Qualia XV: The Physics of Quantum Parturition: Intent Gives Birth To Life! 'Undifferentiated Relativity' versus 'Differentiated Relativity'! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

Qualia XV: The Physics of Quantum Parturition: Intent Gives Birth To Life! 'Undifferentiated Relativity' versus 'Differentiated Relativity'!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Well, let's start this QUALIA Monograph by taking a look just over the divide between 'differentiated relativity' and 'undifferentiated relativity', or Corporeality versus Incorporeality! I'm going to be starting on the 'undifferentiated relativity' or Incorporeality side!

  2. But before I actually get started here on the main topic, perhaps I'd better give a bit of a definition of the two 'states' I will be talking about here, in order to more clearly place a picture in your (the Reader's) Mind as to my discussion thereof.

  3. Corporeality, or 'differentiated relativity', refers to the 'state' which can be defined as the physical, material world, where Classical Newtonian Physics and Quantum Mechanics hold sway, in further defining, describing and analyzing everything that takes place therein such 'state'. It is a world and a dimension that can be described by all of the nominal human senses as well as the physical 'states', of time (beginning to end!), space (measure, of 3-4 or more, physical dimensions, NOT quantum 'dimensions' though, by whatever means!), temperature (by whatever scale, from the coldest to the hottest!), and any other aspect of Corporeality, that may characterize the state of Corporeality, including such as entropy, which may also be applied to the state of Incorporeality as well!

  4. And I want to repeat one important 'characterization' of Corporeality that also befits Incorporeality as well, but with a slightly different definition. And that is dimensionality versus 'dimensionality', the emphasized use of the term referring primarily to Incorporeal 'dimensionality', although the un-emphasized use might also be used when it is clear that the dimension(s) referred to are Incorporeal.

  5. But the clarification I want to make here relative to dimensionality versus 'dimensionality' is the same difference as between 'differentiated relativity' and 'undifferentiated relativity'. In the 'differentiated' world of Corporeality, dimensionality refers to all those nominal 'descriptions' that usually define a physical dimension, however and whatever such may be, which I will not attempt to define here!

  6. However, when referring to an Incorporeal or quantum 'dimension' (where the Laws and Principles of Classical Newtonian Physics and Quantum Mechanics DO NOT 'hold sway', but instead only the Quantum Physics of Incorporeality do!), we find some variance and difference in the definition. Such that, when referring to an individual human being (or an individual 'entity' of any Life-form!), the dimension term (of Corporeal definition) may or may not pertain thereto, except as a form of measure thereof, relative to other human beings! (The fat man's belly was really dimensional!)

  7. On the other hand, when referring to the same individual human being (or any Life-form), the Incorporeal useage of the term 'dimension' refers to the entire 'complex' or assemblege of that which is that individual human being, also referred to as the ground-state of the (BEC) condensate which is that individual! In fact, in Incorporeality, 'dimension' refers to the specific BEC condensate of Incorporeality (or Spirit, which is the same thing!), and the dynamics and further functions that might take place therein such an individual and specific BEC condensate! And since, in Incorporeality, BEC condensates come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and even occur within each other, quantum 'dimensionality' is therefore quite inclusive, as befits the holistic and Oneness-nature thereof!

  8. Which inevitably gets us back to another 'term' we used in beginning this discussion - divide! Because the Reality of the Cosmos, the Universe, our world, human society and the human individual (actually, any and all Life-forms!), is that of the specific 'distinction' between 'differentiated relativity' versus 'undifferentiated relativity'!

  9. Let's go back to our individual human being again, in defining this 'divide' which we are speaking of! I'd say we can all understand the implications of dimensionality, as applied to the individual, which might include: the fact of any 'measurement' of the physical nature of the individual; anything more which places the individual in the context of any 'outside' or larger 'measurement'; and finally, inclusive of everything else as the previous 'definition' might have been, I want to specifically note further that the individual can be considered to be a 'part thereof' any and all grander and larger dimensions of the Corporeal, physical, world, including the Universe and the Cosmos!

  10. HOWEVER, in saying such, I want to specifically point out the very Corporeal-nature of that last 'definition'! Human society, literature, customs, religion, theology and culture may say that "we are all, everyone of us, a part of All That Is!", but the CORPOREAL, or physical, REALITY is that the individual human dimension ENDS with the boundaries and surfaces of our skin! We may be physically (it is said!), "A Part of All There Is!", BUT our material 'substance' exists ONLY within the specific parameters of our corporeal body - NOWHERE ELSE! This is not to say that I might have a 'twin' somewhere, but merely to say that I cannot be in two or more places at the same time, PHYSICALLY! Or so our corporeal 'definition' of dimensionality says!

  11. However, let's get to the Incorporeal, or 'undifferentiated relativity'-side, or nature (fact, reality!), of our term 'dimension'! Because, the very nature of 'dimensionality' of the individual IS the very fact of, as I have already noted, those specific 'attributes' OF a BEC ground-state condensate of Incorporeality/Spirit/Consciousness and (astrophysical) 'Dark Matter', which are:

  12. FIRST of all, the 'dimensionality' of an individual human being is ALL-INCLUSIVE and EVERYWHERE SIMULTANEOUSLY! THIS is the actual, or real, nature of the previously-noted saying, that the individual is "A Part of All That Is!" However, the 'reality' of the statement does NOT apply to Corporeal dimensionality, but instead to INCORPOREAL 'dimensionality', which is the only 'state' in which the quantum fields and forces OF the individual BEC ground-state condensate (such fields/forces, including gravity, being zero or unitary!) DO EXIST EVERYWHERE, in that the very existence OF that individual ground-state IS WITHIN the Ultimate Ground-State of Infinite Consciousness from whence it came (or derived), which is EVERYWHERE and all-encompassing of ALL condensates within such gigantic ground-state of existence and reality! Thusly, in Incorporeality, what occurs at ANY point of reality within ANY ground-state condensate (or 'dimension'!), ALSO OCCURS non-locally EVERYWHERE within that Ultimate Ground-State of Infinite Consciousness (God)! (Actually, this is true, but there are certain 'areas' of the individual condensate where such 'non-locality' is limited by the 'local dynamics' of the individual ground-state or 'dimension'.)

  13. Okay, next, as to 'dimensionality', the very reasons that the BEC ground-state condensate of an individual can be all-inclusive and everywhere simultaneously (non-local) is because of the basic laws and principles of both BEC condensates AND of complex adaptive systems (Quantum Systemics!), which I will not go into here because such Laws and Principles have already been extensively noted and defined elsewhere on the pages of this QUFD website!

  14. However, I do need to add some further discussion here, relative to that 'divide' of which I am speaking, between 'differentiated relativity' versus 'undifferentiated relativity'! And this has to do with the various 'Life-forms' that are found on the two sides of this 'divide'!

  15. On the Corporeal or 'differentiated relativity' side, we have all of the nominal corporeal, physical and quantum mechanical 'Life-forms' found on this side of the 'divide'. Including humanity, we also have universes, black and white holes, galaxies, stars, pulsars, solar systems, planets, geophysical discontinuities, crystals (including geospherical iron-core planetary variety!), mountains, rocks, trees, seas, rivers, ants (and all insect forms!), fish (and all water Life), all animal forms, and on down to the molecular, atomic and quantum realms, where we find leptons, fermions, bosons, quarks and such! Again, this is the Corporeal side!

  16. On the Incorporeal or 'undifferentiated relativity' side, we have... NONE OF THE ABOVE! NONE of these previously mentioned 'Life-forms' EXIST, in 'undifferentiated relativity'! By the very definition of the term - undifferentiated relativity - we can surmise that NO 'Life-form', of ANY 'differentiatedness', shall exist in such a state! Instead, we do find a unitary condensate of ALL the quantum forces and fields, existing as a Oneness overall, yet, in a strange 'parallel' to our previous discussion regarding dimension versus 'dimension', also possessing myriads of condensates (ground-states) within larger condensates! The difference here is that, in Corporeality, individual Life and Life-forms were separate or 'differentiated', whereas, in Incorporeality, there are no individual 'Life-forms', but 'LIFE', or Sentience, thoroughly 'infuses' throughout THE condensate and all condensates therein! In other words, the ONE and Unitary 'Life' of the largest condensate, Infinite Consciousness (God), thoroughly pervades and infuses ALL those sub-condensates within the largest!

  17. And thusly all sub-condensates of the Infinite Condensate are truly known as 'dimensions', because, yet within the quantum Incorporeality of any particular and specific 'dimension' or condensate, the particular and specific 'dynamics' relative to that 'dimension' take place, however interacting with the larger and other 'dimensions' as necessary and as such 'interactions' may occur instantaneously between the larger and smaller condensates.

  18. So, in effect, what this leaves us with, is Corporeal 'Life-forms', of all kinds, which 'experience' their 'Life' as reactions and interactions between the various 'Life-forms' of which they are composed! On the other hand, on the other side of the 'divide', Incorporeality has no specific 'Life-forms', but instead has 'dimensions', or condensate ground-states, each of which is infused with the same 'Life'! At the quantum level, such Life, or Sentience, or Consciousness, comes from that singular and Infinite 'Life-form', the unit of which is the Axion Particle (which characteristics have already been described elsewhere on these QUFD webpages!) I might note, however, that the Axion Particle (as it is so-called today!), being the 'unit' of the same 'Life' (or Sentience) everywhere, is thusly the ONLY quantum 'particle' that exists in Incorporeality!

  19. SO, have I thoroughly defined the difference between 'differentiated relativity' and 'undifferentiated relativity' and between dimension and 'dimension'? I trust and hope that I have, so that I can go on here to the topic at hand. Because, in discussing such topic - Parturition - there are several things you, the Reader, will need to realize, relative to our previous discussions hereinabove:
    1. That the human Brain exists in Corporeality and that the human Mind exists in Incorporeality!
    2. That the human body exists in BOTH Corporeality AND Incorporeality! In Corporeality, the human body is a 'Life-form', and is 'differentiated' from all other 'Life-forms' (although yet consisting of those 'Life-forms' within itself!) In Incorporeality, the human body (actually, the Soul, or 'essence' of the body!), is a 'dimension' unto itself, and as such a 'dimension', infused with Life or Sentience from a larger 'Source', therefore the incorporeal 'body' or Soul, can be ANYWHERE it wishes to be, instantaneously and intemporally! Further, the Incorporeal 'body' (or Soul) thoroughly permeates the Corporeal or physical body, the genetic basis of each interacting accordingly with both!
    3. That the human Mind, which is known as the local individual Mind, is not only Incorporeal but consists of two distinct 'dimensional' condensates (or ground-states!), the lower Mind (or self!), and the Upper Mind (or Self/Soul), which interact with each other and with the human Brain via the Corporeal and Incorporeal attributes of the human organs known as the GLIA, which surround each and every SYNAPSIAL JUNCTION of that human Brain/Mind! It is through such INTERFACE and FEEDBACK between the Corporeal Brain and the Incorporeal Mind, that SUPERVISION of the Brain is effected and takes place by and from the human Mind! (For further discussion of such 'interactions' and 'feedback', see the Main QUFD Document as well as other Monographs in this QUALIA Series!)

    THE MAIN TOPIC, Parturition!

  20. Based upon the foregoing, we can therefore make some definite, and defining, assertions regarding Parturition or the Creation of Life, which are:
    A differentiated Life-form can only exist in Corporeality.
    The Intent To Create that Life-form comes from Sentience (of the Mind) which only exists in Incorporeality!
    Therefore, as to differentiated Life-forms, we can say that ALL LIFE, that exists in Corporeality, IS CREATED in Incorporeality!
    Although Life does also exist in Incorporeality, as the various 'dimensionalities', which are, of course, infused with the same Life (from Infinite Consciousness, or God!), the Sentience, or purpose for existence, differs between 'dimensionalities', which I will not discuss here, as such has already been discussed elsewhere on these QUFD webpages in the discussions pertaining to the 'Spiritual Dimensions' of Spirit, or Incorporeality!

  21. So, Parturition! (Actually, I have already discussed this topic, Life, quite extensively in the Main QUFD Document and elsewhere, so I will herein try to cover new territory that I haven't necessarily covered before!)

  22. Such as Intent! I've stated elsewhere already, that there are three (3) 'agencies' involved in the creation of new Life, or the creation of a new BEC condensate ground-state which, in turn, becomes or begets, corporeal Life! (And I am, quite limitedly, referring here ONLY to human Life! I shall, in no way, attempt to describe the Parturition of a Star or anything other than human!)

  23. Those three 'agencies' are both of the 'parents', and the third 'agency' is the Sentience of Infinite Consciousness, the base-level of Consciousness, all three of which constitute the 'Willing-Parties' of the Intent-to-Procreate!

  24. At the quantum levels, the ground-state condensates of both parents 'come together' (another aspect of 'Intention', effected on both the Corporeal and Incorporeal levels), in whatever manner such does occur. Then, in accordance with the Sentience of Infinite Consciousness, as such does so permeate those two intersecting condensate ground-states (as well as adding thereto such particular 'dynamics' of its own as It, Sentience, might so impose!), the 'dynamics' of Life-formation are begun within those condensates. Beginning from the base-level, or ground-state, of Order versus Chaos, and taking into 'consideration' all phylogenetic and other 'inputs' (from within the Mind!), the BEC attributes of Coherence (the relative degree of Order versus Chaos!), Self-Ordering (organizing!), Adaptability (to all complex 'inputs'), Sentience ('Knowing' of Spirit!), Criticality (of 'points' or issues!), Perturbation (relative 'energization' of the resulting 'creation'!), Decision-Making and more, come together, in the instantaneous 'dynamics' (and longer-term 'dynamics', as well!) of all those 'attributes', and thusly 'resolve' to 'create' a new 'perturbation' BASED UPON all the features and characteristics which have so far led to the 'creation' of that 'perturbation' of INTENT and WILL which has been created thusfar!

  25. In concert with the 'sensing' of the 'environmental dynamics' therefor the new 'Life-form' (by both the parents AND Infinite Consciousness, such daily and on-going 'environmental variables' as are so 'felt' by all three or any of the 'agencies'!), that 'Perturbation' of Life, within the female-agency condensate, shall continue to grow, in both the Corporeal and Incorporeal realms (in Corporeality, as a fetus, and in Incorporeality, as the new ground-state condensate of Consciousness, that is to be 'launched' into self-existence of its own, although the actual 'Consciousness' of the condensate has already been long 'started' within those 'Perturbations' that shall lead to its Birth)!

  26. In other words, the Final Perturbation is the Point at which two things happen simultaneously:
    1. The fetus gives Birth to the 'Human Individual' in Corporeality!
    2. The 'Perturbation' reaches that peculiar and unique 'Point of Criticality' at which the Incorporeal ground-state condensate (of the human individual) likewise comes into existence as a distinct 'dimension' or ground-state in and of itself! In other words, both Incorporeal Mind and Corporeal Brain/Body, break forth into both Corporeal and Incorporeal 'existence', as a new 'dimension' of the Universe! In other words, BIRTH!

  27. At such a point, we now have a new Corporeal human being, whose very Life and continued existence shall forever be dependent upon the Incorporeal 'dynamics' that are now taking place in the ground-state condensate of Incorporeality and Consciousness - the human Mind, or local individual Mind - which has now come into existence as a new 'dimensionality' of its own!

  28. But another important thing has also occurred. That new condensate, or ground-state, has a SOUL of its own (which is actually its Upper Mind, or sub-condensate ground-state!) That Soul may be an 'Old Soul' (having existed previously in another body!) or a relatively 'New Soul' (having existed previously or not!), but the important thing is that it is now of its own 'dimension' and as such will be the immediate 'guiding principle' for that corporeal brain and body (the Ultimate 'Guiding-Principle' yet being the 'third-agency', Infinite Consciousness, from whence that Soul has come!)

  29. Well, I hope I have detailed sufficiently the subject of Quantum Parturition, such that the Reader hereof does now understand both the Corporeal and Incorporeal sides of that divide between 'differentiated relativity' and 'undifferentiated relativity'. If you can understand such Basics, everything else can be a BREEZE!

  30. One final comment. As those Readers who have already read and understand the Main QUFD Document might realize, the differences between 'differentiated relativity' versus 'undifferentiated relativity' and dimension versus 'dimension', as well as Life-forms of any and every kind, has already been described therein the Main QUFD Document. See the section of the Main QUFD Document, in the latter half of the Document, where I describe the QUFD 'Scale of Life', where such things are further defined!

Aum, Peace, Amen!

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