A Definition of the Issues of Concern at this WebSite

For a definition of the Issues of Concern at this website, we have here a few choice words of good Christian spiritual inspiration and encouragement, concerning topics at issue in the world of the homeless person, from one of our leading "voices" of moderation and "community" IN the world-wide community of the homeless, Father Jerome of the Most Ancient Order of the OA/OWB, whose words are known widely as a non-political statement (neither Left nor Right, nor anywhere between) of humanitarian morality and common sense, applicable to all our lives in these trying times of today.
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The other day a friend asked me, "Why don't you go to the City Council meetings?" Well, I'd like to answer that question in the only way that makes sense... BECAUSE that is NOT where you (a citizen of the City of San Mateo) will find out ANYTHING about the REAL ISSUES "going-on", and of concern, in our neighborhoods and communities. City Council "meetings" are merely "exercises" in the administration and execution of POWER... of the "vested interests" that "be", IN the halls and councils of POLITICS. And these "exercises", of shamanism, engaged in by purveyors OF adversarial proceedings (including a goodly number of lawyers, making everyone really feel at home!) and adversarial "reality" (actually, pseudo-reality), wreak NO benefit, OR resolution, OF the TRUE issues, NOR of the realities, which the citizens of San Mateo face and experience.

SO, in definition OF the "issues" of concern to be addressed by these pages, I will merely say that they (the issues) WILL BE the personal, human (AND humanitarian), day-to-day, existential (NOT the philosophy - of existentialism, but instead, such as does pertain to EXISTENCE, and especially the day-to-day existence of individuals - ourselves) issues of LIFE and REALITY, that each one of us MAY be facing and needing to "deal-with", in our communities.

Therefore, in further answer to my friend's question, I'll say that there is NO reason to go to such "meetings" of political venue when the problems, and the solutions thereto (i.e., the issues), need to be worked out at the individual, human level, within an environment that is NOT "adversarial" (as such political "meetings" inevitably are), BUT, instead, is COOPERATIVE, mediative, and respectful, as well as accepting, OF the individuals involved, in ALL attempts to resolve any and all "issues". That such an atmosphere of COOPERATION cannot be found in those ivyed-halls of council deliberations, IS my reason for not presenting myself there. I prefer PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY, to "representative" democracy. I prefer to "exercise" my own, individual and personal RESPONSIBILITY - in which I AM DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE (in other words, I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY), for my WORDS, ACTIONS and DEEDS. I have NOT "abdicated", nor given away, my responsibilities, TO any "third-party-agent" of responsibility, OR "representative", who "exercises" my responsibilities FOR ME (by voting, for me, but usually, it seems, for that which is other than what I would vote myself), OR by "utilizing" (i.e., spending) the resources of this world, in some way OTHER THAN what I would do myself (and certainly NOT with any humanitarian concern), BY (and through) the "use" OF that ultimate "third-party-agent" of responsibility - MONEY!

As an advocate of PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY (where each individual citizen can vote for themselves - NOT "through" some corrupt "representative" OR the dollar bill!), I prefer to engage myself in a network of COOPERATION, in which each and every citizen is GIVEN (and/or CREATES), the OPPORTUNITY to "exercise" FULLY, their own FREE, INDEPENDENT, and INDIVIDUAL "choice", in consideration of ALL THE FACTS (NOT just the "select" few, that politicians would limit us to "knowing"), AND AS TO the ultimate utilization of ALL means and resources that MAY be available (INCLUDING OURSELVES), in RESOLUTION OF any and all issues, concerns and problems, that may exist.

As Harvey Cox, the eminent Christian theologian, once said, "Christ is NO LONGER to be found just "biding away His time" in the churches of our land. He is OUT THERE - in the secular cities, the neighborhoods, the ghettos, the streets, and across the width and depth of the lands IN WHICH THERE IS NEED, of His compassion AND services, AS executed and implemented BY His people - humanity (i.e., He/She IS within each one of us!), IN the implementations and actions OF the BODY POLITIC!" In other words, the RESPONSIBILITY, FOR governing ourselves, WITH the guidance and help of the Lord, RESTS WITH US, as free individuals - NOT the politicians, or any other type or form of "representative", including MONEY! When we shall have learned that lesson, THEN we will truly be able to address the issues-of-the-day, WITH that responsibility THAT IS OURS - NOT "vested" somewhere else, in a "representative" OR any other form.

HEY, will I ever show up at a City Council meeting? I don't know. As the Godfather supposedly said, "I make-a you an offer you no can-a refuse" (or something like that). In other words, THERE MUST BE A REASON, and as of now, I see no reason. SO, I WILL BE FOUND, using my talents, energies and abilities, IN SERVICE TO our Lord AND His people, outside, however, of those "hallowed-halls-of-ivy" of council deliberations, WHERE the REALITY of our everyday lives IS actually taking place. And if one wishes to address such realities and issues, I would say here is one place to do it - on this Website, where any and everyone can "have their say" and say what must be said, and what needs to be said. Otherwise, how is anyone to "know" what the REAL ISSUES ARE - certainly NOT at the tables of politicians!

Aum, Peace, Amen! Father Jerome. Copyright 1997.

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