What does QUFD do? What is it all about?
REALITY, that's what!

QUFD explains:
WHY you got up and left the dog out this morning!
WHY you made pancakes for breakfast instead of your usual scrambled eggs!
WHY you picked up your child at school today at 1:30 PM instead of 3:15 PM!
Why you paid a lot more in taxes to the IRS than your neighbor did!
Why the new Afghan government is not a Participatory Democracy!
AND MANY MORE every-day REALITIES OF HUMAN LIFE and existence! ALL explained by QUFD and the QUFD Principles! In other words, QUFD explains, in precise scientific detail, the truths and the facts of human and cosmic REALITY! Read QUFD, and then when you fully understand the truths and the realities of EXISTENCE - the BASICS, the FUNDAMENTALS - THEN you can take that understanding and APPLY IT to the context and the individual situations OF YOUR LIFE! Read on and KNOW, Who and What you ARE and so much more, in QUFD!

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Defending SCIENCE and QUFD against the 'religionists'!
A recent professional email, detailing SOME of the additional content of QUFD, however from the personal perspective rather than from any scientific perspective.
The following pages give more of the content and CONTEXT of QUFD:
QUFD Late-Breaking NEWS!
A Review of Father Jerome's Works, by the FIWD Institute
A QUFD 'sort-of' PRESS RELEASE, from Father Jerome

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