Qualia XXXII: The BASICS (continued): How any and all Kids and Adults can Shake the Hand of God in Person! PLUS, How to Eliminate Negativity, War, Violence, etc., Worldwide! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

Qualia XXXII: The BASICS (continued): How any and all Kids and Adults can Shake the Hand of God in Person! PLUS, How to Eliminate Negativity, War, Violence, etc., Worldwide!

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from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. This Monograph of the Qualia Series is going to be short and sweet, because I don't know as I really will have much to say about the subject of Shaking the Hand of God (or of 'Being There', with Him/Her, in any other way!)

  2. First of all, the easiest way to do such, is to be Born of a Super Mature Mind, in which case all of your incorporeal points-of-location will be 'part of' the 'Big Guy/Gal' and all you'd have to do was to await an 'Invitation to the Party'! (An 'Invitation' IS REQUIRED, in order to 'access' the Mind of God!) Of course, a Super Mature Mind is yet still a theoretical construct, at this point of human civilization, so don't wait up nites, awaiting that 'Invitation' merely via this means.

  3. The next easiest way to do such, is to be Born of a Mature human Mind, which we all are already at Birth. However, our human genetics of Mind (the as yet undetermined-reason-for-being 'pool' of indeterminate genes which actually create our invisible human Mind!), almost immediately at Birth (or sooner!), are soon made aware of the fact that completely operational human Maturity of Mind is presently 'thwarted' by those 'fingers-of-Negativity' of Lucifer which are currently 'incursioned' between Upper Mind (Soul!) and lower mind, and so do actually prevent entire and complete functionality of the Mature Mind within humanity! And thusly our human Maturity of Mind is almost immediately 'shut-off' or repressed, BY those 'fingers-of-Negativity', which gain the upper hand almost immediately at Birth!

  4. It is an interesting point here, that the reason that Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity' are even able to gain the upper-hand at Birth of the individual human being, is because the mass-'condensate' of humanity, the incorporeal 'condensate' of the entire human race (which is the invisible 'twin' of Consciousness and Mind of the entire condensate of Corporeality of the human race!), HAS ALREADY ADMITTED, or allowed to 'enter', INTO CONSCIOUSNESS, of the WHOLE of humanity, Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity'! This is similar to the ancient 'protection' upon humans, whereby Evil, such as a Vampire, cannot 'cross over a doorstep' into a family's home and premises, UNLESS it is 'Invited' into such premises! But the 'problem' here, is that as long as the Evil of Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity' has already been 'Invited' into ANY HUMAN MIND in existence, thusly the 'door' IS ALREADY OPEN, at the Birth of any new human individual, and the Evil of Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity' can just 'slide-right-in', TO that new human Mind, and occupy that controlling 'position', between Upper Mind and lower mind, that causes such havoc and corruption in the world and humanity today!

  5. But, the further interesting point to be made here, is that the very same 'process', IS THE KEY to 'shutting-Lucifer-out' AND REGAINING control of the mass Consciousness of the human Mind and re-establishing normal human Maturity of Mind! Because, just like the 'Vampire-at-the-door', Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity' CAN BE 'blocked', from ALL new (and existing!) human Minds, BY THE COOPERATION AND WILL of ALL of humanity, in 'driving-out' ALL presently-extant Negativity within human Society (meaning ALL 'vestiges' of Negativity, INCLUDING ALL competition, of any kind, EVERYWHERE!) WORLDWIDE! Such an accomplishment, of worldwide Peace and Cooperation, would, in effect, 'close-the-door' TO that 'Vampire', Lucifer, and thusly PREVENT his 'fingers-of-Negativity' from 'incursioning' themselves within our human Minds, thusly 'blocking' Lucifer's Negativity and restoring full and complete human Maturity of Mind! But the KEY here, is that ALL Negativity WORLDWIDE, MUST BE BANISHED, because as long as there is any one human, ANYWHERE in the world, who is allowing Negativity to 'exist' within their Mind, so ALL of the mass-of-Consciousness OF THE ENTIRETY of humanity (the human race EVERYWHERE!), is thusly yet 'exposed' to such Negativity, because the 'door' is yet open, and allowing Lucifer and his Negativity to enter any and all human Minds EVERYWHERE!

  6. SO, the answer, AND THE SOLUTION, is UP TO US! Humanity MUST COOPERATE worldwide, and establish the means and processes of 'driving-out-Negativity' EVERYWHERE, in that not only might we restore normal human Maturity of Mind but that we might also thereafter Live in Peace, Love and Happiness OF ALL of humanity!

  7. Okay, to get back to our primary subject here, How to Shake the Hand of God! Well, in lieu of the immediacy of Maturity of Mind, we are thusly left, at the present time, with our current Immaturity of Mind, wherein Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity' not only cause us aggravation and tragedies of the human and corporeal scale, but also prevent us from Knowing OurSelves and our human Souls! And, of course, the KEY to any possible Shaking of the Hand of God, is to be able to 'access' Him/Her, VIA one's incorporeal Soul (WITH the proper 'Invitation', of course!)

  8. However, all is not lost, in that there are yet three other means by which one might 'access' the Almighty! One 'means' is entirely 'random' and thusly sort of 'nebulous', while the other two are more 'solid' and certain, but yet indeterminate as to the 'possibility', in that one yet requires an 'Invitation' OR the 'experience' of an 'Invitation', in order to thusly Shake the Hand of God! (And please note here, that I am NOT 'quoting' the phrase Shake the Hand of God because it, the experience, is, or would be, truly a Corporeal experience-of-physical-Reality, rather than a quotable 'experience' of Incorporeal 'reality'! In other words, one would actually and truly, physically Shake the Hand of God!)

  9. The first of the three additional 'means', the 'random' one, is the possibility of so 'accessing' God via one's unconscious dreams, or dreaming (and I include all forms of dreaming here, whether lucid or non-lucid!) Such a 'means' is not to be discounted, neither, as the 'reality' is still as 'real' as anything else and the 'experience' can yet be most 'enlightening' and 'wonderous'! In fact, such is the 'means' whereby I myself have thusly had the magnificent and humbling 'experience' of 'Being There', in the Mind of God, 'looking out across the Universe', and 'seeing' the 'wonders' of such immensities! Likewise, another such 'experience' was of the same 'means', whereby Christ HimSelf Shook my Hand, upon my original Ordination-Graduation, as a Cleric of the Ancient Order, at my Graduation Ceremonies with the OA/OWB! And such was also the 'means' whereby I was 'Invited', to the 'experience' of 'Being There', in the Mind of Christ Jesus, Upon the Cross, at that 'time and place', in the Collective Consciousness of humanity! And yet, as I say, such 'experiences' are completely 'random' and unanticipated!

  10. The remaining two experiences are more 'solid' and corporeal, occurring in the everyday Reality and real-time of the everyday world! The first of these two... both of which are via the 'means' of 'Living-In-The-Moment', or of conscientiously 'Being There', in the present-moment of possibility and probability-of-Consciousness (actually, POSITIVE Consciousness, the Positive Consciousness OF Infinite Consciousness, or God!), as is so explained and detailed on the pages of the QUFD Textbook! (See the 'Living In The Moment' section of the Main QUFD document, as well as my Lecture 4, "The Quantum Physics of Time!", in the QUFD Textbook!)... is the instantaneous 'process' of merely 'emptying-the-Mind' of any and all other 'matter' and concern, and just 'Being There', in the 'emptiness-of-one's-Mind', awaiting whatever-might-come-into-that-Mind! Some folks might call this 'meditation', but it can assuredly be a very conscious and intense 'awareness' (and 'concentration'!) of one's mental acuity and resources! In fact, such is exactly where I 'am', at this 'present-moment', as I am typing this on my word processor, because, in actuality, I have no idea whatsoever as to what is to come next, or as to what the very next word I will type, will even be! My Mind is 'blank', and I am 'accessing' both Infinite Consciousness AND the Collective Consciousness of humanity, either of which as necessary, In The Moment, in order to so fulfill the 'requirements' of this page, as so 'determined' somewhere, probably in-the-Future, of my, and mankind's, Destinies! In other words, just 'Being There', in the emptiness of one's Mind (once you have 'thrown-all-the-clutter-out'!), thusly enables, in that instantaneous Moment of Timelessness, instantaneous 'access' TO the Positivity of Infinite Consciousness, AND the possibility that at such a Moment, He/She might deign to 'Shake Your Hand'! Incidentally, this also means that I am constantly having to Read the webpages of the QUFD Textbook myself, in order to mentally (IN everyday consciousness!) understand exactly what QUFD 'is'... and I WROTE IT!

  11. Okay, the last 'means' I will mention here, as to the possibility/probability (and since we are dealing herewith the possibilities and probabilities of Incorporeality, yet 'appearing' and 'presenting' themselves WITHIN Corporeality, via the Quantum Physics principle and 'reality' of 'observation', IN the Present Moment... Remember? The Present CAN 'create' the Past OR the Future, AS REALIZED IN the Present, via 'observation', In The Present!) of Shaking The Hand Of God IN PERSON... is that 'means' which is so exemplified in the most popular TV Show on the TV today, CBS-TV's Friday night presentation of "Joan of Arcadia", whereby an ordinary but exceptional, teenage girl, has the 'opportunity' to 'meet God', sometimes several times a day, in person, and even, sometimes, to 'chew Him out', or 'give Him H-ll', for whatever seemingly-injustice she might be experiencing in her Life, as a result of God's 'interference' therein, via their in-person meetings, wherein God always seems to ask Joan to do something to 'help' others, in some way! And regardless of the Reality of this TV show, such a 'means' IS TRULY POSSIBLE, as an In The Moment Living-of-one's-Life, with the chance of 'meeting God' most anywhere! And I love the theme-song of the show, which is done by a famous female Rock-Star, doing her hit song, "What if God were just a stranger on the bus, trying to make His way home?" And I love the most realistic 'presentations' by which God 'appears' to Joan, as not only a stranger on the bus, but also as the school janitor, or a lady waiting for a bus, or a 3 year-old girl in a nursery school class, but also as a punk-rocker, complete with a pink-hair 'Mohawk', nose-rings and tattoos all over! So, the next time you meet a stranger... Well, the possibility is there!

  12. I think I've said enough about this subject for now!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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