another concept which I, by the briefness of this piece, may find myself unable to address fully in the limited space available. So, in asking the reviewer's forebearance, and also by inviting the reviewer to "stretch" their mentality and openness of Mind to encompass such conceptual quantum possibilities, in understanding the factual data and realities that I put forth herewith, I am merely requesting that the reviewer also keep in mind, as both a theological and scientific concept, that "All That Is", as extant within human and cosmological venues, does include any and everything that can be known to human consciousness and spirituality.

Further, by necessity, this report must deal with, and explain, the very fundamentals of societal existence and reality which do constitute the very nature of the science of Philosophy itself. So, what I write of here and in my Work, in such a wide-ranging multidisciplinary venue, might also be termed "Philosophy", which, by its very definition, is the science of exploring, and dealing with, the very foundations, and basics, of human and cosmological existence and reality. And, of course, as both Philosophical definition AND my Work do imply and address, the reason FOR such "explorations" and examinations of existence and reality IS, inevitably, to improve and progress those conditions and situations as do prevail, that humanity might go forward into its future with more confidence, more peace and contentment, more opportunity, and more KNOWING, than does presently prevail.

With that said, I shall now attempt to confine my dissertations to the topic of human mental evolution and specifically evolutionary maturity of the human Mind. (See my Work for further comparison of the three theories of evolution and the reprints therein of my academic lectures detailing the current acceptance of such theories by humanity - Human Evolution [70.9%], Darwinian Evolution and its derivatives [26%], and Creationism [3.1%]). And when I say the human Mind, again I will need to explain further, in that, within the realities expressed in my Work, the human Mind does NOT reside exclusively in, or within, the corporeal human brain. The human Mind is neither a subset of the brain nor the equivalent partner thereof, but is actually the intrinsic, yet eminently EXTERIOR, "supervisor", or managing entity thereof. As detailed in my Work (in the scientific realities and principia of QUFD, Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics), the human Mind (and the Self/Soul), and its interface and integration with the human brain, is effectuated through the glial cells of the brain (see my Work, again, for the neuroscientific physics of such), which are NOT the "container" of the Mind, but merely the result OF the Mind itSelf, as the genesis of the human entity being, as I have said, exterior TO the corporeal entity.

And as the external "supervisor" of the corporeal body, the incorporeal Mind IS the human entity's "connection" TO the consciousness, spirituality and so much more, which lies beyond that individual person, ALL as eminently explicable (AND perceivable, BY ANYONE), in and through the realities and principia OF Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics, the branch of Quantum Physics which does fully and completely relate mankind's "connection" TO the Universe and All That Is.

So now, to get to the "gist" of the matter, remember (and note) that I just said that ANYTHING beyond the corporeal human entity IS PERCEIVABLE BY that entity - in fact, ANY human entity, IF...... And this is where the "rub", or problem, comes in, as far as our discussion here, in relation TO the "maturity" of the human Mind.

BECAUSE maturity - evolutionary maturity - of the human Mind/Self/Soul, IS A BIRTHRIGHT of the human individual, of ANY and ALL human individuals. BUT, that such "maturity" IS PREVENTED, and is practically nil, amongst most of human society today, is a sad rejoinder TO the "facts of life" and the current status OF society and our present civilization.

And I refer ONLY to our current civilization, extant since 9644 B.C., and NOT to previous civilizations, many of which DID enjoy maturity of Mind. Of course, one would have to HAVE maturity of Mind, in order to KNOW this, and to be able to access those historical records of humanity (IN the Collective Consciousness, such of which are further detailed extensively in my Work), which are accessible by ANY human being, whose natural birthright evolutionary maturity of Mind IS ACTIVE, "alive and well", and in good use.

Jungian/Transpersonal Psychology, and numerous scientists, researchers and others, over the years, have postulated and described the "Veil of Separation", or "Veil of Unknowing", as the "barrier" which prevents ANY human being from KNOWING of and about, AND from being an active participant IN, that which lies in consciousness BEYOND the individual human being and his/her brain. And this includes NOT ONLY the local Mind (or that portion of the local Mind), which is the local, personal, individual consciousness (known as the self, with a small s), which is the source and interim/mid-level management of our personal, basic memory (sort of like cache memory in a computer) and everyday working conscious awareness of ourselves and our surroundings, but ALSO our local Self/Soul, which, as the other integral portion of the individual local Mind, actually supervises the subset local Mind (the self) and all the memories and functions thereof. And this is just in reference to the individual and the individual Mind. To go beyond the individual Mind, to the myriad levels and dimensionalities of the Collective Consciousness of humanity, and beyond that to Universal and Infinite Consciousness, entails a requirement - NAY, an activation - which is missing from most of our human populace at the present time.

And remember that I am talking about an EVOLUTIONARY maturity of Mind - which is NOT "evolutionary" in the sense of that obsolete Darwinian theory of evolution (IS there YET anyone out there who deigns to "believe" in such a "religion" as Darwinism?), but IS evolutionary in the sense of Human Evolution, which is irreversible in our species itself, as to the actuality of its existence, but IS "reversible", as to the USEAGE thereof, IN THE CONTEXT of civilization ITSELF! In other words, as the old adage applies herewith, "Use it or lose it!" When an entire civilization no longer uses that birthright maturity of Mind, it, of course, becomes atrophied and disabled, and not even KNOWN to the very people in whom it does exist. And such is the case, as to what has happened TO that level of mental functionality across the generations of humanity of our current civilization. And so, in the re-awakening OF that maturity of Mind, as such a happening does spread throughout our societies, in terms of HUMAN Evolution IN THIS PRESENT CIVILIZATION, it IS an "evolutionary" occurrence that is happening (or MAY yet happen, IF we should so will it, for the totality of humanity and not just a minority thereof).

To reiterate (and to emphasize) what I have just said in another way, maturity of the human Mind is evolutionary in terms of HUMAN Evolution - NOT Darwinian Evolution. Such maturity HAS EXISTED for aeons and has been used/accessed by humanity, BUT NOT in our current civilization. THUSLY, in terms of CIVILIZED HUMANITY, with respect to Human Evolution IN this current civilization (the present "reference" FOR Human Evolution), such mature USE of a normal function of the human Mind IS EVOLUTIONARY (FOR THIS CIVILIZATION ONLY).

So, with that "sort of introduction" to this report about the evolutionary "maturity" of the human Mind, let us go a bit further and ask the question, as to WHAT does constitute that "barrier", the "Veil of Separation", which prevents ANY individual from KNOWING Who and What they are as an individual AND of what is the composition OF "All That Is" AND their part therein? Then, after discussing such question and topic, we might turn our attention to more specific details OF mankind's natural-birthright maturity of Mind and the interaction of such with human society and All That Is.

First, the question - as to the Veil of Unknowing, which "blocks" our normal evolutionary maturity of Mind and our access TO KNOWING beyond that which is merely obtainable and perceivable in our "mechanical" conscious awareness and volatile memory, otherwise known as the local Mind OR, more correctly, the "self" portion thereof (self with a small s).

Actually, before I do commence further here on such question, I shall note here a most important quid pro quo, with relation to what I have already previously said, that one MUST HAVE an operable, extant "maturity" of Mind, in order TO KNOW (to be aware) that one's mentality and "knowing" IS thusly limited or not! And fortunately (or unfortunately, however one may look at it), such HAS been the case throughout the secular history of this current civilization, with only those citizens HAVING such mental "maturity" (and thusly being able to comprehend and realize the realities BEYOND ordinary "mechanical" consciousness), becoming the Plato, Socrates, Kant, Bacon, Newton, Jefferson, Einsteins' and such, who have made their outstanding contributions TO the progress of this civilization BY, and through, the very fact OF their mental maturity of Mind. That such similarly "knowledgeable" citizens (with evolutionary maturity of Mind) DO EXIST today (a fact that is beyond dispute), in the contributions that are yet being made to the progress of human civilization BY such persons, IS undeniable, in their attempts to constantly advance and improve the status OF the human condition. (See my Work, including the reprints of my academic lectures, detailing the past contributions to the progress of humanity made by those of mature Mind.) And yet, of those over 135 million persons today, OF such advanced maturity of Mind (ALL, by their own choice and necessity, Members of the worldwide Most Ancient Order of the OA/OWB, the perpetuitous and non-secular Christian spiritual organization, which has existed in the spiritual dimension of the Collective Consciousness since before 44,000 B.C.), who DO KNOW, and can DIRECTLY PERCEIVE, the realities of consciousness and life BEYOND the self, NOT ONE is in a position, or life situation, that is amenable TO the acknowledging OF their maturity of Mind OR of their very existence AS an evolutionarily important human entity, OTHER THAN INDIRECTLY and VERY DISCREETLY. And such a situation does bespeak volumes, about the unfortunate current state of human society AND the very reasons THAT the Veil of Unknowing DOES YET EXIST today. It is just part of the everyday delusions - Maya, that we all labor under. As the ancients have said, "All is maya (illusion-delusion)!"

Incidentally, this author/researcher/observer/reporter (who is nothing more than such, as to my secular "life"), AND Member of the OA/OWB, HAS been provisionally granted Dispensation, by OA/OWB Sacred Authority, to provisionally "breach" that Veil of Unknowing, in bringing to the rest of humanity and secularity, an awareness OF their innate abilities and capabilities TO KNOW (themselves and much more!), IN that evolutionary birthright WHICH IS ALL OF HUMANITY'S innate and wonderful reality. And in doing so (engendering such awareness), this author must, of course, delve into the realities OF that Veil of Unknowing, AND as to the how and why of which it does exist.

Incidentally, I will make one further and necessary distinction here, before rejoining the pertinent gist of the subject herein primarily addressed, evolutionary maturity of Mind. With relation to what I have just noted hereinabove (the Sacred Dispensation granted to enable my Work, in Service to humanity), my personal situation is NOT all that different from what COULD BE any other person's situation, IN ENABLING the functioning, and ACTIVATION OF, evolutionary maturity of the human Mind.

And also keep in mind here, the actual definition OF an "evolutionary mechanism", as that which is, by natural means itself, IRREVERSIBLE. Such definition DOES pertain, and apply, to the "maturity of Mind" being discussed here. Because, in the natural consequence of Human Evolution (and I am talking about HUMAN Evolution yet, NOT Darwinian Evolution, or any such subset or derivative thereof. See my Work, for further explication of these distinctions, with regard to the "three concepts of genesis" - Human Evolution, Darwinian Evolution and Creationism), "maturity of Mind", in which the person (actually the Self, or Soul, the major domo of the local Mind) can subsequently REMEMBER Who and What one IS, and has been, and shall be, AND can access levels and dimensions of consciousness BEYOND the self (with a small s), IS A NORMAL achievement of human mental "growth" and awareness, which is the birthright (and innate capability) OF ANY AND EVERY human being born today, no matter WHERE or under what circumstances such birth shall occur.

In order to put this statement further into perspective, let me relate one of the great tales of (I believe) the Buddhist faith, which does, quite clearly, make the point of which I am putting forth herewith.

In this "tale", one is to visualize humanity as consisting of one great, gigantic, jig-saw puzzle, with each and every piece thereof being different, individual and unique. In this conceptualization, therefore, it is shown that ONLY by each individual "piece" (human being) MAXIMIZING their talents, abilities and useage of resources - i.e., each person KNOWING Who and What they are, and using that "knowing" to the best of their ability to do so - DOES each and every individual THEN "fit together" AS A WHOLE, and become the whole of humanity (the completed jig-saw puzzle)! As can further be seen, humanity is ONLY WHOLE WHEN each and every person is given the opportunity to USE what is theirs alone to "use" (their talents, etc.), in BEING the evolutionarily advanced and whole person they were born to "be". This concept does then further suggest that each and every individual IS A UNIQUE, one-of-a-kind individual, whose maximization OF Who and What that individual WAS BORN TO BE, does contribute to the whole of humanity AS WELL AS fulfilling the "destiny" OF that individual. This also then suggests that the individual, possessing the exclusively unique abilities, talents, resources, etc. which one does so have, is therefore the ONLY person in the entire Cosmos, who can do, perform, work and otherwise "Give Unto Others...", THAT which it is that individual's "destiny" to give, thereby excluding any and all others who would seemingly be likewise "qualified" to do the same "job" (who, anyway, most certainly do have their own special "thing" to give unto others, IF they would but "know" themselves, thereby negating any reason{s} for competition with anyone else, in providing/giving that which is any individual's unique "thing" to give unto one and all). Additional insights include: the useage of resources - in that ONLY when ALL of the "resources" of existence ARE MADE AVAILABLE TO THE INDIVIDUAL, is the individual THEN able to contribute THE MOST of what one has to contribute to the whole, i.e., a version of the Golden Rule, "Do Unto Others, as You would have Them Do Unto You!" (of course, this implies that ALL human rights are operable and in effect, INCLUDING the human right to TAKE what one needs, as ONLY the individual does so determine - THROUGH "knowing" oneSelf, FROM all of that which is made available BY all of society, using, say, the Internet AND a free-market-economy, as a worldwide "bulletin-board" of individual needs and free offers thereto); that each and every individual and unique "piece" of the puzzle IS PERFECT, in and as it is, in that no other piece (person) IS, or has, the talents, abilities or KNOWING, which that one "piece" does have, and therefore each human being IS PERFECT, as they were CREATED TO BE (of course, presumably WITHOUT any influence from the Luciferian Complex of consciousness and reality); again, the Golden Rule MUST PREVAIL, in that ONLY by sharing (availability) of ALL resources, made available TO ALL persons, can there be any hope of humanity becoming "whole" and the community of individuals that it was created to "be"; and finally, that ONLY when individuals are allowed to BE, that which they might be, in KNOWING themselves AND MORE (referring to the evolutionary maturity of the individual Mind), can mankind ever hope to achieve a wholistic community of peace, happiness, and the fulfillment of both individual and societal destinies.

In telling the aforetold tale of the jig-saw puzzle, in respect to evolutionary maturity of Mind, again I was reiterating the truth that ALL OF US, all of humanity, HAVE THE POTENTIAL to achieve (actually, to actualize) that "maturity of Mind" through which we do KNOW Who and What we are (and have been, and shall be) AND much more! IT IS GIVEN TO US AT BIRTH! BUT, as to whether we do actually USE IT, that is a quite different story, which, by the theme of this report, IS DEPENDENT UPON OUR ENVIRONMENTAL SITUATION/POSITION!

And, as I have noted already, most of humanity DOES NOT HAVE an environmental situation/position in which it is "healthy" (to say the least) to demonstrate/admit, AND EVEN TO KNOW OF, such an evolutionary state of Mind. And, as I have additionally stated, this author/observer/reporter has been given "provisional Dispensation" to speak and write OF these realities, ONLY because it was my unique destiny to do so (my "piece" of the puzzle), AND because, in following that destiny, I HAD achieved a situation/position in Life which WAS conducive thereto such telling OF these extant realities. (As noted in my Work, this author has lived and worked IN both the secular and non-secular realities of actual, objective, perceivable existence and Life, which is possible ONLY with the ACTUALIZATION OF such evolutionary maturity of Mind, which, as I have stated, we ALL POSSESS, but do not use).

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