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QUALIA LXIII: Economics Today versus Economics Where People Count!

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By Father Jerome

  1. This QUALIA Document may be short because it comes from an unaccustomed source! Not from the Collective or any other Region of the Unconsciousness, but instead, as a 'reaction' to the News-of-the-Day!

  2. This afternoon I watched my latest installment of the daily McNeil-Lehrer News Hour (actually, as it is now known as, just the Lehrer News Hour!) Anyway, Moderator/Reporter Jim Lehrer interviewed Mr. (James?) Wolfsohn, the retiring President of the World Bank, and one item of the commentary hit me hard.

  3. I have numerous times, 'railed' (if that is what it might be called!) against our World Economic system, in the uneducated (Yes, I'll admit it!) 'belief'... More of an intuitive, coming-from-within 'feeling'! ... that Mankind could more efficiently serve itself and all of the needs of the entire world, by 'kicking out' our current economic system and just 'Doing Unto Others, As We Would Have Others Do Unto Ourselves!' In other words, I sincerely feel that 100% Efficiency-of-the-entire-World-Economy, could be had by converting all of the 'vested interests' and financial 'riches' of the top 1-2% of the World, into an Egalitarian Economy where everyone just gave freely and equally 'Unto Each Other', Giving-As-One-Does-Receive-and-As-One-Does-Need, with NO private (nor 'privatized'!) 'interests' anywhere, except those minimally needed for the Living-of-One's-Life on a daily, moment-by-moment basis! IF such an 'Economy' were to be implemented by a worldwide Participatory Democracy of ALL of Mankind (because THAT is what it would require!), then I 'feel' that everyone everywhere would surely, in a 100% efficient utilization of ALL of our world's 'Resources', find their 'Needs' and much more, most adequately and sufficiently realized and satisfied, to the Ultimate Happiness and Enjoyment of One and All!

  4. Further, I have stated a number of times, in my various commentaries, that I 'felt' that there was so much 'Resources' available to Mankind by and through such an 'Economy', that such 'Resources' would outnumber the current amount of financially-accountable 'Resources' worldwide by THOUSANDS of percentage-points, if that is what is yet required to 'account for' all utilization-and-creation (demand and supply) under such a System! In other words, the Efficiency under such a Non-Financial Economic System, would be tremendous!

  5. SO, to get back to Jim Lehrer's 'Conversation' with the retiring President of the World Bank of today, here is the 'comment' that Mr. Wolfsohn made, in response to one of Jim Lehrer's questions. In fact, I do not know whether I am placing his 'answer' in the proper context, but even he himself, did indicate that the 'immensity' of the quantity of his statement, in or by whatever 'context' or 'measure' that he was 'quoting', was certainly so out-of-proportion, as to really be 'inhumane' and beyond-any-redemption!

  6. And remember now, that what I am about to 'quote', as to what he said, is not even 'related' to the Efficiency-of-Utilization-of-World-Resources that I have used as a 'measuring-stick'! BUT, I would like the Reader hereof TO, in their own Mind, 'Justly Compare' anyway, what he says, WITH that 'Measuring-Stick' of Efficiency that I have put forth... and then just think about the 'Reality' of it all... the Present, of Today, as he describes it, versus the exact-same 'difference-amount', BUT 'Benefiting' OURSELVES, all of Humanity, rather than the 'Forces/Powers' that he 'attributes' such 'Resources' TO!

  7. Mr. Wolfsohn said that he was 'merely comparing' the 'Economies' (ALL 'normal' needs, products and 'services', non-defense related!) of the World (even possibly excluding the U.S.A.!), with ALL of the Defense-related 'expenditures' that exist WORLDWIDE! He said that the nominal value of all the World's 'Economies' was but about $50 Billion! (Again, here he may have been excluding the American Economy!) But, the value of ALL worldwide Defense-related expenditures, was... $1000 Billion!

  8. A Trillion Dollars (if I am correct!)... ALL going to WAR, Defense and such, by ALL the countries of the World! THAT is astonishing... and it is surely something that ALL of US... have got to CHANGE!

  9. Well, as I said, compare that with the equally-immense-amount, of Resources that could be available to ALL OF US... IF we were to 'kick out' that damn Economic System under a worldwide Participatory Democracy... of Peace, Love, Happiness and Just-Economics where People Matter, rather than guns and war, or anything else!

  10. Of course, as I have also pointed out in these webpages (and in my book, "God, Lucifer and You!"), all we have to do, to 'fix the World Situation'... is to finally 'Deal' with that Guy Downstairs appropriately and as needed! But, that's another matter!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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