QUALIA LXXVII: Reality: Are Americans (and others Worldwide!), really 'In Touch' with Reality??? From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA LXXVII: Reality: Are Americans (and others Worldwide!), really 'In Touch' with Reality???

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By Father Jerome

  1. With all the 'craziness' and problems that exist today in the World, it only seems to be most realistic and logical, to ask whether a majority of people worldwide, including most Americans, are actually 'In Touch' with Reality!

  2. Of course, then the next question that anyone might ask (including those who might feel that they are the ones being 'Judged'!), is "Exactly What is the Perfect Criteria to Use in Making Such a 'Judgement'???" And thusly the possible answers to such a 'Question' are completely left out of the hands of people, or anyone who might have some kind of bias as to the Determination as to Who is Aware of Reality and Who is not!

  3. So, by excluding individual biases, and using only long-time-established world-wide Societal Realities, we can then, quite scientifically, answer such a question as that one which has been asked here! And the means of doing so, is, of course, the one 'Societal-Reality' that cannot be questioned by anyone, because it's 'examinations' are always based upon reason, logic, fact, truth and the Principles and Laws of Science... that of Science itself!

  4. Therefore, in order to honestly ask such a question, as to Who is 'in-touch' with Reality?... we really have to do just as Science does, and actually examine the 'consequences' and such, of any situation that might bear upon the question! At this point, however, I'm going to forego any further 'examination' of this particular 'point', because the 'point' is so wide-spread and wide-ranging, across all of Humanity and everything in our World, that any individual 'consequences' can, in no way, be truly and scientifically, analyzed!

  5. So, what are we left to work with? Well, the only remaining Fact, relevant to any 'Result', is the 'Cause' thereof! So, foregoing analysis of all of the 'Results', we can, however, focus our attempts-at-solution-finding, on the possible 'Causes' of all, or some, of the Results!

  6. So, looking at the 'Situation', or 'Situations', in the World, how can we Find Out where the 'Cause' of such 'Problems' might come from, in order to be able to finally 'do something' about the Problem, by, say for example, 'eliminating' the 'Cause' of the Problem!

  7. Of course, we realize that many Problems are 'naturally-occurring', such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and other 'Acts of Nature'! But, are such 'Natural Acts', really self-generating, with nothing whatsoever to do with such a 'Situation' on the part of Mankind? Well, just as Science has now most reliably determined that the butterfly, flapping it's wings in the Amazon, does most certainly cause the 7.1 Richter Quake in Tajikistan, we can now most assuredly conclude that humans, and Humanity, can certainly be the 'Cause' of most any World Problem!

  8. And this gets us back to the original Point, as to exactly Who is 'In Touch' with Reality? Because, without even considering any particular 'Problem' in the World, I think it might be quite realistic to 'see' that there are any Number of individual human beings, just like that Amazonian butterfly, who MIGHT be 'contributing' to any specific World-Problem! And WHY might that be? Because, a very basic Fact is scientifically True! That MOST People (and Most Americans!), are just not in touch with Reality!

  9. Consider a typical American Smoker, driving along the highway, who throws their cigarette out the car window, to smoulder along the roadside, and eventually blaze into a raging inferno that burns many acres and homes in its path, before being subdued by tremendous effort and valuable resources on the part of Humanity!

  10. Consider also, an American President who starts an apparently unwinnable War in Iraq, as well as other Policies that tend to Unbalance the State-of-Being of the Planet, and who, in effect, thusly 'Causes' Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, as well as the South Asian Earthquake... all because 'Someone', somewhere, could not 'see', or Be 'In Touch With'... Reality!

  11. So, the question further 'boils down' to... exactly Who, is really 'In Touch', with Reality? What does it mean, for the Health and Welfare, not only of Humanity but also of our World itself, when we might, in all Honesty, ask ourselves, as to the 'Reality' of such individual Humans as:
    President Bush, and other World Leaders
    Minister of State Condoleezza Rice
    Minister of Defense
    Governors (Schwartzennegar?)
    Justices (of the Supreme Court?)
    Local State, County and Municipal Officials
    Etc., etc.
  12. If these people are not 'In Touch with Reality', how are we to protect ourselves, from the Consequences of their 'Actions', and Policies? More truthfully, how are we to Rid their Minds, and the Minds of All of Humanity, of all the Negative 'influences' of Evil, and Lucifer, which is, of course, the Main Reason as to Why our Politicians, Judges and the like, do not actually Know What Reality Is?

  13. The answer, which Humanity never seems to remember, as to the 'Lessons of History', is COOPERATION, instead of Competition! Not only that, the Elimination, of ALL of Lucifer's Negativities, worldwide (wars, conflicts, animosities, adversarial relations, divisiveness and so much more!), is a Most Vital Pre-Requisite, for all of us getting back in touch with Reality! Because right now, the smoker, the drinker, the drug-abuser, the RX prescription-medication-taker, the Physicians-patient, the Doctor's patient, the Lawyer's client, the politician, the judge, the teacher, the medical Doctor, the psychiatrist, the butcher, the baker, the candle-stick maker, the baseball player, the athlete, the fireman, the policeman, etc., etc.... are ALL, not 'In touch' with Reality!

  14. In fact, most of America, and American Society, is not 'In Touch' with Reality! The American 'Good Life', of partying, wining, dining, etc., is not 'In Touch' with Reality! What is actually happening, 'As Rome Burns', or as the streets of Paris burn, or anywhere else in the World, where tragedy, war, divisiveness, class-conflict (the Rich versus the Poor!), and such, 'boil and roil the surface', just as Lucifer would have it to be!

  15. Humanity NEEDS to take ACTION, by and through World-wide COOPERATION, to eliminate the Negativities of our World, so that Well-Meaning People everywhere can remove their 'Shams' of Unreality, and Face the Reality of Creating a Better World For All of Mankind! Otherwise, the alternative is just to...

Aum, Peace, Amen

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