A recent professional email sent by Father Jerome:
Rev. Roger Goodwin, Ph.D.
UNITY Palo Alto Community Church,
Palo Alto, CA


First of all I wish to Thank You for the opportunity and the privilege of participating in your most recent Sunday Service (4/14). I was going to stop and briefly talk with you after the Service, but when I saw that you were quite absorbed in greeting your parishioners, I changed my mind, not necessarily having anything more important to mention to you other than my professional observation and critique of the content/context of your Ministry, to wit:

Actually, just a brief comment upon your Sermon. In the context of your Ministry and of those being Served, it was most excellent. However, in the context of the Spirit of Christ and of those who, in this day and Age, need to seek such (all of humanity!), I will say the following:

When one KNOWS and understands Who and What one is, as to Who/What one has been Born to BE and to DO, and they are LIVING that Life, BY and THROUGH their knowing and understanding of the very facts and realities of existence - the BASICS, the fundamentals - THEN one is thusly in touch with the PURE SPIRIT of CHRIST, which can be scientifically explained and detailed as the Laws and Principles of either or both of Quantum Physics and of the Cosmos according to God's Law of One.

Without 'berating' or belaboring Theology any further, let me just say that when one understands and knows what I have stated hereinabove, AND DOES SO BY 'LIVING IN THE MOMENT', one does NOT NEED your map OR ANY MAP (to get around San Francisco or anywhere!), NOR any other 'guidance' other than that which comes from within the individual. Because when one is in touch with the PURE SPIRIT of one's Soul, in that or any moment, one can TRUST that whatever comes to one IN THE MOMENT is the TRUTH and the REALITY OF THAT MOMENT (this is known as the 'Spirituality of Albert Einstein', following that which Einstein is known to have 'invoked' in his musings), and therefore, as to the lower mind (the self, or 'me'), one does NOT need to really know ANYTHING! You do not need to be 'OF this world', in order to be 'IN this world', meaning that EVERYTHING you need to know, say, do or Be, is NOT 'resident' in the lower mind (the seat of memory), but is instead 'provided' BY the Self, the Soul (the upper Mind), WHEN IT IS NEEDED IN THE PRESENT MOMENT! Carl Jung, of course, called this 'tapping the Collective Consciousness of all of humanity', but it is more than that, in that ANYONE's Soul can really, in fact, 'tap' the COSMOS!

This, of course, is human existence at a higher-level than currently extant with most of humanity, that of MATURITY of the human Mind, where one understands that humanity's DESTINY is to Serve God and the Cosmos, NOT oneself! Doing so, of course, foregoes such things as Celebration, Ritual, Custom, Tradition, Culture, Faith, Belief, Religion and more (which is why I have written, on my website, that it is really Lucifer who 'leads the faithful' to the pew, the altar, and even the Bible!), in favor of the Joy, the Love, the Happiness and much more, of that Pure Spirit which is one's Soul, as part OF Infinite Consciousness (God)!

I understand where you are 'coming from' (even to the 'Path' you have described for yourself, as a latitudinal path that is quite traditional, but not longitudinal!) and as such you are representative of every religion that exists. In this, I do not denigrate your Path in any way, for, as you have said, all paths are valid. It is just that, when one LIVES, and TRUSTS, 'In The Moment", one does NOT need a map, because one knows where one IS at any time and place, which is known as, "I AM THAT I AM!" In fact, one does not even need to know WHY, because in 'Being There', wherever one is, one IS......THAT which one IS!

I think you certainly understand what I have written herein. My QUFD website, of course, elaborates further, in the sense and Reality of Albert Einstein's Spirituality, the pure scientific Spirit of Christ, which foregoes Fantasy, Mysticism, Belief and Faith, in favor of pure scientific Fact, Truth, Principle and Reality, as realized by the individual Mind. As you will undoubtedly remember, Carl Jung, when asked if he believed in God, replied, "I don't need to believe in God. I KNOW Him!"

In fact, before I conclude this communication (which was to be brief but, however, is turning out to be quite lengthy), I will mention, by way of a personal experience, that I have also, personally, as Carl Jung did so testify, 'known' God, in my case, however, by actually shaking His hand and more!

Let me explain the details. About 6 months ago I had the pleasure of meeting a colleague by the name of Kevin Jones who had done his Graduate Dissertation in Clinical Psychology on practically the same research as much of my QUFD website (which he had not seen and was not aware of). However, apparently I had gone him quite a bit further. His research did postulate the human mind as composed of condensate layers of consciousness comprising a dimension of time and space, with the further theorization that, if such was a dimension, then it should be possible, in consciousness, for the mind to 'travel' to other dimensions.

Well, in suggesting that he might be further interested in reading my website, I briefly explained that his research was correct. However, what I had done, over the last 20 years of my research in not only Psychology but also in Physics and much more, using the accepted scientific discoveries of Albert Einstein and the renown Indian Theoretical Physicist Satyendra Bose (known as Bose-Einstein Condensation, or BEC, a major field of scientific research), as well as numerous other Quantum Mechanical researchers (whose Works and Discoveries I have, in reality, merely 'reported', as a mere observer-reporter-researcher, and NOT a 'scientist' in the sense of those whose Works I have 'reported'), was to use the cutting-edge research, discoveries and Principles, of such reputable scientists IN their individual fields and disciplines of scientific discovery, and then to look at all of that research IN THE CONTEXT of the 'entire forest', rather than the individual field-tree, or the 'Big Picture'.

The result has been the multitudinous pages of my website (http://go.to/QUFD, presently over 1500+ webpages!), where I have used Bose-Einstein's research, and that of others, to DETAIL, and explain scientifically, using Quantum Physics and Philosophy, how ANY HUMAN BEING, in one's own Mind, can actually 'travel' to other dimensions and other parallel worlds, from the world-dimension of one's current Reality of Mind, merely by Phase-Space-Shifting one's consciousness TO such other dimensions and worlds of Reality. But not only that, I had gone further than actually describing How-To-Do-It, I HAVE DONE SO MYSELF, actually 'travelling' TO other dimensions of time and space, to the extent of not only other dimensions of Cosmic humanity but also of other species-entities, such as having 'conversations' with a ROCK (whose dimension of consciousness is not in seconds but in billions of years!) and an ANT (a very intelligent life-form, indeed!). But I guess the epitome of these experiences of the Mind in Time, Space and Consciousness, were three very personal and meaningful events. The First took place in the dimension of the Ancient Order (the Most Ancient Order of the OA/OWB), of which I am a Member, when, at my Graduation-Ordination, as a Priest-Initiate of the Order in 13,653 B.C., I had the honor of being Ordained by Christ Himself (who had Founded the Order in 46,043 B.C., in His First Incarnation on Earth, however, at my Ordination, it was Christ/Ra-Ta/Hermes Tresmegistus, in His Third Incarnation, and NOT the Fifth Incarnation of Christ as Jesus) and then being congratulated by Him as He shook my hand! The next event was the Privilege of 'Being in the Mind' of Christ Jesus upon the Cross! And the third event was the Privilege-Invitation to 'Be in the Mind' of God, and to look out upon the Universe and the magnificence of His Creation!

So, I can truthfully say, "Been There, Done That!", and, as Carl Jung has said, "I KNOW Him!" All these details, as to how ANYONE and ALL of humanity might also do as I have done, are detailed on my website, which is currently in the TOP 1% of websites as well as being ranked in the TOP 100 websites across Europe, with awards and accolades from around the world. And with that, I think I have said enough. For more info, read QUFD!

Okay, one last comment, Roger, in reflection upon your Ministry. I really was impressed with and did appreciate the Family aspect of your Ministry. I, too, have a beautiful wife and two lovely children, whom I love very much. The only difference is that they reside on another world in another dimension, of the Andromeda galaxy!

Aum, Peace, Amen
Father Jerome, OA/OWB
D.Th.(In Esse-the Theology of Reality), D.Sc.(Quantum Physics)

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