QUALIA XXXVIII: Practical Medical Analysis of the 'Landscape-of-the-Mind' in the Treatment of Illness! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XXXVIII: Practical Medical Analysis of the 'Landscape-of-the-Mind' in the Treatment of Illness!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. This Monograph is going to be a bit difficult for me, as I am not a Medical nor a Psychological Practitioner and thence I am not familiar with the methodologies and practices of the diagnosing and treatment of illnesses of the psychosomatic entity. However, in my simple and non-expert way, I would imagine that, first of all, one needs to examine the pertinent area of the body for any abnormalities, and then, recognizing the overall impact of such abnormalities as might be found, relative to the normal stasis of that portion of the body, one would then try to devise some means of eliminating the said abnormality and returning the body to normal stasis!

  2. Well, since we are talking here about the Mind rather than the physical body, and specifically any 'abnormalities' of the Mind that might be 'afflicting' the entire psychosomatic entity, the 'area' we will be looking at is the 'Landscape-of-the-Mind', in our 'determination' as to whether anything that we might find there is 'abnormal' or not!

  3. Of course, most of the functioning of the Mind takes place within activities that are 'dynamic' and instantaneous in their activity, such 'activities-dynamics' having only an indirect relationship to time and space. But, since the Mind is actually the 'twin' condensate of Consciousness and Incorporeality of the physical and Corporeal brain and body, we can actually view the unitary and incorporeal (and intemporal!) 'activities' of the Mind in relation to (Relativity!) the actual temporality of the corporeal entity! In doing so, we will be 'viewing', or 'seeing', the nominal 'dynamics' of the atemporal Mind, WITHIN the Mind itself, but then we can also, mentally again, place that 'view' INTO the context OF those temporal 'memories', of the Past, Present and Future, as so permanently 'recorded' IN the 'Collective Consciousness of humanity'! (Additionally, IF doing so may have any import OVER that 'info' available from the 'Collective', the person doing this 'analysis' might also refer to the corporeal 'memory' and consciousness of those conscious-level 'databanks' of the individual lower mind (the self!), for further reference as to the actual Corporeal indications of any illness! Such a Corporeal 'analysis' is actually the extent to which current-day 'practitioners' actually do so engage in, in their actual physical testing and history-taking of the patient who is reporting any physically-felt malady!) Thusly, in the comparison therewith (the 'Collective' OR the Corporeal symptomology!), we can 'determine' the actual temporal health of the entity over time! All this, of course, including the longitudinal comparison with the temporal 'record', is occurring instantaneously in the Mind's 'eye' of our Consciousness!

  4. Now, as to the 'where' of our 'analysis'! Where this analysis must take place, must be within the instantaneous 'dynamics' of the 'landscape' of the incorporeal Mind. However, one might ask, "Which 'landscape'?", in that there are actually four 'landscapes' of any local individual human Mind! (See my discussion of the basics of 'landscapes' elsewhere on these pages!)

  5. Well, I'm going to simplify our 'analysis' here, by saying that we can actually look, longitudinally (with the help of the 'records' of the 'Collective', using the 'techniques' of 'remote-viewing' or 'remote-access-to-another-dimension-of-consciousness', as I have so explained in the just previous QUALIA Document herein this QUALIA Series, as well as any Corporeal etiologies!), over time, at the 'combined' activities and 'dynamics' of all four of our Mind's 'landscapes', and thusly 'see' the 'Big Picture' of what is actually happening in the Mind, rather than just the instantaneous 'picture' of the 'tree-dynamics' of this 'forest-of-the-Mind'! (Actually, this is the same 'Big Picture' that God might 'see', as He might 'view' the overall 'activities' of the individual human Mind from 'On-High', or from the immensely larger 'condensate', of which our Mind is a 'part thereof'!)

  6. Actually, I will need to explain this 'where' to a certain extent, in that in order to actually 'see' the 'dynamics' of the entire Mind, I will need to note that one of our 'condensates' (and the two 'landscapes' thereof!), the lower mind, has the inherent ability to not only 'map' ALL innate functions of the human brain, as to the lower mind's 'interactions' and 'interface' with that human brain, BUT ALSO, via those same glial-synaptic-junctions of the brain (AND the interconnected nerve-ways of the entire human body!), to be 'aware' OF... EACH and EVERY physiological function and organ WITHIN THE ENTIRE HUMAN BODY! Whether it is the lymph glands, the bile ducts of the liver, the tear ducts of the eyes, the cartilege of the joint of the third finger of the right hand, a specific hormone within the body, or the skin itself (the largest organ of the body!), the lower mind has it 'mapped' into Consciousness thereof and is eminently 'aware' of its 'stasis', or the 'status' OF ANY specific 'function' or organ of the body! Not only that, the lower mind also knows what IS NORMAL, and what any organ-function 'stasis' SHOULD BE, as well as what it ACTUALLY IS!

  7. "Wow!" one might say! "Well then, cannot we just look within the lower mind and 'see' what the 'records' there tell us is 'out-of-specifications', for the human entity?" Well, Yes and No! It is not as simple as that, AS YET! What you have proposed here, might certainly be possible, in the Analysis-of-the Landscape-of-a-Mind, at some time in our future, when this 'analysis' of the Mind has become more commonplace and intimately known-and-understood by the Medical community! For now, though, in that I myself do not know how to so 'view' that particular section of the 'Mind-of-God' wherein He might be able to 'see' such 'differences' in the 'stasis' of our organ-functions, as 'recorded' by the lower mind, I will merely say that I must leave it up to the Mind and body 'to heal itself' according to that innate 'knowledge' that the Mind so possesses about such bodily functions!

  8. "But Wait a minute, one more time! If such 'normality-of-the-body' as well as any 'abnormality-of-any-specific-organ-function-of-the-physical-body' is actually being 'recorded' by the lower mind (our self!), is not, then, that moment-by-moment corporeal and incorporeal 'experience' also being instantaneously 'recorded' in the 'Collective' as well? If so, then we could 'access' that longitudinal 'history' in the 'Collective' as well, in our 'analysis' of any illness!"

  9. Yes! That is a good question and probably so! However, I myself have never as yet had the opportunity to 'access' such longitudinal 'data' in the 'Collective', so I can't really say anything about such! I will have to leave such a 'methodology' to all you budding 'Physicians-of-the-Mind' out there, who might be Reading this, as to such further and future research and 'analysis' of such as we are discussing here! I will only be relating here, as to what I do know about such 'analyses'.

  10. BUT, what I CAN DO, in 'analysis' OF any particular illness of the brain-body of a human being, is to, as I have said, 'look' at the overall 'Big Picture' (rather than just the 'record' of the lower mind or 'Collective'!), to the extent that I am able to 'see' such, and try to determine thereby, WHERE, in the 'landscape-of-the-Mind', any 'abnormality' might be occurring! Actually, this then also involves the WHAT, of the 'landscape-of-the-Mind', as an integral part of such a 'determination'!

  11. And this is where... in analysis of the WHAT... that I am a bit 'out of my league', because most of the 'attributes' and 'qualities' of the WHAT that I am about to describe here, are psychological, and I am certainly no great expert on such of the psychological 'attributes' and 'characteristics' of the human being and Mind! So, I will have to revert back to what little of such I can 'bring-to-the-table' and let that be sufficient to basically describe the situation, with the Reader hereof most adroitly (hopefully!) extrapolating such basics TO a larger and more complete psychological 'analysis' of such etiologies and symptomologies as we might so discuss here!

  12. So, what I am going to do here and now, in order to enable a continuation of our further discussion here, is that I am going to copy or re-print here, the pertinent section, from both the preceding QUALIA XXXVI document and the Main QUFD Formulation, that explains certain of these psychological 'attributes' of the Mind which I will attempt to discuss further as to their etiology on the 'landscape of the Mind'! Here follows:

    (Reprinted from the QUALIA XXXVI document)

    1. Actually, before I go on here, let me refer the Reader to the pertinent section of the Main QUFD document, the QUFD Formulation, where I basically discuss the 'realities' of any 'landscape'! That section is Operational Functionalities of the Ground-State of the Human Mind! Actually, I am going to copy herein this discussion, the most relevant sub-section of that section, which details most all of the various 'inputs' TO the 'landscape' of any 'condensate'. Here it is:
      1. Now, any condensate-field ground-state, being "sentient", self-ordering and such, has a number of operational "attributes", that define exactly what is "going on", in the "dynamics" OF that ground-state, WHEN it is in "operation". Hereinthefollowing I will attempt to list most of the relevant "attributes" which we will concern ourselves with (I leave it to other scientists of the Quantum to specifically "quantify" any and all other "attributes" as may pertain hereto).

      2. Generally, we have a number of "ATTRIBUTES", which we can say are "classes" of "attributes, in that they are the major "dynamics" of a ground-state's operation. In most of this listing, I will be generalizing, in that I am not an "expert" on the psychological phenomena of the human species, so I leave it to others to more adequately and specifically quantify such. The ones we shall list are:
        • ATTITUDES - such as cranky, sad, happy, mean, joyful, musical, etc. You fill in the rest! Most of these are somewhat related to the next item.
        • EMOTIONS/INSTINCTS - Emotions also relate somewhat to FEELINGS, which I will consider a sub-category thereof, along with a second sub-category, INSTINCTS.
          • INSTINCTS - we'll use the example here of "knowing" when someone is angry even though that person does not show their anger.
          • FEELINGS - and here we are NOT talking about "touch" sensations, which I list later herein. Feelings include fear, joy, anger, love, heartbreak, desire, lust and more.
        • Well, I might as well get SENSES out of the way. Sensory input includes TOUCH (pain, cold, warmth, sex and more), SMELL (flowers, sex, more), TASTE (food, sex, more), HEARING (sounds, dizziness - due to the "balance" organs being located inside the inner ear - and, of course, sex and more), and SIGHT (vision, sex again, and more).
        • Okay, the "biggie" - THOUGHTS. Thoughts range across a wide spectrum and include a portion of feelings and emotions, as well as understandings, knowing and knowledge(which are slightly different in meaning), enlightenment, self-awareness, movement, concepts, reasoning, rationalizing and so much more, including the next item.
        • PERCEPTIONS - Hey, what one "thinks" about someone or something, and more!
        • STYLE (of "being") - and I guess we could say this is related to attitudes, and is how one "presents" oneself most of the time - whether as a "cowboy", "redneck", "macho-male", "intellectual" or whatever.
        • Acquired CHARACTER - there are all kinds of character traits, which I will not even attempt to list.
        • Of course, then, we have all of the BODILY NEEDS, of the autonomic systems of the body, which are "supervised" by the brain and mind. HOW ELSE, do you think the body could "heal itself", given adequate time, if the mind didn't "know" what was "going on" in and with the corporeal body, as relayed to it (the mind) by the autonomic system, the nerves and otherwise? Of course, the body can be its own "Doctor", if we just wouldn't interfere with its natural healing functions.
        • Hey, another "biggie" - MEMORY, which entails BOTH the totality of the individual local mind AND the dimensions of consciousness BEYOND the individual local mind, INCLUDING the Collective Consciousness AND Infinite Consciousness (God). I'll have more to say about this later. 'Nuf sed, for now!
        • Then we have the GENETIC CODE, the basis for the body's corporeal existence. I'll have more to say about this later in the section entitled, "Activation of the Human Mind; The Three Stages - Implant, Birth, Maturity".
        • And lastly, PHYLOGENETIC ECHOES, which are, simply, those genetic "characteristics" which have been "passed down" from one's parents, family, tribe and race.
      3. Now, additionally, the ground-state of the human mind has a number of operational "attributes" which are specifically related to the functioning of the MATURE HUMAN MIND, which, however, I will discuss more fully in the later section, "Activation of the Human Mind: The Three Stages - Implant, Birth, Maturity".

      4. And one last listing of "attributes" of the ground-state of the human mind, which apply mostly to an IMMATURE HUMAN MIND, or one which has had its operations "distorted" BY the aforenoted "incursioning" OF that Luciferian Complex of dimensionality (which includes most of humanity at the present time, as long as Lucifer is "Prince of this world" - see the listing in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for "Prince of this world"). Under such a condition, until maturity of the human mind can be "activated" (see Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for the listing "activation"), we have such "attributes" as: INTERFERENCE (and distortion, of many of the previously listed nominal "attributes" of that ground-state), and OCCLUSIONS (or "blockages", of any of those aforenoted "attributes").

    2. Quite a listing, 'ay, of all those 'inputs', that so affect the 'dynamics' of our 'landscape'! And I hope the Reader hereof realizes that I am referring that ANY 'landscape' of ANY incorporeal 'condensate', but I am also talking specifically about the 'landscape' of the human Mind! Actually, as I have already discussed elsewhere, there are really four (4) 'landscapes' of the human Mind, two belonging to the lower mind and two belonging to the Upper Mind! And of those two of either mind's individual 'condensate', one 'landscape' is that of the top of the 'condensate' and the other is that of the underside of the 'condensate'! And to review which-is-which and what-is-what, the underside 'landscape' of the lower mind is both corporeal and incorporeal, in its interface-with-the-human-brain (actually, the 'landscape' is incorporeal and the actual 'interface' with the brain, via the glia and neuronal-synapse-junctions, is the corporeal part!) The top 'landscape' of the lower mind 'interacts' with the underside 'landscape' of the Upper Mind (or Soul!), both of which are incorporeal 'landscapes'! And the top 'landscape' of the Upper Mind/Soul, is incorporeal and 'interfaces' with the 'great-beyond' of all of Incorporeality, Spirit and Consciousness of the entire Cosmos! (And, as mentioned numerous times already on these pages, between the two 'condensates', of Upper Mind and lower mind, there currently exists another 'landscape' of consciousness which makes all of our presently-existing Minds of this current human civilization OF an Immaturity-of-Mind, that of Lucifer's 'fingers-of-negative-consciousness', which corrupt and re-route almost all 'communications-signals' between Upper and lower mind, resulting in the wars, animosities and all the other negativities OF our human Society and world!)

  13. Okay, back to our discussion herein this Monograph! Elsewhere on these webpages, I have also attempted to 'paint a picture' of the actual 'landscape-of-a-Mind', in a 'visualization' form, where I noted that 'ripples' (as herein noted above!), whatever their 'source', can have a pro-longed and temporal 'effect' upon the 'landscape' of the Mind! Also, I will say that the very 'morphology', of the 'landscape' of the Mind, might so and thusly be 'viewed' as longitudinal and extending-over-time, even though the actuality is that of an instantaneous and atemporal incorporeal 'dynamic'!

  14. So, let us 'view' the 'morphology' of our 'landscape' over time, wherein we can now 'see' that not only the 'ripples', but the 'valleys', the 'hills' and the 'mountains' themselves, ALL have longitudinal and critical 'import' TO our 'analysis' of the etiology of any illness! Actually, this is what I imply, in the link on the Main QUFD Formulation, entitled "WELCOME to the Physics of Reality 101!" I have included that link and a reprint of a pertinent section of the QUALIA XXXI document, hereinthefollowing.)
    Anyone wishing to pursue further details hereof (as well as a possible Doctorate of Ground-States Analysis, for the Medical 'treatment' of diseases and illnesses of the human mind and body, as I have already so mentioned in WELCOME to the Physics of Reality 101!), will, of necessity, have to intimately acquaint themselves with the myriads of human psychological 'attributes' and 'qualities', as so detailed in the appropriate psychological and medical 'treatises' thereupon, which is beyond the quantum physics 'realities' that I have intended to discuss herein this Textbook!
  15. So, as I have said, all of these 'morphological-attributes', of the 'landscape' of our Mind, have potential influence upon the very state of our Corporeal health and vitality! Generally, when an expert Ground-States Analyst 'looks' over the 'landscape' of a Mind, he/she does immediately recognize the nominal 'morphological' content (ripples, valleys, plateaus, hills, mountains, peaks) as normal 'content'! Thusly, as he/she is 'viewing' such a 'landscape', he/she could also immediately tell if something on that 'landscape' is awry or does not belong there!

  16. Let us 'view' some possibilities here, as examples of what I mean! Suppose there is a gently-rolling plateau on our 'landscape', extending from the foothills of this mountain over here on the left, all the way to the foothills of that distant mountain over there on the right! (And I am not 'quoting' any of these features, but we all know that any hill that I am referring to is actually an incorporeal 'hill' on the 'landscape' of our Mind!) Now, perhaps someone might think that this lengthy plateau, extending from the mountain of our 'feelings' over there on the left, all the way to the mountain of our 'thoughts' over there on the right, might be entirely normal, as an 'interconnect' between one's 'feelings' and one's 'thoughts'! But here is where it takes an 'expert', to be doing this 'analysis'! Because here, actually, is a very significant 'anomaly', which only an 'expert' would recognize! Because that 'interconnect' (a 'bridge'!) plateau, between 'feelings' and 'thoughts', is not supposed to be continuous at all, from 'feelings' to 'thoughts'! What is normal, for this individual and Mind, is that over there, on the right, just before the plateau reaches the foothills of the mountain of 'thought', the plateau is supposed to nominally end, and fall off into a valley of 'caution'! Such is the normal 'landscape' of this individual, where all 'thought' is most carefully considered, before engaging in any prolonged 'thought' as a 'reaction' to any instantaneous 'feeling'! But, the 'landscape' is apparently 'abnormal', in that the nominal valley of 'caution' is missing! But, also... Aha! Over there, further to the right, are several unusual foothills, on our mountain of 'thought'! One of them is a foothill of 'impetuosity', and a second foothill, farther distant, is a foothill of 'nonchalance'! And extending from both of these two foothills, is an unusual 'bridge', a short plateau that seems unusually 'bumpy' for a plateau, and it seems to be a plateau-bridge of 'danger', between these two 'attributes' of "I don't Care!" and "Do Anything, Just For The Hell of It!" And because the normal 'landscape' of this individual was of something completely different, versus what it is now, Lo and Behold, over here, behind us and parallel to this bumpy plateau to our right, is a gigantic new valley, that apparently also wasn't there before, a new valley of 'stress'! And rising out of the depths of that valley, are several hills, that are apparently several illnesses rising from, and thereby caused by, that newly-found valley of 'stress'! And to top it all off, over here on the left of us, quite close to the mountain of our 'feelings', is a most sharply rising peak, going quite high, which starts at one end of our valley of 'stress', and is actually a most important and dangerous 'precursor' of psychosomatic illness!

  17. And so we could actually go on and on, evaluating the 'morphological-features' of the 'landscape' of the Mind! And this is a longitudinal-study! Assuming that we might also be able to actually 'view' the instantaneous 'dynamics' of this 'landscape' of the Mind, no telling what instantly and critically abnormal 'dynamics' thereupon might so be occurring! But, I think the Reader hereof, gets the 'picture'!

  18. Actually, I don't know what more I can say here, as I am not an 'expert', a Ground-States Analysis Physician, so I cannot relate much more in examples of possible abnormalities. But, I hope the 'taste' that I have related herewith, gives an 'impetus' to such Readers as may be inclined to pursue such careers and assistance-to-one's-fellow-man, certainly more thoroughly! And I wish you All Well, whoever might do so!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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